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Published on Jan 18, 2015

THANK YOU SANDRA WALTER AND PATRICIAL COTES ROBLES! The ceremony to uplift the frequencies here at the Heart of Turtle Island and around the Memphis Tennessee area has been done and energies are increasing… Many majical things unfolded leading up to the ceremony and then thereafter as I considered the date we were called to do it…. It feels as a vortex/portal has indeed energized and I will keep you posted as it continues.

While this video was uploading, I was checking my messages and had a friend send me a video of a “Cigar Shaped UFO” which I was describing in this video that we saw just as we finished ceremony… This was EXACTLY what James Brown and I saw and filmed 3 days earlier.

Utilizing the October 23 – 25 Trigger

by Sandra Walter – October 14, 2014

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

sandra-walterGatekeepers, Gridworkers and those in Service to the New Light: Get clear, relaxed and ready to unify. I AM sure many are sensing this upcoming acceleration on October 23 – 25; it looks like a wonderful opportunity for the Shift and Ascension timelines.

As we step into our true Creator skills and operate in the highest interests of all concerned, we are capable of assisting the collective consciousness in powerful ways. The New Light supports unified intentions of Divine Love, Peace and the Shift to Higher Consciousness. Let’s take advantage of the intel and make this as powerful as possible.

Gateway Trigger dates: October 23 – 25

Gatekeepers: Opening October 21, anchoring through the 26th. Gold, Diamond, Crystalline Gates.
Gridworkers: Focus on acceleration of the Shift. Gold/Christed light infusions.
Light Servers/Lightworkers: Unified focus on Unity Consciousness, Unifying HUman Hearts of Divine Intent.

Tips for Unifying with Higher Level teams and Gaia to deliver/take in as much Light and amplification as possible:

– Get clear and purify/cleanse/vibe up as much as possible. Pure conduit = stronger influence of intent.
– No drama/anxiety: Let’s make it an easy, beautiful trigger; like a Divine 5D LoveLight bath. The timelines will respond appropriately.
– Expand yourself first. Crystalline grid level, bigger if you can maintain focus.
– Anchor/amplify intention with crystals in/on the ground prior to the Gate. Link them to all involved, ask the Higher teams to assist/use them.
– Keep it simple and without stray requests. Acceleration of the Shift in the highest interests of all concerned.

Gifts Available to Receive with this influx of Light

More Ease

It may be difficult after so many challenges to go gracefully, fully into the ease of the New Light reality. Even though resistance is laughable during photonic bombardment, accepting the New Light reality is key. A new level of ease may be unsettling as the old constructs attempt to fit expanded consciousness into small, old boxes. We are coping with the death of coping mechanisms. Breathe.

Wayshowers Leveling Up

Wayshowers are able to show the way because we face the unknown ahead of the collective. We now converge as one heart, one unified field of expression. A unique creation happening within the boundaries of a unified level of global consciousness. We are merging in a Divine sense, as a Divine expression of the Christed HUman. The Solar Cosmic Christ is a template provided as a bridge to where we are headed. A wise template-builder once said, You will do all this and more. First, the All this. Then the More.

These levels of light may make for an ungrounded experience. This is a unique passage with new things to show us about ourselves. Share it with your Higher Levels, Gaia, and telepathically with the HUman grid. We surge the new experiences into the collective mind.

Pineal and Higher Light Upgrades

The High Heart, Pineal, Crown, Vagus Nerve (ears, throat, heart, solar plexus) may be getting a workout as the New Light increases since the Equinox-Blood Moon Gate. Also intense amounts of Light; it is extremely bright with the eyes closed. The shifts in side-effects over the last month are too plentiful to list; trust your Higher Self with the amplifications. Take care of the vessel as it adjusts – these symptoms are unique to your journey.

Tired-and-wired continues, that seems to be the new normal. The lines between waking and dreaming dissipate as the veils dissolve. It is what it is, welcome to unity consciousness. Higher Self suggests enjoying cave-time, in little bits, to let the body reconstruct into its true reflection of Self.

Perhaps you have noticed the pinpoints of light which begin with eyes open and expand if you close your eyes. I have several beings breaking through the veils, at my request, to be more visible to me (5D or above). They understand how I would like to communicate and are building those bridges with me. I highly recommend communicating – out loud for clarity – with your Team as they present in your consciousness. They respond to your level of creativity – this is a co-creation – so design it as you like. It makes it easier now that we have eyes-open interaction.

