1-17-16 Bill Ballard

Published on Jan 18, 2015

THANK YOU SANDRA WALTER AND PATRICIAL COTES ROBLES! The ceremony to uplift the frequencies here at the Heart of Turtle Island and around the Memphis Tennessee area has been done and energies are increasing… Many majical things unfolded leading up to the ceremony and then thereafter as I considered the date we were called to do it…. It feels as a vortex/portal has indeed energized and I will keep you posted as it continues.

While this video was uploading, I was checking my messages and had a friend send me a video of a “Cigar Shaped UFO” which I was describing in this video that we saw just as we finished ceremony… This was EXACTLY what James Brown and I saw and filmed 3 days earlier.

Divine alchemy has occurred new Light Codes are activated

We have the opportunity at this time to consciously bathe every cell of our physical bodies in the liquid light sacred codes that are channeled by these planetary formations in order to attune our DNA into a higher levels of resonance

~ Powerful Light Language Activation Connect to all sacred sites and all pyramids on earth ~

Energy Downloads:

*Ancient Codes to awaken 12 DNAs strand
*Connect to Star Lineage
*Awaken all Lightbodies/Solar LightBody
*Connect to all sacred sites/ all pyramids on earth
*Connect to ancient vortexes
*Activate/Illuminate all Brain Center
*Connect to all coordinates of Universe
*Shedding old vibrations
*Regeneration of Cells
*Connect to Ancient Lineage: Ancient Egypt/Maya
*Connect to Crystal Temple
*Connect to the Ancient Nagas (Wise Serpent) of Earth
to Upgrade Etheric Nervous System
*Empower all Chakras and from all planets in Solar System
*Infinite Golden Pyramids in Cells and DNAs
*Accelerate Positive Expansion in Life
*Stillness and Oneness – Integration

Listen to the Activation here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENHwkJcGer4

This track is packed with massive activations and accelerated expansion through the alignment of Source. The fast rapid sounds you hear are the translation of universal frequencies; fast pulsating codes are being spoken to stimulate your energy bodies, to fine-tune the intricate designs of your energetic mandalas

Daily listening is recommended. Tune into your body and check to see how many times you need to listen to this track per day. It is important that you listen to this track in a relaxed mode undisturbed. Be well hydrated as water will serve as an excellent energetic conductor for your body Join here ▲ Keeper of The Platinum Ray

Yantara Jiro – Ancient Song – Source Expansion

Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Shedding 3D

Published on Dec 5, 2014
Time for a lil change in attitude, that’s more in align with gratitude, which really is, the fuel for life… Sweet, simple and real… That’s how we deal… Take a gander at this lil slice of THE KOYOTE MEDICINE SHOW… Ya may just like it, ya know?…

The Koyote Medicine Show
Weekday Mornings, Starting At 7 a.m., Eastern Time

The Origin of Internal Dialog-Don Juan Matus-Carlos Castaneda and others

Uploaded on Jun 5, 2011
This video is an editorial that is for educational purposes. Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan Matis have given us great treasures with their words. Don Juan explains to Carlos how the human mind works from a shamans point of view. Don Juan’s line of thinking opens up new possibilities that will help a person understand their internal dialog and how it affects their lives. I have used short clips from the movie Revolver and the movie, The Matrix to give a modern point of view that will help explain the old shamans way of thinking. I am also reading from the book Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda. More great information can be found at Eckhart Tolle TV http://youtu.be/hbj4nLOPN8o on youtube. Elkhart Tolle explains silencing the mind.