Reminder and reflection of the moment from Archangel Metatron ~ Gatekeepers and wayshowing

October 18, 2015 by Méline Portia Lafont
It is particularly important to be open for every facet of this Divine process as well as being aware that everything is well. You have to surrender in full acceptance to let the process work itself out, you have to dare to let go, especially the thinking patterns and the mind, otherwise you might obstruct the flow which can cause some sort of discomfort.
The lightworkers who are present on Earth to ground those energies and who function as a channel during this process might expect the most intense energies in order to pass them on to the collective of humanity and to Mother Earth. They are the carriers of the new energies and that is their mission. For them it is of utmost importance that they open themselves up for these energies and that they accept them : that’s what they have to work at and to focus on.
Those of you that are here to free the way, the so-called wayshowers amongst you, will take the first hard energetic blows that will dash this duality to smithereens. They have to be extremely balanced and exhibiting inner peace otherwise it might become a difficult challenge. They are here on Earth to free the way out of this duality which often involves the grounding of these changeable energies. So, in a nutshell, they are not just a channel for these energies but in certain cases also the executor.
The gatekeepers amongst you are those that go through tough times because they not only linger in these frequencies but often are present with their physical aspect in the higher worlds as well as in this duality simultaneously. They travel back and forth constantly, whether conscious or not, to bring everything to this Earth plane, to ground it but also to shift those energies. They supervise where and through who those higher frequencies can be implemented and they also assist during the Ascension processes of others on Earth who are going through difficult transformations. They represent the multidimensional aspects and the proverbial ‘centipede’ dwelling on Earth to work on the higher frequencies and are often very exhausted because of this multidimensional work. For them it is very important to get plenty of rest, to ground and to meditate on a regular basis in order to maintain a constant balance and frequency which will facilitate and advance their work.
Everyone contributes one way or the other to the process of Ascension but now everything will get stepped up a few notches, intensifying it all and possibly becoming rather unbearable if you are not standing firmly in your shoes or if you haven’t reached an inner balance as a result of the mergings with your Higher Self and with the Christ Consciousness. The stepping up is due to the fact that Gaia’s frequency vibrates for quite some time already in a higher consciousness whereby everything contains a more refined energy to which duality and the material world can no longer resonate. This duality, this material world will litterally fade away and merge with the new higher frequencies because it will abolish into energy = higher frequency.
That’s why it is important to grow along in this process and to prepare your bodies for the merging with the new etheric frequency as your physical bodies will no longer take on materialistic forms when you arrive at the end of this ride. So being balanced and having an inner connection is very important for you will continue to grow more and more into this new crystalline body and you will go through the alchemical process of the disintegration of the materialistic into the more etheric level, representing the pure essence of your being.
Etheric does not always mean pure energetic but also refers to the inner reflection in your environment and in your reality. This inner reflection is a frequency and a mindless world without ego or thoughts, where everything just IS. The human brain wants to understand everything and wants to delineate it with words. Well then, this will happen less and less because you are just going to BE more and more, and nothing else. A constant flow in the Now, without any thoughts nor questions. In its place comes the inner knowing, the acceptance and the Being, and this in a constant state.
This is enjoyment and bliss for without thoughts there are no more words, there is no more separation, no more pain, no more worries and especially no more fearful battles, no anger nor duality. You are approaching the massive final conclusion and final shifts beginning with your physical body as this is the center of YOUR universe and everything departs from here and becomes your reality.
with love, Metatron

Archangel Michael ~ The reforming of your physical body

As Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont


Méline: Archangel Michael can you explain a bit more to us all and elaborate deeper about our conversation we have been enjoying related to the Lightbody and how that will be for us on the physical level and for our relationships with others?

AA Michael: yes of course Love, with all my heart and pleasure I shall elaborate on that which you request of me. I am a messenger of Love and so that I shall be to you all on this day.

