Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018 ~ How You Play the Game of WHAT Is

By L’Aura Pleiadian

How do YOU play the game that is your Life?

Your Moment to moment conscious awareness?

Through your Heart?

Or through strategies based in time ~ what is yet to come…or the past?

This FULL Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th, 2018 at 11:19am ADT, will bring to LIGHT the subconscious motives and memories…that are playing out THROUGH You.

When we play the game of LIFE through our Heart, we live in harmony in the NOW moment.

As you are kind and loving to yourself ~ you draw LOVE to you! through resonance.

NO winning or losing, simply PLAYING.

As we TRULY enter each moment AS the Love that eternally flows through us. We NOT ONLY dissolve those memories that are filled with reactive pain. We also, become the Initiate of LOVE through our own self-love.

When we live based on strategy of time, we come from a sense of Lack.

When we live in the moment through love, even as painful memories surface, we AWAKEN and LIVE AS THE Divine God Self that we ARE.

When the Sun is Opposite the MOON ~ as in a Full Moon, we experience the Subconscious brought to the Surface of our experience. Sudden actions or words, that may or may not feel in alignment with our Heart.

Either way whatever does arise, is FOR that same awareness of PURE TRUE Love to be embraced, as the ONE Being of Divine Light and Love that you ARE.

This Full Moon Is Sextile Mars and with this we have the vital energy of PASSION, fiery energy awakened, to be conscious of the Passion of our Soul. Of Our Heart. to take action based through our Divinity.

When we feel submerged in a whirlwind of turmoil,. this TOO is the Souls doing, so as to FREE you from the subconscious frequencies you are resonating to as MEMORY in your DNA and Blueprint.

The Feeling welling up are not to be pushed down. They are present to embrace through the NEW Way of Being.

That WAY is of Love.

With this Full Moon sextile Saturn, we have the more serious energy, balancing out the vital passion ~ immediate action of Mars.

In the WINNING or the Loosing, we always win.

Whatever form shows up as resonating with YOU, it is there for a purpose.

Love yourself like never before.

You Understand the game. No winners or losers, JUST players….all EVOLVING towards Divine Awareness through the Heart.

This is a MAJOR Transition of consciousness.

Living from the HEAD and its desire to control, and moving into the NOW present moment thought the Heart.

We ALL do this and Have made it, have completed and returned consciously to our Original Light. As in NO TIME ~ it all exists NOW.

Being compassionate through the process, is the BLESSING you live through. As You will always go through as ALL passes through you.

Not to YOU ~ through YOU.

Identifying with BEING Light…. Divine Energy, we LIVE Knowing that our true self, OUR LOVE Heart awareness, is ALL that we Are and Forever will be. And that this is now. NOT something to seek through time or external circumstances.

LOVE and be gentle with yourself.

This THEN Reflection, resonating AS Eternal Unconditional LOVE~ draws itself to itself.

PLAYING as Divine Light Beings, AS All That is IN LOVE. Forever and always, NOW. Moment to moment.

Divine Ascended Beings We ARE.

Breathing DEEPLY, and so IT IS, in Glory and Eternal Love.

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A Financial Reset ~ Shifting Form ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

You may be wondering…will it happen? When?

You may be waiting…hoping…not knowing what to trust.

You may not even know what you truly believe.

Believe in ~ as ~ the state of your subconscious mind. That is, what really is going on within your memories. Your programs. Your Blueprint. The WHY you function as you do.

How do you hope for something that is not tangible or visible in the concrete world of consciousness?


Source: A Financial Reset ~ Shifting Form ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2017.

New Moon in Capricorn, December 29th, 2016 ~ The Phoenix Rising

by L’Aura Pleiadian

Laura-PleiadianNew Beginnings ~ The Sun Conjunct Moon, the New Moon. The impact lasts until the next New Moon, but the first two weeks after the New Moon, the waxing moon, is the best time to impact these new opportunities for transformation, within.

December 29th, 2016, 2:53am AST ~ The New Moon in Capricorn, Conjunct Mercury and Sextile Mars. With Mercury Retrograde playing a key role, igniting the desire to reflect upon the year, and move even deeper into introspection, looking at aspects within our own consciousness.

An Ending and a Beginning. The year 2016 ~ filled with challenges of staying true to the Soul. It may have felt like test after test on Steroids.

