St Germain, One Who Serves: 2017 – The Year Of Fulfillment

by Saint Germain

I am here, briefly, to be with you at this time of New Year. This time that is fast approaching you. Looking back there is so much that has occurred, not only in this past year but in the years previous to this. So much has happened.

Yes, indeed, we understand that it is not as fast as you would like. If you see it as we do it is at the speed of light that consciousness is increasing. A long time ago it was looked at to begin this process, to begin the awakening of consciousness across the planet. We began to look at the possibility of doing this, of making this happen, of bringing an entire planet along in the Ascension Process. Not only the planet but all of the people on the planet.

When this idea was first put forth many scoffed at it and said it would not be possible. That Earthlings, human beings on this planet, could never do this. It would never happen. Not this fast. But those of us who mentor to you, who have been with you all the way from the beginning, knew that the Collective Consciousness here on the planet could make this happen. Could bring this about.

I stand here in this room with you now, here where ever you may be. There with you now and I tell you it is happening. It is in the full process of complete completing. Of coming to a complete fulfilment. Will it happen in this next year? Maybe. Can we say directly that it will be? No, not at this point. Do not become dismayed by this. We no longer give those dates, those times to expect those miraculous things to happen. Because it will only happen if you make it happen. You are the consciousness that pushes this entire machine forward. You are the ones who are doing this. Not us. We are here to help. We are here to guide and to be of service in any way we can. We have been doing that but we can only do as much as you allow through your consciousness. As a Collective Consciousness you are moving forward very rapidly.

Many changes have occurred this past year, 2016. Many things have happened. You have had many differences happen in your own lives and in those around you. Just look back and see the changes you, yourselves, have gone through. Whether it be a move to a new area. Whether it be a be new relationship. Maybe it was letting one go and finding a new relationship. Many different things have happened. Look at the election that happened here within this country and the differences that occurred from that. So many had cared and prepared for a particular one to carry on the continuing regime. But you, the Collective Consciousness, rose up and said, “No more! Prime Creator rose up and said, “Enough is enough.” We will not have this anymore.

The time has come my brothers and my sisters, for the New Republic. I say, New Republic, even though it is the one started long ago. Back in 1776 when your forefathers gathered together and signed the Declaration of Independence. I was a part of that at that time. I encouraged many of them to sign that paper. Many of them signed at that time knowing they may have signed their death. But they strode forth and signed it anyway. They prepared the way for all of you. They prepared the way for this country, America, to move ahead, to find its freedom within the Republic.

As you know there were a few who came forward and steered this Republic a different direction. They steered it in a way that would suit themselves. That would find them in control, that would create a corporation in the United States. They did that.

Now, again, as a Collective Consciousness, you, the people, are rising up and saying, “No more!” We have had enough of this old regime. We have had enough of this old paradigm. The three dimensional paradigm is to be finished. The Fourth Dimension and Fifth Dimension is on the way.

Many of you have already moved into the Fourth Dimension. Many of you are teetering on the edge of the Third, Fourth and even the Fifth Dimension at times. Whenever you look at the sky and look at something that shouldn’t be there and is there, you are getting those glimpses behind the veil. You are then teetering on the edge of the Fifth Dimension. Whenever this happens know that you are in the Fifth Dimension.

Even though you find yourself falling backwards. Even though you find yourself wallowing in the Third Dimension which you have become tired of. We would say to you now do not become tired of it. Embrace it for what it is, embrace it for the love that is here within all of you. With all that love you can pull yourselves out of this illusion and find these higher vibrations that so many of us are talking about.

Yes, it is true. When we went through our Ascension Process it was different from what you are going through. But you are going through it. Each and every one of you that hear my words now or read these words later and resonate to them. Know that you are in this Ascension Process. You will not be left behind unless you choose yourself to be left behind.

Yes, there may be loved ones that may choose to not go forward. That is not your concern. You are who you are and you, along with all the other Collective yous, are coming together now and making all of this happen. So trust in yourselves, believe in yourselves and know that you are on the edge, on the verge of so many changes and one of those is the announcement of the New Republic.

I am St. Germain. I leave you now with all of my peace and love. I leave you with this grand New Year that is upon you for it is going to be a grand New Year.

Peace and love be with you.

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Reminder and Reflection of the moment from Saint Germain: what is freedom?

by Méline Portia Lafont

What is freedom?

melineIt is being without a shadow of thought, perceptions, visions, control, ideas, values, time, self image, actions… for these issues all limit the you from all freedom there is. Even in the slightest parts of you; freedom is you without all of that what is mentioned afore.

Truly, when you think about it and are trying to conceive what freedom is, to express freedom, it is already not freedom but limitation through a perception of the mind and what you think it is. Even putting into words of what freedom is, is everything but freedom for it is a limited form. An “inboxed” value you put onto it or try to conceive it as.

Give yourself the true value of freedom by experiencing it and this can only be done by being it ~ by being. There is no use to fight for freedom when it is only yourself you are fighting for. You fight the wrong battles and there is no true win of freedom, only the sense of it. But this sense is false for it does not make you free by conquering your standpoint or winning a battle. Even when being entrapped, you can be free as no bars nor borders can take away the freedom that you are. You can easily free yourself by being you ~ which is freedom. Nothing or no one can take yourself away from you. It is only when allowing so or by giving yourself away that you can experience the entrapment: giving your power away, giving your freedom away and thus giving yourself away.

