Journey of a Thousand Deaths – Letting Go

by Jenny Schiltz

It has been said before that it is like we die a thousand deaths on this journey. This is one of the truest things I’ve heard. It matters not where you are on this path, because once you step foot on it consciously or unconsciously, parts of you begin to die. We leave behind all the bits and pieces of who we thought we were, the identities that we took on or were put on us, the parts of us and the people that do not resonate with whom we are becoming. These come off in layers, because I’m not so sure we could handle the truth of our being all at once. Sometimes the letting go is done forcefully as if the universe (you) is conspiring against you and other times the layer is so deep that your full participation is required. It has to be conscious letting go, deliberate stepping into the new.

Now more than ever we are being asked to not only let go but to really see the impact these ‘false selves’ have had on our lives. Where these selves held fear, lack, and at the same time how they provided the perfect canvas for us to experience exactly what we needed to for our growth. We are being shown our dysfunction and how deep it goes for none of this can stand in the higher light. It is the resistance to this letting go that creates such suffering in our lives.

I knew I had tapped into a new layer of self that needed to go. I had been working with it for a few days, feeling it out, understanding its voice and role. A few days ago I was headed to the hot springs as I needed the healing soak. I began again, tapping into this layer, really feeling the resistance that was there and found underneath was fear. This layer was afraid to go and was really wreaking havoc on my emotional body. I was anxious, cranky, feeling insecure… just yuck. The rhythm of the road and the radio blaring provided the perfect escape for me to explore and really hear and feel what was being expressed. I was grateful for the sharp mountain roads requiring my husband’s attention because if he had looked over and seen tears running down my face, I would have had to confess the existential crisis I was having. I then began a sincere, active dialog within myself.

Me: I need you to go, this needing to play small, and making myself small for another’s comfort, the fear of putting myself out there…. it doesn’t serve me any longer

Layer: What if when I leave you die too? You have children and a husband.

Me: Then it was meant to be. Their highest good would be served too. I trust that.

Layer: What if you change so much that your husband won’t want to be with you?

Me: This gave me pause and then I heard my higher self say – he has stood by you through every change and has loved seeing you, the you he always knew come out of the shadows.

Layer: I’m afraid

Me: I know, but you will be fine. Thank you for all you taught me. I am stepping forward now.

With that, I literally felt something leave my body. It was a huge shift and a release like nothing I have ever experienced. Then I felt peace, beautiful blessed, peace. The next time I caught my husband’s eye, I flashed him a smile. I was going to be alright, we were going to be alright and I felt such joy and excitement for what new is showing up in my life now that I released the old.

While that conversation was so clear, I began to remember more subtle ones I have had through the years. What if I lost everyone on this journey? What if they thought I was crazy? What if I am crazy? I remember the fears stripping away layer by layer. Some layers had stayed around causing me suffering for months before I was finally able to TRUST and let go. The releasing is faster now because my trust is greater and instead of fighting the release I express gratitude for its role and consciously step into the new. Being clear on my inner dialog, which we all have, has really helped. Slow down your thoughts, really hear them and don’t hesitate to speak your truth to those thoughts. I have found that there is a misguided belief within spirituality that to speak your fears, to name them gives them power or manifests them. I call BULL! I find that naming my fears helps me to really see them and show them compassion. Isn’t that what all of us want when we are scared? Compassion and understanding. Parts of us feel like they are dying and that the world around us will crumble as we embody more and more of who we truly are. The only way that this can be done gracefully is with conscious intent and deep love.


As we near an extremely powerful Equinox, you will find that the need to let all within you that is old, go. This is also being mirrored in the outer world with de-cluttering, job changes, moves, relationship changes, and even deaths. Some of our animal companions are also transitioning because their role is complete… they helped assist you by showing you true unconditional love. Now it is time to show that love to yourself.

Due to the vast changes that we all feel, even those not energy sensitive, I’m noticing that outside fears are on the rise. Stop, be still, and see if you are fearing something in front of you or far off. Many are disconnecting from social networks and the media for these reasons. The truth may be hard to discern but what isn’t is how your body reacts when you focus on these things. Do you feel anxious, scared, tired, and overwhelmed? Make no mistake, we feed things with our energy; we can either feed love and joy or we can feed fear and duality.

The separation of the frequencies is becoming more distinct, this has to happen so that we can easily see and feel the differences. The Equinox marks the beginning of the time when the frequencies are not only distinct but will begin to move away from each other. This is why there is such a great push at this time for all of us to be very conscious of our thoughts and emotions. We have to choose what we want to continue in our lives. Choose and consciously overwrite the old programming by stating your truth. Deeply imbedded programing will take consistent effort, but it’s worth it. It’s time for us to own exactly who we are with no apologies.

