Sananda: The Best is Yet to Come

Greetings my friends,

Today I would like to discuss potential futures/timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid. The future is what you all make of it. Your individual and collective futures are very interconnected. The thoughts, words, feelings and actions of just oneperson can have great, far-reaching ripple effects on the entire planet.

There are approximately 7.6 billion souls physically incarnate on the planet at the moment. Imagine the combined, collective Creation and Manifestation powers you all have on the future of Humanity, and the future of planet Earth. If all of these 7 billion people were to work together to create Nova Gaia right now, Nova Gaia will be manifested in less than a week. This is how powerful you are when you are working together in harmony with ALL to achieve a common goal.

At the moment however, only 41% of Humanity is spiritually awakened. And out of this spiritually-awakened group, only about 5% is either consistently doing their best to embody Christ consciousness every day, or, have successfully embodied their Higher Selves. The rest, the 36%, are still too busy learning the ropes and aligning their entire lives to their higher purpose.

If you belong to this group of 5% (people who have been awakened for quite awhile, and are now making very good progress by joyfully fulfilling your life missions), you should really spend a minimum of 15-mins meditation time per day focusing purely on the creation of Nova Gaia. When an awakened person starts living life fully committed to the grand project: ‘The Creation & Manifestation of Nova Gaia’; all of us here in the higher dimensional realm can see the MASSIVE difference this person is making on the entire planet. This 15-mins focus on Nova Gaia formation may not seem like much to you, but the effects of this little exercise are tremendous; especially when done regularly.

Start using your remarkable imaginations! Everything that you would like your new, fifth-dimensional planetary home to be like, imagine as if this reality is instantly manifested in this exercise. Imagine there is pure clean air and water, and a bounty of organic fruits/vegetables everywhere – easily accessible at no cost for everyone on the planet. Imagine this entire planet completely cleansed and healed from all the toxicity and destruction mankind had heaped upon Her throughout the eons of time. Imagine everyone living in perfect harmony; giving each other the unconditional love and respect each soul deserves to have. Imagine as if all members of humanity have completely overcome their differences. There is complete and absolute acceptance, inclusiveness and unity towards all within the human race: no matter your skin color, religions, education and financial backgrounds, nations/languages, sexual orientation etc.

Visualize a world where money does not exist. Where everything you need is always fulfilled at no cost to you; at no cost to anyone. Visualize every single person on Earth feeling joyful, blissful and very fulfilled; living their lives with so much passion every day, doing what they love and loving what they do. Imagine a world where everyone enjoys perfect health. Where sickness and disease are no more; and the ‘process of aging as one gets older’ is just a distant memory.

Visualize the entire human collective becoming so spiritually-advanced; so much so that everyone’s Divine, spiritual powers of Creation and Manifestation are fully awakened and operational. And when this happens, the entire Universe will open up for you. What ‘the you’ today would classify as miracles will one day be an everyday occurrence; miracles will become the ‘normal’ outcomes coming from you exercising your powerful creative abilities!

All the things I could do to demonstrate my Divine powers, (in my most popular physical incarnation as Jesus the Christ), you can very easily do too, one day! Turning water into wine; healing the sick, blind, deaf and/or the handicapped; walking on water; ‘controlling’ the weather; raising someone from the dead etc. are only very few, very basic examples of your True, Powerful capabilities! You are magnificent, powerful Divine Light Beings; currently walking around in the ‘disguise’ of a human body.

And here comes a basic, fundamental TRUTH:

In the eyes of our Creator God, you are just as special as I am! You are equally powerful; equally loved and equally Divine. You are God; walking around this planet in the physical expression of a human body.

There is a very important reason as to why the message that ‘You are God’ has often been repeated, time and time again. There is a huge, big GAP from at first, you ‘knowing’ something, to then change to you ‘believing’ in something, and finally you ‘becoming/embodying’ something. The more often we repeat this authentic truth for you, the more it will sink in deeper and deeper into your subconscious until one day, you BECOME the Gods/Goddesses you Truly are!

It is now time, for you to embrace the truth of who you are. Most of you reading this are still walking around acting completely powerless in the face of challenges life has placed in front of you. YOU put those ‘seemingly-impossible-to-overcome’ challenges smack-bang in the middle of your current path as an opportunity, a higher invitation, for your ‘third-dimensional’ Self to return to, align with and embody your super powerful Multidimensional Higher Selves. Once your entire being (physical, mental and emotional bodies) perfectly aligns with your Higher Self, you will have the abilities to eliminate those challenges completely, permanently, once and for all. And life on Earth will truly be without third-dimensional limits and restrictions.

It all comes down to this:

Are you ready to let go of ALL controls? Are you ready to surrender completely, to the Wisdom, Love, Light, Unity and Power that is your Higher Self?

Complete and utter surrender of your life to your Higher Self is the ONLY way for you to experience a life so magnificent beyond your wildest imaginations!

Have complete, absolute faith and trust that your Higher Self, your spiritual team of angels & guides, and our Creator God, unconditionally love you so very much, beyond measure. They want you to have what you want to have. They want you to be what you want to be. They want you to do in life, only that which you really, joyfully want to do in life. Your Divine, Free Will is totally respected and totally supported 100% of the time!

In other words, by ‘surrendering’ control of the steering wheel of the ‘ship’ that is your life on Earth; by letting God and your Higher Self take over the wheel to lead, you will still get to the destination of where you want to go. There is 1 big difference between surrendering control and not surrendering control.

With God and your Higher Self in control, they will make sure that your path is the most joyful, most fulfilling, most abundant (in all aspects), most fun and it will be the safest, fastest route to where you would like to go! Your omniscient God/Higher Self will always be there to guide you through all the stormy seas; and they will be the powerful navigation system/GPS your ship needs to get to where you want to go, what you want to be and do.

When you let go, something magical happens. You give God room to work” ~Mandy Hale

Surrendering to your Higher Self also means a full-time commitment to be the Unconditional Love that you truly are, within. This means with your act of surrender, you will automatically return to the Love that you are. You will automatically spread love wherever you go. You will automatically act like the love that you are in everything that you do every single day. And you will treat ALL living beings with love straight from the heart, exactly the way that you yourself would like to be treated.