Méline: Thank you. So what you have been explaining to me is the process of each cell changing from carbon into Silicon or a state of crystalline. Could you explain this again from the beginning to our fellow sisters and brothers how that is unfolding for us at this time and how this will continue to be from that state on, meaning when we have reached 100% crystalline in our cells? Thank you so much, I appreciate your energy and Presence.

AA Michael: With pleasure dear! Let’s start the easy way and from the beginning. As you all are aware of, your physical bodies are changing by assimilating and absorbing the God code within each of its cells. This God code is simply the Christed Light and consciousness that is settling itself into the core of your physical cells and atoms. Once settled, and this is done through the Self acceptance and Love for the Self by Self realization, your cellular structure and body shall instigate a shift on profound levels which will make you aware of this foundation which is one of a more Light structure.

This means that once having 100% crystalline cells, your bodies shall be the same of appearance, yet it is of another structure and vibration that is now crystalline instead of carbon. Yet you all seem to be the same in appearance, but as you have all learned by now: do not let appearance fool you for what it is, for it is far more than it appears to be. Your bodies shall vibrate more of the Christed consciousness as you are becoming the embodiment of this and thus shall you vibrate a state of Love. Meaning, your cells are then the vibration of Love giving your physical vessels a much higher vibration, youth and health for all will be balanced through the acceptance of your Christed and God Self.

This is where you are moving through and towards in every NOW moment. And you should start to feel these affects on yourself by now as to where you start to realize that you are changing in a most profound way. The releasing processes you are going through are helping you to move through this all in order to achieve the full embodiment of this. It is a step by step procedure as your bodies are already under a tremendous amount of pressure due to your emotional and mental bodies as well at the same time.

As each and every cell is going through its process of release and integration you are moving through portals of Ascension and processes of descending. At one hand there are Ascensions taking place of higher awareness and wisdom, and on the other hand you experience the descending of bringing down your God Self onto this physical Earth Dimension. And that is what is playing here at this time.

Méline: So what happens when we have reached and embodied this state or frequency? What do we look like and do we become invisible?

AA Michael: No you do not become invisible to the naked eye, et least not immediately. Not yet and not at this point let us say. All is a vibrational choice of what you make and what you think of yourself. The way you see yourself is the way you form yourself to the naked eye of others, including yourself. To become invisible to the naked eye of others is to be the God consciousness in its fullest glory. This means that you are what you are and that this has also been accepted, seen, felt and formed into your own conscious awareness.

From that point on it will be about how you will continue onwards and how you see yourself. Will you finally see yourself as who you are : a God consciousness incarnate?! Or will you still see yourself as one who is a carbon based human being incarnate? That perception, vision and idea about yourself shall shape the reality you are in and will partake in. Thus the carbon based perception forms you into a physical appearance which is visible to the naked eye. The full realization of “I AM” which is the God Self shall not shape you anymore into this form but allow you to be free in whatever form or energy you desire to Be. That is more ethereal and the ethereal thus becomes invisible to the naked eye because of its High vibration.

We speak here of an energy field that is not seen, yet it is tangible in the world of feeling for it is a form of consciousness.

So from that point on after reaching the full state of silicon based cells concerning your physical vehicles, all will be about how you will bring this realization into your physical form: that you already are this and to bring this about in your reality of being. You thus allow this all to settle as fact into your own minds. Your bodies will at that time already vibrate the Christed consciousness because of your crystalline cells, yet your mind and body will have to truly acknowledge and know this in order to truly anchor this fact into your reality. Meaning you are not only bringing it down on a physical level but living it too.

You thus can start to partake in different Dimensions and worlds that are of a higher Love quotient which allows you to consciously start playing multidimensional all the time.

100% silicon/crystalline cells equals a level of God realization which means that your cells are vibrating Love and thus you will have no sicknesses nor any “dis-eases” which can be formed into your vehicles because of this higher state of Self awareness and God realization.

You will move and flow constantly into other forms and vibrations from that point on that will become more subtle and even ethereal forms in the long haul as you create and form yourself as you wish to be. Therefore self realization is key and is playing a crucial part because it shapes the way you see yourself. Bodies will thus become more of a subtle form at the beginning to flow into higher consciousness of the ethereal God consciousness ~ I AM.

