Time is a funny thing – The Council

By; Ron Head – Oracles and Healers

imageThe Council

Time is a funny thing, is it not? Well, first let us remind you that it does not really exist. And that is why it can be such a funny thing. So let us examine it and see why we say something like that. It is time to have a little fun.

Have you noticed lately that time is racing by like a runaway train? Most of you have. Have you noticed that things are happening so slowly that time seems to be standing still? Yes, you have. Now this is preposterous, right? How can it be flashing by and standing still at the same time? Think about it. Hasn’t it been said for a very long time – there’s that word again – that it is nothing but a mental construct that humans have invented. It is a useful invention that ran away with itself.

So let us remove ourselves for a moment from the construct of time and look at it to see if there is a way that it might show us how it may be useful. You do see that it is used mostly to control your movements for the benefit of those whose work you do. And that is true even if you work for yourselves. It has become a great entrapment, something that you serve. But is there a way in which it is constructive?

As you observe what is and evaluate it, your concept of time gives you the option to observe what is and evaluate it over and over again. You can observe it through a great many permutations that show very little difference between them, you would call this a short time, or you can observe something else and then allow the spiral of time/space to bring it, or its like, to your attention again. You would call this a longer time. And your perceptions would have changed. They would hopefully have changed because you would have learned and brought a different set of understandings to the situation.

This is how you have chosen to construct this time thingee. Yes, it is an overly simple way to explain something that is not simple at all. But it does give you a chance to look at things in a fresh way. And it is fun. This whole game that you have been playing for many eons of this time thingee is a way to learn and grow. If it were not, then it would seem not to serve any purpose at all. And the universe does nothing for no reason at all.

Now, that would seem to contradict the statement that nothing holds any meaning except what you give it. And that statement is correct. Nothing holds any meaning except the meaning that you assign to it. Go ahead and allow your mind to take the next inevitable step. Few of you do. But the next inevitable step is that if you are the ones who assign the meaning then you are a very important part of what is going on. Now, lest you get too carried away with that, realize that the same is true for every sentient being in the universe. So your vast importance, indeed divine importance, is shared with all of consciousness, All That Is.

Don’t you wonder sometimes how our ramblings get to here from there? Well, we did begin by saying we were going to have some fun. And perhaps we caused a little thoughtfulness along the way. You are receiving a great many waves of information and energy right now. You have enough seriousness to deal with. But to put that into perspective, you are about to turn another corner. And these corners are becoming more perceptible as you go.

Hang in there, as you say, and we will speak again soon.

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Another Look – The Council

By; Ron Head, Oracles and Healers

the-councilThe Council

Today we will revisit another topic. The reason that we continue to do this is very simple, and we are sure it will be no surprise to you. It is well known to many of you, especially those of you who are or have been teachers, that returning to subjects that one has been exposed to before deepens understanding. Consider that on a subsequent review of a topic one brings an entirely different understanding than one had before. We will have ‘digested’ what we learned before and you will bring further life experiences to the table.

There are actually two things for us to look at today, and that is because for our purposes they are closely related. They are discernment, and resonance. We will also discuss the old definition of discernment.

Now in the old definition discernment worked in this way. A person would compare new information to his or her accepted view of the world or to their desires, and if there was no conflict, accept the new information as true. And there are a great many people to whom the word discernment, whether they realize it or not, still carries this meaning. We would suggest that you may understand this as ‘living in the head’.

If one is ‘living in the heart’, discernment can be explained quite differently and will operate differently. When a person has begun living in the heart, it means in part, that new information is processed by discovering how it feels. Now what does that mean? It means that your feelings are a true barometer of what your Higher Self knows about the information. This you call resonance. And this may show up as a ‘gut feeling’, goose bumps, tingles, warmth, or other ways in which your body responds to what your greater consciousness knows. This works even of one is not yet able to hear or see one’s guides and teachers. They WILL find a way to get through to you.

We have spoken of these things before. What we have not mentioned is that at this point it is becoming important for you to discern between reliable sources of information and those not so reliable. What do they mean by discernment? Are they discerning truth or are they finding things that confirm for themselves what they wish to be true? This can be a very fine line, as you can probably see. And there is no one around whom you can absolutely rely upon to help you here. No one, that is, except your own higher knowing and your own discernment. So you can easily see how activating your own powers of discernment is very important, especially now.