One needs to remember that what you yearn for as freedom, is rather a sense of yourself you are yearning for. This is a yearning for yourself as this infinite consciousness has no limitations and exists as all at once.

Remember that you are freedom into extension, all walking by the will of freedom.

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


Get Ready For The Jubilation – Saint Germain

One Who Serves and Ashira – 2-17-15

Germain and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

“St. Germain”

This is “St. Germain”. The one known to you as such. It is my great pleasure to be with you once again.

These are indeed, times for jubilation! For so many of the things that we have spoken of in the past are now ready to manifest in your world. And it is not just the treasures and the monetary goodness that everyone has waited for. It is so much more than that. Those in this group who have been working so diligently around the planet as well in this room and in your own private lives have waited for the treasures but you have also invested the time and diligence to work on your own growth and your own preparedness.

The funds that will be released and are, at this present time, being released are meant to be no more than a transition. For so much of what you have been indoctrinated into for thousands of years upon this planet is this concept of “work for money”. Work for those things you need, to be provided for you in this dimension.

What you will be moving into initially will be seeing a freedom for all people upon the planet. Freedom from not having to work for your existence any longer. And in that transition you will be taught and you will come to know that you do work out of service, out of joy. Your work might be writing poetry or it may be doing grand works of artwork. It may be singing songs. It may be teaching children the new ways. Your work will be a service you love and it will not work, it will be joy. That is a huge shift for this planet. For the concept of working for living is no longer going to be appropriate as you move forward in this consciousness shift.

So many things that have been drivers for the economy upon this planet that are pure distractions from what will bring you true joy will also shift. They may not totally go away initially but things such as sporting events, which are no more than evolved gladiator games from the Roman eras, will fall into disfavor. Sporting events have grown into a huge opportunity for those that have been in charge to increase their revenue and to keep you distracted.

Those that have been celebrating the lives of celebrities, those who have lived their lives after others and trying to be like others will discover that this effort gives them no sense of their selves. For empowerment is what we are bringing to you. Self-empowerment and an understanding that everyone will be able to do exactly what they choose to do.

The world will work in a totally different way. And I know there are naysayers who say, “How can this happen?” And yet we bring you the word today to say it IS happening! That is what the celebration is about. While those who have clung to the distractions to keep you from the truth of your own power and to keep you too busy to learn about the world as it should be, as it may be, as it could be, as those are removed and have removed themselves from the picture their energies will no longer be distracting you. And this is what we promised!

You will know how to manifest because it will become a part of your life. Not immediately but not in that long a term either. The money that comes is, yes, to be used for humanitarian purposes however even those are shifting away quickly. For as all upon the planet are gifted and all of that which has been hidden is come to you.

You will know that the New World is going to be exciting and challenging and fun. And the fear will disappear because the energy continues to rise. And fear is only present when one is concerned about their existence, from being harmed, from not having enough and from not having a roof over their heads. All of these things shall disappear.

This has been a very long time in coming. It started to surface several times but did not make it in the dimension in which you live. But no longer is that the situation. Now the Golden Age is in place. You will not go back! Do not pay heed to those messages of scarcity for some period of time or worrying about things. That is old programming. We want to share the Celebration with you! The Jubilee with you! We want you to hold to the pictures of abundance for all. And not just of abundance of money, my friends. Abundance as sands upon the ocean’s shores. Abundance of the rain, of droplets in the lakes and the water. Abundance that you are! YOU ARE!

What you will see as you come to understand true abundance is that those things in this world that have made this world operate will be null and void. They will be gone. The transition will be as smooth as the rain that comes on a Spring morning to wash and to lift all in a higher place of vibration. The instant of understanding will bring an instant understanding of manifestation in truth. Yes, (a member of the group) had a wonderful experience of this yesterday and it is perfect timing to share this with the group today! (The member had a crystal heart manifest for her on Valentine’s Day. She said, “Miracles do happen!”)

All of these things are synchronicities for we have been visiting with all of you this week. We dropped those thoughts into your discussion today that you might touch on these things that are so important to understand.

It is hard to think in your minds that this can all transform in a blink of an eye. Some would say that this is allegorical and really pertains to all of creation and so 50 years would be a blink of an eye but I tell you that is not, that is not what we share. We tell you a blink of an eye because as you are lifted from this role in this world that you have been trained to believe in and even for those who believe that they are awake and aware, those too, even you, will be so surprised how many things are just beneath the surface to be discovered. The beneath the surface is that veil being lifted and the energies flowing at a higher resonance so your frequencies can rise and you can, see, hear, speak things that you do not know at this instant in your chairs.

Yes, I am excited. We are excited. All of these things are coming. They are coming but they’ve already been here. It is that shift in your perception, that shift in your understanding and yes, we know that you feel that you need to see it in your 3D world to really know it but you have been trained in this group that knowing is not as important as believing. And in believing and having this in your heart and your internal being releases you to know and to see it in your world.