Méline: How will that be in relationships? Will we still be able to interact with other loved ones who are still dormant or will we be invisible at a certain point because of the higher vibration we start to emanate consciously?

AA Michael: The way you perceive yourself is still crucial and key in this all. You can therefore continue a relationship with a fellow human who is not awakened, yet you shall then form a relationship based on the mental and emotional aspect which is an emotional bond. All that is ethereally is invisible, yet the mental level and emotional level ARE visible because all mental thoughts are ethereal creations. The creation is the outcome that is shaped into a form. As long as you form connections on a mental – and emotional level to fellow humans, you are thus visible , even to dormant ones.

This because you reform an ethereal connection into one that is emotionally based and shaped out of mental thoughts. Thus you create yourself this way on this plane which is determined as a physical manifestation and form of Love into a level of density. All in all you can reach the 100% crystalline cellular structure, vibrate a higher form of Love and still be visible to others who do not partake in your kind of world of higher Light. All because you form yourself onto different planes consciously now and you d ecide where and how to form yourself into a certain vibrational shape to interact with these different worlds. This is a choice.

It is only when you do not shape and form an emotional tie and relationship on this level with another fellow human, and you are not involved on the mental plane that you shall be able to become invisible in some way as you are then solely being the ethereal level of you. Here I speak of further processes of Mastery, as all is to be done in stages of levels within levels for the body to be able and cope with all influences and shifts.

You will find yourself to be walking all of these worlds eventually which will become easier over time. But for now it will be interesting for all to see and to experience some of that with your consciousness as your I AM Presence within this body.

It all boils down to the fact that once you have reached a state of your cells being 100% crystalline you shall embark on a journey that is the beginning of God consciousness through the physical realization of SELF. This means your physical bodies shall have a higher and more pristine vibration which is Love and Unity. So you are thus still visible but growing towards an eternity that is ethereal and which on itself is invisible for the naked eye of unawakened ones. As long as you are shaping your emotional and mental bodies on a conscious way into form and are engaging in connections with other forms, you shall stay visible to all and this allows you to stay in connection and interaction with all on planet Earth while vibrating this crystalline light. Hence these are choices you make. And the choice will have to be in alignment with your state of being and your consciousness to be able to do so.

There is thus a pathway to flow with in order to merge back to that infinite state of being, because of your physical bodies which are determined to also change back to their most possible pristine state of heart.

So you do not loose your connections with your loved ones as you can still partake in their worlds while being in your own reality, yet this will all be a choice whether you will be rather more absent (vibrating more God consciousness and starting to grow towards invisible states) or being more present and forming yourself into that reality through emotional and mental levels.

Most Ethereal Beings, such as Angels, Masters, Gods and all to whom you refer to as the Company of Heaven or the light world do not have emotional bodies. Especially when these have not experienced a mortal life into a human form before. Thus in order to be birthed on your realms of duality, an emotional body needs to be formed first. A Mental body is already part of our reality, yet we do not form from our mental plane because that would shape our ethereal being into a form that is created out of thought. Unless we choose so. Yet we do communicate through your mental bodies and the way you perceive us is through the mental plane as well.

We are of an ethereal vibration and consciousness. Unless we want to shape ourselves onto your world of reality, we stay vibrating on the ethereal plane for that is the plane of our existence. This is the vibration you have all originated from and are moving back towards. You are only reshaping your forms and minds at this time, imagine how much further and deeper you will go when you truly stop to reshape your form, reality and mind to become shapeless. That is the reality of your true essential Being and this lies ahead of you eventually. But for now we stick to this part of the journey as to where you are starting to realize you are all God Selves into a physical body. This will bring all of your physical cells and parts to a heightened state of Light and Love.

This is the beginning of the true experience and involvement concerning multidimensional realities.

