The Shift of 2017 and the Grounding of the Higher Consciousness Unified Field

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 5 July 2017

The Planetary New Year and Lion’s Gate July/August 2017
Beloved Family of Light, you have now reached a time in your year of 2017 when great change is at hand. We would call this the Great Shift of 2017. Indeed, as we have said earlier, 2017 is the year of Sacred Planet Earth, and the year of New Beginnings. The incoming Light Codes of the first half of 2017 have laid the seeds for the rising New Earth Consciousness to manifest on Earth.

We call this New Earth consciousness the “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness. It is the new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth. It is held in the Heart, Soul and Light Body of each person who has made the commitment to Higher Consciousness and Multi-dimensional living. As these shining beings awaken, and come together, their radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the structural grids for the New Earth manifestation.

This is why it is so necessary for you to maintain your personal energy signature at a high frequency, and to come together with others who are at a similar frequency of Light and Consciousness, and to contribute to the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.

This emerging field has now reached the point where it is powerful enough to be the motivation for major shifts on the Earth. The energies of July will build up to a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August.

This will be a fairly lengthy period of sustained intensity, and Beloved Ones, you will need to focus your intention into maintaining your inner Peace and Power as you pass through this period of challenge and testing as you bridge between the New and the Old in your lives. Do not despair, do not fall into victim consciousness or anger, but allow yourselves to remain in that place of Trust and Flow. It is not a time to be active and to try to make the changes. It is rather a time to go within and surrender to a greater power, while allowing your self to flow into the changes with confidence and trust.

The Full Moon in Capricorn

The first major point of energy acceleration will be the Full Moon on July 9th. This Full Moon falls in Capricorn, which is being strongly influenced by Pluto, also in Capricorn. Pluto powers Transformation and, together with the powerful magnetic energies of the Full Moon, will be an agent for bringing up very deep feelings and emotions for transformation and clearing. Allow these to come to the surface to be released and move away. Do not hold onto them or feel despair or guilt. Just simply release them and let them go, very gently. In the old energy you would work very hard to process such feelings and put much energy into finding out the reasons for such feelings. In this new multi-dimensional energy, it is enough to simply recognize what arises, and let it go with love, knowing that you no longer need to wrestle with such feelings and emotions. It is enough to let them flow away as you focus on where you are in the present moment and what you desire to create.

Indeed, the Full Moon will be a time when many old patterns will finally be released to make place for the New Earth templates of perception and expression on the Planet. It will be a time when you will need to fully grasp the concept of Multi-dimensional living, and be able to recognize frequency and vibration, and make the choice to anchor your own personal vibrational frequency or Energy Signature, in the New Earth energies.

You may need to spend time in the lower frequencies of the old energies because of your work or family, but you can see these times as “temporary visits” before you return to the higher frequencies where you are most comfortable. Many of you may still be in the role of “bridging” between the levels of frequency, in order to assist those who are yet to awaken and cross over to the New Earth frequencies.

Beloved Ones, even if you have to experience the chaos and fear/anger around you at times, remember that you are Warriors of the Heart and Embodied Masters of Light, and that the Love and Radiance in your Heart and Soul will protect you and open pathways of Abundance, Harmony and Joy in your lives as you express the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness.

The Sirius Effect : When Two Suns Rise

The next major energy acceleration will be the Planetary New Year on the 26th of July. This date was known, to the Ancient Mayans and the Ancient Egyptians, as the moment when Planet Earth begins a new cycle in her ongoing evolution.

This is preceded by the “Day out of Time” which falls on the 25th of July. The 25th is a Magical and Sacred “womb space” where transformation from one time cycle to another is birthed. It is a time to be joyful and creative as you lay the foundations for your New Year cycle at the highest level possible. This creative and festive energy will carry you into the 26th when the Planet and all living beings will begin a new personal cycle of creation and being.

For the Ancient Egyptians, this time was marked by an annual event called the “heliacal rising of Sirius”. This is the time when Sirius rises in the morning sky right next to the Sun. It was also the time in the Egyptian calendar when the Nile would rise and flood the lands bringing fertility and abundance to the people. In addition, Sirius was also known as the Sacred Teacher Star, and when its powerful Light Codes aligned with the Sun they were transmitted to the Earth through the annual Lion’s Gate portal. The Lion’s Gate portal begins to open on the 26th of July and reaches its climax on the 8th of August as the 8/8. This is the powerful time of the “Two Suns”, one Golden White (the Sun of Earth) and one Electric Blue (Sirius). The Diamond Light Codes that carry the patterns and templates for the next spiral of time are transmitted from the Galactic Center and amplified by Sirius as they are integrated into the Earth Planetary Time Cycles.

The Lion’s Gate : 8 August 2017

So, Beloved Ones, you can see that the climactic points of this series of energy alignments and accelerations will be the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August and the two Eclipses in Leo of August of 2017.

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal in Leo that is under the guardianship of the Royal Spirit Lions of Sirius. These Magnificent Beings of Light, known as the Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow, hold the Sacred Space for the New Light Codes and Evolutionary Templates to descend to Earth and to activate the grids and Light Bodies of all who are receptive to lifting their evolution to a higher spiral of Consciousness.

It is very necessary to keep your personal consciousness and energy signature at a high level at this time. And to take full advantage of the flow of Divine Light and Blessings in the incoming new Diamond Light Codes. Do not allow any events to pull you down into lower levels of consciousness such as anger, fear and anxiety.