As we rewrite the programming, density leaves our form in sometimes unpleasant and explosive ways. Headaches can be common as well. During the process of grid removal, (more of an explanation here:, feeling dizzy, nauseous and ungrounded is common. Also with the timelines dissolving and shifting it can feel like we are losing our minds. Things go missing and pop up someplace else. I have even been in a car and saw someone getting ready to T-bone us and as I braced, the car disappeared. All we can do is laugh and shake our heads.

With all of this activity, you may notice that your own intuition and abilities are increasing. It’s quite exciting. We are entering a whole new world of possibilities as we make the higher frequencies the dominate one in our form. There is no veil on the New Earth, the only veils that remain are within each of us and are determined by what we can handle and what experiences we have chosen for our continued growth. Now is a great time to journal so that you can look back and be amazed at how much has changed and how much has shown itself to you.

I hope that each of you are finding some peace within the chaos. As a healer I work with has said “May all things happen with ease and grace, ease and grace.” Sending you all love and strength.


11:11 Gateway – Sananda – 11-9-15

Posted on November 9, 2015 by Jenny Schiltz

jenny0I am connecting to discuss the energetic portal you are entering. The 11:11 gateway is an opportunity for you to move forward on your path and leave behind aspects that are not in resonance with your soul. It is an opportunity for you to access more of your divine blue print and to bring it to fruition on earth. Each of you will go through this gateway, but how this gateway affects you will be determined by how much you are able to clear from your field prior to entering the portal. That which you have not cleared will remain and you will then continue to work on changing your beliefs, expectations, and definitions. It is these that have created much resistance in your form.  Do not become fearful that you will miss out or that you have done something wrong, all is taking place exactly how it should be for your soul’s greatest growth.

With this deep phase of clearing you are being shown where you are resistant. That which no longer serves is becoming more obvious and you are being asked to choose what is in your highest good and for your greatest soul growth at all times. In order to do this some of you are being asked to rewrite your beliefs and expectations. You are being asked to look at all of your fears and move beyond them. Many of you are experiencing scenarios in your waking and dream worlds that are designed to show you what needs changing and what needs to be left behind.  These are opportunities for you to heal what is not in alignment within yourself.  You are being asked to leave behind the constraints of life in the 3rd Dimension, the limiting beliefs and practices and walk fully in the power of your soul.

In order to do this we ask that you consciously step into the new. You must understand that it is you who brings forth into the new that which has caused you to suffer previously. In any moment you can declare that you no longer need to feel the way that you do, to see the growth you have achieved and with gratitude, move forward. Each moment is a new opportunity to choose how you will react to and perceive all around you. Choosing different allows for old programming to be rewritten and for you to step more into your power.  Seeing things with a new perspective allows for you to move forward, no longer entangled. Know that much help is being given at this time to help you through the energetic and physical changes taking place at this time. It is you who must also move your thinking forward, and it is you who must be in charge of your manifestation.  You are all masters, remembering who you are. Now is the time to leave behind all that no longer serves nor defines you. Now is the time to step consciously forward and claim your right.

Open your heart in all things as it will lead your way.



Personal conversation:

Me: The past two weeks the theme that has been surfacing again and again in readings is resistance. The guides are asking us to really look at what we are resisting in our lives. For what we are resisting is causing us more and more problems.  I had a client talk about her body issues, a topic in which I can completely relate. She felt that her body issues were getting worse. The guides explanation helped me to see so much clearer and I felt the need to share it with all of you.

Guide: Your thinking is there to show you a piece that must be fixed or rather left behind

Client: You mean my weight needs fixed?

Guide: No, your beliefs about your weight. If you can accept your weight, see beauty in it, see that it is perfect, then it wouldn’t matter if it changes. However, once you accept yourself, love yourself, the resistance leaves and then change is possible.

Client: So this resistance is what causes the problem?

Guide: Exactly and it becomes more and more emphasized so that it can be seen and you can change it. Not your body but your beliefs surrounding it.

This brought to mind the Wayne Dyer quote: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sananda: You all are being asked to master your thoughts and your perceptions. It is in this way that you are able to clearly see the matrix and the hologram that you have created. Once you master this, you will be able to create your reality more freely and recognize when you are confronted with beliefs that do not resonate within.

