What are Star Seeds – Starseeds?

By; Paul McCarthy – Sirius Temple of Ascension

Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.

There are three categories of Star Seeds as follows:

A typical Star Seed may have lived 5-50 life times on Earth. Some of these were preparation lifetimes which included periods of acclimatization to being a human being on Earth and the development of the life missions leading to the climax of these activities in this current lifetime. Earth represents a place of service more than a place of learning for these Star Seeds who have already achieved higher consciousness on other planets. As there were fewer lifetimes on earth compared to the average human being, this leads this group of Star Seeds to retaining some of their extra terrestrial abilities such as with Healing, Telepathy, Channeling and with general higher consciousness qualities. I call this group the “New Age” Star Seeds as they often come to Earth at times of rising spiritual awareness as this is the environment that their gifts can be recognized and when they can truly help others. Many of the Star Seeds reading this book will identify with this category.

Old Soul Star Seeds have usually had hundreds of life times on earth going back to the beginning of humanity and even the beginning of the planet. These are the Guardians of earth and have strong links to Sirius which is the spiritual guardian of earth and humanity. Their Life Missions are tied into the long term evolution of earth and humanity and this is why they have willingly incarnated on earth so many times in order to fulfil these projects. They have often performed the roles of Spiritual Teachers, Shamans, Prophets, Light Workers (especially with earth ley lines and at sacred sites), Temple Guardians, Healers, all kind of leaders such Kings and Queens and as The High Priest and High Priestess. These Star Seeds hold the wisdom and spiritual knowledge of the ancients as it has been used on earth. This includes the human knowledge of astronomy, astrology, runes, numerology, certain healing modalities, light work and spiritual ceremonies. This will be the last lifetime as a human being for many of these old soul Star Seeds who are completing the cycles of lifetimes on earth and all the project and work included in these cycles. These Star Seeds have often mastered the ability to hold a balance between being grounded and being spiritually aligned. This is why they still resonate with their extra terrestrial origins even though they have lives on earth for so many life times.

New Star Seeds have often had few or no previous lifetimes on earth. They are attracted to Earth and humanity at this time of Ascension as it is easier for them to integrate with humanity now than at previous times. They also have many important gifts for humanity and roles to play in this time of great change for humanity. Their energy fields are quite pure and expansive as they have not been experienced the process of become dense through living on earth before. Even thought they have amazing gifts, they can find it hard to integrate within humanity which is so different from the Star Beings and worlds that they represent. They simply have no experience of the lower consciousness of humanity. The New Star Seeds are often young and some see them as Crystal and Rainbow Children. Some are the Seeds of Ashtar. This lifetime is often the beginning of future cycles of lifetimes on Earth and so they are preparing for future lives and future missions in this lifetime.

The motivations for all Starseeds to come to earth are to help and serve mankind as well as planet Earth. These beings very often have gifts to share with others such as in the areas of healing, channeling and spiritual education. There is a strong desire in Star Seeds to help others and usually there is a plan made prior to birth as to how this may be manifested and expressed when they become a human being. The details of this plan are called the Life Missions and represent potentials for individual Star Seeds and not certain destinies.

For Star Seeds it is important that they reconnect to their star origins and star connections as this bring them a sense of identity and belonging which may not be available in normal life on Earth. It is also vital for Star Seeds to fulfil their personal life missions on earth. Not only is are Life Missions the reasons for Star Seeds being on earth but they also bring the sense of satisfaction and healing that many Star Seeds this are looking for. These are the shared and common desires of Star Seeds. Where the reasons for Star Seeds to come to earth involve learning, it is often to sample conditions for growth and experience that do not exist elsewhere.

Common characteristics of all Starseeds:

– A deep interest in spirituality

– The ability to spiritually grow rapidly when needed as if they have done this before

– A realization that earth is not their true home

– They feel drawn to outer space, the stars and science fiction

– Personal Qualities such as being artistic, being sensitive and possessing higher consciousness

– Star Seeds can have difficult and challenging lives

– They sometimes have dreams or memories of places not on earth

– They sometimes have experiences of physical and non-physical encounters with star guides and UFOs

– They often have noticeable gifts in the areas of healing, channelling and psychic sensitivities

The Star Masters consider all human being on earth to be Star Seeds as they point out that the physical human body is also extraterrestrial in terms of its building blocks such as DNA etc. It is considered that the Human Body contains Sirian and Pleiadian DNA as well as from other sources. As such from this perspective we are all Star Seeds and as we all come from God so there is no difference between us. And so why are so many Human beings on Earth not interested in the Star Seeds and Star Master subjects?

The majority of human beings have different reasons for coming to earth when compared to typical Star Seeds. Theirs is the path of spiritual learning and spiritual evolution through the Earth School of Learning. Many souls choose to incarnate on Earth many times (up to 200) in order to complete the spiritual learning that is available on here. Not all lifetimes within this cycle are experienced exclusively on Earth and there may be some life times elsewhere in the Universe where healing and restoration take place. These are not remembered by human beings consciously. However the density of Earth is such that repeated incarnations here often results in human beings losing their awareness of spiritual realities and their spiritual gifts. The physical plane of Earth dominates their consciousness to the point where they cannot even imagine extra terrestrial realties. For these Humans their focus is needed on everyday “earthly” matters and this is why they are not drawn to the Extra Terrestrial subjects. They need to learn how to master the lessons that the earth plane has to offer and this consumes their time and energy. And as such they are deeply consumed by the illusions of separation and lower consciousness that exist here. In this lost state the extraterrestrial origins have been forgotten and so there is little interest in this subject. In a way this state of forgetfulness serves them as they are allowed to focus intently on whatever the themes of their life are, without distraction from other realities and past extra terrestrial connections.

I offer these definitions not to divide people and create hierarchies. I am not implying that anyone is better or worse than anyone else. Star Seeds are very often humble and do not appreciate themselves or their own abilities. I use these definitions to help Star Seeds to understand why their experience of being a human is often different from everyone else. This helps them to come to terms with who they are. This is so important as many Star Seeds acknowledge that they feel different from others and this brings them much loneliness and pain. Often they blame themselves and feel as if it is their fault for not fitting into their family and society in an easy and enjoyable fashion. Nobody likes to feel separate from others but this is the shared experience of many Star Seeds. The sense of separateness does not have to be. The whole Star Seed story is rich and beautiful. It is however the human condition which is full of illusion and suffering. Once the illusions are seen through, reality changes for us all and we can choose a different reality full of connection, freedom and joy.