From the eternal Flame within you, I greet you by heart.
Archangel Michael

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Reminder and Reflection of the moment from Saint Germain: what is freedom?

by Méline Portia Lafont

What is freedom?

melineIt is being without a shadow of thought, perceptions, visions, control, ideas, values, time, self image, actions… for these issues all limit the you from all freedom there is. Even in the slightest parts of you; freedom is you without all of that what is mentioned afore.

Truly, when you think about it and are trying to conceive what freedom is, to express freedom, it is already not freedom but limitation through a perception of the mind and what you think it is. Even putting into words of what freedom is, is everything but freedom for it is a limited form. An “inboxed” value you put onto it or try to conceive it as.

Give yourself the true value of freedom by experiencing it and this can only be done by being it ~ by being. There is no use to fight for freedom when it is only yourself you are fighting for. You fight the wrong battles and there is no true win of freedom, only the sense of it. But this sense is false for it does not make you free by conquering your standpoint or winning a battle. Even when being entrapped, you can be free as no bars nor borders can take away the freedom that you are. You can easily free yourself by being you ~ which is freedom. Nothing or no one can take yourself away from you. It is only when allowing so or by giving yourself away that you can experience the entrapment: giving your power away, giving your freedom away and thus giving yourself away.

One needs to remember that what you yearn for as freedom, is rather a sense of yourself you are yearning for. This is a yearning for yourself as this infinite consciousness has no limitations and exists as all at once.

Remember that you are freedom into extension, all walking by the will of freedom.

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

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Saint Germain series of Channelings

by Meline Lafont

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Reminder and Reflection of the moment

By Meline’ Lafont, Lady Portia

Precious Hearts,

melineAs the times are changing and your reality is being reflected into a more deeper and refined way of your being, a lot is building itself up to be manifested upon your world. And as the realization of the Self is finally part of your being and world, you will continue realizing just that during your entire Cosmic process of Ascension, for the realization of the Self is the co-foundation of your being. Your Self exists of multiple aspects of your being that are being integrated at this time on a more conscious level than ever before.

As these aspects of your being are absorbed, a process called realization of Self, you will find new ways of living and being within your renewed reality of Self. For it is merely a reflection of who you are as One in the same reality; One with all of your aspects of being in the same reality. As this process and time on Earth is now beginning to be sensed and felt by the awareness of your being, a larger concept arises at this time to be introduced to you all and by you all, for you are the Masters of Light that bring renewal to the Self in this old and material density.


Yes Mastery is what you achieve now at this moment and this means that you are growing into your real and true Self more and more, deeper and deeper. There has never been a disconnection to the Self, it was merely a denial of the Self in this Earthly plane and this achievement of the arising of the Light through the Ascension portal is waking you up so that there is no way anymore to deny the Self. Connections are made everyday to the hearts of others and to the Self, it goes consciously and deeper.

Now that the arrival of the New Earth in your planetary grid of Self Mastery is achieved, you have achieved an Ascension process that is about to unfold now for the rest of humanity as well. Take note that One is entirely free to choose whatever One wants to achieve and BE in life. There is no turning around now with the planetary Ascension for this is now unfolding on a Solar and cosmic level. And as these Solar and Cosmic energies are being created and are shifting in your consciousness as well as on a Planetary level, you will start to see that all that is around you has always been a focus on duality and separation.

The uniqueness is the only thing that will survive from this duality as uniqueness is truth, for each individual is unique in his/her own way of being. And as this uniqueness is filling in the big puzzle as a piece of the puzzle of this Cosmic Web of the I AM Presences, a very deep and strong connection to the real you and Self is being formulated into your being and reality, for it takes on the form of creation and existence in this Earthly plane.

Love will always be around as you are love and you reflect it. From now on, there shall be a bigger and greater awareness of the Self, an openness to the Self and to others around you making possible a deeper connection to All That Is. And as these connections will be empowered, the Earth and humanity will start to flow more in a loving way and act upon this way of being. There shall be respect and acceptance, toleration and happiness.. as well as the firm confidence in one another and in the Self. There shall be a greater bond and a strong exchange of energies between the hearts and there shall be infinite help and support.

