Astrology for the Soul March 16, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher – Published on Mar 16, 2016

Moderation is the key,
When deciding this or that,
As I am the bridge between the worlds,
Balancing them is my act.

Wow, can;t believe this is the longest Pele Report EVER and I still forgot to say some stuff! I did manage to whip through the signs/houses of where the Solar eclipse fell in your chart tho, as that will be the area to focus on for the next 6 months. And now we got the partial lunar eclipse coming next week. Hold on to your britches (bridges)!

Other than that, and I will need to go into it next week, consider your “Prime Directive” in life, maybe even write down, remember it, and whenever you need to make a choice, use it to decide! Helps keep you in your center and on track. Could be anything, maybe we should have contest or something for the best Prime Directive! Just kidding, go have some fun…… Injoy the coming of Aries!!!!!

Astrology for the Soul November 25, 3015

Published on Nov 25, 2015

As I see the big picture of our children’s future,
I know there’s a lot to do,
That begins with accepting and not regretting,
That I am another you.

It is often easier to see everyone else’s shadow, problems, and faults than it is to see our own. It seems easier to blame and point the finger than to own that we could have tried harder, stayed in there longer, and had a different result. Well this is one of those times where exercising patience, and calm, deep listening, can bear some positive results and long lasting commitments/contracts. While it maybe grueling to go over the details and come to agreements, it is like the universe is demanding that we really get clear on what we want, what we believe, what our truth is and what energy we are spreading around the place. Whew!

May you triumph over the obstacles and blocks to speaking your truth and honoring the others and building powerful lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity,and trust. Go for it!

Astrology for the Soul August 5, 2015

Published on Aug 4, 2015

I need to own my part,
In order to open my heart,
Feeling my fears and releasing my tears,
Will prepare me for my new start.

This is a cleanse, it is only a cleanse, maybe a long cleanse, but only a cleanse…..As mentioned in the report, this Venus retrograding into the underworld is bringing us down! Down into the lower chakras of earth and water and our feelings around physical and emotional security. How do you get yours? Of course we often get these through relationships which then tend to trigger our shadow.

So part of this process is a cleansing and purifying of the old stuff down there as when we get triggered it brings up past emotions. However, another part of the process is the getting in touch with your own true life purpose, creativity, and passion. Have you noticed that when you are having fun time flies by? Well the same is true when you are doing your passion. And not only time flies by but you don’t get all caught up in other people’s business and reactions and projections and problems haha! So let’s all remember that when everybody’s business and everybody’s problems are getting us down it may just be a sign that we are too busy with other people’s business! Injoy!