How do you do that? If you are attempting to live the life of what you call a lightworker, if you are on the ascension path, if you follow messages such as ours, then you can ask as frequently as necessary for guidance from us. Or it can be as simple as intending to have such power of discernment. After all, we are not adding anything to your ‘tool box’ that you have not brought with you into this life. We are just calling your attention to what you already have.

Simply do not allow yourselves to fool yourselves into hanging on to old ways and old concepts that have been used for millennia to keep you in the dark. You have grown well past that now. Your compass on this journey is inside you and well below your brain. It is reliable. For most of you reading this, it is approaching the level of knowing, even if it is not quite recognizable as such quite yet.

Enough for today. We will speak with you again soon.

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Missing the point – The Council

imageThe Council

We would speak with you today regarding the emotional load you have attached to the events you imagine, yes we said imagine, during the final weeks of this month.

There are so many things, both beneficial and worrisome for you, that have been forecast for this time that it would be a lengthy discussion just to list them all. There are those focused on financial benefit or fear of great loss. There are those who are certain that a great reconstruction of your governments is on its way. There are those that fear a cosmic event that will demolish most of your earth. There are those that believe thousands of craft from other worlds will at long last arrive. And much more. We said it would be a long list.

As gently and lovingly as we can, let us point out to you that you are missing the point, just as you did at the end of 2012. Remember the many expectations that you had attached to that time? Remember the disappointment that everyone felt when those things did not happen as anticipated? You are setting yourselves up for just such a disappointment again.

In 2012 there was an almost universal cry of “Nothing happened!” That was because you had almost completely missed the point of what you had felt coming by interpreting the subconscious knowing as the message that all of the things you most dearly wished for were going to be delivered to you from some outside source or other. Let us state once again for you the reality of what is occurring.

We on this side of the ‘veil’, and that includes the far greater portion of yourselves than you are aware of, serve as the architects, mentors, and guides of the illusory ‘reality’ that you are using to learn lessons from. How you got into this state and why is an entirely different discussion. What is important for this message is that the ‘reality’ that results from all of these current energies and the changes that they are bringing about will be built by you as a reflection of you. So in order to enjoy this time and not be emotionally flattened by it, we would have you change your focus.

Some things that you envision may actually take place over time. That is true. It is also true that many may not. In order to see the things you actually want to see, you must place your desire, intent, and focus on those things and not on their opposites. And that is still not the core of this message.

We have stressed to you over and again that the most important thing that is happening at this time is that you yourselves are changing. Your physical makeup is changing. Your mental life is changing. And your spiritual being is becoming more and more able to incorporate itself into your physical existence as a result. This is the most important thing that is happening on your planet at this time, indeed at any time in her history.

Nothing concerning any of those other things we mentioned above could happen without this. They, if and when they occur, will happen only as a result of these changes we stress to you. Any other expectations you may have as an individual will be missing the point in a very important way. Remember when you read that you should “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s?” That is something that you must yet learn how to do.

To take liberties with a common quote, you are not physical beings playing with spiritual things. You are spiritual beings playing with very temporary, illusory, and relatively unimportant things. We know that because of your focus they seem to be extremely important. But that is the point, you see. You are giving them a power that they do not inherently possess. And the source of the power that you give them is yourselves.

Now, let us say this. Yes, these are very important times. Yes, immense change is occurring. Yes, that can mean for each of you, as well. But the benefit can be far greater if you place your focus where it is most beneficial to place it. Throw your arms open wide and accept with deep gratitude the very personal and applicable changes that are available to each of you at this time. We promise you that this will not be disappointing. All around you those that understand this are advancing on their own spiritual journeys. We invite you to join them.

Much is being thrown at you in order to distract you. Know this for what it is and you will find yourselves actually living in a different world. Read that how you wish. We will end this here with our dearest hope that you will contemplate these words closely.

Incoming! – The Council

August 3, 2015 in Channeling, by Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

What in the world is going on?

Is that what you are feeling now? We know that many of you are. The more sensitive of you, even some who do not think of yourselves as such, are feeling, either physically, emotionally, or both as if something immense that you just cannot describe is going on. Something is different. Are you going nuts? Even if you have felt this sort of thing for quite some time, this feels new. This feels different.