Me:  I’m finding that with so much is coming up to be dealt with and acknowledged. We can no longer can we deny our feelings. Telling ourselves to stay in the light and to only focus on the positive is not going to work any longer. We are being asked to get real, real with ourselves. We can only do that by honoring exactly who we are in this moment and what we are feeling. Anything less is just another layer of identification that we have added while on this journey. We must honor all parts of ourselves, the light and the dark. For until we can see all of our parts as perfect, that all is as it should be for our highest soul growth and that all is in our highest good, we are contributing to duality.

Sananda: Perception is what is most important. At all moments you are transmitting your reality. This can be transmitted through your heart or through your mind. One requires you to see the good in all, to leave duality behind and to live a heart felt existence. The other requires very little but will not create the life you want to live.

Me: Many are not happy in their lives but are not able to change it due to various circumstances. How can one maintain a positive outlook and stay in their heart when they feel drained and miserable?

Sananda: Most circumstances can be changed by simply changing how you perceive it. What beliefs do you have about your current situation? For example, many hold employment that is not their ideal position. They have a choice to either see the beauty and the growth in this situation or to feel like a victim trapped. Knowing that ones thoughts and beliefs at about this moment helps to create the next, one can see the importance of living in a state of grace and gratitude for all. This is how change happens, by accepting and being grateful for the growth that is occurring in the now.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.


Tipping point has been reached – Quan Yin – 6-3-15

Posted on June 3, 2015 by Jenny Schiltz

We have exciting news! We have reached a tipping point in this process. Many of you have recently moved into the 5 Dimensional reality. We smile because we know that many of you are looking around thinking that you must not have made it yet. Please understand that the 5th Dimensional reality is a vibratory state. Just as the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and beyond dimensions are. When you have cleared a certain amount of beliefs and density from your body you then vibrate higher and can access the higher dimensions. As many of the first group have moved into this new location, it allows others to follow suit faster and with greater ease. This tipping point has been long awaited.

There has been much disinformation about the 5th Dimension as a magical place, a place where upon arriving you are instantly healed, upgraded, and immortal. This is just not the case. When you move into the Fifth dimension your first destination is to connect fully to the Unity grid. This grid allows you to connect easily with those that resonate at this higher vibrating state. It is where you begin to understand fully and live knowing that we are all in fact one. It is from this destination that you will continue to clear and remove density from your frame allowing more crystalline light codes in. It is from this destination that true connection with the highest aspect of self begins. As you rise through the dimensions, this connection will strengthen and you will merge with your soul source. Clearing allows space for your highest vibrating aspect to come forth.

Some of you may become discouraged hearing this, thinking that the 5th dimension was your final destination, that upon arriving your work is done. We understand as the journey from the 3D dimensional frequency to the 5th dimensional frequency was long and difficult. It has been your most difficult and time consuming change by far. You will find that as you embrace your new location, your new vibration and release all that no longer serves you that you move quickly though the dimensions. Each dimension, will allow you to vibrate higher, create more clearly the life you want, and for you to feel at peace. At the same time, understand that anything you are still holding onto will come up again and again so that it may be healed. The 5th Dimension is not a magic cure, but a place where the magic begins and increases as you move forward.

Now is the time to own your personal mastery and focus on love for yourself and others as this is what opens your heart charka allowing more to be cleared and more codes to come in. As your heart opens fully, as you seek a life of wondrous beauty, your purpose in life will unfold before you. You will receive new, higher vibrating blue prints or plans that are designed to help you achieve all that is in your highest good. Understand that blue prints come in layers and as layers are added, anything you are holding, grief, anger, sadness, and beliefs that no longer serve will be brought forth to your new blue print for the opportunity to cleanse there. If an issue is completely cleansed and released, it will not be part of who you are in the future. It is you who calls forth what no longer serves you in each moment, it is you who has the power to let it all go as well. At any moment you may call on your guides, angels, highest self, and the ascended masters to assist you with clearing and moving forward. However, it is you who must uncover the root cause of what you are struggling with. When you find the root cause and how it has impacted parts of your life, only then can you see the lesson that it was designed to teach you. Once a lesson is learned, you no longer need to hold onto it moving forward.

It is important in these times that you do not allow another to dissuade you from claiming your personal mastery. This is your time to shine and continue on with your work of clearing, growing and expanding. We are very proud of you and are delighted at how far so many of you have come.

Quan Yin


Personal Conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: When i first started this journey I was told that the earth was literally splitting in two. That those that were ascending would move to a different earth. I was heartbroken because I was afraid that my family wouldn’t move with me. I was so sad, depressed, fearful, it was terrible.

Quan Yin: How did you learn the truth?