Telepathic communication

Grounded telepathy – HUman to HUman – takes practice, and I encourage playing with it. You may have noticed the nudge to connect with someone, then when you get together it seems everything has already been shared. Get used to this; our Higher levels are getting more acute in their energetic exchanges as the grid of awakened HUman hearts gains energetic momentum.

Telepathic merges with higher states of consciousness seem to be getting clearer and easier since the last Gateway. I hear it will be easier to interpret/transmit telepathic downloads – which can be vast amounts of intel – after the next Cosmic trigger. I sense it is our unified mind which will strengthen in its desire for Love, Peace, Balance and Purity, rather than a need for more information.

Using the Cosmic Trigger

While the collective consciousness cannot sabotage a wave of New Light, it can be steered into using it for a positive acceleration, or falling into fear. We have the rule book now, beloveds, as well as the upper hand due to the 5D vibration in our consciousness.

Feel into this message and hear the Higher calling for action during this wave. Much of it is telepathic; comprehension of New Light intelligence is growing, the acceleration will become more streamlined since so many are cosnciously connected this way. Keep clear. I feel a turning point in many of our lifestreams; let us share our highest intentions and put our new skills to benefit the Shift and all concerned.

In Love, Light and Service,


Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift

Sandra Walter September 28, 2014

Everything has changed – again.

sandrawalterThe Equinox through the Blood Moon Eclipse passage brings a deepening of the Solar Cosmic Christ that is somewhat unexplainable in linear terms. You have to feel it to know it, however I will do my best to describe it here. For the linear levels: We have four Equinox-Blood Moon passages in 2014 – 2015 which increase in intensity as they anchor the Solar Cosmic Christ. They get more acute in their purpose, shorter in their duration. We are in the middle of one right now.

The Equinox brings the balancing point for New Light entry (the precise Equinox date/time is based on an off-planet point out in space to align perfectly with the Sun); the Blood Moon eclipse brings a finishing, anchoring energy at the end of the New Light influx. The windows for 2014 – 2015 are:

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 15 (25 days)
Equinox September 22 –  Blood Moon Eclipse October 8 (16 days)

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4 (15 days)
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 28 (5 days)

The Division of Realities

Since the end of 2012, we are different people. Layers of illusion dropped, the veils lifted and many of us left – the old Self dissolved. Our collective perception, the collective creation of HUmanity on his planet, re-created what was familiar, repeating the old light creations in a collective agreement. Some diversified from the norm, realizing what Ascension, Resurrection, and the Shift were truly about. We went within and the truth was revealed to us.

Since then we have been blasting through the collective creation, attuning our perception to what occurred. The collective old-school-normal reality runs on old light energies. Understand it is like a car running on empty; it will run out of fuel eventually. HUmans are Creator-in-Carnate, so we get to co-create multiple versions of reality on a planet, as long as the energy supports our creation. For example, if there is not enough light in the collective consciousness to support a pure light-based creation, such as lightship travel or miraculous instant healing of dis-ease, it won’t be available to manifest in the collective reality. This principle was widely honored prior to the Shift of 2012, and in many ways it was kept in check by negative forces many did not understand. Here is the difficult part for the grounded HUman brain: None of that exists as qualified substance any more. By qualified substance I mean acceptable and sustainable in the New Light reality.

The Holographic Old Earth

The Old Earth hologram mirrors the collective choice of same-old, same-old until the gas runs out. What empties the tank on the collective old reality? Photonic Light. Unavoidable. We entered the edges of the photon belt years ago. There are areas of it which we have not traversed that are incredibly powerful, insistent, and autonomous in their force. This is a Shift in Consciousness as well as physical vessels (planet, body, kingdoms) to support the interpretation of that New Light. Old structures die off, that is evolution. Death is not ascension, nor resurrection. You are allowed to quit the old reality hologram in the physical anytime. Personally, the transcendence of it to a New Light reality is fascinating and well worth the journey to me. Patience. Take care. All of this is really amazing to behold through a physical vessel.

The Parallel Solar Light Template

I was shown a powerful vision of this galaxy completing itself; the big golden ring expansion with pure Source Light flooding back in. Apparently enough positive factors have aligned with the new creation of the new Universe, and our Galaxy blossomed with much higher realities. These higher realities were always present as possibilities, which is why so many could visit and see the new Earth, New Sun, etc. However a collective threshold was met earlier this year during the March-April Equinox-Blood Moon passage. This is why many of us have had deep resets, realignments, revelations for most of 2014; we are resetting ourselves in alignment with the higher reality.