We would share again, as the monies that have been promised unfold for you in this world and are in the process of doing so now, that you remember that this is only a transitional period and you as an “Inside Group”, you will know how to continue to lead others upon the path of expectation.

That is my message today. I bid you adieu and I thank you for all of your work, all of that which do. Please know it is your’s to take this message to the world. Take it to heart.  My love to you always and forever. “St. Germain”

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves.”

Good to be here with you in this way and to follow-up on our brother, “St. Germain”, and the wonderful message he has given here this day. And we would add to this now, to focus on letting go of your old programming. That old programming is continuing to hold you here to this 3 D understanding and to keep you from looking out at the vistas in front of you. They are right there! And all you need to do is open up your inner eyes, not so much your outer eyes, but your inner eyes and then your external eyes will perceive what is being shown within yourself.

It is important to allow the process to continue to move through you and to where ever you have the opportunity to let go of the old ways. Let go of the old comfort zone you have become accustomed to. We are not saying that you are not going to be comfortable. You are going to be comfortable way beyond your imagination. As to what “St. Germain” has said as to what is coming. But in order to move through this transition you must first let go of the old ways. You must let go of the old thinking, the old processes that you have become accustomed to. Let go of all of it. Because it is not real. It is only part of the illusion that you have become aware of and comfortable within this illusion.

We tell you now, we are all telling you now, it is done! It is all done. And it is going to manifest very quickly into your 3D understanding so that the eyes can see and the ears can hear. But you, yourselves, those that resonate to these words now you are the ones in the forefront. You are the ones making it happen. You are the ones that are going to assist in this process, in this transition, as those others around you begin to awaken. And as they begin to awaken there you will be to assist them. To help them open the door a little bit more or the window, a little bit more. So more and more light can come through into their awareness.

As “St. Germain” said, the jubilation is right around the corner. It is here. It is coming. We are all ready for the celebration and a celebration it is going to be! It is going to be momentous.

Now would you have questions for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira” or both?

Question: Is it true that 5 million of the Cabal went to the light?

“One Who Serves”:  My goodness! We knew this question was going to come up. And we welcome this question and we will answer this in our way and Ashira will add to it.

Please understand that as you are focusing in on these types of things, these awareness’s that are presented to you, it is important always to have that idea or that knowing of being discerning, discerning to whatever it is that is coming through.

Now as you listen to this or read about it there are going to be certain things that are going to resonate with you and there will be other things that will not. But there is always that part of you, within you, that is part of the illusion of this 3D realm that is saying, “That cannot possibly be true! How can it be true that so many have left this planet or this 3D realm and yet they are still here in a physical body?”

And we would say to you be open. Be open to whatever is that is coming through. For it is at a different vibration that these things are happening. So we can say yes, truly that this has occurred but it has not occurred in the 3D realm as you understand it. For have we not always said that all that happens in this 3D realm, this illusionary program that you are part of, first happens at the higher levels? So, yes, indeed, those ones have been invited into the light at the higher levels now and it will begin to manifest into the realm that you perceive at this point now.

You see? It is at a consciousness level not a physical level. Do you have anything else to add, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”:  I think you did a perfectly good job of explaining how this works. I have nothing to add at this moment. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”:  Very good. Are there other questions here? Then it looks like we are finished for the day.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Greetings. I am “Ashira”. We did not mean to say that we did not have anything else to add, period, but “One Who Serves” did such a wonderful job explaining the answer to this particular question and I would only add, as he said, that the higher selves of those beings were drawn into the light for their transformation. Still, their physical bodies are still on this planet.

As those bodies of light have been brought to the light,  love and light will continue to work on those beings still in this world in the services of the Cabal. These are what would be called the “minions” who are in service; many think that they were doing good in what they were doing. That is what we would add.

We are going to keep this short today. This is a glorious time to be alive. We invite you, as has been said, to continue to look for the good in all that is upon the planet. For moving out of the duality into the unity calls you to be all one. For those who would say you should look for the dark or the negative, we would say no. Call it forth into the light. At this time of the evolution and development those in this room have that power.

Move yourselves ever forward in your choices. To bring light to the dark To see the good in all, in every situation call forth the good from it. Know that all has been in Divine Plan. Now as the next step moves forward on the planet you will see fully how that manifests. For the world and your part that has been a part of it.

I send you love. I send you peace. I give you Namaste, for this day!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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Saint Germain series of Channelings

by Meline Lafont

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Wake up Call: St. Germain

January 06, 2015
by: Nancy Tate

Nancy TateI am here today to tell you of a change in government; I speak of government of the people and for the people. It is coming in the next few months and as it unfolds it will bring about not only a change in government but, a change as well in the whole of society on the planet. When I speak of the governmental change it is not only here in the United States, but all around the world. There are some governmental bodies that are in need of slight changes, and then some that will undergo massive reconstruction. As this is continuing behind the scenes as I speak we are seeing many changes in the way that it will all unfold around the globe.

I am St. Germain, and I bring this information to you because it will help to explain and verify the monetary changes that are at the threshold of the world economy. As this comes into being it will reverberate throughout all of the life on earth. Yes, all of life will be more in harmony and in protection than it has been since the days of the cave dwellers. Yes, I hear your chuckles as I say that, and it is good to keep our sense of humor alive and well through all of this for there will be parts of this whole changing of the earth system that could bring on doubts and wonder as to the validity of what is being presented.