In addition the term “seed” implies that the Star Seeds are contributing something that will grow and assist others here on earth. Indeed many Star Seeds carry high spiritual energies and consciousness which are contributing to the ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity as a whole. There is more information in the Life Missions chapter regarding such roles.

Paul McCarthy

Planetary Activation Organization Update – October 27, 2015

By Sheldan Nidle

13 Cauac, 13 Tzec, 12 Manik

Sheldan_NidleDratzo! The final meetings are underway. Schedules are in place as a number of agreements have allowed a general release of funds and the merest of beginnings of the formal switch from the cabal to the Light. These operations are to yield the start of the manifesting of a new reality. As stated last week, the new financial system is done and is to be gradually moved on line. Those in charge of special security for the new republics are confident that these long secret entities can at last be properly announced. This process is happening only because we have made it clear that Heaven’s programs rely on the formation of new governance and an end to the continued use of an easily manipulated fiat currency. Hence, there is to be a global prosperity based on a worldwide resetting of currency and most importantly a currency, which has a true value. That is, it is founded on the use of precious metals backing. This is at best a temporary measure as monies are shortly to disappear as processors and other related technologies appear. These devices are to be both Earth-based and Federation technologies. You are entering a time of increased consciousness and the knowledge that you are not alone.

The new governance is to be founded on the transforming of debt slavery into liberation. What does this really mean? It implies that you have transcended a whole series of core perceptions put into you by the Anunnaki and their minions millennia ago. You have reached freedom and are putting behind you the concept of lack and the feeling of being useless. Successful men and woman go beyond these beliefs. You are to take this major set of perceptions that are to alter how you think and how you see this old reality. This prosperity is to become anchored within you. The true personality of a successful person is suddenly to emerge. Mixed with this is a great dose of humility and a need to help each other. You are to view this realm in a whole new Light! You are to see the importance of creating a true community. This community is to go global and aid in the process insuring that this newly forming realm forges an end to pollution of air, water and ground. This new world is to in joy link to Gaia and to its many aspects of your galactic human family.

As you can see, this prosperous new realm is to form numerous new outlets to express its mercy and show its grace. You are in this wonderful mode to go beyond money and to understand fully what you are. The age of Survivorism and ‘every one for themselves’ is to be over and done with. It is these magnificent Beings who are to return in joy to full consciousness. We are watching as you use this growing consciousness to prevent war, cohere government to better serve you and grow your belief in ecology. These preliminaries are only the start of what your grand collective is capable of. As these various types of funds become available, you are to use this to aid each other by the use of healing centers, the rise of vast infrastructure projects and a collective “watchdog” approach to government. This is the rise of a grand feeling within you to live in a “decent realm” filled with joy, freedom and a firm set of constitutional protections that ensure your unalienable rights. This transformation is to be aided by both your Ascended Masters and us.

These alterations of your consciousness are greatly helped by the energies, which Heaven is moving here in greater and greater numbers. These energies are altering the hormonal structure of your physical self in a very subtle manner. It is making possible these changes, which are growing your consciousness and creating within you new perceptions of this reality and all in it. You are being prepared to emerge from your childhood (this 3-D realm) and slowly advance into the very edges of your new 5-D realm. Here, you need your own Crystal Light Chambers to complete this operation. We in the Galactic Federation are overseeing this along with your own physical body Angels. This procedure is about to reach a next critical stage as you are exposed to a special prosperity made to permit you to alter how you perceive this reality. This rise in prosperity is to trigger new governance and with it, a new birth of your natural rights. This is as well to signal our arrival. This is to be a new time for your preliminary introduction to your true history and your coming new responsibilities!!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This day marks a watershed in the struggle by surface humanity against the dark. Heaven has given your pathway to full consciousness. Today, you cleared a first hurtle in your slow but steady march. Toward achieving this grand goal, a benchmark can at last be noted. The minions of the Anunnaki have surrendered their power over you. Thus, the very first steps toward a much-needed prosperity are now accomplished! In addition, Heaven has authorized its various angelic guardians to ready another set of physical changes, which are to complete the first of many stages that are preparing you for full consciousness. This finished stage set the anchors for your new chakras and altered how the meridian system in your physical body operates. We are told that this foundation stage is next to lead to one in which more of your more ethereal layers are to be consolidated. This is to be monitored by the medical teams and by us.

We ask in lieu of what is happening for you to remain positive and whenever you need assistance ask for us. We are here to provide mercy and to help you learn grace in such difficult situations. We need to see ourselves as a spiritual community that is coming together to help each other through these present times. You, my Dear children, are special and are going through a most unusual operation initiated decades ago by Heaven. This sacred process is to continue and will cease once you have successfully navigated the wondrous nuances of the Crystal Light Chambers. Over 15 millennia ago, the Atlantean priesthood initially performed the first of many heinous experiments on you. This group of storied women and men were intent on preventing the breakdown of their society and wished to gain favor with their dark comrades. The outcome was odd experiments on your ancestors.

We ask you to remain positive. In the very near future, we intend to enlarge on what we have just told you. Our joint history is a tapestry that needs to be gently unwound. Our purpose is to guide you into a full understanding of how you became a limited conscious Being and to explain in an understandable manner how you are being returned to your former state. Each of us has lived, like you, several lives of quiet desperation. Grace has given us a way acknowledged after these lifetimes to have ceremony, which returned us to our state of immortality. This state comes because Heaven wishes us to use mercy and the power of Love to guide you. Heaven wished us to represent the Divine since, in its holy judgment, we lived many spiritually exemplary lives. Thus, we were to transform through sacred ceremony and become Ascended Masters. We were sent to a spiritual “boot camp” and told about our divine service.

Today, we continued with our messages. This one is about joy and about the realization that an important milestone has been passed. You are now much closer to your sacred goal of returning to your former status as physical Angels. This journey is now ready to add some more satisfying twists. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!



Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Learn to be kind to yourself. You are, in actuality, gestating a new version of you. This spiritually aware one is able to be more intuitive and consciously more able to perceive the spiritual realms.
6 Cauac, 12 Tzotz, 12 Manik
umacnatk-paoDratzo! Various positive factors are coming together to assure that your blessings are to be received by you shortly. Our earthly allies have agreed to a time schedule, which is now underway. As we stated last time, a great movement of funds to extremely secure depositories has been completed. The next step is to see that these funds can be safely placed in their distribution centers. Our liaisons report that these measures are nearly complete. It is the intention of our allies that you take possession of these monies as soon as is possible. Hence, the time of the various illegal regimes is coming to an end. Thus, those who have long done the dirty work for their bosses are mostly under house arrest. Major arrests are to become public once these scalawags can be safely transferred to special holding areas. The heads of this evil bureaucracy of bankers and vile businessmen are to be picked up when new governance is ready to emerge. Until then, we have restricted their formerly unlimited powers. The days of the dark and its heinous manipulation of you are basically over! Ahead of you lie days filled with mostly miraculous news!
This series of exercises is expected as well to shut down a global psychic network of specially trained young people with strong psychic abilities, which was put into effect in the 1950s and 60s. Their handlers, over the decades, have created special conditions where those with the proper mental profiles have made possible a great series of horrible and despicable crimes. This network as well outputs special suggestions to subtly control and manipulate all. This horrible network is to be “put down” when these oligarchy-controlled regimes are no more. As you can see, the dark cabal continued many of the ideas given to them by their former masters, the Anunnaki. At present, we have limited the effects of this program and a number of others, which are being used by the dark to interfere with and disturb your daily lives. We cannot fully eliminate these yet, since the lives of those doing these dastardly deeds are in constant danger. Our intention is to “deep six” a number of such programs when the right time appears before us.
You are on a path, which is to swiftly lead to higher and higher consciousness. Along the way, you are to abandon customs and perceptions that are no longer applicable to you or your society. It is these changes that are to show where you are going. When the Atlantean experiments lowered your level of consciousness, you adopted certain customs due to the suggestions given you by the Anunnaki. These many customs are to be dropped and new ones are to become the norm. For instance, the inequalities between men and women are to fade away. Your societies are to take on customs that in many ways mirror our own. Others are to be the beginnings of methods, which closely resemble those of galactic societies. When we land, our mentors intend to show you how your new beliefs developed as your consciousness evolved. This progression is something that we generally expected. Your old customs are based on your fears and certain controlled beliefs. Now, you can go beyond this. Your mentors desire to converse with you and explain this natural process as you return to who you once were.
This process of transformation is to prepare you to take in a lot of data, which your mentors are to explain. This process can often be confusing. A number of human societies on other worlds have experienced this transformation process. What makes yours so unique is that you were dropped from full consciousness to a limited one. We have helped a number of societies to reach their full potential. We use these times as a learning curve to measure what is now happening to you. No group of humans has ever done what you are doing. Throughout this galaxy, societies are in various stages of fulfilling their consciousness potential. Normally, this process takes hundreds of thousands of years of continuous progress. You have not yet been able to forge societies capable of the much-needed set of pre-condition. Thus, you are to be pushed forward by us by applying a certain variant of the crystal Light Chambers, which can take you from this depleted state to full consciousness. This operation is being allowed by sacred decrees of Heaven. The time for your rebirth arrives!
Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! The decrees of Heaven are taking effect as the many waves of energy and the works of our associates are really complete. There is a timing effect, which is slowing how these various funds and new rules come together and produce a new prosperous financial system. In light of this, we have a few suggestions. First, learn to be kind to yourself. You are, in actuality, gestating a new version of you. This spiritually aware one is able to be more intuitive and consciously more able to perceive the spiritual realms. Use your off time to rest, meditate and generally get more in touch with your inner self. Second, learn to play in an easier and more conscious way. You are becoming more aware of this realm in a different way. Relax and learn to use your discoveries to reinforce a more positive outlook. Come together and become more able to envision what you truly desire. These brief exercises can help to acknowledge to Spirit how you have grown!
It is wise to learn to share your most positive new awarenesses with each other. Spiritual knowledge is all about sharing your joys with each other. We humans love to be in community. We Masters often come together to do just that. We pray and chant together to help our global human community. This process comes naturally to us. As you grow in consciousness, you likewise begin to see the power of positive and divine community action. What this can accomplish is truly astounding! As you practice this over time, you can as well discover its delightful power. It leaves you in joy to aid another and provide a pathway for them to grow. These divine acts of kindness are most satisfying. As you make this a true habit, you learn how these actions truly touch the Divine! Be one who follows one’s heart and practices the way of Love!
The way of the Heart is the way of the Divine and the sacred! It is the energy of Heaven flowing deep inside you! When you first go beyond your magic ritual, you go to a special Master whose loving task is to teach you about what Heaven so wishes you to do. Once mastered, you quickly become accustomed to your sacred duties. These swiftly become second nature to you, so you are successfully set upon your path. We Masters often come together and tell our wondrous stories of how, after many lifetimes upon this Earth, we were given a great dispensation. This was earned by a number of exemplary lifetimes. The ceremony of admission was truly glorious. This, in our mind, is to mirror what you are to go through in the Crystal Light Chambers. Hence, be wise and follow your heart to a truly positive and most wondrous experience!
Today, we examined more of what is occurring around you. This realm is quickly approaching the point when it is to go through the first of many graduations in consciousness. As you pass through each successfully rejoice! Know that you are ever closer to full consciousness and your own galactic society. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

PAO Source

A silent revolution of epic proportions is occurring.

