The Creator Writings – Show A Little Independence

creator8My darling child; the path of upward mobility may not always be easy.  You knew this before you even arrived here, yet you chose to come anyway.  The Universe was so proud of your decision!  There were times where you may have felt there was no one there to help…..and that was part of the plan as well.  Advanced souls do not advance without learning to do some things on their own.  (Smiling)  The only thing that is asked of you is to grow and keep growing.  When you reach a ‘dead spot’, remember that is your turn (and time) to show a little independence and practice what you have learned so far.  Never fear, you are doing wonderfully! Creator Source

The Creator Writings – The Brave, New Journey

Are you ready for the next wave of change, growth and love?  In the next few months it will be very important to take exquisite care of your body, mind and soul.  Leave behind what you do not need, do your best to learn new coping skills and be sure to ask for help when you need it.  There is a reason new people are being introduced into your sphere of influence; they have something to teach you that you will definitely need.  Lastly, please remember that The Universe is by your side, willing and able to assist you and your Earth on this brave, new journey.  You are loved! ~ Creator Source

The Creator Writings ~ Take Action

You can wait with bated breath every day for a hint of what your future will bring.  You can seek out those who may foretell what will happen, but even that is not 100% guaranteed.  And while you are doing this, your world is moving past you at an alarming rate.
My beautiful child, it is time to be in the moment, in your moment!  Yes, it is nice to know what is coming, but it is a wonderful experience to take action and move to where you choose to be.  Never fear, there will be hints and signs along the way…..let free will and The Universe create the best future with you as an active participant. ~ Creator Source

The Creator Writings – Be Someone’s Angel

Human connection is one of the most important things you will experience in your lifetime.  Your technological advances may make the world seem like a smaller place, but the majority of you feel more alone than ever.  Take some time today to reach out, smile, show a little love and acknowledge each other.  In other words….be someone’s angel  You may not realize it, but these very simple acts may actually save a life. ~ Creator Source

Facing You Impossible!


During the coming days and months, you will be confronted with things that, in the past, you felt were impossible. This is your chance, my darling one, to change! Do no run away from, turn your back on, or make yourself blind to the fact that it is there and staring right back at you. Face your impossible and conquer it! ~ Creator