It will take some clear thoughts and inner knowing to believe some of what comes. We are all in the body of the changes; therefore we all will take part in them. That is the only way it can happen, as you know, and we whom I speak of in that term of we, includes all of us who have been with you in our beingness. We bring to you the expansiveness in which you will return to yourselves, and in that you will find some familiarity that will give you that knowing that what we present to you is a reminder of that which you already know.

I come on this day because it is a time now for all of you to trust your inner knowing and to follow what is coming at your doorstep that will give you the opportunity to find the inner truth that will guide you along the way. It has been quite a journey, has it not? As I speak through this one I feel the familiarity that she is enjoying of my energy and the information that she is conveying to all of you. It is a joy for me and for all who will be speaking through her, and so many others in the coming times. It is also a joy to look forward to the times when we will be walking side by side together in the reunion of our souls and selves on the surface of this planet and within as well.

As I close this message I wish to tell you that yes indeed there is coming a vast network of new realities that will spring forth and enable you to begin the newness of what you will be doing to enable Mother Earth to blossom forth in her beauty and Love for all of you. The harmony in which you will all be as you continue your lives on her body will explode with a beam of light so profound and so intricate of beauty that you will realize the creations that you are capable of, and the abilities that will come forth to create heaven on Earth, as the phrase goes and will be growing even more.

I sit back for a moment now as this one closes the message and welcome you all into the Love energy that I am sending you in this moment of eternity. We are all Family, and I so enjoy the reunion of our hearts as it is now and continues to be, Forever and a Day.

Thank you so much dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Wake up Call: St. Germain, December 03, 14

By Nancy Tate

Nancy-TateIt is a morning for glory! It is a morning for joy! We are making plans to come and join you in the very near future. As we ready ourselves and get into the swing of what we will be doing with you, it is a wondrous journey that we plan, and the magic of it is that there is no plan. We have devised a way by which we will be coming to you in the ways that you will be comfortable with.

It is I St. Germain, and I am so pleased to be speaking through this one again. I have been with her throughout many centuries and this one is the epitome of how we will be addressing that which we have been setting into motion energetically over the time span that we have been creating.

First I want to tell you of the trials and tribulations that have been prevalent over the planet for so long. They have come to prove something that will be represented in your realizations, which are soon to be realized as the pathways to the light and love, which you have put aside in this journey on this glorious planet earth. This planet was designed and created with the knowing that there would be an understanding when this coming evolvement is about to become your present day reality.

Yes, you will all realize when the doors come flying open to your truths that there has been reason for all that has taken place on this planet and throughout the universe. I came to this planet knowing full-well what my mission was to be. When I lowered myself into the absence of realization of who I truly am, it was a wondrous awakening that came to me after my journey in duality was complete. I knew then what each of us were undergoing and still are experiencing. I knew as well that one day all of humanity would come to the place where I am, and would rejoice in every aspect of what you all created in this whirlwind of truth.

Yes, I say truth because it is what we have created and it is what we have learned from. We have experienced that which we would not have even imagined would come to be if we had not stepped down from our knowing of who we are and what we have represented in the universal picture. We have opened up a wormhole that is now full of surprises to each of you as you awaken to the promise that you each gave to yourselves as you walked into this land of forgetfulness.

Now you are at the pivoting point of seeing that which has been your journey through the land of forgetfulness, and how much of who you truly are has been with you through the whole journey. It will be an eye-opener for so many of you, and a remembrance for the rest of you. It will be the best movie that you can have brought to the screen of life forevermore. It will show you your power and your ability to walk through the muck and the mire into the golden leaves of autumn as they collect on the ground and crinkle beneath your toes. They will speak to you of the wondrous life that you have created in the energy of the Mushaba Love and the expression of that which is in the works for you in the leaves that grow forth on the trees of Life in the coming evolvement. Yes, there is much that you will be hearing about, as shown from your own inner knowing. It will be the new realization of another facet of your evolvement, and what it will bring you to be able to walk forth in the next aspect of your coming times.

You have been told some of what I speak, and you will be hearing more and more of it as you awaken to your inner selves. You will know of what I speak when I tell of the Mushaba energy. The messages will come forth more and more of the Love Essence that emits forth from that energy that is sprouting forth from deep within each and everyone of you. You will resonate with the information more and more as your knowingness comes forth in equal measure to the information that will be coming from various sources throughout the universe. It will be another source of what you already have within, and with the rising energy of creation building in your souls you will resonate with what you know to be truth.

I shall end this message on this note. As you wander through the next days and nights to the respect and honor that you feel around you, it will be a new regime that will be forming for you. It will be endless and complete in every moment for every moment is complete in perfection. You are the Creators of your world, and as you awaken more and more to that truth, you will go forth in the dance of remembrance and sing the song to the heavens and all of Creation. Tally forth in Love and Light!