12 Eb, 5 Tzotz, 12 Manik
Dratzo! This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable. Those ancient families in both Europe, the Americas, and of course, China is establishing the final repositories from which a great sea of monies is to flow. Those who have been assigned as both paymasters and security handlers know the right divine time to complete their special tasks. At present, the cabal is facing a number of crises, which are simply signs that this flow is very close to happening. The time for the end of these vile oligarchs has seemingly taken much too long to pass. We are approaching the Gregorian month of October. Traditionally, in the West, this is a time of scariness, hobgoblins and ghosts. In fact, it represents the time when mighty Atlantis, your ancient home, sank beneath the seas. This event occurred at the start of Zac (the white month). This time is called Halloween (hallowed eve), when the Lights (Atlantean Beings) left for their new home in Centaurus. It is only a wondrous coincidence that this period became a moment for you to obtain your blessings!
   On your world, what is happening is a massive shift in how this reality operates. In previous times, the oligarchy was able to determine what was to occur and make sure that it was carried out as planned. This power has now been denied them. A revolution in the order of the migration of people, power and monies has started a transition that is to culminate shortly in a whole new way to do things. This is likewise affecting how the vast sets of monies are to be redistributed around your globe. This redistribution is ultimately to cause the cabal’s power base to crumble and their governments to fail. The outcome of this swift global transition is a spreading prosperity, paired with the rise of a vast global reset of your present global currencies. The final steps include the gold backing of these currencies and a new way by which your banks function. These vast changes are to bring you governance dedicated to a return to true democracy and the rise of a much broader concept of “people power.” This is a return to true constitutional governance
Right now, you are being bombarded by a plethora of energies. These energies are further aiding Heaven in subtle adjustments to your physical, mental and emotional aspects. The purpose of these particular adjustments is to make it easier for you to absorb the new energies that are slowly raising your body’s base frequencies. These energies need to rise as various new components are to be added by our medical teams. This is to make it possible for you to better stabilize once you are hit by the occasional large quantum of energies that are coming from the galactic core. These coming changes are to further shift you into a series of newer core perceptions. Our mentors require that you be open to a number of realities with regard to your initial “fall” from full consciousness. Heaven desires that you learn why these vast shifts in consciousness occurred. At that time, the Atlanteans were desperate to gain the aid of their dark allies. They saw that a number of other “daughter” colonies were greatly opposed to what had been done to Mu (Lemuria) and a rebellion loomed.
   The changes happening to you are raising your base frequencies and making you more aware of how your many life-long perceptions are gradually changing. You are becoming more allowable as regards to the benevolent nature of this first contact fleet. It is as well looking at the role of America in a very different light. After the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, most of the world adopted a pro-America attitude. This has greatly shifted and most now have a more negative outlook. Despite many of the tragedies that America has faced, this has persisted. What is about to occur is to greatly alter this ever-growing belief. America’s true nature is about to be rescued from the oligarchy. The main cause of this change is to be NESARA and its spread across this globe. Another is that the UFO cover-up is officially to end. The empire of the American oligarchs is over. Mindless war is done! All that is to be left is Love and Union with all humanity. A time of peace and great prosperity lies ahead. Use these moments to aid Gaia and to ready yourself for full consciousness!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! The positive energies of the Light continue to flow at greater and greater levels! The energies from Heaven are being pumped toward us by this galaxy’s central core. These energies are strengthening each of you. Use these wondrous and blessed powers to create a collective vision for freedom and prosperity. Be positive and joyous as these powerful energies are capable of bringing a glorious transformation to this reality. Hallelujah! Every day these energies are raising your consciousness. The dark cabal can feel how their previously powerful energies to prevent the Light’s victory are slipping away. Rejoice and come together in a great vision, which adds your power to that of the Light. Be grateful for the ways of the Almighty! You are being given a path of Light to your dreams. Our associates continue to give us only positive messages. You are on a journey to miracles that you have not seen before.
   Each part of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is being affected by this great influx of spiritual energy. This is why we ask you to remain positive. Join the collective of humanity and pray and/or meditate daily. Envision the realm that you desire. These spiritual exercises are to permit this new realm to accelerate it’s manifesting in this realm. Prosperity and freedom are beginning to come forward. Sense this wondrous yet subtle vision and use your abilities to aid Gaia and us in creating this new realm. Over the coming weeks, events are to slowly appear. These are to permit a new reality to hold its transformation and thrust you into this new divine place. As you approach this magical time, you are to see events happen which the dark long delayed. This is to be a time of excitement and wonder! Be patient and let go of any frustrations. A new world approaches!
   Blessings. Be one with what is now happening across this grand blue-green orb. A silent revolution of epic proportions is occurring. Its divine roots began in the small financial banking businesses that dot Africa, Europe and the Americas. These blessed actions occurred over the last few decades and created a self-organizing social and media network. We have watched this urge to be free grow and await a donor to greatly develop these small networks into a means to swiftly change the face of this much maligned aspect of humanity. We bless you and work our joint visions to see you prosper. We rejoice in what is happening to see this divine vision succeed. It is to be joined with a special prosperity and sacred magic is to occur. Out of these small but highly motivated institutions, a mighty oak is to grow. Believe in miracles, be strong and prosper in the Almighty’s name! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
   Today, we gave you more news of what is silently taking place around this globe. Gaia awaits you and knows that you are to do what is right with these sacred resources. It is time to reorder and redo this set of global societies. Be patient and know that a great wave of prosperity is to be yours! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

What Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Stay Empty, Stay Grateful and Stay PRESENT. All Now.
Stay in 5th Dimensional Consciousness!
Stay Present with what you KNOW Now.
Stay Accepting.
Stay with Practising ~STAYING PRESENT.
If you slip in and out of Staying Present, where you begin to experience  IMMENSE Joy and Bliss and then it seems to slip away and you seem to fall  back into experiences of worry and doubt (3D Consciousness) MOVE your Awareness into the Now Moment (5th Dimensional Consciousness) and APPLY “accepting” everything NOW.
If you are Still Experiencing MANY Energetic Symptoms, such as Dizziness, STAY Accepting and PRESENT, Now.
IF things are not as you anticipated them to be (3D Consciousness) STAY PRESENT and Accept, everything Now.
Stay Present. Accept EVERYTHING. And ALLOW the Miracle of your Presence to UNFOLD for you an Existence that is FAR GREATER than you could ever imagine.
Accept, ALLOW, Flow, Be Present and Accept again. And stay Present. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now.
I Accept ALL that is placed in front of me as my Experience, Now.
I Stay Present. Now.
I am OPEN to receive a life FAR Greater than I could ever imagine. Now.
I let go of all thoughts of how I want to feel and how I want things to look, and I now Receive the GRACE, The Gratefulness, the Love, the Beauty, and the Miraculous knowing of My Divinity ~ All Now.
I live a Miraculous Life, Now.
I ACTIVATE you in this and HOLD you in the MIRACULOUS Light of The Greatest Life far beyond anything you could ever Imagine! All Now.
In the Sacred Grace, Eternal Love and Illuminated Light of All That is~ I Am.
Eternal Love and Bliss!
copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.

You are getting ready to become a galactic human.