Watch the Sun

When I received The Merge happens in the Sun last year I thought it involved merging the Divine aspects through the Solar light of the heart center. Now I see that our New Earth creation has been heavily guarded by a holographic overlay of the highest possibility. When great beings come together to create a great shift in Galactic and Universal reality – commanded by Source – the possible outcomes for the highest interests of all concerned are heavily encoded into various levels of consciousness. Higher Self, Christed Self, Master, Angelic, Creator levels, Manifest levels all carry the creation in our multidimensional consciousness. So in effect, it was not really possible to hijack this plan and steer it into destruction. In a way, I feel that story may have been using the fear/drama tactics to startle lightworkers into action. Whatever worked, all is well.

However, let us consider the parallel, unaltered, untouched reality that the lower-vibe folks missed out on manipulating. This is brilliant, stay with me for a moment. The drama planet – our old collective reality of distorted chaotic suicidal tendencies, was played out because of all the drama which needed to leave this realm. Just like old-school emotional clearing, you had to feel it in order to let it go. Did we have to feel so much war, nonsense and judgment? Yes – and some still desire it, most likely because they are unaware or afraid of other choices.

Belief systems were allowed to crush photonic order in the past, because there was not enough light here. That has changed – completely – since end of 2012. Many of us anchored ourselves on the 12-12-12 to the co-created New Solar system.

You may have heard the ancient rumors of a death seed being planted in the Sun, that the Sun is dying, that the Sun will kill us, etc. Those are metaphors for the collapse of old manipulations on a holographic projection which could not and would not affect a pure creation of a Spiritual Central Sun and a New Earth. Death to the old holographic playground; the New completely unaffected by the great galactic karmic cleanse. What a grand checkmate move it has been.

I AM told to keep an eye on the Sun. I still have resistance to using dates because it feels so linear, and my Team explained the importance of triggers and cosmic events a few articles back. You are free to check the Solar and energetic charts for the year and see how they coordinate with gateways. The new Solar Light – the birth of the Spiritual Central Sun – is occurring during these Equinox – Blood Moon eclipses. An all-at-once Solar Shift would create massive instability in the electro-magnetic fields, which are connected to the New Earth overlays via the tube torus gateways. It would also blow our body vehicles apart because they are part of the physical matter affected by those magnetics. Remember the body belongs to Gaia, and we are transforming it to accommodate the New Gaia.

Sungazers, you see the new geometries emerging as the parallel version of the Sun emerges. Even denser folks can feels the intensity of Sunlight due to the decrease in the magnetosphere. The intensity of codes, activations, Christed light is just phenomenal as the Sun goes through this transformation to a Central Sun. It also calls forth the New Earth hologram – the holographic possibility that is ready, willing and able to receive your consciousness if you are willing to participate.

A last review for the Newbies: This also means that any belief systems built in old light energies will dissipate as the parallel Sun begins to take over. Note: This is not about the brown dwarf binary star, or another planet passing by, any other old light metaphor. All of those manifestations collapsed. Many objects in the sky are now perceivable due to the dropping of the veils, the diminished magnetosphere. It also means we are not shielded from rocks, dust, plasma, meteors, or things we used to label as shooting stars, lightships, UFOs;  all of that is here, now, part of our experience. Remember it looks dense/intimidating to denser physical perception – the higher expression is always purposeful, divine, assisting the Shift. Eventually there may be up to three stars in our Solar system as we move into more intense areas of the galaxy. That is a long way off, nothing to be concerned with at all. Actually, none of this is a concern – it is merely information to assist the journey of those on the ascension/resurrection path. There is a lot of intel which does not get shared; some of it is applicable or helpful.

Is it helpful to be aware of the new Solar Light overlay?

For me, it explains the complete disconnect I feel in my day-to-day operation here. I experience many holographic realities simultaneously during my meditations/training sessions. It is difficult to label them as sessions; sometimes they pop up unannounced, sometimes I call them in as more focused, intentional sessions with my Higher Levels. The precursor is energetic – I will see or feel my energy fields shifting, speeding up before they occur.

I feel out of body more than in body lately. And yet, I AM remarkably grounded – I truly feel the Christed Self stepping in, like a walk-in sensation, only pure Self rather than a foreign entity. We truly are getting to know our Selves after a long separation in amnesia.  My focus can cling to old light dynamics long enough for a chat, a grounded task, a visit with a friend. It takes little effort to open up to the higher dimensions. That’s me – my own Self – reconnecting through my DNA as I rebundle the helix and reconnect it.  I AM letting the dimensions reconnect at will since these experiences put the body to sleep after a multidimensional encounter, especially when it is more than nine aspects at once. Most of that work is done at night, or when nap time is available in the day, so I may drop off to sleep afterward.