Thank you dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Update from Méline Portia Lafont and message from Saint Germain ~ Master consciousness

Channeled by; Méline Lafont

It seems it has been a while since I shared some new updates as time seems to pass by so fast. I AM personally literally being pulled in so much energy of creativity, inspiration and work. I find myself being in a stage of profound release of past lifetimes; of all the darker facets of my being that were integrated during all my former lives. I never expected to be doing such heavy release but I see the gift and the blessing in this process as I feel that I am getting lighter and even closer to my own personal Self and Twin Flame. I understand that this is a process that is needed in order to truly get to that Light body and the Twin Flame Reunion. It has been a clear and strong message for me to only focus on that for the moment as my Twin Flame parts yearn to reunite as One.

It awaits all of you who are willing and open to receive and to manifest this in their own reality. As you ask, so shall you receive and I can affirm this wholeheartedly. In fact I have been seeing that many of you during my reading work are experiencing much of the same as I do. It is about releasing so much of our old layers from past lifetimes in general and still we are amazed of how much exactly is required to be released. It seems like a never ending story but often we tend to forget that we carry thousands if not millions of lifetimes in our Being. Before, this could not be cleared and released in a handful of lifetimes, YET we DO and we CAN do all of this work NOW in this lifetime. Why? Because so many beings, energies, portals, Solar Flares and Light Codes are available for us to assist in this release because we are in the Golden Era and all the alignments and powerful energies that are gifted to us are just profound and Magical!

I see many still tending to hold onto old beliefs and are in the waiting pose for something to come and rescue them, as they seek outside of themselves taking only into account that which they can see with their physical eyes. It might become a long journey this way and disappointment will surely come along. As many have kept on repeating this over and over; the things you seek are truly within, as always. If you take a moment to truly connect with your inner heart, so much potential arises in your reality as you inflame the core of your being with the awakening of your Divine Fire of potential and creation. It all starts from you and your intent, so hold the focus on only Love and allow your beautiful essence to blossom in this reality. You are the awakening one that awakens to your own Divine Potential and Being, no one can do that for you. And please, let go of time and dates of “events”.. Those are not purposeful but are rather distractions as to where you put your expectations upon something that is not your creation but the creation of ego. Gateway portals that are connected to time frames are entirely different as these are energy influences of planetary -, solar -, universal – and astrological positions.

Well, as we are going through the balancing and the embracing of our Divine Feminine and our Divine Masculine energies we are releasing old wounds and layers in order to achieve this balance. Many may find themselves in a state of release, a state of healing or a state of facing forgiveness. It is time to let go now in order to move to the New Frequencies as you bridge this all. You are being brought back more “into the body” to deal with those energies and this releasing because it is the final plane where it all happens and where everything needs to be shifted for the collective. You bring down into embodiment your Christ Self and your I AM Presence, so you are that Master many have been talking about for so long. It is not one, there are many!

So you are facing a time of unification with your Higher levels into this Body and this can take a while for you to get through, step by step, as you are moving through this process. Bit by bit you are allowing the Collective to do the same as you , as a Gate Keeper and Light-bearer, are anchoring the key codes that assist many on this Earthly plane. The Twin Flame reunion is a part of this process as it is truly about merging with your Self on all levels and on this plane.

So while being more “back into the body” it might be enjoyable to share joy and to have fun, as life on Earth is not always drama and chaos.. At least it does not have to be this way, it is up to you and your choices you come to embrace. You may start to appreciate more of this Earthly life and the planet, as Gaia is a beautiful consciousness and Being that is a part of you as well. Enjoying Gaia is enjoying yourself in a way. So while being more “here” anyway, you might enjoy life a bit more and stop focusing so intensely on leaving this plane ~ trying to escape this beautiful experience and opportunity for you that is unfolding.

The upcoming months will be very interesting to say the least. I AM receiving some hunches and feelings about it but it is truly too much to comprehend and to translate into human words. I usually FEEL more and I fully grasp what is being communicated to me. Sometimes we do not need to know all the information that is given to us and it is best to be in that Now moment and to allow, as information is always “history” and refers to the past. Where else does information come from if it is something that is gained through a knowing that comes forth from an experience?

I will now give some space to Master Saint Germain to share a few words from his side, he has been actively present with me lately as we focus on the merging of our Twin energies in the Twin Flame process and I am getting a deeper sense of his energies and his past. Interesting to see so much of his own darker sides in his past lifetimes that are leaving my core. We come a long way and I am very appreciative of his everlasting support to everyone during every occasion on Earth.

With Love,
Méline Portia Lafont

Saint Germain:
Greetings to you all and be Blessed my Dear ones,

As time has been progressing into the current state of Humanity, your world affairs are slightly shifting into a new awareness that has been seeded for thousands of years. It is the Collective that is taking on new forms of consciousness and is stepping into new gears of creations. As the Master beings, such as yourselves, are creating the new Earth templates with your ‘Flesh and Bone’ bodies where your Master consciousness dwells in, a great movement for Humanity on the whole is ahead and occurring as we speak.

Although this all goes through various phases and levels of integrations, Humanity is facing the old debts of duality that are being played out as we speak. As you leave this old understanding of drama and chaos behind, the new Earthly Templates are being implemented by all of you Gate Keepers and Master Beings.

