Embracing TRUTH

by Karen Doonan

karen-doverWithin the old earth we are continually conditioned to deny reality, we are conditioned repeatedly to accept that which is unfolding around us is something that is happening “to” us and in doing so we are conditioned to deny that which is inside of us.  For many people at this time the unfolding of the decay of the old earth is a challenging and at times frightening picture and yet it was never TRUTH, the decay of the old earth is not something that has just happened over the past few years or even decades. It has always been there, the level of denial internally within the human race itself has kept it hidden in plain view.
As our Heavenly Father begins to call His Children home in TRUTH then more and more will be shown, it has always been there, it has merely been hidden by the conditioning that the human logical mind undergoes within the old earth construct.  The human logical mind is a powerful tool that is hijacked repeatedly by darkness. Plant a small seed and it will grow, a comment, a look, all to trigger the internal emotional residue that does all the rest.  So long have the human race undergone this conditioning that many are lost in the labyrinth of the human mind itself.  We are not asked to think our way out of the old earth construct, we are asked to accept that which we continually have denied to ourselves.

With the acknowledgement of that which is inside of us illuminated then we can do the work to release the emotional residue. Until the moment of illumination we are trapped in a merry go round of thoughts and “ifs and buts” which do nothing other than keep us in neutral.  Our human vehicles require to be in “drive”  and not in “neutral”. It is indecision, the inability to choose that keeps many in the human logical mind, searching for the “answer”. There is no “answer” as such, ALL JUST IS, that which the human logical mind demands is an absolute. So many people are trapped in the emotional residue of making a “wrong” decision that no decision is ever arrived at.

Our power to be released from the emotional bondage of the old earth is our ARRIVAL, it is not our departure, to arrive at the space that sees us accept that that which we have been conditioned to believe is life is a lie. ALL is a lie within the old earth, there is no part that is TRUTH hence it is now decaying rapidly. It is held together by the fear of the human race, the fear of course triggered repeatedly, always forcing the human race back into the human logical mind and the absolutes.

Life in TRUTH is not absolute, we as human beings are not absolute, we are flawed for we are human, there is no “wrong” or “right” answer to the question because the question does not exist in the old earth. In order to answer why we were created we must surrender to that which is not TRUTH, to let go of all that we have ever been conditioned to accept and surrender to Christ. It is through our Salvation which is an active, ongoing process that we then begin to be shown physically who we are in TRUTH. This is never found in our human logical mind and is never found through attempting to validate who we are through those around us.
We are moving more fully into the full unfolding of the decay of a world that does exist, a world that is a fabrication and that has kept the human race enslaved to their minds, to their self, in order to keep them out of their heart space and disconnected from TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS, it is not found in the old earth, it is found through the heart space, by full surrender to wider creation through the Salvation that is found in Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Karen X
2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Navigating the portals to ascension

New post on Truth Codes Ministries
by Karen Doonan

karen-doverFor many the past few linear days have been emotionally intense.  As the frustration of the human race in general begins to peak then the feeding of the darkness has reached unprecedented levels.  View it if you will as the last supper for the darkness, they are feeding on whatever they can find. This at a human physical waking level will see intense and deep illusion descend on those who are using purely logic and already given reference points for the human life experience.  A race that now stands on the edge of evolution are being asked to make a choice and this choice is done energetically as well as PHYSICALLY.  It is not enough to simply hold tight to the “want” to experience a better life, we are not moving into evolution of a new “version” of the human life experience, we are moving into an evolution of EXPERIENCE.  This will take us through and beyond what we have experienced in this our human form but only if we personally allow it to take us there.

Many will default to the behavior patterns of the religions of the world which seek to entrap the human race in the belief that the victory has not been won.  Many who follow religion do so in an attempt to make logical something that is beyond human logic.  We are here to experience a human life EXPERIENCE, we are not here to theorize, debate or judge and religion does all and more.  GOD, our creator YHWY, is found only within the heart space, the portal to the new life that GOD has promised AND WILL DELIVER is through our connection to Christ through our heart space. ALL other connections are simply optical illusions disguised as logically accepted portals which in TRUTH simply lead BACK INTO the very labyrinth they seek to persuade they are exiting.

This TRUTH is now fully unfolding and the confusion and frustration of all who are defaulting to and playing within these illusions will now intensify.  There is no “one way” to exit the old earth construct except through the heart space and in the full ARMOR OF GOD. Trying to exit a construct that is under full control of darkness with anything other than the full armor of GOD is akin to trying to cross a highway whilst wearing a blind fold.