Traveling between Holodecks

Parallel realities feel like vast holodecks. This template surrounding the Sun is heavenly and I use that term directly. It is here, all around us, which is why so many feel it so intently – and feel themselves dissolving into it. We chose the higher light timeline, the higher experience, and now every bit of our multidimensional self is providing link-ups to energize that experience. It feels like old Self is gone, my memories dissipate.

Last week I experienced the death of an old friend from Chicago. Oddly enough, Chicago presented strongly before that occurred – I almost scheduled a trip there because it was so strong. Chicago is a powerful node for the new America, you may remember its connection to the I AM books and channel Guy Ballard; the ley line convergence, the Great Lake grids, etc. It served as my home twice in this journey, and many lifetimes before. In this application, Chicago rose to the surface of my awareness as ancient templates connected with me during the Equinox. I was guided to Medicine Lake, on the remote East side of Shasta, where a profound shift was made within me – again. I crossed paths with some traveling lightworkers from Tijuana, opened a gateway, played my medicine drum and several golden eagles showed up. They flew in circles overhead with a few osprey for several minutes, then disappeared over the lake. I heard Dance of the Nine Eagles. Some of the exchanges with the kingdoms are unexplainable – just feel them when they show up; best not to question how, why, what happened.

It was a great release of the old Self, reflected in the bird tribe and the death of a Chicago friend; the release of ancient identities, and the emergence of more of my true Self. It is more of that through-line I keep speaking of; the higher purpose of the Higher interdimensional Self. Chicago is a power-node, and strongly connected to the templates in Shasta and those around the Great Lakes. If all you can see around Chicago is bad or dark – remember that areas which appeared to be repressed or controlled in the old light were done so on purpose. It usually indicates a place where high light templates were anchored for future use. Also remember that from the perspective of the New Light Solar template, all of that apparent damage was done to a holographic representation; The Maya, the Maia overlay, the illusion. A lot of galactic karma was transmuted in this grand experiment of the fall from grace. And now it’s over. Completely. All hands on the new holodeck, please.

The holographic realities/templates connect via tube torus energy fields, just like gateway portals. All of this work with gateways has opened up my vision and understanding of these layered realities, and how to travel in my consciousness between them. There have been powerful moments – some indescribable – of giant gateways ripping open the ceiling of my consciousness and revealing the new Galactic system. And the how-to knowledge flashes in with these stargate-type experiences. For the moment, I AM letting the unlocking portion of the download unfold as needed. I have been fatigued by the shifts in my consciousness – open to more, yet needing to integrate deeper than before.

What to do with the Old Self

Nothing. Do the linear tasks to protect the body – food and shelter – and spend more time in creating the new than un-creating the old. The New Light, especially during the Equinox-Blood Moon passages, are especially focused on supporting New Light creations. This doesn’t indicate a giant endeavor with a lot of planning – it is the simple rebuilding of Self that is needed right now. This is the year for it, take advantage of the very. simple. lessons. available. We had a drop of energy which assists with (false) belief systems in the Light tribe – the awakened collective – to breakup the patterns of waiting for external forces to supply change. Use those frequencies to disconnect from old light perceptions. Resurrection will not occur in your lifestream if it is dependent on an outside element for rescue. We unify with the Universe through our own Solar Heart Center; at the moment this means aligning your light to the highest Divine Will.

Don’t torture the mind with questions and beliefs – let it go, sit in nature and soak up the photons. Every time there is an elevated electron count, get outside and welcome them into your energy fields, physical and crystalline structures. Your mind will not make sense of it, please stop trying to perceive new light with old eyes. It just won’t work. It might feel scary to have that much faith, however when you feel it, see it, know the new true Self, all else starts to dissolve. Resistance is troublesome, let whatever is within your heart be all that is happening right here, right now. Breathe.
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Light Filaments Bringing a New Level of the Christ

September 15, 2014 – Sandra Walter

sandra-walterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The last Gate-wave was quite intense. Gratitude to all who assisted in opening up gates and portals to bring in this New Light. It was intense work which held many personal revelations. There was a deep relief as the Gateway energies anchored after the SuperMoon.  It may feel like a deep sense of peace, a sudden release of stress or worry, or a profound state of revelation beyond the veils, depending on your journey.

