ZORRA Call – SATURDAY, May 19, 2018

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“Awakening is about raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness through endless Love that will connect you with your Higher Self to remember and know that you are Gods and Goddesses.” ~ Saraiya

Dear beloved Godesses and Gods,

Keep yourself centered and grounded and do not allow anything to divert or distract you from your mission or Ascension. Every day remind yourself of your purpose as a Starseed/Lightworker. One step to take towards this path is to learn and be totally aware of everything you do from moment to moment. This means your every thought, word, attitude and action is of great importance. Through this exercise, you will then see that “time” as you have been taught to know is just an illusion. That is 5D knowing. This is a process of bridging 3-4D thinking to 5D knowing. This is part of the path to enlightenment.

Also, know, that you don’t have to wait for the Galactic Wave of Love Awakening to occur to reach enlightenment. You can have full consciousness and full awakening in the present if your desire is strong enough and focused to do the work(joy) to achieve this.

What is on many people’s minds? Yes, it is still the big question of where is your blessings. Each of you beloveds have been waiting for prosperity (your RV), GESARA, NESARA, world peace, joy and harmony besides perfect health and great abundance. We tell you again that all is transpiring as we speak. Know however, that absolutely, you have an enormous role in the manifestation of these great events.

Everything starts with you. Step back a moment and reflect to yourself the following. “What have I done to assist in bringing these many blessings to reality. Your part in staying on course is to keep raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness levels. Remember that each of you and what you think, allow or do counts greatly in affecting your Collective Consciousness.

On a daily basis, schedule a portion of your existence to devote in silence and go within. The practice of meditation is the way to connect with your Higher Self (God-Goddess Self). The more you meditate, the more enlightened you are to being fully Awakened in the knowing that you are full 5th dimensional Galactic beings and fully realized Gods and Goddesses.

Know that you are the Masters, Creators, Inventors etc. who have come from many different parts of the Galaxies and Universe and now is your moment in this existence to complete your journey of assisting in the Ascension of Terra Christa and all upon her.

WE ARE ONE and it is the NOW, the Moment that you have been waiting for!

Saraiya and Zorra

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Today’s call will be wonderful as it is full of information and lots of Love vibrations! We are starting early since we have much to cover. Zorra starts off the show with the updates.

He will be followed by 2 special guests who will share the importance of health and wellness by providing us information about New seed products by Rain Intl. They are Dr. Christina Cook and and Russ Cowley, VP.

Then we have asked Dr. Russell Johnson to speak briefly about the how to form non-profit organizations and or foundations to help you in preparation for the RV etc.

In addition:

Dr. Johnson has a call today, May 19th at 3PM EST

Special guest Lynda Jane Selina – Medium, Psychic, Intuitive
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LOVE to All

What a wondrous, glorious and loving NOW, it is!


HENOnce again, we were alerted to connect with Ashtar, Sananda and Prime Creator for updates. These messages are a direct follow-up to the extraordinary message Sananda was eager for us to post on May 1: http://www.EarthAscends.com – Click on FEDERATION – May 1 – Sananda – Activating the Andromedan Stargate.

This message begins our education about the real reason we are here. The incredible Mission that started 6.5 million years ago when the 144,000 responded to the Clarion Call. And today, that number encompasses 45% of Earth’s surface population. What are we doing that “… no one has done before? That offers NO experienced guidance? That we just learn as we go – tripping over our own feet?” And WHY? Our current frustration pales, as we awaken to the magnitude of the project we are accomplishing – never before done – affecting our entire Universe. Yes, we have come back from 20 million years in the future to REWRITE this timeline! — Also: Was Sananda crucified? Or not? – What about Jade Helm? Martial Law? A sting? Are our diets changing our bodies to crystal silicon? Why are some of us surrogates? What is the Harmonic level required for Ascension? Are we still doing the Training Exercises?