For many the next few days will see intense frustration as the human race is now persuaded that it needs to turn on itself, this will see many who are following the illusions of the old earth construct fully fall into the darkness which consumes the fear of the human race. To look out on to the world and seek to only see what you THINK you should see is to walk in darkness. The LIGHT that many claim to follow is beyond the darkness, it is in the expansion that has now opened to ALL within the human race.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”
Karen X

Moving into balance in TRUTH

We are moving out of the old earth frequencies and the pain that we were taught to keep tight hold of will rise to the surface, our first instinct may be to try to hide this pain from ourselves and those around us but that is not TRUTH and is not supported. To show ourselves that it okay to feel pain and to show emotion is the first step and for many this will be a huge challenge, there is power in the human heart that has been prevented from showing itself, human tears are powerful cleansers and the human race now stand on the edge of remembering the strength of the LOVE that IS. We are asked to step through our fear of the LOVE that IS and embrace ALL human emotion in order to dissolve the emotional residue and step out into a new world with a new way of being and relating to one another in TRUTH.

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Balance and the resetting of human emotion in TRUTH

by Karen Dover

Karen-DoverIt is often remarked that both the human male and the human female speak two different languages, the words that human females share with the human male are not interpreted in the same way that a human female sharing with another human female would be.  For those who have ever read the book “men are mars, women are from venus” you will understand perhaps more clearly. The author showing how male behavior and female behavior is interpreted and misinterpreted.  This is deliberate by the old earth, to keep the male and the female separate is the key for the devil.  Any division at all works for the lower dimensional energies, where we BELIEVE or ASSUME that we are rejected or apart from those whom we love and share our human life experience we sow the seeds that grow as hurt.  We then view our life experience through the lens of this hurt.

Between males and females on this planet the main emotional weapon is anger. Anger is used as a weapon in relationships the world over, it is used at all levels and in all relationships.  Never is it so more apparent than between parents, many marriages take a turn into the emotion road of anger when children are born. The female taught that she is solely responsible for the health and well being of her offspring often shuts out the male without a thought. The human male is taught by the old earth that his role is to provide for his family, the emphasis is always on the physical and rarely on the emotion.  Empathy for others for example is taught to children by the MALE not the female.  Whilst the female may carry the child within her body the child is the product of BOTH parents, it is  illusion to assume that a male is any further emotionally apart from his children just because he does not carry said children within his body.

Society places a huge emphasis on the mother of the children and fathers are left out the picture, until of course days like today, there is no co-incidence that “fathers day” happens to land on the summer solstice. The wound that is the division between the human male and the human female is opening at this time in order to heal.  A woman may look to her father and celebrate the connection that she has with her father but does she celebrate the same connection with her husband?  The label may be different but both are male.  The emotion that is placed upon the father by the female will be transferred to her husband.  The human female replicating the emotion with her choice of husband. Therefore if there was a division between the female and her father there will be the same emotional division between the husband and the female.  This also happens between males and their mothers, with males often marrying females and experiencing the same emotional division.

Both males and females are taught to reference love in different ways. Both end up using this reference point as a weapon.  This is what is being illuminated at this time in order to be released and to heal. LOVE JUST IS, we have been taught as a race to mix up LOVE with sex and to once more divide them.  Females are taught that the human male can separate sex from love and so springs up a generation who use sex as more of a weapon than the previous generation.  Slowly society has taught this distortion to the females as well and many females are finding out that it is not possible just as it is not possible to divide sex and love for the male.  The bonding physically of two human beings is sharing of frequency on ALL levels of the human life experience. It is the frequency clutter (all interaction at a sexual level leaves a frequency residue that remains within the energy signature of both parties)  that is pushing the division further between the human male and the human female. Studies have shown that the more sexual partners that both males and females have the more detached from emotional bonding they become, in short they begin to shut down and they begin to divide within themselves even further.

This drives the anger that was created between the original male and female on this planet. The division that took place between Adam and Eve in the garden of eden has been supported fully since the moment it took place by the lower dimensional energies.  The devil will come in and play and plant the seeds where there is any unresolved anger between the male and the female. This begins to grow and divides and separates.

As we stand on the cusp of a new way of living and being we are asked to understand that life through the lens of anger and the assumption and the defense that springs up around this is not TRUTH.  Those who read this blog will have read me talk about my own previous marriage which is now shown to me in a different light. The anger that existed between us was born out of a deep pain and at this time I am shown clearly my own anger. Is it any co-incidence that after losing my dear mother I then sought to run and to use the anger that exploded within me as a weapon? My anger was in relation to the death of my mother, I had already lost my father and that anger sat within me.  I go back to my statement about how the woman views her father in relation to the husband that she chooses. My father was absent from my life, my anger that he was absent fueled and distorted the man who was with me, who chose to have a child with me and who married me. The ghost of my father always present in my unexpressed anger and expressed within my marriage. Hidden in plain view, for years I have believed that I was protecting myself when in TRUTH i was locked in a cell with the anger that birthed when my father died.