YET at the peak of the pinnacle of the entire year (the mountain top) what do you see? Feel? Know? Sense? A Love for yourself that has grown? A deeper appreciation of what it means to LIVE for your Soul ~ all the way?

in 2017 ~ The Best is yet to come and although you may not know what that BEST is, the great part is, it is beyond your imagination.

When going through the ending of this Year and the Beginning of the New Moon and New Year, with deep introspection that Mercury Retrograde blesses us with, embrace the LOVE that no matter what you have been through. IT has all been for your Evolution. Your Ending and Clearing. And your Rebirth.

Will all be Joyous and perfect in 2017? Will the shifts you had hope for materialize? Did you do all to stand true to your Soul? Are you a better person more loving because of this? These are things to ponder. To know deep within you are you ready?

Your Blueprint is constantly transforming as you ARE Viewing your Life. Your changes. Your consciousness.

A Love Story, an ending..a deepening Love.

ALL may be in store for you. The ONLY thing guaranteed as no matter what you experience, there are no random events. It all unfolds according to your consciousness. As all shifts and changes within you, all shifts and changes around you.

Accessing honestly how you feel, being authentic with yourself, is the beginning of a long-lasting deepening love story, with yourself. Deep within. This Love is the truth of the Moment.

Which is always what is. And this what is…without resistance become the PURITY though which our SOUL Presence shines through. That catapults us as if by a quantum leap into being the Victorious Master, we are and that we have materialized into ~ through our expansion of consciousness.

No matter where you have been and what you have gone through, there is always that new beginning. Reflect go deeper. Then begin anew.

Born over and over. As the ONE that rises from the ashes of experience. Into the LIGHT of the New Dawn.

Blessing YOU as you welcome in the New within yourself. This New Moon. This New Year. This New NOW moment.

Always in the Glory of Your Eternal Light.

Being ONE with the Light that you eternally ARE. Materializing through your form and through your expanded consciousness, the ASCENDED Glorious being that you ARE.

I welcome you and Honour you. The Phoenix Rising Within. All That you are.

As the Eternal Love and Grace shines Divine LIGHT upon ALL that YOU ARE. Blessings and Profound Miracles! The NOW time to SHINE!



Full Moon in Capricorn July 19th, 2016, Transformation

by LAura Pleiadian

Laura-PleiadianJuly 19th, 2016 The Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 7:56 pm ADT. In North America this Full Moon is called the Full Buck Moon. For Hindu Practitioners everywhere, this Full Moon is called Guru Purnima, the Full Moon to honour Guru Ved Vyas who wrote the eighteen Purnas.

Sun in Cancer opposing the Full Moon in Capricorn is a culmination which started July 4th, at the New Moon.

This conjunction of the Full Moon with the Sun, is about relationships. Your relationship with yourself first. The relationship with how your life is, the subconscious drives (that play out often without knowledge of it) and how your life is, compared to how you desire it to be.

This will highlight a desire to reevaluate what is going on with your life. How you are FEELING about what is going on with your life. Are you resisting what is taking place? Are you attempting to control things that you have no control over?

This resistance is the cause of suffering.

Are you taking action with your desires? Taking care of practical things. Are you loving your body? Taking care of yourself. Loving yourself? Applying compassion to yourself.

Applying 5th Dimensional Consciousness (Self Love and compassion) to all you experience, is the TRANSFORMATION of your Ascension. This Full Moon will highlight in your awareness, all that is not yet received the self-love, WITHIN You.

Mars forms beneficial aspects with the Sun and Moon. A desire for intimacy and increase passion, will be the fuel to KNOW yourself more. Understand your desires More clearly. Every relationship in your life, you and money, you and work, you and your subconscious self, you and your Higher Self, you with others, will be emotionally highlighted.

Uranus may bring some surprising influences during this Full Moon. Sudden changes. Sudden desires for quick changes. Sudden impulses, Sudden realizations of the ego and subconscious emotional drives surfacing. Or resurfacing.

Being present with your emotions. With what you are experiencing in a deep intimate way, will allow you to open to greater surrender. Which opens you up more to your Higher Self, living through you. This may not always feel good, or how you would like yourself to feel. It is what is there. Honouring this process, your Ascension, is loving yourself.