LOVE is truly the greatest POWER in the Universe.

When you align your every thought, word, feeling and action with the power of LOVE, the Universe supports you in ALL of your endeavors! Magic happens. Every day you will wake up in the morning feeling so excited about what the day will bring. Work will become fun and it will feel like play. Everyone and everything will cease to be a stranger. You will feel so united, so acutely interconnected with ALL THAT IS. All will become your best friends.

And the best thing is, you do not have to worry about money and/or ‘earning a living’ ever again. Success in all that you do will come naturally zooming into your life with what seems to be little or zero effort! This will happen when you all remember the art of ‘opening up to receive’ all the best things in life the Universe has got to offer you.

Going to the ‘mountaintop’ where your goals of spiritual mastery and enlightenment are located, requires complete surrender, trust and belief that the Universe/God is ONE with you. That they are always on your side, supporting your every endeavor. The ascension process requires you to ‘ascend’ or ‘leave behind’ all of your small, limiting, highly restrictive third-dimensional beliefs that are holding you back.

And when everyone on the planet is practicing this art of ‘total and complete surrender’ to their Higher Selves, Nova Gaia will no longer be a very distant physical reality. Every time there was a courageous person who had bravely ‘jumped off of the cliff’ and left the ‘old ways/lives’ behind, to then take the road less traveled her Higher Self is leading her to, the Light frequency of Planet Earth rises exponentially.

This person (as she fully commits be the living, physical embodiment of Divine Love in everyday life) will become a very powerful BEACON of Light. People all over the globe will be attracted to her works; to her light; to her love. She will exude/emanate the Christ consciousness so easily and so naturally, with zero effort. She becomes a living, breathing, modern Christ in action; spreading Love, Unity and Light wherever she goes and in whatever she does.

The time is NOW for all of you (who have decided to ascend in this lifetime) to be this embodiment of the Christ consciousness as well, in your every day life. Let go of all false beliefs based in fear, lack and limitation. Lower your guard and let God in. Let your Higher Selves in to take over and lead the way. You will always be safe, protected and guided to the ‘best, highest, most joyful and peaceful’ path that is the blueprint for your new 5D life.

Based on today’s planetary light frequency levels, Nova Gaia will be fully established as a physical, manifested reality in approximately 25 of of your Earth years. This estimate is based on the ‘relatively incorrect’ assumption that the small group of 5% (mentioned earlier in this message) never grows any bigger/never welcomes new members into the group. In other words, if the number of people ‘who are consciously embodying their Higher Selves’ ALWAYS remain stationary at 5%, Nova Gaia will become a reality in 25 years. Now, WHAT IF, that percentage rises? The answer is obvious. Utopia Earth will be manifested into your actual, physical reality faster than 25 years.

Knowing that, what will you choose to do, to be and to create next, my dear friends? Are you ready for your massive move into the higher dimensions, and join many of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light?

Out of the INFINITE number of potential futures/timelines currently lying in wait, in the realm of potential, which one will the Human Collective choose to manifest? Will you consciously choose the easiest, safest, less chaotic, and smoothest timeline where Ascension happens so naturally? Or will you let others make the decision for you, by NOT participating in the process of creating and manifesting Nova Gaia? Your powerful, conscious participation in this grand endeavor is needed to ensure that YOUR path will be less rocky, less stormy and less stressful. The choice is yours.

The image this channel had chosen to represent this message is very appropriate. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Let your Higher Selves take over and take control. They will help to align yourselves with the best, brightest, most peaceful future you all deserve to have! Your Higher Selves will do this by helping you CREATE the future Nova Gaia of your dreams. Reclaim your Sovereignty; your Divine, Godly powers of Creation and Manifestation and then make Heaven on Earth come true!

You have all chosen to be here, on-planet, in this Great Divine Moment of Gaia’s (and all of her inhabitants) massive move from the lower to the upper dimensions of consciousness. You have chosen to be here to participate in the creation of Nova Gaia. You eagerly came from many corners of the Universe and chose to be born here, not only to have a front row seat to watch this ‘Grand Show’ currently playing on Earth, but also to contribute, get involved and take part in MAKING IT HAPPEN!

So let’s get started, shall we?

I, Sananda, your brother in Light, promise to walk with you every step of the way. Call on me whenever you start to forget ‘who you truly are’ and ‘your very important reason/purpose for being here’. You are, at every moment, completely loved, guided and surrounded by higher dimensional light beings who only want the best for you.

Please call for our assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Talk to us, and talk to your spirit team. Make the intention to establish a direct line of communication between you and us, so that in time, you can become less and less reliant on higher dimensional information that comes from the ‘outside’ of you. You are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Within you the Wisdom of the Universe resides.

Sending out much Love and Light to you all,


Source this posting: Era of Light

Source: Channel: Adele Arini

The Abundance of Your Inner Clarity

by Master Sananda
channeled by Natalie Glasson ~ Sacred School of OmNa 16th February 2018

Loving blessings extend from my being as I come forth emitting the inner most vibrations of clarity of my being. Clarity is the truth of the Creator in action. Each soul can access and has the ability to deliver forth the clarity of the Creator. Each soul can embody the clarity of the Creator because it is the essence of your being, there is simply a need to understand and connect with this sacred energy that describes the truth of the Creator. When you access the Creator’s clarity within your being, so you become the truth of the Creator in action. Clarity is seeing, sensing and acknowledging an inspirational pathway which brings forth enlightenment and illumination that encourages you to feel you can easily take the most appropriate action that is required. The presence of clarity is soothing, cleansing and activating to your physical body and energy bodies, thus dissolving blockages and stagnant energy that may be hindering you in any way. Clarity awakens your entire being, refreshes your systems and allows you to realise the truth within your being. You begin to explore all that you are, recognise the guidance flowing through your being and access the courage to take the necessary steps to be love and the divine in action.

Clarity = Enlightenment

Enlightenment is, in fact, your connection to your inner frequencies of clarity.