Now I am shown the release of this anger, this anger that has fueled my entire life experience and has sat alongside my grief. Anger is a natural part of grief but begins to disrupt when it is held on to. The death of my mother saw the death of my marriage, the death of my life experience in many ways for I felt rejected and I felt lost but so intense were the emotions that I did not for one moment look outside of myself.  I reacted from how I felt, deaf to any other options other than to fight and to protect. Society encourages this, the old earth supports this and many, many people walk in this.

As a local pastor has stated a few times “hurt people, hurt people”.  We defend ourselves for we are taught to do this by the old earth.  If we strike out at those around us we have to understand that they will strike back for we have ALL been taught to live our lives like this. Many get lost in battles that are passionately angry, parents go to war over their children, siblings go to war over their parents, but ALL ARE HURTING and all are lost in the hurt believing that the other person is the cause of the hurt, the other person is the instrument through which the hurt is shown to us.

To my ex husband I reach out on this fathers day and wish him a happy fathers day. I reach out publicly and state  that I reacted out of an intense emotional pain that blinded me.  I open the door to healing in whatever form this expansion takes for we are now moving into a further expansion of this our human life experience. The veils are being lifted so that we can see the pain on those around us and not just see them as the humans that share this planet with us.

The entire human race is in pain and we are asked to have love and compassion for SELF and for ALL at this time.  For some this pain will be so intense that healing will seem to be a word that makes no sense at all but LOVE knows no boundaries and LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.  We are asked to open our hearts fully at this time and allow this LOVE to flow through us, to remove the blindfolds we were taught to place up our human lives and to understand that the human male is not the enemy any more than the human female is the enemy. The enemy is the seed of pain that was planted into the human life experience at the beginning of creation, which sought to divide and conquer but which is now being shown in TRUTH in order that a race once divided can be UNITED in the LOVE that IS.

At this time we are asked to allow this healing to flow through us, around us and within us and to let go of our perceptions of what the human life experience is all about. The pain that we have been taught is part of this experience is now dissolving but many will try to hold on to it for many have allowed themselves to be taught that the pain is who they are, this is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level. LOVE will attempt at all moments of all moments to flow and the more intense the triggering the more pain will dissolve. We are who we are UNDERNEATH the pain that we have been taught to clothe ourselves in as some sort of armor.  This does not protect us, it shuts us tightly in a jail cell which is locked from the inside. To step out of said jail cell we must begin to forgive and forgiveness starts with ourselves for we were taught how to live this human life experience by those who were also wrapped in pain and knew no other way of living. Generations of pain have led to the outer waking reality that is now being shown to us, one that we are asked to heal fully by allowing LOVE to anchor deep within our heart space and flow around us, through us and within us.

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight


Stepping out of the controls of the old 3d earth created construct

by Karen Dover

Karen-DoverThere is much talk and much distortion presented as to what the old 3d earth created construct is, many people believe it is a matrix into which the entire human race are trapped, viewing it akin to the hollow deck of star trek with the mind projecting what it believes is there on to the walls and ceiling.  Many others believe that the space that we reside within is a separate dimension altogether, the definitions of the old 3d earth created construct are many and varied.  This information seeks to further control the human race. It is totally irrelevant how it is constructed, just as it is totally irrelevant what kind of prison cell we are in , are we in any better a place because the walls are painted white instead of yellow? that the bars are high tensile steel instead of iron? these are details that many focus upon whilst filtering out that the jail cell is SELF CREATED and can therefore be self destructed.

The information presented in the new age movement is presented as a puzzle deliberately, many people spend vast amounts of energy trying to decipher WHY when the real question is HOW. For WHY will not release us but HOW does.  This may seem to be contradicting, many assume that why something has happened is important and this is the frequency of logic that is used against the human race, the human logical mind has been trained to believe and to accept that there must be a “reason” for something happening when this is in direct conflict with our life purpose which is to EXPERIENCE.  When we are trapped in the “why” we move out of the experience and begin to view it and observe it, this stops the actual experience from taking place.  Again I would use the example from the previous blog with the coffee, the experience is not the cup of coffee it is how the drinking of the coffee makes you FEEL.

