Astrology for the Soul January 11, 2017

Kaypacha Lescher – Published on Jan 12, 2017
There’s a time to act and get it done,
And a time to just sit still,
As Mother Nature and my own soul,
Have a higher and stronger will.

If you haven’t guessed, this is a time to just sit still! A most beautiful time to fully experience the awe and wonder of Mother Nature, and through communion with her feel her power, majesty and presence. It is a time to be humbled, open and vulnerable to our own feelings, fears, and needs, and through ownership, come to a place of healing and acceptance of our own human nature.

This is a good time to witness and deepen our appreciation of the sacredness of life and listen to our deepest, unconscious Soul stirrings which are simultaneously supported and amplified by all of nature that surrounds us. In other words….. hope you take time of work! To push our own agendas at this time and forge ahead with mistaken determination and will power is the opposite. There’s a time to advance and a time to retreat and this is a special time to raise the white flag, feel our feelings, and give thanks for being alive at all! Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul January 4, 2017

Kaypacha Lescher – Published on Jan 4, 2017
Sorrow and disappointment,
Can lead to anger and despair,
Or open my arms, my eyes and my heart,
To all that needs loving care.

This is the part of the roller coaster ride where we’ve gone up and down and all around and are now heading into the TUNNEL…. ooooooooooooo! Get’s all dark, maybe some skeletons jump out to scare us, some people love this part while others can’t bear it! Sun/Pluto with a stellium in Pisces just says…. let go! The problems come when we interpret that as a loss rather than seeing the gain.

If we judge letting go (and I am referring here in large part to CONTROL) as a loss we can get all pissed off and bummed out. All this Pisces is asking us to believe, trust, and give even more than we think we have… basically to believe in magic. It’s the only way we’ll get to experience the healing power of love. Go for it!

Astrology for the Soul December 21, 2016

Kaypacha Lescher – Published on Dec 21, 2016

I refuse to be a martyr,
Sacrificed on the altar,
Of misguided beliefs,
My soul clearly sees,
Are a recipe for disaster.

Well, ho ho ho, you guessed it! You hardly need a Pele Report to tell you that now is the time to let go of procrastination, victimization, excuses, illusions, and even anger, and just DO IT! We can’t get any louder reminders, get shoved and pushed around any longer, before it dawns on us that Life is telling us to get up and DO IT!

The next challenge for some may be to decide WHAT! That’s where the evolutionary impulse has to lead us beyond our ego limited perception, fear based thinking, and childhood patterning. We now need nothing less than Soul advice! If you don’t have a steady spiritual practice of checking in with your soul then there is absolutely no better time to get on it! Don’t know how anybody is doing without the celestial guidance as the alternatives are addictions, escapism or just plain martyrdom…..UGH!!!

The upside of all this is empowerment for sure. You don’t know how strong you are until you pick up the boulder and move it! There’s a few boulders out there that need moving and we’re here to do it. So this Christmas season just know you are getting triggered left and right as one big test of your might. Rise above the pettiness and ascend to the throne haha! Soon we will be waving goodbye to 2016 so take joy in that!

Astrology for the Soul October 26, 2016

Kaypacha Lescher
As I embrace my deep emotion,
And strive for conflict resolution,
I live a life of full expression,
Not shutdown by fear or suppression.

Feeling it comin’? New Moon in Scorpio this weekend sets the tone for the month ahead, themes, needs, issues, etc. And that means “shadow work,” looking at all the deep dark needs, feelings, fears, and impulses that, when still unconscious, take us where we really don’t want to go and cause effects we regret in the future. So onward and upward is feeling, talking about, expressing, and just flat out being aware of ourselves.

Whether you agree or disagree with the observations made in this video I hope they are food for thought and a springboard for further discussion within your circles of relationship. In this way, we can all become more aware of the socio-cultural-religious-educational conditioning going on so as to identify more clearly for ourselves and our children just what kind of life we want to propagate on this planet! Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul September 22, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher

My challenge is to stay open,
Innocent and pure,
While living a life,
That has struggle and strife,
Where I need to be tough, sharp, and sure.