Sheldan Nidle – September 22, 2015
5 Chicchan, 18 Zip, 12 Manik
Selamat Balik! Over the past few months, this world progressed from being one in which the dark cabal was still in charge to one where these scurrilous crooks are on the ropes. The various groups of our Earth allies are finally realizing how this world’s scenario needs to be accommodated. As consciousness rises in this realm, the financial system changes and the new prosperity require a reveal. We have asked that this set of precise procedures be done at a much quicker level. This advice, as said previously, was largely ignored. The time is now ripe for these changes to be manifested and explained to you. The coming prosperity is simply an instrument by which you can achieve your dreams. Use these symbols of power to remake your world into one that is peaceful and harmonious. Be aware of what you are doing. Let it all flow and use your synchronistic powers to alter things gracefully and divinely. This world needs to change and to alter how it perceives itself. The old violent ways require an ending. The diversity of culture requires an honoring. You need to reside in a wondrous land with technology to end poverty and hunger. The world needs to see itself as a big and glorious family!
As your realm moves toward its new reality, never forget who you are and that you are becoming one. Never before has Earth’s surface humanity had the ability to free itself of all the ills that have plagued it since the Great Flood of nearly 10 millennia ago. At that time, the Anunnaki, acting as your dark overlords, put into place a system that, in effect, caused everyone to suffer. You are at the point where this grand suffering is to be transformed. You are to enter a time where prosperity and new governance is to permit you to turn Gaia into a paradise. Humanity is no longer to need farming, mining and other things that harm your precious planet. You are to quickly develop a new perspective that can allow you to use your growing consciousness to alter every culture on the surface of Gaia. This new global mixture of humanity is to set the stage for our arrival. You can finally stop believing the cabal’s outright lies. Government can formally end the UFO cover-up and prepare you for our coming. This is to allow us to commence a number of broadcasts about our initial objectives.
The first objectives involve our mentors. All of you have lived in sublime ignorance since your birth. You have been fed a pile of pap, first conceived eons ago by the Anunnaki. These perceived realities need to be discarded and new perceptions acquired based on a new and more conscious set of realities. This old Anunnaki matrix made you more pliable and made it much easier for your governmental and other masters to manipulate and control you. These “control points” need to be replaced with free thinking and a newly acquired ability to again discern keys that can be employed to determine when you are being manipulated. This grand task is for your mentor to impart to you. It needs to be done subtly and included with a restoration of your ancient and modern history. This history is to be filled with a very important truth twist. Some of the truths behind your wars and how your economy is used as a pawn by the oligarchy will be most enlightening. You are getting ready to become a galactic human. The time spent over the last 13 millennia needs to be looked at and the logic behind Heaven’s decrees fully explained.
Another objective is to describe to you what being a galactic human is like. You have reacquired abilities that allow you to carry out the divine instructions of Heaven. You are, in effect, a physical Angel. This means you can do a whole host of things. The mentor’s job is not only to review your life, but as well to explicitly explain to you your coming life in full consciousness. Your science wonders what “full potentializing” implies. All of this is to be explored with you by the mentor. We have a long history with you. We are assisting your Ascended Masters in seeing that you are in a state where you can ask for heavenly assistance. This process, at present, is somewhat skewed by the matrix, which creates this present reality. This matrix is now being enormously weakened by the great waves of energy coming from your galactic core. These energy waves are significantly aiding what our Earth allies are achieving. This joint operation is at the verge of a wonderful success. It is to bring the new reality that is to reunite you with your Inner Earth, Spiritual and Space families! Hosanna!
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with grand tidings and marvelous news! The dark cabal is full of itself. It defies all that our earthly associates do and thus, the time comes for its power to perish. Gaia is merely its pawn and they use their horrible devices to make useless points to our various allies. The dark is now at the edge of its demise and our numerous allies are shortly to apply their own “coup de gras” to defeat these evil blunderers. Ahead of you, my Children, lies a most beautiful reality filled with joy, freedom, prosperity and new governance dedicated to your mutual happiness. The old is to be set aside and a new era of caring for Gaia is to be the start of your growing dedication to divine service. Together, we are to form a grand union of aid to all on Gaia’s surface. There is to be only peace, cooperation and a growing consciousness of service, to each other and to Gaia. You are to build a most beautiful realm. Heaven is to descend to Earth! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
This reality is in transition. It is blessed and ready to do Heaven’s bidding. Great waves of divine Love are increasing even as we speak to you. Be willing to listen and be moved by the passion of these wondrous sets of events. This realm is moving each of you into higher and higher consciousness. You are participating in a movement that encompasses all peoples and all nations. Our blessed task is to keep you guided toward the center of this most gracious and divine Light. As you are exposed, you become physically different. This difference is minute. Yet it is part of a process that is shifting this reality. We Masters are excited about the meaning of this great spiritual shift. It is causing many to become more spiritually oriented. Every day, we find Beings willing to ask for our help and we ask our numerous allegiances to provide that blessed help. You are very close to a most blessed new day!
This realm is now in transition from the horrors of the dark. Does that mean that all is to alter in a flash? Not really. What you need to do is remain positive. Be ready to receive. Be as well ready to use this positive energy to help this aid to manifest. Do so knowing how powerful you are and how much more positive you are to become. You, dear Children, are the Light of this world. You are the candle of the Light that no one can extinguish. Use this to bring the wonders of this time to swift fruition. Remember in all of this who you really are. Be strong and unflappable. Let the dark know that its day is truly coming to a sudden end. You are a set of magnificent Beings who have the privilege to see miracles, which are very soon to appear before you. Thus, be able to remain strong and positive. We are behind and ahead of you. We are to push and to guide you to a very deserving finish line!!
Today, we gave you a weekly report on what is happening around this globe. Spirit is constantly moving upon the waters of this realm and preparing this orb for its most grand shift into a new reality. This land is alive and ready to be filled with the miracles and divine actions of Heaven. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

September certainly seems to be living up to its promise ~ it’s been a wild ride so far! Personally, I am LOVING it!

One thing that is happening all around us is this ~ people are detaching from things they once felt were important and this is a huge shift. After all, energy goes where attention flows.

Letting go of attachments is a big part of achieving Mastery and transcending duality. In other words, it is a big part of ascending to a higher level of consciousness. In the earlier parts of our journey, this is harder to do because the concept can seem selfish, irresponsible, unkind, or scary, etc. It’s one of those things that you have to make some progress on before you can actually grasp what it really means and and how important and helpful it is.