Me: I kept coming back to the same thing in my mind, which I now know was my team nudging me, I kept thinking – How can this process which is supposed to be amazing divide families? How could something which is so positive, rip a mother from her children? Then I came back to over and over again that God is love and anything that divides people is too much like the heaven vs hell scenario. So I stopped believing it. Then as I became able to hear my guides and the masters, i asked and was told about the vibration levels, the frequencies. It all made sense and so much sadness left my body.

Quan Yin: We were very glad when you chose to leave the fear behind and embrace this journey. Many have been mislead. Each person has the choice to ascend through the dimensions and to experience this transition how they see fit. No one is ever left behind, each person chooses to continue on or to leave the planet. It ll depends on the lessons they have come in to learn and teach,

Me:  It is the first wavers that have made it to the 5D?

Quan Yin: In mass yes, some have entered the fifth dimension and gone beyond before this time. However we have reached a tipping point in this process because of the amount that have recently transitioned.

Me: When I was awakening, I went into fear about everything, I was so angry. I am seeing this in others who are just awakening. Is this just normal?

Quan Yin: It seems to be common yes, but now there are those who have gone beyond such limitations and they are able to shine a light of love and compassion to help guide the way. You are all very valuable.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.

Jenny – Source

Receiving New Frequencies – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood

by Jenny Schiltz

Jenny-SchiltzBy now many of you are wondering what is going on. The reality and ways of being that you knew before are changing. For some of you, this is massive change as you move into alignment with your natural course. For others the changes are small, yet profound as you are aligning every breath, every thought with your highest good. Many of you could feel the solar flares as they erupted, could sense the changes in your body and knew exactly the reaction that they would illicit. Now you may be feeling similar, yet more intense reactions when no solar flares have been emitted. This has left many confused and uncertain as to what is changing in your world. The sun is not the only source of light codes, frequencies, and programming to help accelerate humanity’s evolution. You are also receiving information from the Sirius and Lyrian star systems.

These downloads feel different for each person. For those working through old beliefs, attachments, and limitations these can feel heavy and emotional. They are helping you to release these carbon imprints by showing you what must change in your world. If you are observant and aware that all that brings up emotions and pain if for your benefit, you will be shown exactly what needs healing. At any moment you can declare yourself done with a particular mind set, belief or circumstance. Once you have made it perfectly clear within yourself that you no longer need to believe or feel a certain way, the universe will help by bringing new choice into your path and helping you to disengage from the ways that  were not in alignment with your highest good. Understand that radical change, the rewriting of beliefs takes time and dedication on your part.

Be gentle with yourself a many of the limiting beliefs, behaviors and programming are deeply ingrained in your psyche. It is very much like unearthing layers of yourself. Think on an archaeological dig. At the top layer a small bone may be exposed, but as you remove more sand, bit by bit, you see that the bone is attached to more bones. Finally after scaling away many layers you can finally see the entire skeleton and remove it completely. We ask that you do not become discouraged and stop after only unearthing a small portion. Understand that each piece you heal and work through is part of the whole and you are not failing by having to revisit the same issue multiple times. You are just simply exposing all the facets of an issue so that it can be removed entirely.

For some of you the Sirius and Lyrian frequencies feel light and sparkly. They are helping your body to literally transform itself from a carbon based on to a crystalline one. The more carbon, denseness, that leaves your vehicle the more radical the changes are that will take place in your environment. While these changes can be difficult on the form as digestive upset and headaches are common, there is an underlying feeling of excitement and there should be. As your body is transformed you are beginning to remember just how powerful you are. Manifestation will come easier, synchronicities will become the norm and help guide your path. Many of you have not felt as inspired and guided in a long time so it is  great reprieve even if the physical symptoms persist.  Your chakra system is also being upgraded as is your light body. The higher heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras may be feeling odd, even painful. There is absolutely nothing wrong, you are just realigning your very being with who you truly are.

For many of the first wavers, this is an incredible time, a feeling of completion for some and for others the feeling of the beginning of an amazing journey. However, for the later waves and for some of the first wave it is still a time of great upheaval and change. Part of the first waves role is to shine a light in the dark for the later waves. This is done through compassion, understanding, and remembering how it was for you. Sharing what worked for you is helpful but keep in mind that each person’s journey is different. What worked for you may not work for others. Your job is simply to show love and compassion for others and shine a light.

With great love and respect,

Quan Yin


Beginning of an exciting month – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 3-2-15

Posted on March 3, 2015 by Jenny Schiltz

You are beginning a very exciting month starting with the full moon on March 5th. Many of you will be able to pinpoint this month as the one where you made huge strides during this time. Your earth is receiving solar flares, downloads and activations from the galactic that are changing the very face of humanity. All will be affected, it depends on where you are in your development to determine how great a jump you will receive. First wavers who are ready will anchor into the Unity grid of the 5th Dimension and continue progressing onward. This anchoring will make it easier for others to follow.