You are exactly correct. This is new. This is different. And yet this is what we have been talking to you about for three years or more. Three years seems like a long time to you. It is just another infinitely short period for us. In order to understand a lot of what we tell you, the concepts of “now time” and oneness are essential. Even then, a 3D mind just cannot truly know what we mean. But of course you will try. And of course that is what you should do. That is how you are wired.

Think of these following things that we will list as all happening together for the first time. You are expanding your consciousness. Your individual and collective frequencies are rising. Earth’s frequency signature has doubled and continues to rise. A very large number of other civilizations and spiritual beings are sending this planet as much light as they are able, much more than you can imagine. There are solar system alignments coming online that are contributing greatly. And there is now arriving in your neighborhood a wave of energy that, in your terms, headed in your direction many thousands of light years ago. This is all in your now.

And now, so what? What does this mean for you? Well, it will mean something different for each of you. And yet, today we would like to describe a few of the more seemingly impossible things for you to consider. We will lay out a buffet and you can serve yourselves.

There is a threshold of vibration that you are approaching which will allow you to begin choosing new ways of being and experiencing your ‘reality’. We place that word in quotes because as long as you are in a physical environment, you are in what has been termed illusion. That simply means that everything you see is extremely temporary.

It is, or will soon be, possible for you to exercise many abilities that you have not had the experience of before now. If you think that you have these already, be aware that there are still more. Each will begin on the ground where they now stand. That is ever the only way. We ask you to be aware of what is happening around you. There are going to be those who have no idea at all of what they are seeing, or hearing, or beginning to know. They may very likely think they are totally alone and are going crazy. Part of your reason for being where you are is to help these to know that they are beginning to experience the new ‘normal’.

Now we will get a bit farther ‘out there’. You may find yourselves spending time… let’s call that having experience… on more than one earth. The new earth that you have been talking about for quite a while is already a reality. You may find yourselves moving your awareness to that dimension. Notice we did not say ‘going there’. No one where you now are focused will likely understand that you are gone. Once there, you will experience an entirely different kind of life. That is, after all, what you have been working toward. You may choose to bring back to your current focus much that you learn there in order to help those that remain. They will experience a totally ‘new you’, but will not know anything else. It may even take you a while to understand, and that is part of the reason for our telling you this. Sort of a teaser you might say. At first it may seem as though you are having very realistic dreams that are rather far out. Enjoy. It will get better.

What you experience, and what you choose or do not choose, will be entirely up to you. That has always been the case even though the veil has kept you from understanding it. What we would like you to be aware of at this time is that you will not choose anything that will leave anyone behind. To the contrary, the farther ahead you choose to venture, the greater your positive effect for those who follow. You are truly multidimensional. It is your awareness of that fact that will grow. You will not leave anyone behind.

Now, we know that these things may be a bit of a stretch for you, and that is OK. But perhaps it may be fun to let your imaginations stretch and allow yourselves to consider what this may mean. For instance, might it mean that you have reached a point that allows your greater being the freedom to inhabit more of your physical existence? Go with that, if you like. None of you have any clear idea of what approaches anyway, so let your minds reach out and play. Have fun. It’s about time, don’t you think?

As usual, we close by saying that we are with you, we support you, and we love you. Ask for help when you need it. Good day.

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Where Are You? – The Council

June 25, 2015

the-councilThe Council

Where are you now? Let us give you a bit of reassurance that some of the vague suspicions that have been hovering in the background of your minds are indeed correct.

Many of you have had repeated feelings that you were looking at things that were not exactly real, the wall, the floor, or those trees were somehow not as solid as you previously thought. Well, that is what the ancients and even your physicists have been telling you forever, is it not? So you might say that you are actually beginning to perceive reality for what it is.

Some of you are beginning to feel a presence, or presences, about you. We know there are those that have felt or even seen this for a long time, but we are speaking now to those who may even be wondering if they are ‘losing it’. You are not losing it. We have spoken to you often of just these sorts of things, but they did not seem so immediate since they did not seem to apply to you personally. You are beginning to acquire the gifts that you have seen in others and thought you would never have. Well, you had them, but now your rise in frequency is causing them to surface.