Why do we need a reason to experience happiness? why do we need a reason to experience feeling good? the answers are found in our early childhood when we created the reference points for “permission” taught from a very young age that we somehow have to have permission and justification for being alive.  This is handed down generation to generation and sees many in a vast inner turmoil. Seeking to only permit experience if it can be rationalized and explained in reasonable terms. As the human body will only register frequency that is running and therefore resonates and that we filter out 95 percent of ALL available information it can clearly be seen how we have been taught to contain our own experiences through these beliefs and reference points.

At this moment many are still holding tightly to the previous reference points, as these are resonate with only lower frequencies and created out of distortion then these reference points cannot be validated through experience. What unfolds is an experience and then the person trying to fit the experience into the reference point that already exists. This sees many people continually reject the experience that is placed before them believing it is other than it is in TRUTH. Remember our perception can and will change but TRUTH remains constant as it existed before we were ever created. We are not creating TRUTH we are validating the experience of said TRUTH through the actual personal experience that we are moving through and beyond.

As this way of living is in direct contradiction to the created reality which we have been taught to refer to it takes a bit of getting used to.  As the reference points that are held deeply are dissolved then the outer waking picture can and will expand dramatically.  Experiences that have been at arms length can then come flooding in to be experienced and expanded upon, the only person who prevents expansion is SELF, we are trained to do this and trained to reject the offer of stepping out of this.  We cannot use the same behavior patterns and expect to expand or even move towards the door of the jail cell.

Those around us will feel the movement and many of you at this time may be interacting with people you have not interacted with in some time, perhaps wondering why the relationships have once more sprung to life. The self policing that occurs within the old 3d earth created construct is within each person. We are taught to monitor the energy of those around us and at an unconscious waking mind level where we find a movement we are taught to close down that movement. This is experienced at a waking human level as criticism, hostility, persuasion, emotional manipulation, anger or tears. Whatever reaction works to move the person who is energetically attempting to move and to persuade them to “think again” will see said person stop and then attempt to solve the puzzle that never exists.

We have been taught to validate our emotions and therefore our lives through those around us. How many of you when attempting to do something in your life can actually hear your parents or spouse or someone with a strong influence on you in your head? how many default to wondering what another person will do or say before taking said step?   As I repeat often in this blog, the only person who is living your human life experience and therefore the only person who can validate through personal experience is you. Those around you cannot interpret the world in the way that you do, that is not their role, their purpose nor their responsibility. We have been taught to take on the responsibility for those around us, especially if we are parents. We are taught to watch over our children 24/7 and that if they are harmed in any way somehow it is our fault as we should have known to do something before it happened. This false teaching has seen the life of children on this planet contained and suppressed dramatically especially over the last 20 years or so. It is not that the world is any more “dangerous” it is that the teachings in relation to “responsibility” and “threat” have increased dramatically, emotional manipulation starts with “what if..” then the unresolved and un-acknowledged emotional residue sets to work creating various scenarios within the human logical mind.

We are given the “tools” to create our own personal nightmares and they are manifest in the world around us as we give out the frequency that seeks to manifest from said emotional response.  Walking down a dark, dimly lit street at night?  what happens to you is not at the mercy of whoever else is in the area but down purely to your emotional response to the situation. The more fear and horrific scenarios that you can dream up the more chance one of them will attempt to manifest as you will be running the required frequency.  This is how we are manipulated by the media and this is how we pass this on to those around us. How often do we trigger at something and become emotionally unstable and immediately want to “warn” those around us? this method of emotional manipulation is rife on social network platforms that rely on sharing of pictures and triggering words for manipulation.  Many people do not check the source of the material such is the emotional triggering they react almost instantly.

There can be no manipulation unless the emotional residue is stored within the human vehicle, so if you are feeling extremely angry at this moment in time with the world, your family or your situation then you are running said frequency and it is driving your experience.  Many will attempt to address the anger externally, this seeks only to push it further inside of the cellular structure.  Releasing it and acknowledging the emotion will see various situations that appear to be hostile suddenly resolve themselves. You cannot start a fire without said fuel for fire being already present.

We are now asked to become more aware of our own emotional reactions and to release these where we find the residue. This allows for vast expansion and the stepping out of the control of the old 3d earth created construct. We have been taught to remain in prison but to keep ourselves safe we placed the keys for said prison on the INSIDE of the jail cell we were taught to create. Which is why others somehow rescuing you is a false teaching, the key is in the inside where you are, not on the outside. This little detail sends many to the very edge of frustration and has spawned a movement of promises that are never kept.