Many are having a difficult time physically as the body is beginning to become crystalline in nature. The process of changing from a carbon based body to a crystalline body is slow and at times uncomfortable. As your DNA is activated and more blueprints are downloaded, you will slowly change to a fully crystalline being. The most important thing at this time is to listen to your body. If it needs sleep, sleep. If your body is craving a particular food, ask yourself if it is healthy and beneficial to the body, and if it is, eat it. Your needs will change from moment to moment. If you lock yourself into a box of a particular diet, you may find the physical symptoms are stronger. Consuming more water at this time is also essential. Dehydration is the greatest reason for much of the discomfort being experienced. This is the time for you to connect fully with all aspects of yourself and this includes your body. You are on earth to experience your essence in solid form, enjoy and honor that opportunity. While you are not your body, it is an aspect of who you are.

It is also imperative that you honor your truth at this time. As you go through this process many will not understand the changes going on within you. Be strong and know that if you are living heart centered that you are making the correct decisions. When others become heart centered they will then begin to understand the changes you have made. Always make decisions based on your heart as this is the access to your soul, your higher self.

Understand that for many these changes embracing your planet cause them to feel anxious and uncertain. When these feelings overtake the body, some will either act out in ways that show areas needing healing or they can embrace fear based thinking that envelops your planet. It is as if focusing on the negative actions in your world explains the uncertainty they feel inside. We assure you that focusing on all that is wrong in your world will not make this process easier. Understand that as creators, what you allow into your field of reference is completely under your control. The easiest way through this process is through your heart, compassion for yourself and others is needed. Focusing on things in your world that cause you to want to leave your planet or that make your feel disgust or anger towards your fellow humans, is not operating with your heart open. A loving, compassionate, open heart is your gateway to your higher self and the peace you seek.

This is the time when it is imperative that you begin to trust the messages and feelings you receive. Each of your journeys are different and should be honored as such. While it is good to feel a part of something, don’t allow someone else’s experience to cloud your own. This is your time to own your personal mastery, to own your own truth and to trust your own inner guidance. The more you trust your inner guidance and act on your innate knowing the stronger it grows. There are no wrong answers, no wrong decisions as each path, each choice is a learning experience. Again, we tell you, trust your heart, act always from a place of love and compassion and your way, your path will open before you.

From one master to another, I honor you.

Quan Yin


New Phase has Begun – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 2-9-15

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Jenny Schiltz

Jenny-SchiltzWhat an exciting time this is! The Great Purge is complete and the work many of you did is astounding. When all the debris is cleared from the collective you will notice a lightening throughout mankind.

This time is very important as we are now in a new phase in this process. We understand that many feel that there has not been enough progress, enough change. We urge you to journal on a daily basis on your thoughts, feeling, emotions and insights you many have received through your day. We feel that if you did this and looked back even one month’s time you would be awed at the changes you have made, not only in your actions, but in your thought processes. You will also be able to see places where themes have arisen for healing. Understanding what needs to change, finding the root cause of the thoughts, behaviors or pattern will help you release it much easier. Often the most difficult part is knowing that things must change or be released but not knowing where to begin or what exactly is causing your discomfort.

We have now entered a new phase of accountability. This is a time when one must leave victim hood behind, appreciate the lessons learned and move on with your purpose. Many of you are having areas where you feel like a victim arise within you. This can be in your relationships, work and even the circumstances of your life. When these arise, sit back and become the observer. How does that emotion feel? Are your thoughts based in truth or in falsehoods you created or that were at one time created for you? Do your best not to react to the feelings and emotions, instead observe. When you are able to observe you can then tell yourself the truth and release the story you created to experience the feeling of victim hood. Many of you may have felt that you released feeling the victim and accepted personal responsibility when you began this journey, Indeed you did. However, these emotions arising are for you to take one last look, one last feel and choose to never allow yourself to feel that way again. Feel how these emotions dis empower you and lower your vibration. As you then state the truth, which makes you accountable for all that you feel and do, take note of that feeling. When you fully own who you are, what you have done and the choices made in your life, your vibration naturally raises and you can then see the beauty in all that has lead you to this place.