Take time out. Slow down. Listen and feel. Love yourself. This is the way through this. Which is the only way. Going deep within. Holding you in this deep process through unconditional Love. In the Glorious Light of your Soul. The Magnificence of your Higher Self. And So it is!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Mercury Retrograde ~ Being in the Flow

by Pleiadian Delegate

Laura-PleiadianMercury Retrograde, April 28th till May 22, 2016. Are you feeling it yet? Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. When Mercury speeds past Earth, three to four times per year, that is when we experience a Mercury Retrograde period.

Mercury rules communication, speaking, writing, listening, reading, learning, selling, buying, negotiating, contracts, leases, documents, wills, term papers, electronics, travel and more. That includes your personal computer, printer and vehicle. Put off repairs or have them done before Mercury Retrograde.

Put off major decisions. Avoid starting anything new. Sign papers after Mercury Retrograde is over. Begin something new after Mercury Retrograde. Anything that has to be done, emergencies yes DO and take care of them. There are always exceptions.

So where does this leave you as far as your Transformation go.

You may find yourself revisiting old wounds, old pain you had “thought’ was gone. You may appear to go a little backwards in what you thought was your advancement.
Mercury Retrograde is for your benefit. Practice Being your Presence. Being Present. Being Now. Being in love with LIFE. With Yourself. Now. As is.

To pay attention more. To be clear in your intentions. To stay focused. More than ever before. To be present in the moment. This time then, when it feels as if things have slowed down. Or if you continue to attempt to speed ahead, Mercury Retrograde will slow you down. This Is for your benefit.

Slow down. Reflect. Reorganize. Clean. Prepare. Refresh.

Where you feel you have arrived, ENJOY.

Where you want to go, slow down. Breathe. Feel now.

Love yourself Now.

You with You. Now.

How you want to feel, go deeper into your Heart.

Love yourself NOW for where you are and who you are now. Not HOW you want to BE and where you want to go. NOW.

See the blessing in Mercury Retrograde.

The effect often times, when we do not slow down, wait and still attempt to jump forward, is a backlash affect, that just forces us to re-do those choices, over again. Not because there is a nasty punishing Mercury when it goes Retrograde. Because there is a natural rhythm when attuned to within, BECOMES a FLOW.

This flow is like going with the flow of a river. When we go against the flow and we attempt to go against it. It becomes challenging. Hard. Painful. When we simply go WITH the FLOW (the natural rhythm within) it all just takes place easily. Have you noticed?

So Beautiful Angels, enjoy this slowing down and letting go of plans for the future.

Stay present. Love yourself more. Love now more, even if you do not like it.
This will allow you to naturally be in the flow. This flow is the magic of Living.

It is where the magic is. Those special moments, you know when time stopped? That is Now and you have access to all moments being like that. All Now.
Know that even if some things (especially during Mercury Retrograde) appear as if they are taking so long to shift. Know that just like in the winter, the seed, in the Spring, becomes the rose.

Nature, plants, Love, the Sun. All natural and now. Just like You.
It is a natural process. Your transformation is a natural process. Allow it to be. To unfold for you. As you stay present and in the flow.

As the hourly Activation continues, its momentum and frequencies continue to increase. This is for your Transformation. I am holding you in love as you continue to MAGNIFICENTLY awaken to the Glory of your Divinity!

Eternal Love and Bliss!

The Oracle Report – Monday, March 7, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

– Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 2:09 pm ET/7:09 pm UT

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

-Skill: release any feelings/thoughts/beliefs you do not want to carry into the next lunar month; be alert to signs and synchronicities to help you put pieces together

– True Alignments: applying one’s will and desire, transmuting feelings, clues, listening skills, fellowship and cooperation, joining with others, exchanging information, leadership, charisma. venturing into unknown territory, gatherings, finding a deeper meaning

– Catalysts for Change: distortions, greed, dominance over another, not listening, beliefs that limit or obstruct us, uncooperative, loneliness, old battles of the past, feeling out of control, over-emphasis on the rational or logical, overblown ego

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (important information offered)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of human consciousness)

On this last day of the Aquarius solar-lunar month, messages seek their way to us, prompting us to ask ourselves the following questions:

What needs to be revived?

What needs balance?

What need to be remembered?

What is the answer?

What do we have to share?

What is the deeper meaning?

The Sun, very active right now, is discharging the energetic of “in a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance.” Things come to life, take on a life of their own, and take center stage.