It was a very physical gate energy because it was preparing us at a cellular level for incoming light filaments delivered by the X flare on the last day of the gate. Note how different the last magnetic storm felt – the Light is shifting, we are attuning to our new level of consciousness. Cellular work affects the energy fields, so the last wave may have been uncomfortable for the body, especially the heart center. Remember it is the release of density and old programming which causes discomfort. Assist it in releasing, and console the body when it has a rough moment.

These energies brought a calm which feels similar to the weeks prior to the last Equinox; a preparation and knowing that something significant was about to unfold for the Ascension Process. We will be receiving another amplification of the Christ energies during the Equinox Gateway, this one aimed at activating the light filaments. You may feel it most significantly in the Heart center as the Equinox (September 22, 7:29pmPT) approaches.

New Light Filaments anchoring into the cells

The light filaments – light information in a denser form to affect the physical – directly affect your DNA and its ability to rebundle into the 12 strand helix. This does not mean they all get turned on and reconnected permanently in an instant. The collective is not in agreement to allow that to occur just yet. But you will get glimpses of the reconnections depending on what your physical vehicle can tolerate.

Many of us are able to perceive and interact with a few dimensional experiences simultaneously, some for several minutes. Imagine holding that awareness for a day, a week, permanently. Imagine holding awareness of 12 dimensions, and the ability to decipher where your attention should be focused, how to co-create with all of your Selves and coordinate intentions.

This is where we are going – the Solar Cosmic Christ state operates like a Sun, not only in the alighted pure heart center, but as the center of your own Solar system; a system of unified divine aspects. The Divine HUman Christed state was created in alignment with templates which govern stars, and you will find the 12-into-the-One template reflected in your DNA patterning as well.

Accelerations become more and more acute. They are driven by the highest consciousness on the planet; HUmans actively participating in the Ascension process and calling forth higher levels of light. Those dedicated the the Shift are reaping the rewards of revelation – the meek (spiritual) are indeed inheriting the New Earth. It may seem like separation to the untrained eye; know that free will honors whether or not you choose to embrace the demands of the Divine. It must be an authentic pursuit; Ascension resonates with nothing less than a genuine heart-based path. Anything else is vanity, and that distortion is revealed as such as we travel through the process.

Equinox Gateway: September 19 – 25

Feel back to the last Equinox of March, when the pure return of the Christ energies were flooding the planet. Feel it again because there are similarities here: The clearing, cleaning energies; the messages to purify and prepare the body consciousness, the light body, and the lifestream for a new phase of the Solar Cosmic Christ. The wave before the March Equinox which brought peace, heart expansion and an intensity of devotion to the process is mimicked this month, at a much higher level than last March. Get clear as manifestation of the Christed state becomes more acute.

Cosmic triggers like an Equinox – representing Divine balance – utilize the grounded, linear experience of time by coordinating openings between timeline possibilities. These portal-type channels open as tube toruses of light, creating links between the denser levels and the higher creation of New Earth. They provide higher light activations for the collective to receive into the body and energy fields, and shed density from the lower reality. Some in the Ascending collective use Gateways and triggers to unify with the higher realms, matching their vibration for a moment, and receiving the energies which accelerate the collective experience of the Shift and Ascension.

As always, it is a co-creation between the higher realms and our lower expressions doing this work. Gatekeepers work in tandem with the Higher realms to align/expand Gateways (more permanent structures in the Shift) and portals (flexible, can be temporary) to the higher crystalline grid systems and timelines of Ascension. These are connected by tube torus channels. Some look like gateways to the Sun, some appear more like stargates connected to galactic levels. Feel it as portals/channels aligning to higher possibilities, and higher light flowing into our neighborhood, modified by our Sun. If you do this work, you feel the flow of incoming light through these areas, and a very potent vortex-type sensation in your body. Working with this New Light has been fascinating.

As always, when the New Light waves arrive, either the collective consciousness can handle certain possibilities or it cannot. The Light does its work regardless – it is the level of intensity (a slight change or a large one) and speed of the Shift which is affected by the awakened collective consciousness. Apparently it does not matter what the sleeping folks choose at the moment, and my Divine Team has been quiet when I ask about this division of experiences. Silence may be telling, however it is not my concern right now. There is a hint given in a message, *three equinoxes until the visual.* It feels the same as the message *the merge happens in the Sun* – which is now unlocked as we understand the rebundling of DNA and the Solar light re-activation of our star Self is in progress.