Many people believe that once they access enlightenment, then they will experience clarity, therefore understanding the guidance, wisdom and love of the Creator and delivering it forth. In truth enlightenment dawns when you access and embody your inner clarity. A pure and simple intention of awakening and embodying your inner clarity would allow you to feel enlightened.

‘I now connect with the core of my inner clarity, drawing the clarity of the Creator into the depths of my entire being. I choose to experience a continuous link with my inner clarity, enjoying these sacred frequencies pulsating throughout my being. May my inner clarity influence my entire being in magical, beautiful and healing ways. As I access and become familiar with my inner clarity, so I am the truth of the Creator in action, being divinely inspired and guided. It is through the sacred vibrations of clarity that I experience all that I imagine enlightenment to be and more. It is with clarity that I act and react as the divine upon the Earth.

Thank you.’

Many souls seek clarity, wishing to understand their presence on the Earth, their purpose and meaning and yet many remain unclear, confused and distracted. When you access your inner clarity, you allow yourself to access the core of your being and the vibration that is all knowing. You bring the truth of your core to the surface to interact within your reality while becoming very centred and grounded in your truth; who you are.

Perceiving Your World

You may feel that the way you interact with and perceive your world is inbuilt within you as who you are. This is false, within you are a variety of levels of interaction and perception that you could embody. The way you see, sense and acknowledge the world you live in could dramatically change if you were willing and ready to allow it to. Many souls upon the Earth are perceiving from the surface of their being; this means drawing from information they have received from the outer world since birth. You have the ability to perceive, create and interact from the core of clarity, meaning from a space within you which is grounded, centred, understands you in your entirety and is a transmission of the Creator. Imagine viewing the world around you from your core inner space of clarity; there would be a deep sense of simplicity and transparency. Everything would be open and available to you, flowing with beauty. It is this inner core of clarity which is breathtakingly grounded and centred, that I, Master Sananda, wish to encourage you to connect into. It is this focus that will heal, enlighten and bring forth remembrance.

When being taught this valuable lesson as a child in my lifetime as Master Jesus, I realised that when I was connected to my inner clarity, I felt safe, an inner strength and warmth, a sense of my own power and capabilities, inspired to be of service and a deep acceptance of myself. This was for me the experience of my inner clarity and how it manifested within my being. I discovered that if I focused on the warm powerful glow of energy within my being, melting into its ever-expanding energy I would link with my inner clarity, feeling it pulsating and flowing throughout my being with such truth.

Take time to allow yourself to imagine, sense or acknowledge how the presence of your inner clarity feels within your being when you focus upon connecting. Realise that clarity isn’t an outcome, rather it is an energy within your essence, that is so sacred. Clarity is an embodiment and a centring within your being which promotes experiences of divine action and simplicity.

Exercise to Ground into the Abundance of Your Inner Clarity

As you take the focus of your mind inwards, allow yourself to imagine a seed that is charged with energy, so much so it is as if it is on fire. It is creating such a glow, warmth and a powerful presence within you. The fire may be any colour. The seed represents the core of your being.

Invite the seed to activate its inner clarity and for this energy to overflow into the area around the seed. Feel, sense or acknowledge the beauty of your inner clarity. Recognise how it instantly lovingly impacts your being.

Your inner clarity allows the seed to be planted deep within your being, melting into the energy and source which created the seed and the core of your being. It is as if your core as the seed is returning to its creator, joining as one. You could imagine the creator as a tree or the essence of everything, whatever feels appropriate to you.

Within your core and the source of your core is an abundance of clarity, a frequency which can be described as a colour, sound, vibration and sensation. Allow yourself to feel, sense or acknowledge the abundance of clarity, let your self bathe in clarity as you filter this sacred energy into your entire being and reality. Observe any shifts or transformations which take place within your being, observe the divine in action flowing through you.

Hold this focus for some time, until you feel that you are becoming familiar with the energy in whichever way is appropriate for you.

The more you focus on your inner clarity the more you will notice your true and natural embodiment of the clarity and how it positivity transforms your perception of your world. You will notice a new sensation of observing from the truth within rather than observing from the surface of your being. It is this experience that will allow you to feel as if you are accessing enlightenment.

Know that you are a being of clarity and your world is a place of clarity, this was intended by the Creator.

Allow me to guide you in recognising your self as a master of clarity,

Master Sananda


Sananda: Choose Once Again

Posted on May 7, 2016    by NewSunUnity

sanandaGreetings, beloveds, it is I, Sananda, coming before you with a general message to the lightworkers of Earth. As you probably know, I work with thousands of souls in the 3D world, through various channels and methods of delivery. In times past I have spoken on the need for discernment and protection. Today’s message is a little different; it has to do with diligence and persistence.

This is a difficult time on planet Earth for many of you. Some of you are telling me that you’ve been following my advice and praying for more light to come to Earth and yet you feel stuck, you feel your lives are not moving forward the way that you want them to. I say this: How diligently are you calling forth the light of your own God Presence? How sincerely and deeply are you asking for enlightenment?

In times past, students of spirituality spent decades in secluded facilities, monasteries, temples, convents and such, in the hopes they could be single-focused on God. Today you live in a world of instant gratification, and if something takes more than 10 minutes a day for a week you get impatient.

Beloveds, how long have you wandered in darkness? Think about it for a moment. How many lifetimes have you spent in bondage to your egos? How many lifetimes have you misunderstood the laws of karma, grace, forgiveness, giving and receiving and balance? How many times have you belittled yourselves, perhaps unconsciously? Even now, how many of you still use expressions like “This is killing me,” or “Stupid me, why did I do that?”

It takes patience and diligence to overcome the illusions of this world, dear ones. Many of you, including this channel, have been impatient with yourselves and others. The paradox is, things are speeding up on your planet. Your thoughts are manifesting ever more quickly and completely. You are coming into your power. Yet at the same time, many of you still doubt your own abilities, you doubt that the process of manifestation is unfolding perfectly according to Divine principle. Oh ye of little faith, what is it going to take before you truly understand?