As the great alignments will come, for more are about to come soon in your reality, each step into the Light will be greater. Each step will help you to align with others, with your family of Light and with the Self. And the more this becomes this fractal of your reality, the more change will be allowed to flow by the Self and in the Self. Embrace every single moment of your time and being with the most compassion and deep love, with the greatest acceptance of all, for it will allow you to move on with deeper alignments to all that you are on all the different planes of BEING.

Being is knowing, accepting and trusting in all that you are, floating in all that you are and feeling LOVE. My Love surrounds you every day from the heart, always.

I AM that I AM.
Lady Portia/Méline Lafont


Holiday Wishes ~ Important Gateway

by Meline Lafont

melineMy lovely friends and fellow travelers. It is Christmas and for me personally Christmas is a day like all others, as every Now moment is special to me and such a gift from the Divine to be able and simply exist.

I want to share my true feelings of honor and Love towards you all, as well as my best wishes during this important gateway! Thank you for being a part of my adventure and for allowing me to be a part of yours. Thank you for holding that space of Love and for anchoring the Light. This Christmas feels like a crumbling of the bridge scenario as I got the vision of the bridge between old and New world crumbling down at the side of the old world, so that there was no trespassing nor going back anymore. Also Light cities are being activated and actualized at this time!!

So what I wish for you all, this Christmas, is a Love filled gateway, and may the brightness of you shine and radiate throughout all so that you become visuable as this Pillar and Portal of Light. May you find the courage and strength to leave behind old values and bring forth new creations that are of your Higher Dimensional levels whose resonance is of New Earth. May you heal all there is left to be healed and removed, so that you enter the dawn of 2015 as a free Being without limitations. May you experience all the Love that you are and where you stand for and may you bridge yourselves to the extension of your Multidimensional Self in this Earthly experience.

Have a love filled Christ-Mas aka the Alignment Gateway with the Galactic Center. Let the Galactic energies of Multidimensionality enter and anchor for good.

Lots of Love
Méline Portia Lafont


Solstice Transmission ~ Freedom and Heart expansion

by Meline Lafont

melineHi my sweet and wonderful friends!  Here we are in the midst of the Solstice energies as we are experiencing the peak of this portal as we speak.  I want to wish all of you a most wonderful Solstice Gateway!  May it be as beautiful and expanding as your consciousness IS.

I Love you and I AM grateful for all of you being a part of my life adventure!  I hold you all in my heart.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont ❤

Greetings to everyone, Welcome to this momentum of the Solstice Portal December 2014.  We enter the New and the Gateways of New creations and possibilities.  These possibilities are to step into Mastery and delivery, as to where you deliver your heart desires and creations. You deliver THAT which you ARE.  As you step into a deeper level of profound communication with your MultiDimensional facets.  You will enter a journey of Multiple Timelines as to where it is your desire that will lead you to those timelines where you wish to be upon.  It is a deeper communication with your Galactic nature, with your Solar Template and your Galactic Template.  2015 will be the start of a deeper merging and experience of these Solar and Galactic Templates as to where you are able to deliver THAT which you ARE. … As potentials arise for you in the dawn of 2015, it is to actualize Light Body Templates and Light cities. It is to actualize the Christed Light into the Collective grid and it is the change into the New Dimensional way of BEing and the experience of MultiDimensional realities. In this NOW moment during the Gateway of the winter Solstice of 2014, we amplify the energies of actualization’s of that which is to come in 2015.  This Gateway functions as a start signal which ignites projects all over the Globe.  It ignites the changes in those whom are asleep, it ignites the awareness in those whom have just woken up and it ignites the abilities of those whom have been awake for so long.