We can be attached to many things in our Reality Matrix (The Illusion) ~ people, ideas, belief systems, objects, outcomes, etc. Attachments are problematic primarily because they are emotional and most emotions are of a low vibration compared to the high vibrational state of unconditional Love. When you are attached to things, it keeps you in a lower vibrational state. It keeps you focused on the outer. It keeps you focused on things that are not even Real and that only exist in The Illusion.

Peace comes from within

What we are striving for is a neutral state of observance and acceptance. This means that no matter what appears to be happening around us, we do not react with lower vibrational emotions like fear and anger. After all, what does reacting emotionally accomplish? It only distracts us from what is Real and wastes our energy on things that are not.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say there’s a war going on and people are being hurt.

Is there? Is there really a war going on? No, there is not. It looks like there is a war going on somewhere but that’s not really true. This is simply part of the game that is taking place here in the Illusion. It’s not a War ~ it’s War Games. The people who are playing in the War Games chose to have that experience. It may seem horrifying and we might wonder why somebody would choose to have an experience like that but understand that you have probably done the same thing at some time in your past.

Why would any of us choose to be part of a war or to be a victim of a violent crime or to be the perpetrator of a violent crime? Why would any of us choose to suffer or cause suffering? Well, again, it’s a game. If that term does not sound serious enough for you, you can think of it as a Learning Experience, which is exactly what it is. We come into The Illusion by plugging our consciousness into a body hologram and then we play the game or engage in different Learning Experiences that we have chosen for various reasons.

Why would we choose what looks like unpleasant or even horrific experiences?

Well, for one thing, they’re not real. We are just playing a part, a role. All the world is indeed a stage. It might feel like you are suffering, but you’re not. Not really. Just like you can’t really be hurt or die. Just like you can’t really hurt or kill somebody else.

Another reason is just as stated ~ to have a learning experience. We come here to experience duality/polarity. In our true existence, only Love is Real. It is not possible to have lower vibrational emotions because we exist at such a high frequency. It is also not possible to feel separate from Source or God. There is no fear and no darkness. It’s a wonderful existence. Our goal is always to evolve spiritually but it’s a slower process if we can’t learn by having experiences that allow us to compare and appreciate what Love is and is not.

Think of it this way ~ how can you truly appreciate a sunny day if you have never experienced a dark night or a rainy afternoon? If all you ever had were sunny days, would you really appreciate them or would you take them for granted? Would you even know what it meant to experience a sunny day if that was all you ever got? You would end up living day after day in a beautiful, sunny environment without truly being able to appreciate that aspect of your life and to understand everything that it can mean.

We choose experiences that we can not have elsewhere when we come here. Do you want to experience the lower vibrational (emotional) versions of happiness, love, and joy? Come to Earth! Do you want to experience the lower vibrational states of fear, hatred, and anger? Come to Earth! DualityLand! PolarityVille! Where Light meets Dark and there are 50 Shades of Gray! Hahaha, it’s like a fabulous theme park once you understand it!

Before we incarnate here, we develop blueprints and make agreements with others to engage in various experiences. We do not know everything that is going to happen because we have free will to make choices within our blueprints. For example, you may plan that you will go to college but not necessarily know where. You may plan to get married and have children but not know when or how many children you will end up having. You also plan for several exit points ~ what looks like death. Of course, there is no such thing as death but you make plans for several possible shifts that will allow you to exit The Illusion and return to your higher vibrational existence.

And, you almost certainly chose to encounter some difficulties during your incarnation here because this is the only place where you could experience them. Some examples are mental illness, cancer, addiction, abuse, and poverty. Conversely, some Souls have chosen to play wealthy, famous, physically healthy people. Some Souls chose to be the bad guy or The Villain. Maybe they chose to be an abuser or criminal or drug dealer or a pompous, wealthy, selfish banker. There are countless roles and choices available to us!

And, when you stop and give the whole notion some thought and feel it out with your Heart, it’s easy to see how rich and varied the learning experiences can be. Maybe you’re learning what it feels like to be hurt, abandoned, or hopeless. Maybe you’re learning what it feels like to hurt people or to feel like you are better or more important than other people. The list is endless and you would not know what any of these things feel like unless you chose to come here and face challenges and difficult experiences.

Another aspect of all this is that our experiences also allow other people to learn. For example, let’s say that somebody has chosen to experience a serious illness like cancer. This means that everybody who is a part of their life can learn what it is like to care about somebody who is seriously ill. As another example ~ the aforementioned war. When we live in a place where people fight wars, this gives almost everybody on the planet a chance to learn how they feel about war. In the case of the illusory Galactic Wars, it gave Beings on multiple planets a chance to learn how they feel about war.

Of course, all of this is changing for those of us moving into 5D. And that is why it is so important to understand The Illusion and the game that Humanity has been playing. If you are struggling to move forward gracefully, it is very likely that you are strongly attached to something or more than one thing in The Illusion.

A good example here is this: many people are “stuck” on the Conspiracy Level of Awakening. If you still believe that there are dark forces like Archons or the Illuminati or whoever controlling Humanity or somehow keeping us down, it’s time to move on from that belief system. It may look like there are sinister Beings pulling Humanity’s puppet strings, but that is all just part of The Illusion. It’s an intriguing arena in the Game but it’s still just part of the Game. It’s something we all agreed to participate in or allow. It’s within the rules, so to speak.

And, it’s only a problem if it is keeping you from moving forward. If you are focused on this part of The Game, then it means that you are looking to the outer rather than within. You can blame other Beings for holding Humanity back and point all the fingers you want but the only thing you are accomplishing is distracting yourself from making progress. In Truth, there are no bad guys and nobody is controlling you except yourself.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within and we do not arrive there by waiting for the cabal to be brought to justice or whatever the latest popular notion is. We arrive at The Kingdom of Heaven by letting go of everything that appears to be going on around us, moving into our Hearts, and raising our Awareness, our Consciousness, and our Vibration. We arrive at the Kingdom of Heaven by choosing Love, not blaming other Love Beings disguised as villains who are just helping us to learn and grow by playing the parts we asked them to play.

Once a person awakens, part of their journey will be to detach from illusory things that they do not enjoy. It can be no other way as this is a natural part of raising our consciousness. Some things can be let go of quite easily and others, like jobs or relationships, may take longer to work through. Here are some helpful notes related to becoming a detached, neutral observer.

♥ We choose our own experiences. Take responsibility.

♥ The Divine Plan works to ensure the highest and best outcome for all.