I have said before, “Where do you put your allegiance?” Are you still basing your happiness on your bank account or your spouse or friends or family? They have free will as you do. They can accept or reject you. You have no control over their free will decisions, just as I have no control over yours. One of your movies, called “Bruce Almighty,” demonstrates the limitations of trying to overcome free will. In this delightful movie a neophyte is given the powers of God but quickly realizes that with all his infinite power, he cannot make another human being love him. Therefore, those of you who have emotionally invested yourselves in what your family, friends or lovers think of you, it is time to let that one go. You are not here on Earth to please others. You are here to serve others. There is a vast difference. Sometimes those who have the hardest time with you are the ones being served and serving in the highest capacity. And vice versa, you may have many who love you as long as you are fulfilling their image of who you should be, but as soon as you truly listen to your heart, they no longer find you as charming. Can any of you relate to what I am saying?

Those of you who do not have time for spirituality, remember this: Where you place your focus, that is what you manifest. If you are working a job you do not like because you think it is the only way to “earn” a living, let me remind you that God gave you life without any reservations; there is nothing to “earn.” Yes, your world is set up to keep all of you working like busy bees so the people at the top of the pyramid can indulge in their luxuries. I need not remind you of the foolishness of this game, no matter where you are on the pyramid. For a while longer, you will play this game, but very soon this game will be changing drastically. This world is no longer going to be ruled by a few power-hungry individuals. Why? Because YOU are changing your consciousness and as a result, this world is increasing in vibration. Do you really think it will just magically ascend without your participation? YOU are the vital ingredient necessary for this world to ascend. Without YOU, the powers that be will continue to have their way. Okay, maybe their little game will be interrupted by the ending of the Grand Cycle and the resulting Earth Changes, but after the dust settles, they will be back to continue their tomfoolery – unless YOU and your brothers and sisters awaken to your magnificence in this lifetime, right now, just as you are, with your various challenges and difficulties.

Today, this very moment, it is time to stop indulging in idle thoughts and allowing your ego to rule the roost. Today, now, it is time to put a stop to the chattering and worrying and anxiety. You CAN do this. You have my help. I am here to assist you every step of the way. Many of you that have joined the mystery school have been doing the exercises and lessons faithfully and you are noticing a difference.

Subconsciously, some of you are still waiting for the spaceships to land and whisk you away so you don’t have to face the challenges of this world. I am sorry to disappoint you but our Confederation does not operate in that manner. We need you on the Earth to help heal and lift her into the majesty and beauty that is her destiny. We cannot do this for you. You cannot do it if you are waiting to be beamed up. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Make it a joyful work. Make service your happiness. There is no greater joy than to help others. Discover this for yourselves; do not take my word for it. Take time, today, to really get clear on your part in this cosmic drama. I can assure you it is NOT working a job you do not enjoy in the mistaken belief that your sustenance comes from a weekly paycheck. I can assure you that the approval of your family is insignificant when your soul is held back from expressing as a result of seeking approval.

If ANY part of your life is out of balance, if your body is not healthy, if your finances are not harmonious, if your relationships are in conflict, then it is necessary to go deeper within and look honestly at your self and your priorities. It is time to choose once again. It is time to come to God with an open heart and mind. It is time to humble yourselves before God and ask sincerely for that which you truly desire. I am here to guide you and help you. I am your elder brother and I have overcome this world. Now it is YOUR turn to overcome it by loving it unconditionally, including all its people, especially your so-called leaders in their time of illusion. Love them, bless them, pray for them, see them moving into the light. Let go of your self-righteous anger towards them. Collectively, you have all placed these people in power. They are a reflection of something within your own consciousness. Be willing to look honestly at the places within you that you have withheld from God’s loving light. When you can love all people unconditionally, without reservation, you will see a very different world. You will KNOW then that you are the light of this world and that nobody can put a bushel basket over your light. It will stand clear and bright and it will shine into the darkest corners of this world, and nothing will be able to assail it. Know this today, beloveds. You are all truly blessed.

I AM Sananda.

Channel: Sal Rachele

The GCR is in Release and Operation Heave-Ho

3/06/2016 08:33:00 PM – Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

By Sananda through Kathryn


Dearest Earth family, I feel your call to me to give you more information and reassurance about the process of change that is unfolding now. Some of you are feeling upset because the blessings you have been promised seem to have stalled or disappeared. Some are angry and feeling betrayed that you cannot see or touch the evidence that what we have told you is true.

I promise you, Beloved Ones, that the great evolution we have described to you is genuinely underway. The first domino, as we have called it, has fallen, and others are tumbling into place, but the image would appear to you as if in slow-motion. Nevertheless, all the world is tumbling into the Light. The first Prosperity Packages have been distributed. This alone will create massive change in short order. It has not been announced to the world for two reasons: 1) the mass media is trying to keep it quiet to maintain their false pretense of power, and 2) we are actively protecting the brave boots on the ground who have risked their lives to bring about this miraculous event.

Let me describe to you in a general way what this means. Cooperation between and among 210 countries was necessary in order to decide on how to fairly distribute the great wealth the ancient European and Chinese families and sacred societies have held in secret, waiting for the time when world-wide agreement could be reached. All were required to pledge peace in order to receive the gold and other precious assets to back every single country’s currency. This means all national debts have been paid.

Can you picture the enormity of this project alone? Every debtor country is being released; every debt holder paid off, leveling the playing field. All power structures involving debt between and among nations are dissolved. This means literally that the great lenders of the world no longer own a piece of the debtors’ countries. Thus, extortion and usury are no longer endemic on the world stage. The World Bank and the IMF have worked with every nation to create the state in which neither organization will be needed any longer because no debt arrangements will be needed. There is enough funding to rebuild and restore the health and well-being of every nation and every person on Earth.

These initial funds are already in place, making all countries debt-free. The gold and other assets have been delivered, alloted and stored safely; the intricate web of borrowing and lending has been delicately unwoven, and funds are flowing in a tsunami of Light, setting people free with every tap of God’s blessing hand, delivered through emissaries on the ground who are well aware of their part as couriers of freedom.