We are not slaves, we have simply been persuaded that we are, to keep us from seeing the key in the lock and turning it and stepping outside the prison we have been persuaded to turn off the light and to fumble about in the dark. The light switch is found in the heart space, it has always been there, ONLY YOU can reach this light switch, the old 3d earth created construct knows this which is why it pulls us continually away from our heart space.  Switch on the light switch and then turn the key………

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Kx Source

The REbirth of the Divine Male in TRUTH

by Karen Dover  
As the energies now expand us into new realities and new experiences many may be undergoing a “searching” within, a search if you will for the “missing” part of SELF.  There is much disinformation within the old 3D earth created reality construct and none more so than the information and material presented in support of the divine female. The old 3D earth created construct seeks to separate at ALL levels of BEing and this is done in a multitude of different ways. It may for example appear that both human males and human females speak the same language but their interpretation of it is different. It is therefore not TRUTH to assume that a human male sees the outer waking world the same as you do if you have taken human female form and vice versa. The teachings that are taught so deeply to human males and human females in relation to what it means to be a human male or human female begin as soon as we are born upon this planet.  With the teachings continually reinforced by the unwritten rules of the outer waking old 3D earth reality construct.

So it is with “mother ” earth, the planet is neither male nor female, the planet JUST IS. The distortion that is presented with the teaching of “mother” and what the word implies further triggers and anchors the teachings that are taught to us as a race.  Each being alive on this planet is made up of both male and female energies, these must be brought into balance and harmony WITHIN us. It is the balance that is now trying to anchor deep within the human race and that many will reject. The “divine feminine” is seen as a nurturing “loving” energy whilst male energy is seen as harsh. Again this is seeking to anchor the teachings in relation to human males and male energy.

The feminine is seen is soft and loving and the male aggressive. This is not TRUTH and the balance of the divine male must be embraced. The male energy has been kept off this planet deliberately for the strength in physical creation is born through the MALE energies that are within us.  We can be as creative as we wish but we need to embrace the MALE energy to push the creativity out into the waking world.  Human males are “set up” to fall within the old 3D earth created construct, we are taught that it is the human male who is pushing the wars on this planet, it is the human male who is out of control and that simply by anchoring more female energy we will somehow soften this.

It is fractured FEMALE energy that has been anchored upon this planet, the energy seeking at all times to punish the male energy, this is seen throughout human relationships with the human male locked out emotionally at many levels of this human life experience.  Human males are separated from their children, they are separated from their loved ones on all levels in a variety of ways. At the moment many teachings are seeking the human male simply to embrace more of the female energies and this will somehow save him. Human males at this time are asked to stand in the LOVE that IS and shine and radiate this energy throughout their being, to embrace the MALE energy within them that they are taught to reject within the old 3D earth created construct.

Many human males walk in shame of being male, they look out onto the world and see what is happening and feel they are somehow responsible as the old 3D earth created construct lays the blame for everything wrong in this world at the feet of male energy. This seeks to filter out the role of the FRACTURED female energy who seeks revenge from the male energy. This is played out through much of the spiritual teachings and seeks to keep many females and males in fear of male energy in whatever form it may take.

As the human vehicle is made up of a BALANCE of both male and female energies then this balance must be sought and anchored. This seeks to create the wholeness that the old 3D earth created construct seeks to teach us to look out with for. To search for someone to complete us is an illusion, we were never complete for we were only ever taught to align with one part of our energetic make up. There is much disinformation about loving of SELF, we cannot allow ourselves to be whole when we dismiss or filter out part of our own energetic make up.  The outer waking reality that is projected around us BY US is now changing but it is being held in place where this imbalance is held. Therefore for any of you who are in a holding pattern I would guide you to look at your belief around male energy.

We have taken both human male and human male form and this is the beginning of the illusion that is presented to us for LOVE JUST IS and it knows no separation, to view another as male or female is to miss the whole picture. When we can look at each other as human BEINGS without looking to the reference points we have been given at how to interact with the “male” or “female” version of human that stands before us then we are almost ready then to expand further and to allow this expansion to continue.

The release will begin whether we are “ready” or not for the world was originally created in BALANCE, within the garden of eden originally Adam and Eve did not look to each other and see any separation this occurred later on. It is this that is filtered out also, there is in TRUTH no separation this was taught to us as a race and we have fought to keep hold of this belief for eternity. We do this by the referencing of others through age, race, sex etc and this is now dissolving for these reference points are not TRUTH.

The only difference between a human male and a human female in TRUTH is the human vehicle itself, all else is learned and has been TAUGHT and it is this that seeks to dissolve now. As a result of this our human relationships will undergo massive re-balancing and expansion.  This allows us to embrace UNITY, when we see our fellow humans as a reflection of the LOVE that IS. Until this point we are walking within the teachings of an old reality that now is dissolving and is pulling many out of balance. To let go of the teachings is to gain equilibrium at the core of your Being, from this all else flows and can be built from.