Second part: Solstice energies ~ Freedom and expansion of the heartVoice chanting: Méline Lafont Music by: Tom François

December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in

By Meline Lafont

I am starting to feel a sort of tension, not necessarily a negative one, of something big that’s coming our way, don’t you? I know you will probably say: “here we go again like so many times before”, but this feeling comes up strongly once more and we all know that these energy surges come in waves when we are ready for another shift. As this is what these feelings of tension or excitement of something big going to happen, represents : another opportunity to shift and change things profoundly in this state of the collective. But this time it feels very palpable to me and I can see things happening around me that are of an intense vibration.

All of a sudden people or situations around you flare up quickly and there is no time to think about how to react. It is as if you are being tested to see how grounded and balanced you are in being able to remain neutral and detached from that which is unfolding. It is as if you are being teased and invited to join and participate in the collective drama that is unfolding as we speak, for people are awakening and revolting against their own old culture and layers of reality. Well for some this is plain reality and we invite you therefore to stay away from that which is unfolding, to keep yourself grounded and remain based in your heart space reality. It is to no avail participating in that which must fall and shift, it is better to allow those shifts to unfold and pray for the best and highest outcome for all involved.

We, as human beings, need to learn how to detach ourselves from what is going on in this world as it is keeping our minds occupied with thoughts, opinions, anger, frustrations and emotions. It is trying to feed us precisely these and keep us as a part of the collective engaged in this all. It is way better to step out of this illusionary creation of your old self and transcend your own layers of illusion in order to assist the collective to transcend the old layers of drama and chaos that is about to become a probable reality for them. You create your own reality and so does the collective. Being a part of the collective allows you to also decide for the collective reality, thus keep yourself centered in your heart and you shall assist the collective to make more heart based decisions.

Remember it all starts initially from you so it is necessary to keep your eyes and focus on your own process of Ascension and to just let be that which is not your path: meaning other ones’ choices. This is not being self-centered, it means that you are realizing that you are a Master Being who is a God Creator in embodiment, as ALL of you are pieces of the puzzle you call God or Mother/Father God in consciousness. So you start to live within and work from that place of Being and knowing, create from this center and infuse this collective plane with your awareness of Self being God=Love.

The times of Money and power over Love are over, it has already shifted in the Ethereal Realms. This means that we have passed a threshold and that all has already been achieved in the Higher Ethereal planes of non time. It is now all about how WE will ignite ourselves with the awareness of this being so and working towards bringing it down onto this Earth. The way that we do this is through ourselves and that requires a high dose of Self Love, acceptance and allowance. The allowance through Trust in the Divine and in your True nature as a Being and Beam of Light.

We are now playing the role of Ascension gatekeepers to assure the roles of Ascension are being executed as they are supposed to be. This means that a lot is about to unfold, a lot of truth is going to come out and a profound shift on your inner plane is going to occur. Acceptance of this as fact is a part of fulfilling your role as a Gatekeeper and an Ascension Stellar wayshower. Many still struggle with the acceptance of their true nature being a Source of wisdom, and these are being tested profoundly in these times, these are encouraged to come out of their shell and accept their true nature as a Divine Being and for them to start working with their Higher knowing and abilities.

We are called to active duty here so allow the creativity and the inspirations that you feel burning within to come out and play. It wants you to do something with it and to BE who you are. Be conscious of yourself and bring yourself over here in Earth to assist consciously as the Being of Light that you are. I speak here of grounding, grounding, grounding. Release yourself from the strings of attachments for you all have way too much attachments going on, certainly during these festivities you call holidays as you remain attached to the old ways of living. Every day should be a thanksgiving day and a moment of being thankful for all and for everyone that is one with you. Every day should be a moment of LOVE and understanding of unity.

Let us embody this new way of being and build this new world through a process we call Ascension and to BE on this Earth. Beam your Light to where it is required of you to assist but only send it because you love all. Not to help or to take over or to decide what has to be done for another, but out of pure unconditional love and appreciation for all who ARE. Do not worry if you feel the pull to exist more into this life as a natural Being of Light while you do not know how to bring forth your creations, as time will surely tell. You will have to learn and trust yourself more so that you can show yourself what it is you are good at or what it is that you are required to bring into this world. This is you learning to detach from what others around you tell you, and to start listening to your own heart without depending on others.