Before the final delivery of funds and dissolution of debt could be completed, it was necessary for every country to agree to a reset (RV) of worldwide currency values to more accurately reflect the actual resources of each country. In several cases of the “poorest” most debt-ridden and corrupted countries, this reset establishes these previously down-trodden countries as among the richest in the world. At the last minute, additional countries were included, requiring a new coding to be inserted within the computer systems world-wide. Of course this was a matter for celebration, but it did cause the reset to be slowed temporarily.

In order that the wealth be shared for the first time by all the people, the entire world banking systems had to be dismantled and replaced, since the old system was designed to systematically funnel off and steal the wealth that should have gone to the people. One of the most effective vehicles for this was the debt slavery system of scandalous derivative practices and other even more sophisticated backroom “voodoo economics,” as your US President Reagan called it. All this had to be dismantled and replaced before any large funds could be distributed.

The funds would have otherwise been stolen by the 13 families and their silent controllers, all who have literally controlled the world by controlling the world money supply. The changeover had to be accomplished without destabilizing or sending the world markets into actual collapse. This required that it not be announced or publicized until all was completed. This is one of the reasons why you have not read about these transformations extensively in the financial news.

You have been aware from time to time of high level meetings taking place between world leaders. The G20 Summit last weekend in Shanghai was actually a formal gathering which allowed for numerous private meetings of world leaders and their representatives. They worked over many days to sign documents and iron out final agreements. In many cases, new opportunities for leadership roles were offered and accepted by those countries that were once in direct opposition to each other to move forward in peace and friendship.

Meanwhile, with new banking systems in place, large Prosperity Packages that were arranged long ago to be distributed to Lightworker individuals have been delivered to their accounts and will be freed for use tomorrow, Monday, March 6, 2016. By next week, you will begin to see the enormous effects of these “private” humanitarian projects which have already been funded in the hundreds of billions of dollars each.

These stewards will remain as anonymous as possible for their own protection and privacy, at least in the short term. We are working directly with them to guide and bless their projects. St. Germain and Lady Quan Yin have worked tirelessly for decades with these generous souls to insure their success and effectiveness. We are endlessly grateful to the courageous individuals of faith and dedication to the Greater Good who are changing your planet, often in spite of death and suffering in their midst.

You see, there is no individual Prosperity Program that is not intricately interwoven with every other. This is a worldwide event, involving all 7.5 billion souls on Earth. No individual or group stands outside this massive change, energetically or physically. No one has been forgotten, although many remain unaware of the changes occurring all around them. Each living person contributes their energy signature and their creative intentions to the outcome, in an ongoing up or down vote (there is no neutral ground) which determines the timing and pace of this inevitable EnLightening of Planet Earth.

Many of you are aware of Father God’s promise to announce the ReValuation (RV) of currencies that will bring great wealth to all those whose mission it was to study and invest their money and their faith in the Vision of helping to spread the wealth. The announcement was indeed intended to be made many times, including by February 29, 2016. Millions eagerly await their turn to take part in “paying it forward” as well as relieving the stress of their own debt slavery, as soon as the exchange opportunity is publically announced.

We all agreed in the Councils that it was now a matter of pressing concern to release the funds quickly, with respect for our promise to you. It was our best assessment as well as our greatest hope that the coming event, along with Mother and Father God’s increasing Light, would raise the level of consciousness and Light energy among humankind to “push us over the top,” and so we agreed to “go for it.”

Our Transmuting teams have long been working full-out, causing many of them great physical sickness, as they clear toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and above all the ongoing negative thought forms that are constantly being re-produced by humankind. We organized an all-out push, above and below, to break through the membrane of darkness that has held Earth imprisoned in the dark Matrix.

Many of you reading this are aware of your own mission to take part in this push. You are Lightbearers and Transmuters, Healers and Way Showers, Gate Keepers and Portal Openers, all contributing to the success of this monumental project. At the same time, there are many even among the Lightworkers who are unaware of one crucial element of our work:

There is no neutral ground. You cannot “wait and see” or express doubt or anger or frustration without increasing the burden for your fellow Lightworkers who are charged with clearing away the denser energies.

With your moment by moment thoughts, feelings and actions, every one of you is either contributing to or detracting from the energy flow that is carrying the RV/GCR and other vital programs forward.
You live in a free will zone, where sudden shifts can not always be precisely predicted in terms of timing. The likely success of this project is measured by Grandfather in a very sophisticated and intricate way. All humankind is counted, their Light or dark energies taken into account in the final decision about whether it is safe enough and whether Earth is ready enough to carry it through.

These measurements of course take into account the powerful effect of those Lightworkers who are leading the way, pressing to break through barriers as they stand on the shoulders of those who went before them.
It was decided within the Council today that it is important you be told as much as possible, in order to encourage you to find peace within yourself during these days just beyond the designated “finish line.” We did not fail to reach the energetic goal, and at the same time we did.

You could not have worked harder, and your sincere vote to ask to push through the RV/GCR and bear the consequences to all of you to resolve was taken with great seriousness by Mother and Father. Keeping Father’s promise required a small adjustment so that the RV is unfolding with the larger Prosperity Programs in the lead, and the individual exchanges following close behind, and all is moving at a slightly slower pace than we originally projected, for the protection and safety of all.

Now, let me help you to understand that there is no group or individual to blame for the slower pace. It is not a cabal obstruction or a governmental action that has created the “drag” on our Ascension/RV ship. It is the collective energy of the cabal within each one of us that is holding us back. In this, I include every single human on Earth, and many of the animals as well.

In recent weeks, Kathryn and Christine, Archangel Michael and I as well as Mother and Father God and many of the COH have taken part in a pilot program to help willing incarnated family members to identify and search out all elements of cabal thinking and feeling within themselves, and to help each other as well. It has been a challenging, moment by moment process of self-examination for each member, and it has resulted in a brilliant leap forward in their individual and collective level of Mastery and in the Light of their combined energies.

I want to now open the invitation to all who are reading these messages to join us in this heroic action to identify and leave all dark ideas and feelings behind. With all working together, we can not only assure a smooth and speedy completion of the RV but also energize the bright path for a joyful, uplifting experience of our continued Ascension.