WEB PAGE: BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork
BREAKING NEWS: http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/page/490165778


BlogTalkRadio – 3:10:15
What is everyone asking? — And Zorra’s answers?  Here is a brief outline…

Invocation. – Nancy Tate channels HORUS, from the Porthologos Library in Hollow and Inner Earth who tells how we have changed our future, set in place for Eternity. Our choices, as a group caused…??.  Are Agarthans coming to the surface? Will we go into Hollow/Inner Earth?  And does Gaia support us? — GAIA SPEAKS of her feelings about the surface people. — ZARAYA speaks of current RV status / today’s window. —  Zorra strongly reprimands us!  Why? — Tools given, and should be in use! – “Prime Creator and myself: making a decision regarding you… ” Q & A:  Deb: Where did I go wrong? –  Barbara and how these calls saved her life. Don’t leave us!  –  Tartus (Peter) has shown you the Quantum Beings you Are! – Christine: on dog and cat planets… carniverous? – Vivian: Jesus’ “second coming?” Zorra:  He is here now, seated on throne in New Jerusalem (the ship) and will soon walk among you, but not as Jesus, as Himself, SANANDA. – William: We can’t see the stars… can you help? – Malvin: Is Buddha incarnate in Japan? – She wrote Santa and received her Blessing –  Headband instructions –  Alice’s three testimonials! – Zorra:  USE the products! What they do! – 26-week term baby…  PERFECT! – Zorra: Book: Hollow Earth, Raymond Bernard, excellent – MD: “This is YOUR heart?” –  “Disclosure” means ??? – Golden Cities?? – She sees her still-born child now in 5D.  – HEALING PULSE – Source


On Saturday’s call, we read our Plea to Prime Creator – Later in the call, Zorra told us, “Prime Creator has heard your plea and will act accordingly.” Source

On yesterday’s call, Zorra told us Prime Creator had sent his emissary, Archangel Michael (in human form) to the UN. Source

Thank you, One and All, for letting your desires be heard, as a collective, by Prime Creator!  It all began just after that!

And thank you, Beloved Prime Creator for hearing and acting on our Plea!


Mr. Cohen of the US Treasury and new head of the Bush Cabal was instructed by Bush 41 to release the RV. The Republic President General Carter Ham persuaded Bush 41 to cooperate.On what authority would a private citizen Bush 41 be allowed to instruct the treasury dept. — Unless that treasury is owned by the cabal! Time for the Republic Treasury to step in. Iraq is about to announce the RV for worldwide distribution. Source

PLANS are for a same time announcement of the RV, Gold Backed currency and Republic. May be today!

Hollow Earth Network Source

*Bloggers Note* Of course I don’t post about all that I see or read, some of it would certainly have readers on the edge of their seats.. in fear, in disbelief and awe.. But the way to non ignorance is education, that is part of my mission here to share information to help you the reader understand! But don’t just take my word or that of any other as gospel.. seek out the truth for your self.. Love, Peace & Blessings.. Namaste’ A’HO Spiritual Warrior



Hear Our Plea

We, Lightworkers incarnate on Terra, Planet Earth, here by our own choosing, bringing Love and Rescue to Dear Terra, Call to You, Beloved Prime Creator:
Throw open the Doors to our Blessing!
We call for our Abundance now!
We call for our New Governance now!
We call for our new Financial System now!
We call for our Reunion with our Galactic brothers and sisters… our Galactic Families… NOW!

Even as we send our Love and Blessings to those still in the dark who, until now, have continued to block our Blessings… and full well knowing they were once of the Light… some, our beloved brothers and sisters, caught in this dark web…

We choose to go forward now, and intend disempowerment to any further actions on their part intended to prevent our Joyous Abundance,
Prosperity and Ascension.

We initiate this call to action from our incarnate presence within the current dimension of Beloved Terra.

We know, too, that we can still bring our lost brethren yet to the
Light, with full enjoyment and completion of their original Loving Missions.

So Be It.

As Above, So Below.