♥ There is no blame, judgment, or punishment for things that we do in The Illusion. Karma is part of The Illusion. Everything that happens here is agreed upon and within the “Rules of The Game.” If this were not the case, whatever happened would not have existed as a possibility in the first place. For example, suicide exists as a possibility and some people choose to have this experience. They are not judged or punished for choosing to have this experience.

♥ We should respect other people’s journeys. We should remember that they, too, choose their own experiences and we should have faith that they know what they are doing. We should respect their choices and we should let them experience whatever they have chosen, no matter how it looks to us. We can help and we can have compassion but we should not allow ourselves to be caught up in the emotional turmoil of others. Our energy is much better spent focusing on our own journey rather than somebody else’s.

♥ The best way to help people is by ascending to higher levels of consciousness. When we do this ~ when we raise our vibration to higher states ~ we raise the vibration of everything and everyone around us as well. By showing the way and by raising the vibration, we help others to liberate themselves. You cannot “fix” The Illusion but you can help people break free of it if they have chosen to move in that direction.

♥ Avoid judgment. Everybody on this planet and even off this planet is a Love Being in costume. If you choose to judge them or their behavior in this Illusion, you are not choosing Love, you are choosing to distract yourself by focusing on the outer.

♥ Behind every mask, disguise, costume, and villain is a Love Being. Just like you. In fact, it is You. We are One. What’s it like to see yourself mirrored this way? This is a Learning Experience for all. Remember that the next time you feel like pointing fingers. Replace judgment with Compassion ~ for yourself and all the other Yous out there.

♥ All of these reminders apply even when it comes to our mission of helping Humanity move into 5D. For example, generally speaking, we can not know what somebody else’s Mission or Divine Role is but there are people here who are choosing to stay in roles that keep them at lower levels of awareness so that they can act as Bridgers for the newly awakened and other people at different places on the Path. Rather than judge or focus too much on what other people are doing, we should respect and honor these Beings for who they really are and we should be grateful for their service because they are helping many people.

♥ Be Grateful that you are getting what you asked for. This is an amazing experience! Grab some cotton candy and then get back on that Roller Coaster! No hands and no fear! BOOYAH!

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for playing your part!
I can’t say that I have enjoyed every moment but in retrospect, I truly appreciate every moment.
And, I do love a good farce ~ the Divine Comedy was absurdly sublime.
I honor you and your Service and I Love You!
Wrap Party on The Bridge!
Unmasking to be followed by roses and champagne.
I will meet you there, always.

Love, Rain


Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-15-15… “Coming your way… More disinformation, ‘negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior’” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-15-15… “Coming your way… More disinformation, ‘negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior’” | Kauilapele’s Blog.

This is an update from Corey’s forum thread.

Well, who could ask for more fun than that!! To me it appears that many people, particularly selected so-called “Illuminated (but stuck) Light Workers”, are having to face their own inner crap, and are being given the opportunity to go through their own “decrappification”. I can tell you, it’s happening to all of us (well, all of me).

“There is more negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior on forums these days than there is uncomfortable information coming out in recent disclosures… Many venomous and negative people are convinced that they are “Awake” and on a positive spiritual path… It’s time for many people to wake up and smell the high vibratory energy. This same energy that is causing negative vibrational people to behave more so and positive vibrational people to behave more so…

“We were indeed asked directly to bring out this very disturbing data to the public as has been released in recent articles and postings… This is going to be the nature of full disclosure like it or not…

“This information is being put out into the general consciousness of humanity right now to soften the shock as much as can be hoped when a full disclosure event occurs and the full details of these programs and crimes against humanity are out in the open for all to see.

“People are so ensconced in their belief systems or in opinions of what reality is that they are completely invested in and will remain that way until the moment of the full disclosure events… Those who continue to remain negative and self absorbed will have a much tougher time..”


Forum Post #262, 6-15-15 1159

[Q] Originally Posted by bsbray
If the information you’re getting from him is not making you feel uplifted and excited then it’s useless… I don’t mean that the truth can’t be uncomfortable at times, but the kind of information he’s giving is stuff that no one could reasonably do much about even if true. So the net result is that it may simply make you feel bad, and it’s been proven scientifically that people who feel badly or have a pessimistic view are not as healthy, not as ambitious and not as productive, and obviously not as happy. And then what about this “loosh” stuff? If someone actually believes in that then whose side would DW be contributing to with a negative message?… I don’t know exactly what zombie stuff you’re referring to but I don’t pay attention to David Wilcock anymore and frankly I don’t believe he knows what he’s saying anymore. He digs up trivia from other people and then repackages it without really digesting the information himself.

[Corey] I believe you are on the wrong thread buddy… There is another thread that is more inline with that sort of statement. I believe the “DW is a Liar Thread”… Opened out of free speech and all of course. (And designed to stir up drama on TOT again after the quiet period)

There is more negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior on forums these days than there is uncomfortable information coming out in recent disclosures. This is a major reason most of the regular types of people have recently left the forums reporting they felt chased out by the negativity and infighting.

Many venomous and negative people are convinced that they are “Awake” and on a positive spiritual path (Many calling themselves “light workers”)… It’s time for many people to wake up and smell the high vibratory energy. This same energy that is causing negative vibrational people to behave more so and positive vibrational people to behave more so…

We were indeed asked directly to bring out this very disturbing data to the public as has been released in recent articles and postings. There are going to even more that people are going to scream ‘Fear Porn” about and say we can’t do anything about it anyway so why tell us.

This is going to be the nature of full disclosure like it or not. For those who do not like it or who cannot handle it, they should hope for the partial and controlled narrative of disclosure that the Cabal is working on providing. For those who just flat out do not believe it, their belief is not required for events to unfold anyway. People do not have to like the messengers for the information to show itself to be accurate as time unfolds. There have indeed been so many false promises of disclosure that all researchers have been caught up in with inaccurate data and outright disinformation that no one is more skeptic now that those in the “Truther Movement”… That was done by design as well.

This information is being put out into the general consciousness of humanity right now to soften the shock as much as can be hoped when a full disclosure event occurs and the full details of these programs and crimes against humanity are out in the open for all to see. Those who were once skeptics and those who were so asleep they had no idea any of these topics existed are going to be the hardest hit.

Believe, do not believe the information that is coming out… It doesn’t matter and that is not really the point of these pre-disclosures anyway. It’s all about preparation of those who hear the info and process it whether the believe it or not.