I have found the last couple of months to be quite extreme to say the least. The things I have seen, felt and experienced are becoming more and more out of this world, yet it becomes natural to me at the same time. For example the lightbody activation which is something we all are intending to do and to become this lightbody once again. Yet although it seems easy to shift and change into this higher consciousness body, it is not. Remember that your physical body and your DNA carry all the particles of your past consciousness and energy as well, so that too should be cleared and should undergo the process of enlightenment.

It is awakening to your Christed Light and realizing that you are Christ in consciousness so every part of your physical body, including every cell, needs to reach the same conclusion and truly realize this. There is only one way to make things easier for your body to absorb this all and that is that you become one with your Christed Self and your body will get infused with this Christed Light. It is not wanting to run away and to go out of this body asap that will activate your lightbody Merkaba in this now as your physical experience, but it is being one with your physical body and allowing every cell to remember who you are as a lightbody.

I had the experience of a deep merging with my higher mental body this summer. This ethereal body had to merge with my lower mental body I was told, as it was the last one to still have to merge as one. This to prepare the I AM Presence to be able and descend fully into this physical experience. So as the Elohim have asked me to go and sit down in my crystal circle and to hold my gigantic rose quartz on my lap, I started to meditate and rather immediately I started to feel something happening within me. It was something I never experienced before and it was such a gentle but powerful dance and stream of energy inside of me. My soul started to move inside of me and was dancing back and forth forming a spiral movement.

It was as if my body was doing this but when opening my eyes I could see that I was not moving at all but my soul did. This warm and gentle embrace came from behind me, and I realized that my Twin Flame Saint Germain was holding me and suddenly the energies and power of this experience were ramping up. My body could not move, it was held in an upright position to straighten my spine. This feeling of Love and enlightenment is beyond words and it lasted on and on for about 25 minutes. I never felt so expanded and in unity with my body before.  So electrified at the same time like a light ball.

After that the message was clear that my Higher Mental body and the lower Mental body were now merged as one and that the embodiment of the I AM Presence could now continue. I felt tired for 3 days in a row after that as it demanded a lot of energy from my heart and from my physical vessel. The funny thing is that usually our heart starts to race during every shift or activation, but this time my heart kept beating so calm and gentle. A truly balanced state and most harmonious process.

On a similar note I had another Lightbody Merkaba activation experience not so long ago (October 2014) and this one turned out differently. I was told to work on this and that I could handle a higher notch. Since I was feeling so good at that time and fully energized I took it on me to even go 2 notches higher as I wanted to experience my Twin Flame more profoundly in me. As requested, I received it IMMEDIATELY. The energies came in so strongly that I ended up 14 days in a row with huge migraines and a physical body that could not move an inch. I was forced to stay put on my couch all these days as I literally had no energy whatsoever to even go to the bathroom or walk around.

I learned my lesson the hard way, as you can see, that we always want to move faster and faster as humans tend to have no patience. But we forget about our physical body and its atomic composition, which demands more time to process. The Spirit can handle this but it is the physical body that needs to be taken into account and the lesson I was mirrored here is that you always get what you ask for, so always ask to receive what your body can handle. I now think twice before stating decrees as I know how powerful and immediate these come to manifest.

Although this was a 2 week period of resting, my Lightbody Merkaba has expanded tremendously afterwards. The physical body is slowly absorbing all it can to later on emanate more of this Light.

The reason for my short personal sharing is to show you all how powerful your own thoughts are. So what you think you create and what you send out to another will eventually come back and be mirrored to you. Be wise when wanting to bring out thoughts in creation and think of the Highest best for all including yourself. This is a time of acceleration and the speeding up of the creations of mankind. The power is always within you and shall never cease to be so.

My love to all, let your own powers be one with you and let them be strong in Love.

Méline Portia Lafont ❤ Source