Your Loving Children of Light, incarnate on Planet Earth – joyfully receiving our Blessings of Abundance, Honorable Government, Financial Freedom, and Joyous Reunion with our Galactic Families.

We open our Hearts in Gratitude and deepest Love to you, our Beloved Prime Creator. ~ Anne Dehart – Source – November 29th Blogtalk Radio Show

Special Wake up Call from Sananda, 11-04-14

What I want to tell you about what came through from various people, including from Zaraya, is that things are happening as I speak. As they continue it will be obvious to all of you that there has been much behind the ‘bushes’ that has been hidden from view purposely. As soon as it begins to show itself into the public view, then there will be no mistaking what has been lied about and manipulated for so many years. This will make a difference and all of the unrest will come to the surface to be made right and brought to a final notice for freedom and prosperity that has been long denied.

We will all be there for those who ask, as we always have been. There will be many who will ask, for they have been under the truth of what will be coming to the surface to show the world what has been taking place behind the scenes. That will open many eyes and it will be seen to be a progress point that will change many lives for the betterment of the people.

Yes, I am Sananda, and I come through this one in an endearing sign that events are about to spring forth and we will be able to assist you to the truth that you have coming for your freedom and well being for now and forever. We see the light in many of your eyes and hearts, for you are seeing that the promises that have been spoken are about to come to the limelight. There will be jubilation once the cooling down of the realization takes place.

There has been much turbulence behind the scenes. Now it is going to show forth as the coming together for the underlying release of so much that has been put into place that is not going to be used and allowed anymore. Many of the people have been using their powers and their abilities to begin the withdrawal of all that has kept humanity in captivity, without their even realizing it. All that captivity is about to change, and it will be an awakening that has been being called for, for some time.

Send out your deep and abiding Love to it all and know that what is being suggested for holding an energy of Love is the road to take to the freedom that is around the bend and waiting your acceptance. It is yours already; welcome it into your hearts and homes as a rainbow of color that lights up your lives and shines forth into the universal Love of all. You have the Power and the Freedom to do just that.

Thank you dear Loving Sananda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Eduard Erasmus 12:40am Oct 4 All contracts are finished, ended.

All soul contracts are now cancelled. All those who came here to Planet Earth to manage difficult illnesses, complicated relationships, and challenging handicaps are now freed of all pain, all suffering. You now are completely free to exercise your free will without karmic strings, as you might think of it.

In addition, all financial contracts such as mortgages, car loans, student loans and other commitments which have been arranged through banking institutions of all kinds are hereby cancelled. Personal commitments between friends will of course still be important to uphold, but corporations and banks will no longer be recognized as viable creditors because of the criminal and lawless system on which they are based.
It is time for all of you to reclaim your freedom, take command of your own lives, and find your voices, as you see others around the world doing by taking to the streets to proclaim their passionate desire for a better life – one of dignity and the self-expression which democracy allows.

Your Planet has declared her desire to ascend, and it has been done. You are now all in the historic position of being invited to elevate your consciousness to take part in the most ambitious plan ever executed in the history of the galaxy. Now, in the span of one Earth lifetime, you can move from a 3-dimensional life to the coming Golden Age in the higher 5th dimension. This is the Paradise on Earth that was promised in your ancient texts.

Every soul is given the opportunity to join in this magnificent adventure, because of course you have all known since before you came here that you would be taking part in this Ascension. It was a very prestigious opportunity, this lifetime journey. There are Masters and Angels, aspiring beginning souls and ancient Saints who have come to experience a last lifetime here on Earth, in the somewhat infamous heavy, dense and difficult atmosphere.

Here, the challenges abound for learning charity, patience, compassion and empathy. A triumphant life is one in which the person can live through the temptations, pain, disappointments and dangers and still come out at the end of their lives with a connection to their hearts intact.

This was the last opportunity for all souls to experience this 3rd dimensional, free will planet, because Mother Earth decided some time ago that it was her desire to leave this dimension, and she has accomplished it by fulfilling her long commitment to humankind. She has fulfilled her contract with Us, Mother/Father God, to care for our beloved children, and she was granted her wish to ascend into a higher dimension, which she has done.