Adding to the frenzy, Venus is discharging “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” Things can easily become distorted or taken to the extreme. This happens in order for us to stretch a part of ourselves into new areas, and then bring the rest of us along. The intention with this is for us to come to a higher level (of consciousness, of functioning, of producing) and then rebalancing of ourselves at that level.

Mars has moved into lofty Sagittarius, beginning a time when the fires of THE TRUTH will roar. Mars empowers; Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, seeks the ultimate knowledge and meaning. It wants to know and it will not stop until it finds out. Mars will station retrograde (appear to move backwards in the sky) on April 17, and will eventually move back into Scorpio. It will station direct (or appear to move forward in the sky once again) on June 29, and remain in Sagittarius until September 27. Overall, this means that from now until September 27, the power of Mars empowers the truth, true meaning, true values — true everything. We are ready.

On this last day of the lunar month when a large white dove brought us many messages, I close this month, with gratitude and thanks to the Wisdom Goddess, Matangi, and the God of Will, Seth, with a final message:

Pluto, the Transformer, has moved to the 18th degree of Capricorn and the Sabian symbol of “the Union Jack flies from a new British warship.”

It takes Pluto 248 years to travel around the Sun. This means that this energetic was last discharged between 1770 and 1773.

What happened to the Union Jack/the Roman Empire/the Third and Fourth Reich/the cabal – take your pick of names for the same thing) between 1770 and 1773?

Tyranny and fascism suffered a devastatingly Plutonic blow.

Pluto prepares to do so once again. It’s allies this time are Mars, Uranus, and the awakened collective of humanity. Pluto will retrograde at this degree, so it will be discharging it for an inordinately long period of time — until June 3.

So it is. So it begins. Now, the flags of Truth, Love, and Freedom fly.

(The overview of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces lunar month is posted above.)

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New Moon ~ SuperMoon ~ Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8th, 2016

by L’Aura Pleiadian ~ Pleiadian Delegate

Laura-Pleiadian1This New Moon and SuperMoon in Pisces is on March 8th at 9:54pm AST. This is a Powerful New Beginning, with a total Solar Eclipse. The New Moon takes place one day before the Moon reaches Lunar Perigee (when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit ) so this New Moon is a SuperMoon. This is not visible, but it will have a huge impact on the Earths tides, and will increase the impact of the New Moon. Eclipses are powerful influences, lasting 6 months. This Eclipse blocks the rays of the Sun, as the SuperMoon moves directly in front of the Sun, creating a silhouette, which may be viewed (in the right place) with proper eye protection.

There are three SuperMoons this year. March 8th, April 7th and May 6th. This is the First of 4 Eclipses. The last Eclipse in Pisces (same degree) took place on March 8th, 1997.

During this New Moon, Chiron (an Asteroid) is with the South Node of Pisces, enhancing the potential for healing. Healing from being a victim, of co dependency, of lack of Self Love. Mercury, Neptune and Ceres are in Pisces. And with Jupiter opposing this New Moon (and forming a beneficial aspect with Pluto) the impact is an increased power, to help your intentions, your transformation, and the very expansion, of your consciousness through Self Love.

This is an intense New Beginning and a Powerful One.

The Intensity is Building and the Momentum increasing, and this is felt now, for those tuned into this frequency, very powerfully. This New Beginning (New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon) and we have an accelerated intensity, that when focused through your intention, becomes exactly, what is needed, along the journey, of your Ascended Being.

The Hourly Activation (as of March 5th 2016) that I offer to Humanity (Divine Ascended Being Activation) is increasing POWERFULLY every Hour. The Frequency increases and accelerates in its Dimensional capacity to be Downloaded, as Light Frequency Codes (through your Blueprint) increasing your Frequency and Light, and powerfully transforming your consciousness (alchemy) into the Divine Ascended Being, that you are already, and becoming now, consciously.

Your Intentions, powerfully guide, the focus of your experiences. With the Huge increase in Frequency and this accelerated Momentum, your focus and intentions, become, what shows up for you to Open even more up to, through Self Love. Through your Heart.

If Life’s experiences seem to become more Tumultuous, through this increased intensity, slow down, breathe, and relax. This Process is a deep Alchemy, that triggers deep within your subconscious mind, all that arises to the surface, so to speak (your experience) enabling you to see even more clearly, all that desires to be loved and healed, within you.