It is your pure intention which aligns you with the intent of a trigger date or gateway. Conscious Gatekeepers are the grounded beings who open and anchor them for all willing to participate, until the awakened collective is capable of doing this themselves. Eventually the collective will unify their Solar Heart Centers in a dynamic grid of HUman hearts (already in progress). When the ascending collective unifies its intent, great leaps will be made in the Shift. Grand and miraculous activities will rapidly cleanse the shadow of the old planet and reveal the true capabilities of the Golden race.

Completion Codes

The Divinity of this New Light – currently aimed at expansion beyond personal belief systems – is the preparation for a deeper unification with the Christed Self. The nine triggers this month (September 9, 18, 27) as well as the Equinox (September 22) carry completion codes to be activated and integrated over the next year. This is not the final unification for initiates, the collective consciousness is not ready for that yet. However, those on the path will receive an energetic reinforcement to dispel negative influence. It will assist those who want to (permanently) leave the wavering phase of the process (the waiting game, the event/landing/reset scenarios), and will assist with personal choices (habits, beliefs, clearing) to compliment the Christed state. Our higher levels understand how difficult focus can be when the external is getting scrambled. This energy helps – you can feel it already – to dispel frequencies and activities aimed at interference. You do have to welcome the help, it is not automatic because it is aimed at those stepping into their Creator state of consciousness.

Stay focused, Stay Light

In this New Light it is imperative to get clear and stay focused on your desires; the nine energies assist these free-will choices in order to further unify the Higher and Lower Self. To utilize them properly, follow the creator guidelines:  1. Firmly set your intentions with visualization, feeling and light-grounding (physical reflection of the intent), 2. Align all of your activities, feelings and thoughts with your intentions, 3. Directly confront every moment of fear, emotion, entanglement with the old light, 4. Consciously choose to operate from your Higher Self perspective; engage your Mastery consciousness. You build new pathways in parts of the brain which have been inactive, and it does take conscious awareness to bridge the worlds of your old and new operating systems.

It takes very little effort with this new light to manifest a new feeling, a new thought, a new behavior or activity to replace the old patterns. Practice this until it becomes the new habit.

Remember the message from last Equinox; we act on behalf of our whole Soul group. The high-vibe tribe understands the empowerment and responsibility involved in these accelerations. A word of warning: There are many grounded in-carnates making less-than-pure choices in the awakened collective right now. Those choosing to house entities who desire to to disturb those on the path are getting stimulated by the interference programs. Disconnect from these persons and programs quickly, cut the cords, and move on. They aim for the emotions, and are rampant in the spiritual/awakening circles right now. It is a side-effect of revelation frequencies for folks to be confused and attack others. No judgment on their choices – just ignore them rather than getting entangled in their dramas.

There is a connection to the next Blood Moon (October 8), just as we had a link between Equinox and the Blood Moon of last April. They are a powerful trigger combo. Our next Equinox/Blood Moon combination does not occur until September 2015. Take advantage of the strong influx/anchoring duo over the next few weeks. It is a simplify and focus kind of passage.

The Divine return of the Christ is active, available and amplifying through every particle of these realities. Note the difference between information and experience presenting as the Shift intensifies; the difference between appeasing the curious mind and truly activating the Heart. This delineates information received and direction applied to the lifestream. Set your intentions, use your voice to send ripples of magnetics through the field, and align all activities with the highest Divine Will.

In Love, Light and Service,


Strongest Gate to Date? A Note for Gatekeepers

September 8, 2014 – Sandra Walter


Blessings Beloved Gatekeepers,

I understand that our task can be both glorious and frustrating during these waves of New Light. Last week’s (huge) revelation flashes flowed into SuperMoon intensity, and the final punch of this Gate hits tomorrow, 9/9.

I AM guided as we approach Full Moon peak to remind every Gatekeeper that our agreement to serve as conduits – and to OPEN interdimensional portals for this New Light – is KEY to prepare the collective consciousness for the Equinox-Blood Moon combo of the next few weeks.

Despite the drag on the collective consciousness (by both unawakened and awakened) when energies like this arrive, let us be diligent in our work here.

– Open the portals and gates in your sector. Expand them as wide as possible.

– Anchor the intent with crystals in the ground.

– Get fluids with your light signature on the ground (blood, water) with the highest intention as we work with the DNA component.