At this time we are asked to let go fully and allow the deep cleansing and healing that seeks to bring us back to balance to be revealed to us in TRUTH. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Re-alignment of KEY energy points in the human vehicle

by Karen Dover

Karen-DoverMany of you are more than aware of the different energy centers and points within the human vehicle.  As a race we the human race are now accelerating into our evolution.  This means that our human vehicles are now moving and shifting and EVOLVING from the human vehicles we first of all incarnated into when we first arrived in our human form upon this planet.  It is often filtered out by our human logical minds that changes are taking place, after all when we look in the mirror we see the “same” reflection beam back at us.

It is not TRUTH to assume that the human vehicle will remain in a static state whilst the ENERGY that WE ARE in TRUTH begins to anchor, this is not possible. The ENERGY that WE ARE in TRUTH is vast and the flooding energies that are now incoming are helping raise the human vehicle as well as the planet’s energy signature. The energy centers of the old 3D earth created construct version of the human vehicle are different to the ones that evolve as we move into alignment with the New Earth.  It is not TRUTH therefore to try to take information and “ways” of working with energy through into the New Earth. Many of you at this time are preparing to share with the wider world the evolution that you have birthed into said wider world in relation to energy and energy centers.

Indeed to try to “fix” the human vehicle in the ways in which we have been taught within the old 3D earth created construct keeps us in a holding pattern. Much emphasis is placed at this time on the heart space and this is to be commended after all we have been kept out of our heart space for eternity. But just as we cannot just focus on one point and expect to see the wider picture we must allow the human vehicle to move ALL of its energy centers into alignment with the New Earth frequency realities.

The root of what is called in “spiritual” terms the SOUL construct is at the SOULAR plexus, when removing the overlay that is the SOUL construct this energy centre evolves and moves fully into alignment with the HEART space and the ROOT Chakra, all 3 working together to co-create, this is not possible whilst the SOUL construct is in place for the SOUL construct prevents this working. It is seated at the SOULAR plexus to prevent TRINITY from anchoring.  WE ARE after all ENERGY in TRUTH and as such we can have a direct connection to GOD/Universe, why would we need the “middle man” that is the “SOUL”?  Trinity is created from ENERGY in TRUTH + GOD/Universe = Co-Creation.   The SOUL works to prevent this at all moments, it is the filing cabinet if you will of our “karmic” experiences which are null and void in relation to the New Earth frequency realities.

In many aspects we are born anew but whilst we are still awake and living within our human vehicles, again the human logical mind filters this out, we are taught that “dying” involves releasing the human vehicle and then returning to SOURCE. This perception is keeping many of us static and preventing us from releasing the old 3d earth created construct EXPERIENCE fully.  Moving into the New Earth frequency realities is being born anew into a New World and experiencing a new way of living and being in TRUTH whilst remaining in our human vehicle.

At this time we are asked to allow the full flow of the energies as they now flood across, within and around our human vehicles. Physical symptoms can be eased by simply letting go and listening to our human vehicles for our body will talk to us, we seldom listen. To hold “ascension symptoms” as a form of confirmation that the process is unfolding is a distortion, there is no requirement to be in pain or anxiety or discomfort, any “symptoms” are the body trying to move into alignment whilst releasing.  Go INTO the symptom and ask what it is trying to show you and then allow the release. It is entirely possible to get caught up in the whole “ascension” construct and many are at this time.

“Ascension” is the phase prior to EVOLUTION and full EVOLUTION is now underway, the only way to work with this is to LET GO and TRUST the process for we have incarnated in order to experience both the process and the EVOLUTION at a human conscious waking mind level.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Embracing the NEW EARTH in TRUST

Posted: November 21, 2014 – Karen Dover

Karen-DoverAs the old 3D earth created construct now begins to fully break down you may be wondering why it still “looks” as solid as ever and why it has not “shifted” in your outer waking reality.  It is to be remembered that the human eyes are designed to see that which the brain interprets and makes sense of. Therefore at any one time your human logical mind will try to teach you to see something the way it APPEARS TO LOGICALLY represent to the human brain. This does not make something TRUTH it only shows how the human logical mind will rely on past “pictures” of information in order to create that which is presented to you.