In order to move forward from this place you must accept personal mastery and be accountable for all that you have created knowingly and unknowingly. This is a crucial time in your development because buffers have been removed and you are literally attracting to you your thoughts and emotions. We understand that this may cause anxiety in many of you. Know that if you become the observer and monitor your thoughts you will see just how quickly you are able to manifest what you want and also what you do not want. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and moods and the accompanying results will help you to master this area more quickly. We recommend that when working on manifesting things beyond your daily thoughts that you always ask that your highest good and the highest good of all be considered. This is important as it can be difficult to see the far reaching effects. Know that this is a time of trial and error as you step into your mastery. You didn’t learn to ride a bike in one day and nor will you master this skill in one day. Trust yourself and always lead with your heart and you will create and attract to yourself exactly what you need for your growth at this time.

Now is the time to believe fully in this process and yourself. You have done much work and you should be proud of yourself. While this is a time of trial and error, it is only because you are walking into your personal mastery that you are at this phase in the process. Some feel that that they are waiting for something akin to the Big Bang Theory of evolution to take place, an instant ascension if you will. That is not the case. Your development comes in phases and only after you have done the work required to shed yourself of old beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

Be confident that all the work you have done, the changes you have made has moved you to this point in your journey. Believe in what your heart tells you about your progress, not your mind. Don’t allow your thoughts to diminish the incredible progress you have made. When we look upon you, we see masters what are returning home after a long and incredible journey.

Quan Yin

Personal Note:

As I was receiving this channeling, my mind kept flashing to an experiment I read in a Behavioral Psychology class. In the experiment (and I am not condoning it) they took a dog and placed it in a room. They left the door open and electrified the floor around the perimeter. Every time the dog tried to leave, he would get shocked so the dog would naturally avoid the area and stayed in the room. They routinely made the perimeter of the electrified floor wider and wider until the dog was left with only the center of the room. They kept it like this for quite a while. Then they turned off the electrified floor and observed that the dog didn’t even go near the perimeter to even check and see if the floor still shocked him, much less leave the room through the open door. The dog had been conditioned to stay in the tiny area provided.

I think in some ways we all can react like the dog, by not testing the boundaries, accepting what is and not realizing that we can in fact walk out that door. So many of us, look for the next sign, the next flare, the next planet alignment hoping that this time we will feel different, that we have ascended. There is so much information out there saying how we will be leaving the 3D reality soon, I believe that if you are reading channelings and resonating with them that you have already left the 3D hologram and may be beginning to connect to the new Unity Grid of the 5th Dimensional reality, which is only one of many that you will venture through on your way home.  What if you began to see yourself as an Ascending Master? I say Ascending, because this journey is not finite. What if you decided to test the boundaries, push the envelope and spread your wings? You don’t need anyone’s permission to own your mastery, to step into your soul source. What does your heart whisper to you?

Much Love to You,

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Source

Galactic Brotherhood – It’s Time to Forgive Yourselves – Sananda

by Jenny Schiltz

Jenny-SchiltzI want to take a moment today and talk to you about forgiveness. As many of you are aware, you have received an energetic upgrade since the New Year. This upgrade can be very powerful if you allow it to assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you.

Many of you are entering the place of neutrality, where you see the beauty in all things, even those things that are deemed negative. You are beginning to grasp the truth behind the words “All is in your highest good.”. Many of you have known of the concept, struggled to fully understand it but now you are actually able to feel the truth int he words. This is not an easy thing and you should feel very proud of your accomplishment, especially when surrounded by others that are still entrenched in duality. To keep your neutrality and not fall into judgement is not easy. As you practice this new way to be, you may lapse into judgement, even horror at the current events of the world. We understand and ask that you bring yourself back to center as quickly as possible. You will find that anything less will feel very uncomfortable in the body. Eventually you will feel that to leave neutrality is so unnatural that you will recognized the slightest slip, the slightest thought that moves you from center. Do not be concerned that others are not in this space, they will arrive when it is their time.

You have done incredible work to arrive at this place that has been called the zero point. You have forgiven those that hurt you and even are able to see the purpose behind events in your life. You are able to glimpse the grand design behind tragedies while feeling compassion and understanding for those living through  and affected by such events. It is beautiful to be able to view things from a grander perspective but respond on a very human level with caring and compassion. This is how you will change the world. This is how you can heal those around you, by simply caring and having compassion for all involved while not getting entrenched in right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We are very proud of the work you have done and how much you have achieved. Every day more light is held by your world, every day more connections are made to the higher grids and to the earth herself. As the grids are being created in higher dimension, the ones in the 5th & 6th dimensions are becoming fortified, widened and strengthened to allow the masses to move forward.  We are aware of the work all of you have done to hold the light within, to be a beacon, and a pillar of peace in chaos. So many of you are able to forgive others very easily. However, many of you are not extending this grace to yourselves. You can not fully embrace neutrality until you are able  to completely forgive yourselves for perceived wrongs. You need to acknowledge that every wrong turn, everything you did to another, has led you to this place, this time. We have asked that you reconnect with your inner child and many of you are doing that. Now we ask that you fully forgive yourself for all things that have caused you guilt & shame. Guilt, regret and shame weigh heavy on the heart and will keep you from rising to your potential. We ask that you forgive yourself, release yourself, and love yourself as you have done for others. It is time to extend neutrality to yourself.