– When you open the torus to serve as a pure conduit, be sure to connect with the awakened HUman heart grid and crystalline grids.

– If guided, thread and connect the light to Shasta, she is incredibly intense as she upgrades her Central-Sun-type capabilities.

Blessings on the transmuters as well during this passage – there is a heck of a lot of clearing going on. Know your role and serve well, beloveds.

In Love, Light and Service, Sandra



Preparing for the next wave: Gateway September 3-9

August 30, 2014 Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

sandra-walterWe are speeding toward a powerful gateway on September 3 – 9. The energies are quite intense day to day, in a good way, as our cellular structure gets aligned for another revelation wave this week. The trigger on August 17th brought preparation for the September wave, and for many it has been energetically, emotionally and physically intense. If you are wondering, What the heck kind of help is this? – view this from the Divine Love perspective. We are unifying with the truth, which commands our active participation as a conduit of Divine Will. Your beliefs and habits will be consistently challenged and attuned to that intention if you are able to maintain it as the frequencies Shift.

Cosmic rays of photonic light are accelerating our consistent requests for More Love, More Light, More Ascension. Realize that the proper adjustments are being made by us through our ability to hold this light. For those dedicated to Ascension, it is a wondrous amplification of the pineal-pituitary complex, telepathic communication, simultaneous multidimensional awareness and light quotient. It is fascinating to witness our own progress, and dissolve the old light from our perceptions. Things are getting clearer, brighter, more profound.

Revelation Gates

Revelation gateways are deeply personal. (Review the articles from May to present if you are catching up on their Ascension significance.) These photonic waves have a unique affect on the individual lifestream: they leave no stone unturned, revealing higher aspects as well as grounded fears, doubts, choices which stand between us and our Higher Self. If we are to embody and merge with the higher light, we must be capable of integrating everything which goes with it. That includes a significant increase in our multidimensional awareness and the ability to comprehend and communicate with many dimensions at once.This has been a focus of my personal journey during the revelation gateways; learning to integrate the new skill set.

The intense sensation of something big is about to unfold may distract some from their process right now. Anytime there is a big trigger or uptick in the frequencies, lower-level programs get to work on stealing focus from the truth. This gate feels extremely valuable to those on the Ascension path. I recommend unifying with the collective of pure conduits if you feel social, or cave-ing with intention if you feel that isolation is the best way for you to receive right now. Both are beneficial. My personal choice is privacy, so I may receive and integrate the maximum benefits.

Get in nature often either way. Get focused, clear and open to receive. Meditate. Stay in the magnetic of Ascension; radiate the pure Light, intend Christ Consciousness and be sure to utilize these energies for the highest good.

Wildfires in California

Thick smoke and ash have penetrated Shasta from the nearby wildfires, causing some to-doing as outdoors becomes more challenging. It has been difficult to work on the mountain. As I mentioned previously, if you are considering a trip to Shasta, please check on the wildfire status before traveling. The smoke has been thick for several days as the fires just Northwest of us grow in size. Outdoor activity is not recommended on days like these; the eyes, sinuses and throat burn, and it causes nausea as the fires get closer. Firefighters are only working on containment until Autumn rains come to quench the fires. So it could be like this for a while.

Blessings upon the kingdoms, Gaia and HUmanity as we experience these wildfires. It is a natural occurrence, however it does create stress on folks up here, especially those with farms and outdoor functions.


A Message of Incoming Support on the 17th

by Sandra Walter

On Sunday, August 17, we have unique energies coming in which will assist us in preparation for what appears to be a unique revelation gateway during the first week of September. Most of us are experiencing rather consistent intensification of the energies and we can feel it in the kingdoms, the elementals, HUmanity, and Gaia herself. Our bodies are going through significant swings in high and low energies, as well as adjustments to our energy fields (light bodies) and mental/emotional bodies.

The last few months seem to be snowballing with cosmic purpose, so I asked my Higher Team to explain why dates are still involved. As we experience more conscious moments of the Now, the pure presence of our own divinity, why are these dates important?  The Pleiadian – Sirian alliance representatives responded to this question, and I transcribed their response:

The dates are utilized for collective focus in your time-space experience. These are passages when the higher and lower realms learn to work together. Eventually your consciousness will synchronize with ours and we will not need to utilize dates. However in your current experience of reality, dates provide the ascending collective with a sense of responsibility, focus, and unity. When gatekeepers, transmuters, and those dedicated in service to the new light unite their efforts in anchoring these waves of new light – which are associated with arrival and departure dates as they pass through the planetary grid systems – they accelerate the shift in consciousness. In your present experience of time, the shift in consciousness is accelerated to the point where you are experiencing the consistent amplification of these energies within your body vehicles. This is the result of your collective desire to anchor the new light.