For those who wish to join us in this “Project Heave-Ho” I will give you some of the guidelines for participation, which you will hold yourself to with integrity and truthfulness, as part of the steps toward complete freedom. It is most effective to take the position of speaking from the “I” position, with awareness that you are also speaking in alignment with your Higher Self (“I Am”), for the greatest good of your incarnated self and the planet as a whole.
I acknowledge, as a human being incarnated on Earth at this time, that it would be impossible for me not to have absorbed and even unwittingly embraced numerous dark ideas we are now referring to as “cabal programming.”

I humbly ask for the assistance and loving support of my family Above to help me identify and root out all leftover contorted ideas or feelings that do not originate in Love.
I understand when I agree to surrender my ego interests (pride, fear, jealousy, competition, romance with the dark, etc.), that I am in effect surrendering my option to choose evil, aggression, war, divisiveness and destruction. I choose instead to align entirely with Light in every moment, knowing that for me, it is the only acceptable path to fulfill my life Mission of bringing Love to Earth at this time.

I vow between myself and I that I will not fall into feelings of shame or frustration, no matter what truths I may discover about the dark thoughts and attitudes lodged within my self. That is the path of darkness and self-doubt, and I will not go there.

I understand that every feeling or thought has an energy signature, and that I can identify a dark thoughtform my its heavy, dense energy and intense “feel.” It is not mysterious or unknown and it is not outside my control. I keep it by feeding it with my own energy.

Upon feeling the whiff of a dark thoughtform, I will joyfully turn directly into it, face it with determination and love for my own inner truth, and call it out into the Light. I know that by doing so I will free myself and others from the issues I address in the name of Mother and Father’s Light.

I will call upon St. Germain’s violet flame to burn away all connections I have maintained to old ideas, fears, favorite strategies, complaints, excuses, blaming of others, and any and all other expressions which are not a true reflection of my most loving inner self.

I understand and accept that the most efficient, fastest and impeccable way to sign on consciously to this project is to focus my efforts within. I gratefully accept the loving assistance of my Higher Team and I wholeheartedly devote my efforts to turning within where the surest resolutions reside.
I am the world expert in my own feelings and thoughts. I respectfully and lovingly begin the process of winnowing out all that is not in complete alignment with my highest good and my deepest integrity, in the name of Mother and Father God and my own Ascension.

I am a child of God, and I am made of their Light.

I, Sananda, offer my loving arm around your shoulders as you dare to leave behind all the gnarly remnants of our shared past on this planet where slavery and suffering has been the norm. I invite you to walk with me in companionship and joy as you look deeply within every thought, feeling and action for traces of cabal-programmed tricks and trip-wires. You will find them. When you do, know that you must not judge yourself harshly for having carried darkness you no longer approve of or feel comfortable with. It is the way we shape ourselves, gently and lovingly, to be more like Mother and Father.

Beware especially of the trip-wire that will cause you to want to deny anything about yourself you do not like. Never mind. Think of it as a streak of dirt on your face that you picked up in the process of a hard day’s work, or a bruise from the rough and tumble life you signed on for. Cleanse and heal yourself. Take as long as you need to comfort yourself as you peel away and relinquish all to the violet flame. Keep Mother close as you strip away all trappings and masks, down to the naked and beautiful being you were born to be. We are all here to hold you and cheer you on. In raising yourself up, you are raising all humanity with you. We celebrate your dedication and your courage.

I love you with all my heart.

I am your Sananda

(Channeled & Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 6 March 2016


In order to survive you chose to limit your awareness.

December 29, 2015 by John Smallman

john-smallmanDo not be alarmed as a number of unexpected events unfold quite early in 2016. Much has been going on at deeper levels of the human collective as you prepare yourselves collectively and individually for your awakening, and the effects of those preparations will start to become apparent in various areas of human endeavor. There will be much to intrigue and delight you in 2016 in spite of the ongoing disagreements and conflicts occurring across the world, which the mainstream media tends to use to further develop their fear-driven agendas which would encourage you to believe that things will only get worse!

To awaken is to become free. Free of all the emotional and psychological baggage that drains your energy fields and undermines your enthusiasm for life, leaving you depressed and unmotivated as you struggle with your daily round of worldly commitments. Commitments that seem only to increase in number no matter how many you resolve and leave behind. The illusory world, in which humans appear to interact as separate individuals, with each one seemingly in an almost constant battle for survival while seeking desperately for love and acceptance, is a very demanding and exhausting environment. But every one of you chose to be here at this time to undergo and grow from the lessons that you set upon your path before you incarnated, and to assist humanity in general to awaken.

You do each have an essential purpose on Earth in every moment, but uncovering that purpose and allowing it to emerge and change your lives is not that easy, although it is simple. Simple? Yes, it is simply to be Love in action!

However, the world in which you experience life as humans seems so real and dangerous that to just live seems to demand almost all of your personal energy and resources, leaving little time or motivation for your essential spiritual task. When you feel threatened and fearful you erect defenses and conceal yourselves behind masks that disguise your true identity. You have been doing this for so long that you have forgotten that your true identity is as one with each other and with God. Instead you fear one another, even in the most intimate of relationships, because betrayal of trust has become endemic.

The only way out of this quagmire of fear is to let it go and allow Love to direct you in every moment. But, because your unreal and threatening environment appears so real to you, that seems to be an insane course of action, one that is bound to end in disaster. Over the eons wise ones have come among you frequently to demonstrate this way of living, and while for the most part acknowledging the wisdom of the lessons they have taught and demonstrated, you have convinced yourselves that they are somehow “special,” and that what they did and how they lived is impossible for “normal” people.

Now, with the power of the Tsunami of Love flowing freely across the planet, more and more of you are feeling its effects and are reassessing your lives and the way you are living them. You are recognizing that life is intended to be a far more uplifting and satisfying experience than a purely materialistic life style can ever provide, and so you are turning inwards to engage with meditative and contemplative practices. These practices are enabling you to find within you a sense of peace and resilience that confirms for you that your true nature is indeed spiritual, while giving you the strength to remove your masks and operate daily from that place of inner strength by engaging with Love instead of with fear.