So many of you are very hard on yourselves and don’t acknowledge all the good things you have done and the work you have completed. . We ask that you forgive yourselves and see yourself as we see you, as beautiful, shining souls.

Love yourself as I love you,



Galactic White Brotherhood – Reconnecting with your Inner Child – Sanat Kumara

Posted on December 29, 2014 by JennySchiltz

Jenny-SchiltzJust as in the Northern hemisphere day light will increase daily in increments, so to will your capacity to hold light. With every releasing of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve, you will be able to hold more light. This process is both unconscious and conscious. Your active participation in clearing your vehicle of past held thoughts and beliefs is very helpful. It speeds the process and helps your life be more of your creation. It is also unconscious as those who are unaware of this process are also releasing. For those their lives may appear to be in complete turmoil as those aspects that need releasing and healing will be brought to the forefront time and time again until conscious change is sought. This will also happen to those aware of the process but unaware of an aspect that needs healing. We ask that you pay attention to patterns that emerge. It is in these patterns that you will find clues to what needs to be addressed and healed deep within your psyche. Now more than ever it is important for you to be aware and present. Be in touch with your highest guidance by staying in your heart space. Look at all behavior, thoughts, and actions not from a place of judgement but from the place of the observer. In this way you will clearly be given clues to aspects that need changing, blocks that need releasing, and parts of your psyche that need healing.

Many of you may be experiencing flashes of memories from your childhood. These are very important and need to be noted. Old programming is often created in childhood and adolescence. As you aged, you piled layers of top of the initial place where you were taught to believe something contrary to your soul’s truth. Many of you are now down to that core essence, your inner child if you will. Healing of this aspect is important. It is in embracing and loving that child that you will find you are healed and your joy for life will return. If you are fortunate enough to be near children, let them guide you with their easy laugh and smile. Find that place within you again. If you are not near children, go to where children play, and soak in their energy and laughter. Remember a time when you too felt free, when you too knew exactly how loved and special you are. This is what we want you to recapture. It is in this essence of the inner child that you will find your true self. We are asking you to undo all that time has done, all that duality has done and return to the heart of a child. It is in this space that you will be able to find and keep joy. It is also in this space that you will able to create a new world for yourself.

The first week in January holds a special planetary alignment. The energies from this alignment will be available for a few days before the 4th and a few days after. This gateway can help you expand your soul growth. Much like your New Years intentions we ask that you focus on what you would like for your 2015 year. While your focus will be as individual as each of you, we ask that you include reconnecting with your inner child. This work is of great importance. During this gateway, the planets alignment, will help to bring things to the forefront that need changing, releasing, and healing. That which you have not given proper attention to or are unaware of will be magnified. It will be as if a spot light will be placed on thoughts and behaviors so that they can be clearly seen. While this can be unsettling, even painful, it is a gift. It allows for rapid growth if you are willing to be observant and non-judgemental of what is no longer in your highest good. The more you are able to let go of and heal, the more you will be able to access your inner child, who holds the keys to your highest self. To embody your highest self completely is to have a joyful loving heart and to understand that all is always working out as it should. Once you reach this understanding that all is in your highest good, you are embracing all that you are. You will see this life experience through the eyes of a child, full of adventure and hope. 2015 will bring much soul expansion for those that have done the intense, sometimes exhausting work to leave duality and judgement behind.

You have made large strides in returning to unity and love. We hope that you feel as excited as we are about the changes taking place within the collective. Each of you that has done the work and hold vast amount of light are making a large impact on all around you. Know this as truth in your heart. Don’t look outside yourself for validation of the world-changing and the light increasing, for you are the creator of your world.