When we provide passages of focus or windows of opportunity through our conduits (grounded contacts), such as gateways when large energy waves pass through the grid systems, it benefits the planetary and HUman ascension by unifying our consciousness with yours, so the higher realm and the lower realm experience become one. You can feel this in the merge-type sensation of higher and lower self when you engage in gridwork or gateway work.

Currently you are experiencing the activation of divine HUman DNA templates within the planetary grid systems which have been guarded, sealed and in some cases forgotten for hundreds of thousands of years. This is a passage when those templates, which are similar to layered sacred  geometries, work in harmony with the energies now coming onto your planet. One could not be activated without the other. It is the combination of templates, new light and the intent of the ascending HUmans which creates this activation. Many of the same people who created these templates are now in physical form and visiting sacred sites on the planet, vortex areas, and some more remote locations, in order to activate templates which were created by large collectives specifically for this time.

As many of you are learning, free will is a very important factor in your ascension. The mastery of free will, both in oneself and in your interactions with the external, must be honored in order to dissolve all karmic contracts and entanglements with the lower dimensional existence. This is why the DNA templates could only be activated in cooperation with the energies coming to the planet at this time, which is associated with the area of space you are in; the alignment of the Galaxy within this Universe, and your Solar system within this Galaxy.

It provides a relatively small window of opportunity, which is then the broken down into smaller windows of opportunity, which you currently experience as gateways. Gateways are an opportunity to activate the templates not only within Gaia but within your newly emerging cellular structures, known to you as the crystalline structures. They begin as etheric structures and then anchor into the physical, affecting the atomic structure and subatomic structure energetically. With your free will intention these etheric encodements become physical. This allows the free will choice of the individual to turn on the structures within, which then align with the templates in the planet creating a harmonious relationship. This honors the free will choice to receive DNA directly from the templates, activated by the new light codes, bilocating the DNA into your bloodstream and allowing your physical body to utilize the incoming new light energies to their full capacity.

This will come in stages, and will be an experience which many will not understand. This is why the energetic challenges are feeling more intense for many. It is training you to master your own consciousness without the influence of the external. You override the collective experience by your conscious choice. You become aligned with the new light without lower dimensional interference. This is also why the current two strands of DNA will be turning on and off as the new strands come online. The old strands of DNA are easily tampered with, as they have been mapped for manipulation. When the new DNA comes online it renders the old DNA obsolete, yet the old is still functional on command. Many still repeat thought forms in the conscious and subconscious which command the old DNA to continue its old tasks. It will function in tandem with the new DNA until you consistently align your perception and consciousness with the Higher aspects of Self.

You are activating your true self, which may seem foreign after such a long absence. This is another reason why gateways, trigger points, or unified intentions are so influential. We unify to receive, honor, and anchor the true HUman into the collective consciousness and the planetary grid systems. We have described the grid of HUman hearts as a golden crystalline light grid. Feel this as you connect your hearts during these gateways and trigger points – it becomes very powerful, more and more so as the shift accelerates.

There is a strong revelation gateway which will open during the first week of September, and build consistently until the Equinox later in the month. The previous revelation gateways, which have been opening since June, have rapidly prepared you for an acceleration in DNA activation. It is very physical, which is why so many are experiencing a wider range of physical reactions to this new light.

Activation of the 12 helix DNA cannot occur all at once, or your physical body would no longer be physical as you know it. 12 helix DNA is a multidimensional structure which is similar to the structure of your energy fields; each dimension rests within the other. Each helix surrounds the other, building outward to connect to the dimensional levels of the Divine HUman structure. Eventually you will reconnect all 12 helix DNA levels, then activate a secure connection to Source. This occurs when the structure is stable and maintainable. Being aware of your many dimensional expressions simultaneously may be challenging.

The energy provided on August 17th will assist those who desire to prepare on a deeper level for the next major gateway in September. It will be focused on pineal activation, meridian alignment, and telepathic communication with your personal guides. It is a passage to learn harmony with the new energies rather than be overrun by them as they intensify.

Know in your hearts that we recognize your dedication to this journey and honor your accomplishments. We send you our highest light and graciously accept your love and gratitude. In the unity of divine purpose, we commend your courage and dedication to the ascension.