It is not to focus on the drama, and the extensions of karma and release as these New Earth Templates are birthing and growing into the pillars of this new foundation where only Love is the vibrational tone and setting of this reality. It is to focus on the Divine Templates and Christ codes of your own Being, so that you anchor the peace you understand and experience within. This in order for peace to be anchored and manifested on Earth as well as for the collective consciousness to shift into gears of peace, respect and understanding that all are equal in their own Divinity.

As the power of mankind is changing into the refined resources of your own Divine potential and abilities, you all come to the understanding, step by step, of what it is to be a Master in incarnation. Many presume that being a Master is being above another or to be the ONE many await to come down and change it all for you. I tell you this is not so, my dear ones. You are those Masters we have been speaking of as we are incarnated in each and everyone of you through your own uniqueness and blueprint, for you have all come from those planes we call the Adam Kadmon as you participated in the birthing of all of our beings into all these beings that exist in the Now. Therefore you are one of those and one of us.

You see, it is not hard to comprehend that you are a Master being of Light when you simply allow to accept this in the heart. Truly find and see us in everyone of you for we are with you through the heart. We have been here for so long, only has it taken Humanity up until now to truly start to understand that we, whom you call the Masters, have been dwelling within you all along.

It has been prophesied that we shall return, and the return is now. It is happening now through each and everyone’s own precious heart. It is that which we call Self Mastery as you literally integrate the Master energies into the Core of this being on Earth. So see yourselves, each and everyone of you, as true Masters who carry the parts of our consciousness and who know that someday you will come to meet yourself in plain sight. When you do, you will come to understand what we have been given you for so long.

My flame of Love for Humanity is eternal and it shall always stay that way for you as we all restore this human Earthly plane into another state of consciousness, as we all are a part of this unfolding as One.

My Love and Grace is with you,
I AM that I AM
Saint Germain

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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Saint Germain ~ Relationships ~ August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014 Channeled through Méline Portia Lafont


Greetings, I AM Saint Germain

Let us speak about relationships. Ah yes, the eternal fairy-tale and a mystery for many to understand. Allow me to share about relationships from my knowledge on this, as I have experienced many upon your Earthly shores in the past present.

There are various ways and levels of relationships and different types of relationships you all go through in order to, at the end of the day, reach the understanding and the knowing that all you have been doing is actually having a relationship with yourself. You see, relationships are here to share beautiful moments and less beautiful moments as well with each other, and to reflect upon one another who you are and what you are made of: pure Love!

So another you, in the form of another physical expression or person, comes into your life and you decide to enter into a relationship that is based on various ways of expressing this and of sharing this with one another. So you have relationships based on friendship as to where there is no romance in life but a deep and profound connection based on respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the expression and personality one is. Friends do mirror energy signatures of your being of what is going on in your inner planes and support one another in that same resonance. So you find that you attract friends into your life that will go through the same deal, that share the same thoughts and interests, to some degree if not all and so friends may support that which is actually been going on inside of you and they enhance everything. Hence that those energies on your inner plane that needs to be transcended and letting go of is being enhanced as well than, as you support one another’s resonance and thus share and enhance that what actually is being asked from you to let go of.

Than you have the relationships in romance and deep Love, the one in a million kind of relationship you never believed could come to pass. These are the actual mirror relationships that show you where you stand in life and in your evolution as you attract what you are in an awakened state. Ah yes, now we get to the point of the real deal. Let us speak more of this holographic reality of mirrors.

Often romantic involvements that are of the deep kind and nature, as to the one in a million feeling, are deeply soul connected.  You can be sure that when such a feeling is shared, accompanied with a deep recognition in one another, that you have shared past lives together. Now, that may be in various ways and forms, not always is this in a romantic involvement, but the knowing of each other is very palpable. You can be soul mates, twin souls or even Twin Flames. Each level of connection has its own depth, energy signature and function.

In such relationship involvements, the souls have decided to reconnect in this lifetime and to play a role in each other’s evolution and Ascension process. It can go from supporting the growth in strength and love, to the assistance of releasing karma. This goes through mirroring and seducing that what lingers inside of you at that particular time, to come out and play or to be experienced by you in order to transcend this and to see it is a part of you in the first place.

So whatever role is taken upon you and by the other half of your relationship, it is all a part of this holographic reality you both agreed to create in order for you both to experience what Love is on the various levels that are possible. It is in Divine order to get you to that knowing that you are Love, and to embrace yourself with that Love. So that is why relationships are here in the first place, to teach you who you are and to bring you back to that natural sense of what Love truly is.

It is so that when one yearns for a relationship, one yearns for oneself in truth for there is a feeling of missing something in oneself.. Although that is what one erroneously believes to be true, for on the other hand it is actually already within you and always has been. So you send out the request to be reminded of that particular knowing, this through experience and that is where relationships are best for. The perfect mirror with the perfect person on that moment and in resonance with each other.

Relationships can be beautiful to share and to experience, especially when the bond is soul connected and deeply related to one another as to where you can start to experience yourself in another form. When both are awakened, in resonance and start to understand, grasp and see that the other one is simply another form and expression of the Self there is so much to be seen in yourself through the other. You can start to consciously play and experience the varieties of yourself and the different levels of Love and mergings as well as powerful co-creations. It is as it were a profound change and a reawakening to your own higher level of being that is embraced by you.