If none of these things seem to apply to you, ask yourself if truthfully you have not begun to know things and do not know how you know. Have you noticed yourself reacting to something in a way that you never would have in the past? Have you already been experiencing things that you know are symptoms of your changing consciousness and physical make-up but now are noticing an intensification of them?

We wish you to know several things about this. You may feel alone because you do not discuss these things with others. In fact you are now one of millions. There are people everywhere, speaking many languages, who are going through the same process. There are people who do not even know they are going through a process who are, nevertheless, experiencing the same things.

The world desperately needed change. You asked for change. Change has come. You also asked for, meditated on, and prayed for change that would not be cataclysmic. And so it is happening at a rate that will not destroy everything in its path, as has indeed happened before. And this change is a reflection of the change that is happening within yourselves, as we have been stressing to you over and over for quite some time. What you see when you look around is the sum of what you have all created. It is a mirror. If the image in the mirror begins to change, it can only be because all of you have begun to change.

Now you may have your change in ways that make you uncomfortable if you wish. You never seem to want to go through change. You only want things to be changed. Or you can dance and sing in joy and gratitude. It is indeed up to you. We’ll let you figure out which will be easier. It is not, as you say, rocket science.

Let us point out one more little thing before we stop for today. This ascension stuff is not being thrust upon you. It is being drawn to you by your own desire, decisions, and efforts. Many in this universe are in awe of what you are doing against all odds. That dancing and singing thing we mentioned may just be in order. May the unconditional love and blessings of the Creator forever be yours. Well, of course it already is. Good day.

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The Flow

June 22, 2015 in Channeling, Michael
by; Ron Head

aamichael_ronhead_thewisdomUnderstand that, from the moment you sign on to accomplish certain things for yourself and others, every available resource begins to create the conditions for your success. The skids, as you call them, have been greased. “How do I know what I need to do?” is the question we hear constantly. And the answer is, “Make a move, even if it is just mental.” Examine all of the options you can think of, even the ones which seem impossible. Often enough, what seems impossible is only what you have not examined closely enough or that which, for some reason, you fear. Find out which seems to you to most feel right. What fills your heart with joy? What makes you eager to start? Do not assign it to the impossible pile just yet.

Remember, the skids of the path you designed are greased. Now! Take a step, any step. The flow we are speaking about is the flow of life. You are in it with your canoe and paddle. When you take that first step, you will notice your canoe’s reaction to the flow. If you are moving with your flow, your canoe will shoot forward and the apparent obstacles will fly past. If, however, you move in less than the optimal direction, it will seem as if you are trying to paddle upstream and your paddle has become a teaspoon. If you choose to sit in the stream and not do something… well, we think the picture is now clear enough, is it not?


Your Path – The Council

June 16, 2015 by; Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

The most common, no, the universal question asked of us, and of guides on both sides of the veil is, “Am I on the right path?” The second is, “What should I be doing?” May we spend a bit of time with you today and clear that up?

There are many things we can bring into this discussion. We could answer the entire thing with the simple words of the source you call Abraham. “You cannot ever finish it and you cannot get it wrong.” However, let’s give it a bit more discussion than that, shall we?

First we will point out that you are there as a representative facet of the being who sat, and continues to sit, in conference with a council of guides, teachers, masters, and soul family who determined, and continue to determine, the why and how of your present incarnation. By far the greater part of the being you indeed are is not the tiny physical body and limited mind that you think you are. You are growing into the realization of that. It is, in fact, a large part of your purpose to do so.

You have a purpose for being where you are. You do not, most of you, remember what that is. And to most of you it remains a mystery because you do not think that you have access to the greater part of you, or you do not even suspect that there is a greater part of you. Well there is. And it is becoming known more and more widely as the spiritual side of humankind comes more to the forefront.

Even though each of you must begin this journey from where he or she finds themselves, you are all on that path. Where you stand is on that path. Your next step will be on that path. You cannot be anywhere else. It would serve you not at all to be on another’s path.

What should you be doing? You should be doing what you do best and feel the best about doing. You’ve been taught that if you are having fun, you cannot be doing the best thing. You’ve been taught that because there are those that wanted you to do what they expected of you. The fact is that the feelings of joy and accomplishment, the feelings of satisfaction, are the way that your Self, capital S, gets its guidance to you.