With high regards,

Sanat Kumara


Galactic Brotherhood – You Have Entered A New Phase – Sanat Kumara

by Jenny Schiltz

Jenny-SchiltzYou have entered into a new phase of this process. Many will not be able to discern the difference, but I assure you that you will in time. The immediate difference will be on the downloads of light codes. Prior they were released in phases and many could feel when they were receiving the codes. Now, the codes are constant and you will receive them as soon as you have cleared enough space in your being for them. You will find yourself on a purging, downloading, assimilating routine. With every purge, with every aspect that you release you will find yourself changing deeply. These codes of light are designed to make your very nature crystalline. This process will take time and can only be accelerated by your willingness to release all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that keep you locked in third dimensional thinking. Many of you have done tremendous work and have left the lower dimensions as a whole, but still have lingering aspects that are residual from your lifetime spent at these levels.

These aspects will absolutely be triggered by your those around you. It is really a blessing to have these merge from the depths of your psyche to be shown in the light and released. Many of you many be shocked at your displays of temper, the courseness of your thoughts and the emotions that seem to overwhelm you in these moments. You may be asking “What is wrong with me?”. I assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have progressed to the point in your development where all kernels of third dimensional thought patterns and programming must be removed, no matter how minute.

For some the cleansing takes place through the body. This can be seen in digestive issues, sinus drainage, and aggravation of old wounds that have an emotional component to them. For those unaware, this can be a challenging time. For those that are aware, we ask that you release them by stating your truth. Many thoughts and old programming are based on lies and immature emotional processing. Look at the thought, examine it and see where it leads you into feeling like a victim. Then state the truth, that in every given moment we choose to act, think, and feel in a certain way. Once the truth is stated, release the old into the light. The violet flame can be used to help you transform those old thoughts and behaviors you believed you has left behind.

Know that the purpose of all your purging and physical discomfort is that your DNA has indeed been switched on so that you become a crystalline being. Once the DNA is switched on, there will be no return to your original carbon nature. This change will not take place overnight though many are impatient. Your soul remembers what is happening and many may feel an impatient excitement.

Know that all is unfolding as planned and the utmost care for your vessel is being taken at this time. You may find that your sensitivities increase and the need for purer food and drink is required. To help ease this transition your consumption of water needs to be high.

Know and trust that all is happening in your highest good.

Sanat Kumara

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz Source

Galactic White Brotherhood – You are the pioneers

Quan Yin 11/18/14

I come to you today to ask you, why are you so hard on yourselves? We see your daily struggles with the energy that is coming in at this time. This energy is relentless and is helping to strip you of all that no longer serves. This is a painful process, as all you have believed and known is being stripped from you. It is a time of much confusion, physical pains, and often despair. Anything that needs to be released will be triggered so that you can view what needs to be released. During this time, letting go of these aspects must be a conscious act. You must choose day to day, moment to moment to think and do differently than you have ever done before. This is no easy feat and we are amazed at your progress. We are also dumbfounded at the number of you that make this process much more difficult by berating yourselves.

Many think they are moving too slow or that when they experience the pain of release that they have done something wrong. You look to excuses as to why you feel poorly. You ask yourself, have you done something wrong or not done enough light body work or even if your struggling is some karmic debt or past life issue. Stop. Understand that at its basic nature this process is difficult, even painful. You have done nothing wrong, but everything right to be involved in this process at this phase. You are the forerunners, the ones that are creating pathways for other souls to follow.

Think on the explorers and pioneers going into uncharted territory. They had no idea what they would encounter on a daily basis and often failed or floundered as much as they succeeded. These pioneers expected to encounter strange lands, animals, people’s and unknown hazards. You are much like these adventurers, for you are blazing into unknown territory. You are turning the human body into a crystalline structure, activating parts of your brain that have been dormant and becoming multidimensional. You are going into unknown territory. Instead of cursing the new pains, challenges and changes, understand that it means you have entered a new territory, a new frontier.

You will use trial and error and find what works best for you. Your task is large, for you must not only go through the physical changes, you must go through the mental pain of letting go. Releasing old beliefs and programming is done in layers. What you consider taking a step backwards and having to heal the same issue again, we see as progress. You have heard this healing process be compared to an onion, it is a good analogy. With each layer the issues you must heal are brought to the surface again. The closer you get to the core, the more intensified the aspects needing healed. The layers are smaller and you don’t feel that there is much of a break between issues coming forward for releasing. Do you see now how the further you come, the more pain you may experience? We urge you to understand that this means you are making significant progress and are not far from your core, your true self, not hindered by programming, beliefs, and fears. This process has not been completed in the physical form before. You are indeed pioneers.

We ask that you please treat yourselves with love and respect. Respect for the amazing task you have agreed to and are completing at an incredible pace. Have compassion for yourself and do not fear that you are doing something wrong. Each of you will find your own way, your own path, as each of you are beautifully different. There is no wrong in this process.

Be at peace,
Quan Yin
Posted by Jenny Schiltz