At one point you might come to that crucial moment where you realise and feel that you actually do not need any relationship anymore when it comes to pointing out what you still need to see, as you start to live more in yourself ~ the expanded state of yourself. The feeling of being complete within yourself is the result of the merging with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the Twin Flame reunion. You have a relationship with yourself through being Love. You go within and face what you need to see and to shift which is possible as you embrace and acknowledge that fact.

Nevertheless a need for companionship is what might still linger within you, so you send out to the Universe what kind of relationship you need or seek and it will be presented to you on a plate by the Universe as a result of your own creation. Mankind has been feeling alone and separated for far too long to just simply jump into that sudden point of being and feeling complete within itself. Although it is where you all are getting to in due time when you are ready and willing for this.

When being in a state of knowing that in fact all is already within you and that your companion is another expression of you on various levels, you can share, create and have wondrous moments in resonance where much creation, inspiration and Love will flow from that relationship as to where respect and freedom is pivotal. It is lingering in a sense and an awareness of the power of co-creation when you unite as one Source and bundle your energies. When all is vibrating in Love from the heart, anything is truly possible and this type of relationship is what marks the new world of being and living. In the new world, relationships, if any, are based on resonance and co-creation instead of being based on mirroring of karma and the sense of lacking something.

My friends, have a good one if you choose to participate in this hologram of relationships but always keep in mind that it is yourself that you are dating in a way. How does that knowing feel to you all? Marvelous isn’t it? If you had come to that understanding sooner, would you have journeyed in relationships anyway?! I most certainly would, as relationships are a world on their own that is truly a Mastery and school on itself. They are the best teachers but this too will eventually be transcended at a certain time and on a certain level. All in due time as Mastery is a whole creation and process on its own, that also needs to be done step by step in order to get you to that point of enlightenment.

Blessings upon all of you from my heart in eternity

I AM Saint Germain

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Channel Panel with God and Guests

Dr. Kathryn E. May, PsyD

Kathryn E. May, PsyD was asked by Spirit to serve as “The Voice of Mother/Father God.”  In this capacity she will do a channeling session live so that callers can hear from our Teachers and Guides, and call in and speak with the Ascended Masters.

Listen in at 8:00 PM, EDT on Wednesdays, to hear a general message for all listening as well as personal responses to callers during the special call-in segment.


This radio show is an extension of the written messages which Dr. May has posted on the website,

What would you like to know about our relationship to our Higher Selves?  Twin Flames?

Would you like to know more about how the Universe works  or where we are as a planet in the process of Ascension?

Do you want up to date information about the progress of the release of Prosperity Funds for all?

Do you wonder about religious questions like what Sananda really did while he was here, and whether he will return to help create the New World?

Would you like to know who our Ascended Masters are, and what their work really is?

What is a Twin Flame, and will I meet mine?


What happens after we die?

Why doesn’t She/He intervene?  or do They?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

What is the one true religion?

Notice please that these are not the kind of questions you would ask your personal psychic.

Although Dr. May does work as a psychic medium, this show is not intended to answer strictly personal questions like: Will I meet my one true love, or will I get a raise next month?

So, call in, and be ready to be amazed.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Portia: “Tonight, Tonight, Won’t Be Just Any Night….”

Featured Image -- 166

Dear Ones,

It is such a celebratory time in the Heavens. I asked to be the one to present the message tonight, because it will be the last one before the RV, and I like to have the opportunity to “wrap up” the story about what Adamos and I have been doing to help bring in the happy event which will be the beginning of a brand new civilization on Planet Earth. Yes, a new civilization. Let us envision it together.

The prosperity which will wash over the planet in the aftermath of the revaluation will create massive changes. Of course, we cannot predict all that will happen, but we do know about several of the most dramatic shifts you can predict. First, the banking industry will have a melt-down, as you would call it, because those in charge are now being prevented from stealing massive amounts of money. At least, it will return to the simple savings and loan system which did not allow for trading of investments and the creation of derivatives, which is one of the most deliberately corruptible systems ever devised. Eventually, there will be no need for money at all.

It may be difficult for you to imagine a world without money, since every day of your lives revolves around earning, spending, saving, and worrying about money. I assure you, it will not remain this way for long. The Prosperity programs are intended to redistribute the wealth so that no one will need to work long hours, except in service to the Greater Good, which is not work at all, but a joyful joining of energies and creativity to invent the most wonderful ways to do everything.

Think of it: The growing of food will be an open, personal endeavor, shared by many who will enjoy taking part on a part-time basis, under the supervision of talented and dedicated farmers who will have access to the most efficient and forward-looking practices to grow nutritious organic food. When information is free-flowing, and it is possible for everyone to have access to the best methods available (not just the ones that corporations impose), the fun will return to farming, and communities will once again share in the harvests and in the sacred celebrations which bring Earth and her children into joyful communion. Animals will be your friends, not slaves to be eaten.

Transportation will be a delight. No more smelly and expensive automobiles if you choose to have something more convenient. Because this is such an enormous industry, the changeover will need to be gradual. First, free energy technologies can be adapted to the current types of vehicles, but as the auto industry is freed from the stranglehold of oil companies, there will be an explosion of creativity and expansion to provide vehicles which will evolve quickly into versions of space vehicles, with all the comfort and convenience of the ships we use ourselves. Your designers will be helped by those of us in Higher Dimensions who are very ready to share our technologies once the profit motive is removed from the process.