Many on Planet Earth are not aware at this moment that everything has changed. It is for them that we send this message through Kathryn. We hope to reach all the people, all ages, all cultures, and all the corners of the globe, to tell them of our great Love for them, and our great hope that each one will awaken and join in the glorious Shift into a higher plane of existence.

It has been a long and difficult road, this transition from Darkness to Light. Many have suffered; many have had to repeat lifetime after lifetime to advance in their learning process, but lessons learned on Planet Earth are indelibly etched in consciousness. This is why it is a most popular place to incarnate, by virtue of its having been in the throes of a revolutionary battle between Light and Dark for eons.
And now, Dear Children, you are within moments of completing your lifetime here. You have the choice this time to ascend with the body you occupy now. You will be taken off the planet to be renewed, restored to perfect health in a body in which you will be able to live forever. In the meantime, Mother Earth will do the same. When she does, she will be restored to the pristine loveliness and purity of her original beauty.

You will not have to worry about Armageddon; there will be no terrifying pole shift or world war. All nuclear weapons have been neutralized; those Dark Ones who have secretly controlled the resources of the planet have been removed from power. Many will be tried for crimes against humanity and will be prevented from ever returning to positions of influence.

You have been seeing the UFOs in your skies for generations now. Crop circles containing messages to humankind have been created so frequently as to have become a common occurrence. Your scientists and governments around the world have long been aware that your extraterrestrial brothers and Sisters are trying to make contact with you in a peaceful way, but the wall of secrecy and lies has grown with every encounter. Those who control the wealth on the planet did not want to give up their power by allowing the people to have free energy, new ways of communicating, and the other great advantages which these visitors possess.

Now, the final chapter of this saga of Planet Earth has begun. Everything is changing at a very rapid pace. You will finally begin to see evidence in your mainstream media of the profound shift which will allow those who have lived lives of service to others to be revealed as your Ascended Masters, and they will be standing by to help with the dramatic changes you will be feeling. There will be announcements to inform you of the true history and progress of the evolution toward Light. Nothing will remain the same, so there will be no possibility that you can remain detached from what is going on. Every being on the planet will be required to choose their path – to ascend to a higher level of consciousness or to end this life in the usual way – through death and the return to God in the usual way.

Those who choose to ascend now to higher levels of consciousness will be freed of the process of reincarnation in life after life, and will be given the ability to live eternally in the higher expression of life in a lighter, more highly evolved body in higher dimensions. Those who choose not to join the Ascension will continue their lessons at lower levels in other places.

Earth will no longer be available as the 3-dimensional proving ground. She has been recognized for her millions of years of service, and has at last been granted Ascension. She has selflessly slowed her process to allow as many as possible to awaken and join her in this glorious graduation to higher dimensions.

The Shift has occurred because of the great numbers of humankind who have awakened once more – after thousands of years of being separated from their connection to God. Religion as you have known it will drop away, as everyone discovers that they can communicate directly with Us, Mother/Father God, We are here with you always, whispering in your ear, and for those who have listened to the radio shows with Kathryn and Anne, you have talked with Us in person.

This week, we have announced definitively that the one you have known as Zorra is in fact Father God. It was easier for many to talk freely and to ask questions when the voice they heard was given a more familiar identity which everyone could relate to, but now it is time for you to be given the Truth in its whole form. You have felt our Love in your lives at times when you were most open. Unfortunately, those were most often times of suffering, confusion and pain. You have not felt the great pleasures of living in the constant stream of Endless Love we have been sending to you since the moment you were born.

This is what we offer you now: a life of Heavenly Grace, immersed in the Love, Light, Compassion, Forgiveness, Joy, Peace and Harmony which has been the dream of your dear Jesus, the one who has dedicated his life in body and in spirit, to this Grand Plan. The Ascension of Planet Earth and of all Humankind will mark the end of all suffering, all want, all poverty and degradation of Mother Earth herself. The New Golden Age begins now, and you are all invited to attend the coming-out party, which will be held when the ships containing your Star Brothers and Sisters, including Jesus Sananda, St. Germain, Ashtar, Archangel Michael and all the Ascended Masters who have helped to make this transition possible.