Staying focused, letting go of time and flowing through life, as “Consciously aware Beings” of what this Process is doing through YOU (as the actualized Greater Self Love within you) impacts moment to moment, your personal level of Momentum and your Ability to receive, consciously. Lovingly.

Allowing you to feel even more deeply, your own Transformation. Your Own Divine Ascended Being. You as Divinity in Form. Seeing and knowing clearly, all that you are, and your Love, impacts You first, and then always, impacting the whole.

Each Being, has its own unique frequency and is functioning as appearing in solid form, through its own Holographic Matrix of Light.

This Earth experience is the meeting place, of this Holographic experience.
Through the expanding capacity for self-love (through this process of Ascension) is the self Knowingness, of Being Divine. Of understanding why you are here in this Holographic Experience on Earth. And how your own Evolution, as the Eternal Being that you are, is taking place, through your Heart and through your own integration of this Holographic Planet Earth Experience, as the expanded, Eternal Consciousness, that you are, plays out its own coming home to its own celebrated, Self Awareness.

Understanding what life on Earth is for, and what it is in the Grand Eternal View of All of Your Experiences, on Earth and Everywhere, all at Once and Now, is you coming into your Own. The Full Limitless Aspect of your Own Uniqueness. That you Are. I Celebrate this and through my offerings to Humanity, and all that desire to Receive, I open my Heart as All Frequencies of Love flow through it, to You. To your Open Heart receiving. And So It is. In the Unconditional Love, that Pours through me, I Am.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian ~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

The Dissolving of the 3D Paradigm ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

by Pleiadian Delegate

Laura-Pleiadian0All of those identities that you have held on to, are dissolving Now. You Being a great person, a mother, a father, a hard worker, a this and a that, is disintegrating. How you have defined yourself, to yourself, is shifting. Have you noticed?

What seems as “painful” in this dissolving, is only in the resistance, to this process of transformation.  In the dissolving itself, is FREEDOM. Freedom from a consciousness, that defined itself by how well the external WORLD played along, and gave you what you wanted. How well you played the game.

Not only defining ourselves by the roles we play, and if we are doing well we are happy and if we are not doing well  in the eyes of others, and receive the Approval we desire, then life isn’t working for us, is also shifting.  The level of Surrender, within ourselves, is experiencing a Radical Overhaul. Letting go of Everything.

No more holding on to, what we believed was our secure reference point of existing on Earth. Rather, now, we are Being THRUST into an existence, a Way of BEING ~ that no longer has Definitions.

Like Being thrust into a Sea of Nothingness ~ with NO Thing to hang on to, no thing to want,while  being Stripped of all of our identities, and existing as no definition ITSELF, with no knowing, where no thing appears secure and entering into FLOWING in ALL Moments, as only “Being” itself.

The New reference points along the way, are those AHA moments. Where the comfort becomes the recognition, this is freedom. This feels better within me. This feels like PEACE. This feels like HARMONY. This feels like unconditional Love.

The Arrival, becomes the letting Go.

And this is in all Moments.

What you have let go of, are only those things you clung on to for dear life “as if” those things were your life itself.  When they are Gone, as the reference point of Existing here on Earth. You live in Freedom to Be. And what a relief it is, from a life of suffering, and trying to figure it out. And endless battles and struggles, not knowing How to find your way Home within yourself.

As something within you shifts as you read these words, which are an activation for You, take a few slow deep breaths, and feel the difference within You now. Just Feel. Feel the truth within you, ignite your immersion, into the Cauldron of Being, that allows you Greater awakening and greater Harmony, as you continue to BE ~ All that you are Here to Be, NOW.

Let everything else go, feel yourself as the NOTHINGNESS of which everything arises.
You aren’t the one, having these experiences, you are SIMPLY the Experience.

Breathe it in.

Feel the Freedom ~ Now.

Let all else go.

Enter ~ Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness, which is the Consciousness of the Eternal You that always, eternally, JUST IS.

All That is. And in this am I with you, and Know YOU and Hold you ~ Eternally, all NOW. In the Nothingness ~ we ARE. The Eternal Light ~ the Eternal Presence, of Pure Being. And Now we ARE ~ Being. The Sacredness and Glory ~ of All That is.

Laura-OMEternal Love and Bliss!