Now, if you have been following closely, you know that there are other ways, as well. As we said above, you are a part of this council. You are continually guided, counseled, and taught by whomever has the guidance and information that you need. That is one of the reasons that you need sleep, you know. And that is why you are so frequently told you should spend time in nature, meditate, etc.

Some of you come away with visions, with memories, with words of wisdom ringing in your heads. Some of you think that you get nothing. Let us assure you that if you make the effort, the effort is never wasted. But if you are one who learns best in one way, do not expect to be taught another way. Actually, the very most effective thing for you to do is to spend time with your awareness centered in your feelings and just stop thinking in the past (judgment) or the future (worry). You can do that anywhere, but the peace of nature, a park, a garden, where life is only concerned with living, and the peace of that is pervasive, will certainly make you feel better in short order.

Now, remember we said that you cannot get it wrong? That is true because you and the universe will always learn something. You true question is, “What will get me what I think I want in the quickest way?” Is that not accurate? Also, “How can I keep from making a huge mistake?” One answer to that is above. Another is that you will receive what you need.

But we will offer this: you cannot go wrong if you stay in appreciation and thanks for what you have and what you receive.

Now, you may think, “I can’t just drop everything and run off and become a (fill in the blank). I have obligations. I have to eat.” Can you do it for a few minutes? Can you learn something more about it? Can you watch someone do it? You get the idea. We would say that is the next step on your path that you ‘should’ take. Please notice that we put the word should in quotes. What we mean is that you may find it to be beneficial to your learning and growth. And you may also find that it is a gift you can share with the world.

There is nothing that you can contribute to the world more helpful than the keeping of yourself in a higher vibration. That means, oddly enough, that it is very helpful for you to be happy. And happy is something you can be if you decide to be. It is a thing that you can do. Do that. Do it a lot. Make it a habit. Make it be what people think of when they think of you.

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It is you and the time is now.- The Council

June 11, 2015 by; Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

We seem to have struck a chord! We see that the quote from our former message which is titled ‘Your Divine Nature’ has resonated well with many readers. We have decided, therefore, to expand a little upon that subject. It is time to do this now, as many more of you are becoming open to possibilities of the truth of your being that you would not have been receptive to not so long ago.

Now, lest we awaken your egos to their feelings of importance, let us remind you that everything you see around you is created of divine stuff. So don’t get too puffed up. Your house pet is a divine being, too.

The problem is that you have allowed yourselves to believe the fiction that you are not. And then you even embellish upon that. You are too this, too that, and not enough of the other. And your belief in those things actually produces what you picture. You might say that your DNA and your cells say, “OK. We can make that for you.” Quite a remarkable endorsement for your co-creativeness, wouldn’t you say? But perhaps a teensy bit off in its usage.

But what we wish to discuss in relation to your divinity is that it is always, always with you. It is who you are. And what you feel is the measure of your alignment to it. Feel good about something? Aligned. Feel bad? Guess what!

Now, to the point. Everyone, every person that you meet in your daily lives, is a divine being as well. You may not like what they say. You may detest what they do. But the fact remains that they are a divine son or daughter of the Creator that is learning tough lessons, just as you are. It is entirely possible to love the divinity in them and still not approve of their words or deeds. And it is not incumbent upon you to spend time in their presence. It is yours to love them and to forgive them.

Do not forget also that it is yours to love and forgive yourselves for what you think, say, and do. But learn from it. You will anyway, but it will be faster if you do it now than if you wait for what you call the afterlife to do it. Afterlife? How can anything be after something eternal? You see how even your language refutes what you say that you believe?

And so, if you find yourself having trouble feeling good about someone, look past what they are saying and doing and do your very best to see their true self. See their pain, their struggle. See that they are trying to cope with something you cannot see. Judge the act, if you must. But do not judge the soul. Send that soul love and light. In that way, you and the other will benefit from your experience.

We see a great many of you already do this. So please excuse us when we address things for the benefit of those around you that are being newly awakened. They are eternal beings, too. But now their time has come. And this will be true for more and more dear souls. And that very, very soon. Look around you and see if you do not see huge change developing. Look inside and see it even more clearly.

As it has been said over and over again, it is you and the time is now.