Yes, Jesus will return, very soon. He is waiting now, in his role as Admiral of his ship, The New Jerusalem. With him are the Twin Flames – the mirror souls – of many who are incarnated here now. You will all meet as soon as the Disclosure of their presence has been made official in every corner of the Earth. The announcements will be simultaneous and undeniable. Every radio, television, cell phone and iPad will carry the message that Planet Earth and her people are at last free, by their own efforts, with help from their galactic Brothers and Sisters.

We are offering this message today, July 24, 2013, so that you can share it with every single person you know. Begin by printing out dozens of copies of this message, which will be posted on www.whoneedslight.org and www.hollowearthnetwork.com and many other websites across the world. We ask you to give a copy to everyone you work with and every neighbor you speak with. Hand them out on street corners. You will be doing a great service by giving your friends and family advanced preparation for the stunning events which will unfold so rapidly before your eyes that the uninformed will be overwhelmed by the wonder and apparent impossibility of it.

Don t miss out on the joy because you are afraid or suspicious or wary of any news that does not align with the half-truths you have been familiar with. Do not be concerned that people will think you are a raving crack-pot. Very shortly they will thank you with such overwhelming gratitude and relief that any fears you might have had will melt away. You who are awake and aware must be the leaders in this time of adjustment. People will be confused, disoriented and therefore afraid if they cannot be assured of their loving connection with God, which will anchor them and reassure them that this Shift is for the better. Nothing will be lost; everything will go on, but in a different form, as you have been taught in the First Law of Thermodynamics.
Relationships will continue, in more loving and accepting form, and all will discover their true spiritual identity as participants in the glorious Earth project. All children, animals and other spirit beings will ascend effortlessly. It is the adults we are concerned with. Time is short. Raise your consciousness and your vibrational level by taking complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Open your hearts to love without judgment. Practice forgiveness in all your relationships, and do not permit yourself to fall into condemnation or judgment of anyone, even those who have hurt you or those who practice a different religion or ideology than your own. All will melt away in the elevation to Oneness which comes with Ascension into higher dimensions.

Your bodies, your present identities and all you thought of as reality will be revealed as the brief moment in eternity it really is. You will soon learn to feel and use your God powers, for you are indeed created in our image. You are Gods, each and every one. You only need accept the close connection to Us which flows through you. We are your Creators and your biggest fans. Unlike human parents, we never lose patience or hope or trust in your ultimate triumph as individual souls and as precious members of the great legion of intelligent, conscious beings. It is time for you to take your place among the Galactic Federation of Light as full member representatives of your Planet Earth.

You will soon see the thousands of ships and the millions of Star Brothers and Sisters who are here to embrace you and bring you gifts. Welcome them with open hearts and minds. Leave behind the old concepts about warlike conquerers. These are beings – human and otherwise, whose civilizations have evolved far beyond yours, emotionally, philosophically and technologically. Their technology is far advanced of yours, created with Love and used only for the Greater Good.

Read our many messages to you, which have all been posted free for all the world to read on Kathryn s website, http://www.whoneedslight.org. Take this message to the world, as a current events introduction to what is happening now in your world. Show it to everyone you know. Talk about what you have learned here, and supplement it with further information from the web site. Do not jump to conclusions on the basis of this one message. If you have questions, read further, ask questions on the BlogTalkRadio shows which are offered every Wednesday at 8:30 pm EDT and every other Saturday at 12 EDT. (See schedules on both websites.) Kathryn channels our messages live, along with information from Jesus and other Ascended Masters. Join Us to help you understand what we have told you here, and what is to come.

We love you more than words can ever describe.

Your Mother/Father God
Via Kathryn May, July 24, 2013