People are so ensconced in their belief systems or in opinions of what reality is that they are completely invested in and will remain that way until the moment of the full disclosure events. Then it will be all about us working together to see the criminals come to justice and then begin a new era and civilization that is not manipulated by outside forces.

Those who continue to remain negative and self absorbed will have a much tougher time (& more karma to deal with) than those who have done the spiritual work of becoming more loving and forgiving and truly working on raising their consciousness and vibrations.

Ascension Update ~ Regaining star knowledge through cosmic fusion

Friday June 5, 3015 by; Natalia Alba

Natalia-AlbaIt is a time to embrace stillness, as Mercury retrograde reminds us at this time in which moving inward will make all the difference for our own healing/releasing process and unique ascension journey, as it is only when we navigate through the wisdom of our inner realms that we are able to listen to all the revelations that are sent to us for our Soul quest and mission at this pivotal time.

We are under the process of cosmic fusion, integrating the cosmic particles that our physical vehicles need to keep adjusting themselves to the intensity of the New light that we are facing, as well as for the proper embodiment of the star knowledge that has been always within and that now we are regaining through conscious integration and personal choice. We are already feeling the intensity of this powerful wave of cosmic light that is coming with the Summer/Winter Solstice in June 21, and the best move at this moment is to simply dive into the depths of our being, taking the time to rest so we can leave our bodies internalize and anchor these higher cosmic frequencies that we are receiving, at the same time that we keep retrieving and embracing the soul remembrances that arise from within at this precious time.

When we refer to new waves of cosmic particles, it is again our human and linear language expressing something that cannot be really explained from our limited perspective. The cosmic particles that we refer to (which have been always within) is just pure light – Divine wisdom that contains all knowledge that exists in all the realms within Creation. As we keep ascending into this new octave within Creation, it is us the ones who are closer to this higher frequencies of light that will assist us to shift our physical bodies from the remains of the old and retrieve the ancient knowledge required to assist the Self and All. It is not that these cosmic energies are now coming to help us evolve, they have always been there for us, it is ourselves the ones that by conscious choice are opening the cosmic portals to embrace these higher energies required for us to keep ascending at this point of our evolutionary path, so we can be able to transform/release that which still remains stagnant within ourselves and that should be liberated for us to embody higher frequencies of light and new ways of living in the Golden Era that we are building within Divine Love and integrity.

We are always in a constant process of letting go, physically and internally and it is essential that we take some time to nurture our bodies so we can keep integrating and purifying ourselves from the lower frequencies that cannot coexist anymore with the new one that we have consciously decided to hold. In our ascension path, we are always in a constant process of embracing and letting go and when we think we are done we are just beginning and when we think we have reached our final destination, it was only another stage of our endless evolutionary path and we find out that we still have a never ending path to walk. This is why is so important to retreat at some point of our journey in order to acquire a better insight of what is taking place within ourselves and give our bodies the care and healing they need to rejuvenate themselves and to embody that which is new that will assist us to regain the ancient memories needed for our human evolution. Remember that ascension is the descension of our soul, the part of us that is Divine, into our physical being, and it is by the incessant process of integration and letting go that we can continue to evolve into this infinite spiral within Creation.

At this time, the more confused, “lost” and exhausted that you feel, the more you are in need of some time to rest and integrate. When it happens, it is because the universe that is always within us, is sending us the message to stop, unify and listen to the part of us who is Divine in Essence and sees everything as One, instead of the human part of us who fears, suffers and who do not understand and therefore separates and denies the Truth of the importance than letting go and emptying ourselves has to renew ourselves so we can welcome the new. This is why is so important to surrender to the flow of the universe instead of fighting its natural stream, because when we pause for a while, we are directing all of our attention and intention into the proper releasing we need which can never be done unconsciously, allowing our Higher Self to guide us through the different challenges we may be experiencing and manifesting that which is going to be for the highest good of All. Instead, when we fight it and keep trying to act from our human perceptive, we simply block all the possible doors to find the solutions that will allow us to create a higher way to experience our reality.

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Intuition, retrograde in Pisces on June 12th, will also assist us to our inner quest and personal healing/releasing process and subsequent embodiment of the cosmic energies that we are internalizing at this time. We will pass from taking some time to review our life from a mental Plane, to do the same but from an emotional and intuitive one. If we mediated upon our new ideas, visions and desires during Mercury retrograde, now with Neptune, we are invited to submerge ourselves into our most profound feelings, into the ocean of our subconscious mind, to clear our emotional body of the old and to discern if our feelings are coming from a higher place of love, compassion and integrity towards the self and others or if we are still basing our desires on primary and egoic feelings that do not assist the Whole.

The feelings of pain, unworthiness, limitation and other similar ones that we may feel at some point, is simple the old pushing to stay while you release it and integrate more of the new. The uneasiness that you may be feeling is your human self denying the need to let go of the old, of that which does not help the self neither All beings within the Divine Plan. The resistance you feel is the need that your human being has to control that which can never be dominated neither forced. By embracing it, you release it, by resisting it, you make it worst, whatever you choose will serve to your highest purpose, whatever it is that you wish to experience now, will always lead you to the next step of your precious and unique journey of self-mastery and embracing higher levels of knowledge. It is all well as long as you are aware of what is taking place within you, it is all always serving a highest purpose for All within Creation.

Embrace all the feelings that you are experiencing at this time because it is the way that your body and inner being has to let you know that is time to let go of more old ways to live and embrace new ones. We are at this time leaving behind more lower frequencies and when this happens the best we can do is enter into a state of being that embrace stillness and a higher and broader view of what truly is happening in our earthly lives and start acting from an inner place of Divine wisdom and patience, never from a human one of desperation and eagerness to keep acting and forcing things that are not Divinely guided at this time.

The universe, as a part of the All, is always revolving into circles, life is a never ending spiral evolving into one single purpose – a unified consciousness that knows no separation or limitation.

When we act from a place of union and Divine Timing, we are doing what is best for All not just for the Self, as every single thought, feeling and act affects All, and this is what we are being invited to do at this moment, to prepare ourselves for the new light that is coming with the solstice so we can have the inner/physical strength to internalize all that we have decided to embrace to keep shifting, creating and manifesting more of our inner creations for the life that our souls truly desire to manifest.

In love and light,
Natalia Alba