No doubt we have all been challenged with this Sun square Mars aspect. Challenged to be ON IT, stay on it, get our act together not let our guard down or attention waver, or ……Whack! It’s been exhausting. And thank goodness it is giving way to the Sun catching up to Jupiter! It’s time to party!

I know that in the video I still go into Saturn square Neptune and nodes, which is still a bit of a grinch at Christmas (or and Eris at the party of the gods). It is true that the big life changes revealed, sought, or initiated through these eclipses can almost be like mountains we have to move and they will not happen with with quick, swift blows, but let’s grab a little gusto in between those shovel fulls of mountain, eh? Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul August 3, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher

As I prepare to journey,
Outside the realm of the known,
The most important thing I need,
Is love in my heart and a song.

Haha! Yeah! frickin’ song, that’s right, no typo! Sometimes we can take it all to seriously and our brains, hearts, and nervous systems need to take a break! Well this is one of those times! With the new Moon in Leo (play) setting the tone for the month and then moving into Virgo (healing) to join with first Venus, then Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node it is a time nurture and heal ourselves with some good self lovin’ and a song.

In this video I go into the importance of “play,” as play is really a super important part of life that has been downplayed (get it?), said to be for children, and often judged as a sign of immaturity and irresponsibility. I challenge that as play is a powerful means of getting in touch with our true core Self, originality, creativity, and ultimately, artistic self expression which serves to beautify, heal, and bring joyful love into the world. Now how immature and irresponsible is that? Thought that was what we are here for haha! Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul July 20, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher

It’s about becoming a master,
When surrounded by disaster,
I remain within my center,
Not as victim but as creator.

Inch by inch, bit by bit, degree by degree, it’s gettin’ better around this time! Mars is slowly crawling out of Scorpio letting go of it’s trine to the Sun as It moves into Leo tommorow!!!! Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Leo point to some fun, games, drama, and adventure.

As I mention in the report, our daily realities are surrounded and influenced by ever wider circles of events, people, and influences. This Leo fun that we are having might be on a rainy day, or a deserted island, or just after an earthquake. Leo and the 5th house are associated with children, and they can be our teachers during times of stress and strain as they live more in the NOW and HERE. Let’s do it!

Astrology for the Soul, July 13, 2016

Kaypacha Lescher ~ Published on Jul 13, 2016

As no one can tell me who I am,
And there’s really no failing in the end,
I’m free to create myself again and again and again.

Looks like a wild weekend coming up here! Full Moon acomin’ with a square to Uranus portends some surprises. Whether you decide (always better lol) or someone or Life herself decides for you, its time for more independence, liberation, and Self-expression than maybe you thought. You may get needed space/time whether you thought you needed it or not as Uranus symbolizes our unconscious, not conscious, mind. He can also bring us shocking news from the collective that opens our eyes to the truth whether comfortable or not. Lastly, just electronic stuff in general may get quirky so best to have well laid plans in a peaceful place!

The other side of this that I address in the report is that the challenge, the fun, and growth happen when we put ourselves out there NO MATTER WHAT is going on! To keep that light shining, the vibration high, the eyes bright, and the lips curved upward as we sail through weather of all kinds is to really captain our ship! Ahoy maties!

Astrology for the Soul June 29, 2016

Kaypacha Lescher – Published on Jun 30, 2016

In my meditation,
While one with all creation,
There is no lost and found,
Just seasons going round and round.

New Moon coming up in Cancer this Monday! The opposition to Pluto in Capricorn indicates an opportunity for each of us to stand up for ourselves, our feelings, our needs, and our personal lives in the face of perhaps tremendous pressure from external professional, business, or other authority figures that may try to run our lives! Ha ha!

Indeed, it can be like a pressure cooker, but let’s remember that a pressure cooker is an alchemical container that cooks everything even faster. We can use this pressure like rocket fuel that pushes mightily against the earth at lift off and sends that baby into outer space! Let’s all lift off together, listen and follow our hearts, and march to the beat of our own drummer while sensitively listening to our heart tribe. Namaste’