You are, as most of you well know, spiritual beings of great power and creativity having a temporary limited experience as humans within the illusory world that you built when you made the decision to be separate and to accumulate the strange but utterly unreal knowledge that life separated from your Source would allow you to investigate. You knew that separation was impossible because there is only All That Is which is Oneness, extant in an infinite creative field where Love is the power that makes all that is possible possible.

By entering the illusion, the unreal and temporary environment that you had constructed for some temporary and seemingly promising diversions from your natural state of limitless creative ability, you lost sight of and then totally forgot Who You were. That was Your intention, it was to be part of the game, but God, understanding how lost, frightened, and confused You would become, instantly provided the means for you to retrieve Your memory, awaken from the dream, and return to Your divine Home, even though You had never left.

Yes, what You constructed in order to play with the sense of separation was and is very convincing once You engage with it and seemingly find Yourself within it. Split into innumerable myriad individual entities each of whom felt alone, abandoned, insignificant, and of little if any value in the apparently vast universe in which you found yourselves, fear arose. Fear is utterly unreal, and therefore You had never experienced it. But, within the illusion, it arose because You were now apparently a tiny and insignificant individual desperately attempting to survive in a very hostile environment in which others, just like you, were dealing with the same issues in myriad different ways. The experience was, and remains, overwhelming.

In order to survive you chose to limit your awareness so that the illusion’s vastness and your insignificance would be hidden from you. This limited the amount of fear or terror that you might experience. However, in the last few centuries, your scientists have begun to realize how vast the illusion is, and that shocking realization has led you to seek an escape from your seemingly complete insignificance in the larger scheme of things.

Throughout the ages of the illusion there has always been what has come to be called The Perennial Philosophy, after a recent book of the same name, whereby it is seen that all the world’s major religions have always offered the same basic spiritual message, a message of unconditional Love. However, as these religions became established and mainstream the message became corrupted because the first followers of these loving beings – the founders of these religions – on whose beliefs and ways of life these various religions claimed to be based, almost invariably sought to attain personal power and influence through their connection to the holy one. Consequently most religious organizations, instead of showing Love in action, built power bases from which their leaders could draw enormous material benefits while subjugating the masses of separated souls, who were desperately seeking salvation, by convincing them to surrender their sovereignty and instead support the hierarchy that then used that support for its own nefarious purposes.

Now awareness of this corruption has become so widespread that the elite bloodlines who have enjoyed, engaged in, and used these corrupt practices for eons, can no longer control humanity. Humanity has, as we have remarked before, made the collective decision to awaken into their true heritage as unseparated divine beings at one with God. And that decision is irreversible. You will awaken, because it is your and God’s Will that you do so, and because you are already awakening.

Your main, indeed your only task is to be loving in every moment. You know that Love is always the answer, regardless of any question that might be asked, because with Love there are no “ifs” “ands” or “buts.” So, Walk Your Talk! That is how the world changes, by people, just like you, walking their talk. It does not change through rhetoric, discussion, or argument, let alone through war and conflict, it changes one person at a time, and now is the time when all persons are changing together.

The will to change exists, because it is the divine Will. So does the intention, because you have all had enough pain, suffering, and war. Therefore be sure to go within daily and hold God’s Light on high by intending to be a conduit or channel through which the divine field of Love, the Tsunami of Love flows freely and abundantly in every moment to all on the planet. The results will astound you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

You will never be refused or rejected.

by John Smallman

john-smallmanGreat events are on the verge of occurring on your beautiful planet because of all your prayers and loving intentions so strongly and constantly held.

Many have been feeling that all the promises that have been made about the birthing of a New Age of Love and abundance for all have been but wishful thinking on the part of channelers.  Channelers who have just imagined them to be messages from their guides in the spiritual realms, when in fact they have been nothing more than their own intense and individual desires longingly and wistfully visualized.

This is not the case, the messages are indeed valid, and the majority of channelers have been persevering in maintaining their intense desire for the arrival of the New Age of Love and abundance, as have so many others all over the world!  Intense desires maintained and intended by humanity are precisely what bring about manifestation in the physical realms, and the intensity and constancy of those intentions, which have been growing and expanding enormously over the last few years, are about to bear fruit.

Keep holding your desires for peace and abundance for all on Earth in the forefront of your conscious intent and in your hearts as you go within daily to your altars of divine holiness, altars that many among you may not be fully aware reside within each and every one of you, altars each one of you maintains and honors as you give thanks to God for providing for all of your needs.  And also remember to renew your intent frequently throughout the day.

Your every need is provided for, always and eternally, because you are your Father’s beloved children, and He would withhold nothing from you.  Love gives everything freely, and constantly.  Many of you know this because you have given freely and lovingly to parents, partners, and children, and you have enjoyed the intense sense of love you experience as a result of that giving.  What you give is always returned to you abundantly because giving and receiving are synonymous, it is impossible to have one without the other.

However, within the illusory world of dreams and nightmares where you are presently asleep, and which seems so intensely real, you can refuse both to give and to receive.  This happens very frequently for a variety of conflicting reasons, and it very is painful to experience.  Love can be withheld as judgment or as punishment, or out of fear of rejection, and it can be spurned by the one to whom it is offered as inappropriate or unwelcome.  And in situations like those love is hidden while grievance or resentment is offered due to fear of rejection or betrayal.  Fear breeds fear as Love breeds Love, but only Love is Real!

When you let go of fear and intend to offer only unconditional Love your whole energy field expands offering a loving welcome to all.  Some find that threatening and retreat from it, but most respond with pleasure as they relax into an energy field that feels familiar and enticing, as of course it is, because it provides strong memories of the Reality that you left behind when you chose to experience separation.  It offers a sense of safety and acceptance, an inner space that dissolves any doubts or anxieties which normally and automatically erect precautionary defenses against possible but unseen threats or dangers.  In that space trust grows and flourishes.

