1-17-16 Bill Ballard

Published on Jan 18, 2015

THANK YOU SANDRA WALTER AND PATRICIAL COTES ROBLES! The ceremony to uplift the frequencies here at the Heart of Turtle Island and around the Memphis Tennessee area has been done and energies are increasing… Many majical things unfolded leading up to the ceremony and then thereafter as I considered the date we were called to do it…. It feels as a vortex/portal has indeed energized and I will keep you posted as it continues.

While this video was uploading, I was checking my messages and had a friend send me a video of a “Cigar Shaped UFO” which I was describing in this video that we saw just as we finished ceremony… This was EXACTLY what James Brown and I saw and filmed 3 days earlier.

9-9-14 Bill Ballard ~ Gatekeepers ~ What IS a GateKeeper ~ Everyone IS A Gatekeeper

Bill Ballard – Published on Sep 9, 2014

A Lightworker commented on Sandra Walter’s last post on my wall, “What IS a Gatekeeper?” Well, truthfully WE ARE ALL when we choose to focus on magnetics and moving energy from the higher realms to use for New Earth Construction. Here are a few of my feelings on that subject.

Happy 9-9-14 Gateway. 5 Years ago today Archangel Michael called me out to go public again… whew

The Meline LaFont video from a year ago that was my Lord Metatron Initiation, which you can see the “encodings” being downloaded and caught by the camera: http://youtu.be/UCCnpxhscSg

Sandra Walter’s newest post on Gatekeepers which spoken of in this video:

Ascension is a personal choice…

Aisha North’s Newest

aka Manna Ra
aka Walking Star

8-27-14 Bill Ballard ~ One Global Ascension – Shaken But Not Stirred Please~ Just Be LOVE

Published on Aug 27, 2014
Hey Hey Beautiful People!

This is my first video in a long time. I have held off in posting such as I am with so many other persons as we go through this multi-versal ascension series of initiations. My involvement and what I say could have an effect on so many others and I had felt the need to remain in private for this past month.

Energies are shifting now, again and this is the first time I have felt comfortable in making a new post.

What Excitement…

As I’ve shared in conversation with Bill many times.. ‘We are just wax’n up the surfboard and hang’n 10 on these big waves!’ The oceans of information come with excitement, and enlightenment from all around US these days; Fulford, Wilcock, Ward and more.. Oh Ya.. musen’t forget ZAP.. What a fantastic time and place to be alive in.. sure glad I chose this channel to tune into in this lifetime! As the proverbial shat prepares to hit the fan.. some would say.. ‘We are ready to rumble!’ Light, Love & Blessings to US! ONE PEOPLE..