Filtering is high at this time, if you are asked to “look again” at a situation that is in front of you and feel hyper frustrated at being asked to do this simply soften your vision. That is allow your HEART to show you how the situation FEELS, for we are apt in our human form to EXPECT things to appear in our outer waking life experience in a particular way. This is what I refer to in the “past pictures” when talking about the human logical mind. You only have to look at “optical illusions” to see how easily fooled the human eye can be. The old 3D earth created construct knew this and deliberately made things APPEAR other than they were. It is only by FEELing into a situation that you can gain perspective and TRUTH, simply looking at what appear to be facts will have you FILTER out  the majority of information that is AVAILABLE to you but which the human logical mind will attempt to reject because the information is not presented to you in a “logical format”.

How often have you been in a situation where you had a “gut feeling” that you could not logically explain but felt was other than it was. How many times have you listened to your “gut feeling” over your logical mind? this is what the ENERGY that YOU ARE at SOURCE is trying to show you in relation to your human life experience. At first glance it may appear that there are no further steps for you to take, that you have reached a “dead end” and yet you can FEEL the doorway that you are being asked to walk through. The choice to walk through it is taken at an energy level, the outer waking reality is teeming with these energetic doorways that are “invisible” to your human naked eye because you do not have a reference point from which to decode the frequency that they represent.

Let me explain this further, it is similar to the 13th monkey principle. it your brain does not have a reference point for something it will filter it out and you will be unable to “see it”. This does not mean that the something is not there, only that your human logical mind has filtered it out, made it invisible to you if you will.  The human race is now moving beyond where they have gone in human form before, in human form you are being exposed to frequencies that you have never before in a human form been exposed to, hence some of what is around you will appear to be invisible until you acknowledge it and slowly it will then “solidify” into your outer waking reality. Many of you are walking this path at this moment, in high frustration with guidance or “gut feeling” that says to you something your logical mind cannot accept as it has no “proof”. This is also called FAITH and it is something that the human race has been prevented from experiencing to any depth. Hence you are asked to walk in FAITH of SELF and build this resonance. This allows you to walk in places only ever walked by angels before, again angelic energies resonating to such a high frequency that the human eye cannot “see” them. This does not mean that angels do not exist, only that the human eyes cannot perceive them.

Much like dogs can hear auditory that is beyond the human senses, there is much at this time which is sitting just beyond your human “vision”. At this time you are asked to move beyond where you have gone before and to allow the energetic gateways to open for you, it is always your decision of whether to walk towards them or simply ignore them as your human logical mind will attempt to teach you over and over again. By this point in your human evolution experience many of you may be experiencing things that others around you see as “impossible”, this will continue to expand and you will continue to explore for indeed that is exactly why you came here in this your human form.

For those who are experiencing deep frustration I am currently offering Angel Readings with the option of asking 3 questions, so if you are looking for your energetic “gateway” and cannot see it, allow the angels to communicate through me to you to show you where to walk.  Please visit www.karen-dover.com to order or email me at truthcodes@gmail.com.  Guidance is sent via email for you to refer to as necessary.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


AA Michael message to humanity 17th November 2014

by Karen Dover

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Michael and I am here with you as you now move out of the containment of the old 3D earth constraint and into the expansion of ALL THAT IS in TRUTH.  For many of you this may be a time of confusion and bewilderment as you begin to anchor that life on this planet is not as you have been TAUGHT to believe. The movement of the world around you may push you into the places that you have been TAUGHT to fear and this is to help you understand from SOURCE level that ALL JUST IS and that what you have been TAUGHT is fear is but a dark shadow that has no substance.

For some of you this time will expand dramatically and will see you move into arenas that you have never before walked, for others it is a time of opening of the energy centers of the human vehicle as you begin to download the coding that is required in order to access the expanded dimensional spaces of the New Earth frequency realities.

ALL stand in support of ALL who have taken human form and ALL stand in readiness to support, to guide and to prepare you at a human conscious waking mind level for ALL that will now appear in the outer waking human reality. A reality that has been amended and contained by the mass frequency downloads of the old 3D earth created construct. As these release the dimensional spaces into which you can expand will become ever more apparent and ever more reachable.

ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.  ALL that has been hidden from you exists only within the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths that you have been TAUGHT to remain within.  Now the Planet Earth expands in frequency ready to welcome ALL for the human race are not alone, have never been alone and now this will be confirmed for those who are here to work at expansive levels with other races and realms.

Understand that nothing exists out with of SELF so the journey that you take in this your human form is DESIGNED from SOURCE to move you into dimensional spaces that both support and expand this your human life experience. It is not TRUTH to assume that everyone who has taken human form will experience that which you personally experience for only YOU ARE YOU and this TRUTH has been hidden in plain view for eternity.