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Safety – The Council

May 25, 2015 by: Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

We choose today to speak about the subject of safety. And so, naturally, we shall begin by taking a look at fear.

Fear is one of your biggest obstacles. For many it is a constant companion. It is, in the final analysis, a lack of faith in oneself, in one’s future, and a lack of understanding and faith in the Universe itself. Have you not heard throughout your life that your life itself is eternal? No matter where you are, no matter what your faith, even if you think you have no faith, this is something that is a deep part of your being.

The knowing of this deeply within your consciousness is the reason that it is pervasive in all of your world’s religions. And yet you fear.

Of course no one enjoys physical pain. No one enjoys suffering. Everyone wishes to have abundance, joy, freedom. No one wishes to lose these when they experience them. The fear we are speaking of is your ultimate fear. You fear death. You say that you believe there is no death, yet you fear death.

Now, it is true that the body’s mind has a fear reaction to pain and wishes to live, even in its last instant. And it is also true that by far the greatest number of you identify with the body that you inhabit. Even if you have studied and believed great numbers of teachings that say you are not that body, still you identify with it. You feel as if you are inside of that body and that you are not outside of it. For what it may be worth, we tell you that you are outside of it and that it is inside of you.

But we are speaking of safety, of security. How can you find this?

Instead of living in a constant feeling of being in peril of losing your life, what if you could live in constant knowing that nothing could possibly take that life from you? Would thinking it work? Not really. Professing it? You do that. Does it work? Not really. Blind faith? Doesn’t seem to work so well, does it? What produces real trust is experience. Does that seem true? This is, in fact, why those who have had what you call near death experiences are forever changed.

So let’s all run out and have one of those. Please do not try this at home.

Now if you could experience the memories of having lived several times before, if you could experience the memory of being outside of your body and still being here to tell about it, would that help? Of course it would. Isn’t that a great part of what happens to those you call adepts in many of what you call spiritual practices?

And once one experiences these things, a great load is lifted from them. Now they know, you see, that they are not their body. They know that they live with or without it. It is only a creation that allows physical experiences. And they begin to learn that their total experience is far more than physical.

As earth humans have progressed recently there have been many methods of reaching these memories and experiences that have become quite popular. Still, however, it cannot be said that anything like a majority of you are on that path… yet. But we tell you that will change along with everything else. Your memories are returning.

And along with the memories will come that knowing, that certainty, that you are eternal, that this moment is the only time that is. And that is security. That is safety.

We trust we have given you food for thought. Be at peace. Good day.

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Dedication – The Council May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 By; Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

We shall speak now of dedication. You quite likely have not thought of yourself as being dedicated, yet almost all of you are dedicated to something. Give this a moment’s thought. What are you dedicated to?

Are you dedicated to things which reflect the nature of your being? And the answer to that is, yes. Of course you are. Now, list what those things are. You will find a very accurate description of what the current state of your consciousness is. We suggest that this might be very useful. This is a mirror, you see.

What we are attempting to give you is an awareness of things that you can sort through and keep, enhance, or discard. Are you dedicated to family? Hmmm, that’s a keeper. Are you dedicated to your work? If so, why? We hope you can see that this could be either a beneficial or a harmful sort of dedication.

Make this list be as long as you are able. These are things that you put your energy into. Your energy is the most valuable thing you have. It is your power. It is what you are. As you learn to see where you best apply it, it can turn into an extremely powerful force in your life.

Of course it is already powerful, but are you using it to your most beneficial effect? Is it being focused on getting you where you want to go, wherever that may be. We are not judging that. You are the one who is free to choose.

We would point out to you that it would be of the most benefit to you if the choice were made consciously. Awareness of what you do and why you choose to do it is a large part of what you are calling being awake. It is not only the awareness of what is going on around you. That is important. But the awareness that brings your own growth is the truly powerful awareness. That is what will change you. And that change is what will ultimately change everything.

While we are at it, let us also point out that you cannot be increasing this awareness purposefully without being “in the now.” And now is a good time for you to be in.

Also, “I am ______.”, “I dedicate myself to ______.”, and “I choose to ______” are power statements. These are thoughts that recover your power. Realize the divine, powerful being that you are. Choose what you will do with that. Instead of asking why you are here, create why you are here. That is your true power.

Good day.

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