NESARA law will bring a clearing up of the system in place which leans always toward the wealthy, and systematically leaves the lower social and economic classes to struggle against the entire weight of power fueled by massive amounts of money and influence. You see, when the bribery and power-sharing is eliminated, there will come the fresh air of justice. When judges are elected by the people, and they are not subject to the temptations of being constantly bombarded by those who wish to influence the outcome of nearly every case because of the promise of greater profits for all, you can expect fair and equal treatment. Even this will eventually become obsolete, when crime becomes non-existent and there is no need or opportunity for law suits because no one need ever have disputes over money.

Once everyone has what they need, and the tone of communities settles into an atmosphere of easy-going service to others, feelings of stress and inadequacy will melt away. Families will have time for one another, travel will be stress-free, and there will be no need for organizations like Homeland Security and massive police forces. When all wars have wound down to the point where no one is even interested in conflict, and there is no profit in war, it will become a thing of the past, and a cultural blossoming will come to previously war-torn places.

Just two of these things – war and automobiles – have created massive devastation on the planet. Imagine how glorious your beloved planet will be in just five or ten years, without the use of fossil fuels or plastics or most of the chemicals which are produced now. The clean air and water which existed on Planet Earth just 200 years ago will return quickly with the global use of free energy technologies.

We are looking forward to the transition time during which your beloved channels will be able to bring forth an endless wealth of practical information for the good of humankind. You understand, of course, that this could not be done earlier because of the predictable practice on the part of the cabal of arranging a “suicide” for anyone who invented or produced any technology which challenged the fossil fuel monopoly. We could not put our beloved Lightworkers at risk to suffer the kind of abuse that Tesla experienced, or worse. All that will be different now, because Lightworkers with enormous amounts of money, energy, creativity and community support will move into action the moment the RV is announced.

So you see, Dear Ones, nothing will remain as it was. The changes I have described here are just the beginning of the transition which is to come within the next few years. We will be helping you every step of the way, gradually at first, letting the new prosperity take hold while you enjoy your new freedoms and begin your worldwide projects. Once the psychological impact of truly being free of want and insecurity has settled in, and people across the world are enjoying their blessings, it will be a good time for us to come forth to reveal ourselves once and for all, with the Disclosures you have been promised.

In the meantime, you will be seeing more and more videos of our space craft flying overhead, motherships and small craft showing how they emerge and disappear, as they did recently over London, and generally making themselves an everyday sight in the skies. People will be so used to our presence that it will seem like a normal next step rather than a shocking revelation.

We have told you that you have made all these things possible by raising your vibration. It is true. You have “leveled out” the events and their introduction by activating the crystals, opening portals, creating a fully operational grid system, and by creating a growing sense of group consciousness. This has helped your Mother Terra to raise her vibration even further as you have raised yourselves through service. We are so grateful to all of you who have unquestioningly traveled to unknown places to carry out activities which would be seen by the general population as nothing short of insanity.

We truly appreciate that those of you who hear our voices and our thoughts and who carry out the boots-on-the-ground work. You are healing the natural world, restoring the energy grids and power centers of the planet, and creating new ways of joining forces through group meditations. You are doing all this without pay, without recognition and without any scientific proof that your efforts are being felt. Given the way you were all raised, it is remarkable, is it not, that you are reading these messages with such a sense of recognition and reassurance?

It is indeed a testimony to the strength of the human heart that you have been able to overcome the prohibition from every quarter against such spiritual enlightenment. Religion, science, social attitudes and a general fear of anything “occult” has stifled original thought, and here you are, communicating with me, a being you cannot see or touch, but you know intuitively that I am here. Take a moment now, Dear Ones, to acknowledge how truly unique and powerful you are. I encourage you to call on me, to open your channels to accept my love and my support, for you are truly the leaders of tomorrow, and I do mean tomorrow!

This is the evening you will remember always, Beloved Ones. The last day of your former life. Yes, I am telling you that by tomorrow you will have great news, and by the day after, your life will be forever changed. You have internet sources which will keep you informed of the events as they unfold. You will be dancing in the streets, and we will be there with you, laughing and applauding you for the years you have waited and the profound lessons you have learned in the process.

There is a sign in the restaurant where Kathryn goes to “hang out” in her town. It says,”Smile. You were born!” Yes, indeed, you will now have a new appreciation for what your own birthday meant. You are here, now, to witness the most wondrous events in the history of your beloved planet, and yes, even in the Universe. You are here! You will be the ones who tell the story of the wondrous triumph of God’s Love on Planet Earth! You are the promise and the fulfillment of the Dream.

Raise your eyes to the sky, sweet humankind, you have arrived. You will now be aware of the higher dimension you have entered through your participation in these messages, these talks, and the companionship you have created by being the fearless ones, the open and intuitive and loving ones. Your Faith has brought us to this new day, and it will be different from every other day you have lived in this lifetime.

I am here with our beloved St. Germain to send you our admiration and unending Love, as we join our hearts with yours. We are One, we are Love, we are Light, and we are God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 18, 2014, 11 PM, New York

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