Trust offered, shared, and honored is an essential prerequisite for the establishment of an environment in which peace can arise.  The continuing intent to be unconditionally loving in all relationships and personal interactions, which is held now by so many on the planet, is allowing such an environment to to come into being and then grow, expand, and become interlinked across the whole world.
Humanity wants peace, and the collective intent to create that state is firmly established.  Whereas the mendacious reporting in which the mainstream news media is actively engaged would have you believe the world is falling into a state of catastrophic conflict leading irrevocably towards further wars and the possible destruction of the planet and all life upon it, in fact the loving intentions held by the vast majority of humans is leading powerfully away from that cataclysmic and unreal end-times scenario.

Humanity’s desire for peace on Earth has become extremely powerful, and as a result the planet’s energy field is shedding negativity – fear, hatred, anxiety, and resentment – as Love flows relentlessly into every corner of the world, calming and comforting all in Its path.  All are in Its path, because the path of Love is the only path.  The seemingly myriad other paths that are not in harmonious alignment with It are quite unreal, and by opening your hearts to Love and allowing Reality to embrace you, you begin to become aware that, as you have been told repeatedly, there is only Love.  As you accept that knowing and engage with it you will find everything to which you were attached that is not in alignment with Love will just fall away – fear, anger, hatred, resentment, and other related feelings, opinions, and perceptions.

As all your guides, mentors, teachers, and elders in the spiritual realms keep on reminding you: Love is the answer to every issue with which life presents you.  All that you need to do is accept It – It surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence offering acceptance and guidance – and engage with It.  You will never be refused or rejected.  Remember that God, your infinitely loving Father, has already met all your needs abundantly, all that you have to do is open your hearts to accept what is constantly offered to you, and then relax into that divine warmth.

With so very much love, Saul.

11:11 Gateway – Sananda – 11-9-15

Posted on November 9, 2015 by Jenny Schiltz

jenny0I am connecting to discuss the energetic portal you are entering. The 11:11 gateway is an opportunity for you to move forward on your path and leave behind aspects that are not in resonance with your soul. It is an opportunity for you to access more of your divine blue print and to bring it to fruition on earth. Each of you will go through this gateway, but how this gateway affects you will be determined by how much you are able to clear from your field prior to entering the portal. That which you have not cleared will remain and you will then continue to work on changing your beliefs, expectations, and definitions. It is these that have created much resistance in your form.  Do not become fearful that you will miss out or that you have done something wrong, all is taking place exactly how it should be for your soul’s greatest growth.

With this deep phase of clearing you are being shown where you are resistant. That which no longer serves is becoming more obvious and you are being asked to choose what is in your highest good and for your greatest soul growth at all times. In order to do this some of you are being asked to rewrite your beliefs and expectations. You are being asked to look at all of your fears and move beyond them. Many of you are experiencing scenarios in your waking and dream worlds that are designed to show you what needs changing and what needs to be left behind.  These are opportunities for you to heal what is not in alignment within yourself.  You are being asked to leave behind the constraints of life in the 3rd Dimension, the limiting beliefs and practices and walk fully in the power of your soul.

In order to do this we ask that you consciously step into the new. You must understand that it is you who brings forth into the new that which has caused you to suffer previously. In any moment you can declare that you no longer need to feel the way that you do, to see the growth you have achieved and with gratitude, move forward. Each moment is a new opportunity to choose how you will react to and perceive all around you. Choosing different allows for old programming to be rewritten and for you to step more into your power.  Seeing things with a new perspective allows for you to move forward, no longer entangled. Know that much help is being given at this time to help you through the energetic and physical changes taking place at this time. It is you who must also move your thinking forward, and it is you who must be in charge of your manifestation.  You are all masters, remembering who you are. Now is the time to leave behind all that no longer serves nor defines you. Now is the time to step consciously forward and claim your right.

Open your heart in all things as it will lead your way.



Personal conversation:

Me: The past two weeks the theme that has been surfacing again and again in readings is resistance. The guides are asking us to really look at what we are resisting in our lives. For what we are resisting is causing us more and more problems.  I had a client talk about her body issues, a topic in which I can completely relate. She felt that her body issues were getting worse. The guides explanation helped me to see so much clearer and I felt the need to share it with all of you.

Guide: Your thinking is there to show you a piece that must be fixed or rather left behind

Client: You mean my weight needs fixed?

Guide: No, your beliefs about your weight. If you can accept your weight, see beauty in it, see that it is perfect, then it wouldn’t matter if it changes. However, once you accept yourself, love yourself, the resistance leaves and then change is possible.

Client: So this resistance is what causes the problem?

Guide: Exactly and it becomes more and more emphasized so that it can be seen and you can change it. Not your body but your beliefs surrounding it.

This brought to mind the Wayne Dyer quote: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sananda: You all are being asked to master your thoughts and your perceptions. It is in this way that you are able to clearly see the matrix and the hologram that you have created. Once you master this, you will be able to create your reality more freely and recognize when you are confronted with beliefs that do not resonate within.

Me:  I’m finding that with so much is coming up to be dealt with and acknowledged. We can no longer can we deny our feelings. Telling ourselves to stay in the light and to only focus on the positive is not going to work any longer. We are being asked to get real, real with ourselves. We can only do that by honoring exactly who we are in this moment and what we are feeling. Anything less is just another layer of identification that we have added while on this journey. We must honor all parts of ourselves, the light and the dark. For until we can see all of our parts as perfect, that all is as it should be for our highest soul growth and that all is in our highest good, we are contributing to duality.

Sananda: Perception is what is most important. At all moments you are transmitting your reality. This can be transmitted through your heart or through your mind. One requires you to see the good in all, to leave duality behind and to live a heart felt existence. The other requires very little but will not create the life you want to live.

Me: Many are not happy in their lives but are not able to change it due to various circumstances. How can one maintain a positive outlook and stay in their heart when they feel drained and miserable?

Sananda: Most circumstances can be changed by simply changing how you perceive it. What beliefs do you have about your current situation? For example, many hold employment that is not their ideal position. They have a choice to either see the beauty and the growth in this situation or to feel like a victim trapped. Knowing that ones thoughts and beliefs at about this moment helps to create the next, one can see the importance of living in a state of grace and gratitude for all. This is how change happens, by accepting and being grateful for the growth that is occurring in the now.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.