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Scorpio New Moon November 11th, 2015 ~ The Cauldron and the Holy Grail

by Pleiadian Delegate
Laura-Pleiadian– The New Moon is in Scorpio 19 degrees in decan 2, November 11th, 2015 at 1:47 pm. The Sun is also in Scorpio. The Grand Benefactor Jupiter, is having a Stellar effect on this Moon, I thank you Beloved Jupiter.

– Scorpio ~ Water Energy~ Passions, emotional, will power and determination.

– Sun ~ Inner identity, expression.

– The Moon ~ intuition, nurturing, unconscious emotions and feelings.

– Jupiter ~ Fire ~ Expansion, Abundance.

The New Moon up to the Full Moon gradually builds in  intensity and strength, till the Full Moon. And with the Moon conjunct the Sun, everything new is possible. New Moons are New Beginnings and the Power of the New Moon (and its manifestations) lasts Four Weeks, till the next New Moon, which is December 11th.

The Mystery and the Magic, the Cauldron and the Holy Grail. Here we have it all ~ within.
The Cauldron of Transformation that you have experienced, and ARE experiencing, has led you to this Now moment, which is the result of the Quest, (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) to the GREATER experience within, of BEING the Holy Grail that you have sought. This is the greatest Quest of Scorpio, the Quest for the Holy Grail. Through the deep transformational waters of Pluto, deep in the Womb of Being (the cauldron) into the New Birth of You, so to speak, the Holy Grail of YOU.

The Power of Pluto ~ the end justifying the means. Which really means, HOWEVER you have travelled on your Quest, to be here NOW, is the WAY your Soul is doing this through YOU.  The MOMENT to MOMENT acceptance of this, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the Arrival of Being ~ The Holy Grail of You, that you have sought, and have Now found, Within.

With the Sun and New Moon both sextile Jupiter during this New Moon ~ Beginning, it’s as if we are ANOINTED with the Blessings of Jupiter, that is, with the Abundance, Expansion, and Beneficence ~ of ~ everything That is ~ within.

So we have the Powerful Quest that was the Cauldron of Transformation that led us HERE right NOW. And as you continue to BE that which you sought, and ARE, the Holy Grail of You (your Divinity) Now, that Great Benefactor in all its Blessings, Now Crowns you with its Glory.

This New Moon ~ with the Power of the Cauldron, The Holy Grail, and the Great Benefactor, immerse your Awareness Deep Within, to the space of the CAUSE ~ within You. And Be Open to Receive, the Great Blessings, and anointing, of All That is.

laura0Your Divinity, Your Being, Your Path that you ARE, BEING all that you Desire, as the Gift of YOU, through All That is. NOW is the Moment of Complete Embracing, all that you are WITHIN.

And it is in This ~ That I Hold YOU.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.

What Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Stay Empty, Stay Grateful and Stay PRESENT. All Now.
Stay in 5th Dimensional Consciousness!
Stay Present with what you KNOW Now.
Stay Accepting.
Stay with Practising ~STAYING PRESENT.
If you slip in and out of Staying Present, where you begin to experience  IMMENSE Joy and Bliss and then it seems to slip away and you seem to fall  back into experiences of worry and doubt (3D Consciousness) MOVE your Awareness into the Now Moment (5th Dimensional Consciousness) and APPLY “accepting” everything NOW.
If you are Still Experiencing MANY Energetic Symptoms, such as Dizziness, STAY Accepting and PRESENT, Now.
IF things are not as you anticipated them to be (3D Consciousness) STAY PRESENT and Accept, everything Now.
Stay Present. Accept EVERYTHING. And ALLOW the Miracle of your Presence to UNFOLD for you an Existence that is FAR GREATER than you could ever imagine.
Accept, ALLOW, Flow, Be Present and Accept again. And stay Present. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now.
I Accept ALL that is placed in front of me as my Experience, Now.
I Stay Present. Now.
I am OPEN to receive a life FAR Greater than I could ever imagine. Now.
I let go of all thoughts of how I want to feel and how I want things to look, and I now Receive the GRACE, The Gratefulness, the Love, the Beauty, and the Miraculous knowing of My Divinity ~ All Now.
I live a Miraculous Life, Now.
I ACTIVATE you in this and HOLD you in the MIRACULOUS Light of The Greatest Life far beyond anything you could ever Imagine! All Now.
In the Sacred Grace, Eternal Love and Illuminated Light of All That is~ I Am.
Eternal Love and Bliss!
copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.