YOU came here to this planet at this time in order to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH, the process DESIGNED to allow you to create HEAVEN UPON EARTH. Not the HEAVEN that you have been TAUGHT exists, but HEAVEN IN TRUTH, for ALL come from HEAVEN for HEAVEN JUST IS as YOU ARE.

Over the coming linear few days understand that this process is at your fingertips, the movement into the evolution of your human vehicle is determined BY YOU AT ALL MOMENTS.  As you now remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH the ability that you have at a human conscious waking mind level to allow the transformation and the expansion will rapidly accelerate.  Have confidence in ALL for YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE. YOU came here to BE SELF within a human vehicle, this TRUTH will now begin to expand within you as you now reach beyond where you have been TAUGHT is possible and as you now embrace ALL for ALL ARE ONE and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Michael and I am with YOU for I have always walked with YOU and this TRUTH will now anchor fully around you, within you and through you.

BREATHE and BE for ALL JUST IS and ALL is by DESIGN in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


Releasing “personal” anger from with the human vehicle

by Karen Dover

Karen-DoverAnger is taught to the human race in a variety of ways, there are a variety of different frequencies related to the distortion which is taught as “anger” within the old 3D earth created construct.  Anger JUST IS, it is the context in which it is taught and ankhored that will see it illuminated in the ways that it is being illuminated  at this time.  Anger has often been described as a “hot coal” that burns and it is the burning that may be arising within you at this time. Whether this be racial anger, ancestral anger, gender anger etc, all has been taught to the human race as a basis from which to fuel the human life experience.

You may be reading this blog and thinking “what is she talking about, I am not angry”.  What this blog is addressing is anger at a CELLULAR LEVEL.  Let me give you an example to explain, I was born in Scotland, my cellular structure when I came onto this planet was CELTIC, so my base pattern for this human life time was already set when I chose to incarnate into a Scottish life time.   The CELTS have a history that is violent, wars, violence, famine, uprooting, the list is endless.  Many of you may be able to trace your “roots” to Scotland or indeed Ireland, both are of CELTIC origin.   Those who are familiar with Scottish peoples will see the anger that is ankhored clearly when the recent “independence” debate raised it head yet again.  It has served to illuminate a division that exists at CELLULAR LEVEL.  The human vehicle is after all a product of ancestry.  Tracing your human family tree will illuminate what your ancestors did and how they lived. This is adapted in human behaviour at various levels.

It is to be remembered that ALL IS NOW, therefore the history of the CELTS is STILL ACTIVE until it is released from the cellular structure of the human vehicle. It is also to be remembered that ancestral anger covers many topics and is displayed in various ways. Not all anger is displayed as the hostile aggression that is assumed when reading the word “anger”.

The New Earth energies that are flowing rapidly across the planet are illuminating the ancestral anger in order that you can both see and then release it.  You may have suffered from depression, anxiety, skin disorders, stomach disorders, aggression, mood swings etc at some time in your life or “battled” against them in this human life experience, these are the “bleed through” from the life times that play out that are fuelling the anger and triggering you in this lifetime from CELLULAR LEVEL outwards.

Anger works to BREAK DOWN the human vehicle, leading to various DIS-EASE patterns and as this is not TRUTH, by this I mean that the human vehicle was never designed to break down but to be SELF HEALING this frequency must be released in order to move in frequency and enter the New Earth realities in TRUTH.

At this time you are asked to LOOK WITHIN, to understand that the overlays and scenarios that are being created for you are deliberately triggering a frequency that is not TRUTH and can no longer resonate within the human vehicle. Illuminating it will then allow you to acknowledge it and release it. Failure to acknowledge it will see it shown to you at deepening levels.

Along with anger is taught shame and unworthiness.  The old 3D earth construct teaching that somehow you need to defend your right to life in human form, teaching you that you need to justify who you are in order to be accepted and loved. This is not TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and LOVE is what YOU ARE in TRUTH.  There is no need to justify who you are, who you are is YOU and YOU ARE LOVED.  It is now time to put down the swords and stop fighting, the fight of course taking place WITHIN the human vehicle.  Peace is achieved by acknowledging that you are who you are and that you cannot be anyone other than who you are. ACCEPTANCE COMES FROM WITHIN, it is not found in the people around you, indeed the people around you will change as you change your INNER LANDSCAPE.

The New Earth is built on LOVE and PEACE, these frequencies must be anchored at CELLULAR LEVEL and then radiate out into the world. In order to do this simply LOVE SELF and have compassion for SELF. The old 3D earth created construct TAUGHT you to be other than who you are in TRUTH. Accept and acknowledge this and then alter your cellular structure to one of LOVE and PEACE and radiate this out into the world around you.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.