This is indeed the time of the Great Shift of 2017, and you need to remember that you are a Light Warrior and an embodied Master of Light. It is your work to hold these energies in your Energy Signature, so that the new Light Codes may enter and be grounded, through you, for the benefit of Humanity and the Planet.

The Eclipses of 7th and 21st August

The Lion’s Gate portal closes on the 12th of August. However, the energy will continue to be intense through the month of August, and will be amplified and augmented by the two Eclipses in Leo.

On the Full Moon in Leo on the 7th of August, the day before the Lion’s Gate, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Sun in Leo). This will create the space for further empowerment of the Goddess energy on the Planet. In February of 2017, there was an annular lunar eclipse in Leo (Sun in Aquarius), that initiated this powerful flow of Diamond Energy to the Earth as part of the Rising of the Goddess/Divine Feminine energy on the Earth.

In this year of 2017, you will become more aware of the rising power of the Divine Feminine, as the Right Brain energies of Creativity and Compassion become more clearly active. There will be increased opportunity for the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness to be expressed through the Divine Feminine energies.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August completes the cycle of eclipses for 2017. The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo ensures that the New Planetary Codes, initiated by the Royal Sirian Star Lions, are integrated into the Planetary Grids.

At this time, the cumulative energies of shift and change will have provided the major impetus for significant change on Earth. As a Fire Energy, the Leonine energy will burn away and transform everything that is not in alignment with the Diamond Light Codes of the New Reality.

From this point forward, the emphasis will be on new ways of living and perception. The old ways will continue to be challenged by the rising energies of the New Earth. The power of the emerging field of Unified Consciousness will transform and change, making space for the New Reality on Earth.


Archangel Michael on Mad Rushing Post-Reval

January 12, 2017 by Steve Beckow

My recent venture into micro-finance gave me many glimpses into what life would be like after the Reval. I found myself in unknown territory and learned many things that will assist me later.

I spoke with Archangel Michael about it in a reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on January 3, 2017. I know he wants me to share what he said. Thank you to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Well, I’ve had my preview of the Reval. It certainly allowed me to do a kind of test run and look at spreadsheets and other financial things.

What do you want me to do now? What’s next, Lord?

Archangel Michael: It is a very important step. In fact it is critical to the completion of all of this: Breathe!

Did you not note – you could not help but note – that during this prelude the feelings of chaos, even in the most positive of senses, (1) have permeated your very core?

Steve: Oh yes, indeed.

AAM: And then you have allowed the feelings of chaos from others around you to also penetrate your core and the feeling of overwhelm, of dizziness has made you feel under exceptional pressure rather than joyful. So while the joy was there, it was clouded. (2)

It is important for you to know and to realize – and especially in your small group – that this [feelings of chaos] is what so many human beings are, and will, be experiencing and this is also why our strong encouragement to not rush anything has been so important. (3)

Now I say this: The level of heart and mind and physical commitment to the creation of Nova Earth in the Lightworker, Loveholder community is extraordinary and extraordinarily strong and there has been a sense of impatience and of waiting ad nauseum.

On our side everything is in order! But on the human side it has been exceptionally important that every single item be organized correctly and you cannot even begin to imagine the number of variables. We are not just talking about the multitude of mechanical, political, social, and economic things that have need to be addressed.

The energy from our perspective, having dealt with many of the minutia, and helping humans deal with the minutia, also has to be addressed. And by and large it has been.

In their eagerness to create Nova Earth, there will be this mad rush and the mad rush does nothing but create confusion and the feeling of inner chaos and therefore outer chaos. Inner mayhem, inner pressure, outer pressure, outer overwhelm and on and on with the list.

I bring this to the forefront for discussion because it is important that this insight be shared. …

We are not being critical of any of this but [succumbing to the chaos post-Reval] is something that those who are bestowed funds, one way or another, have need to be aware of.

The Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, myself and Gabrielle are not sitting here with the stopwatch to see how fast you can leap to action.

Steve: But some light workers will be.

AAM: That is why you are going to tell them. I have made a jest in saying that your next assignment is to breathe. But I am not joking when I say, the very first assignment in the RV is to breathe.

It is not to be rushed. It is to be done in thoughtful, self-considerate action.

This is an unfoldment of a Golden Age. It does not happen in a week or a month.

Steve: I had resolved to follow your advice not to make any purchases the first week but just to sit but it became seemingly important to buy a new computer at one point.

That utterly threw me off. Instead of being available to what was happening, I was going down to Apple and trying to get this computer to work, transferring files, going out in post-Christmas crowds buying adapters, etc.

Next time, when the Reval happens, thanks to this preview, I will wait a week before I do anything.

AAM: And for most people, we will extend that out to a month because it is the breathing, it is the organizing, it is the physical adjustment to a different set of circumstances [that is important].

You cannot be fully engaged in the shift in energy, in the sense of joy, and be worried about whether you are buying a computer or buying a house or buying a nation. That will not do.


(1) Chaos can result from positive as well as negative events. A flurry of buying activity after the Reval can introduce a note of chaos into our lives at a time when we need to remain calm to handle a massive transition.

Please remember as well that it isn’t just unexpressed grief, frustration, etc., that can be an upset; unexpressed joy can also be an upset.

(2) What Archangel Michael calls joy, I call bliss. So, if we want the joy to be unalloyed, we might do well to lean towards meditation rather than towards consumption.

(3) After the Reval, don’t rush into arrangements.


The Sun Gate and Grand Climax of Humanity’s Ascension 6202016

Channeled by Michael Love, May 23, 2016

archangel-michaelGreat Beings of the Earth, as the 2016 Solstice Sun Gate prepares to open to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Third and final mass Ascension wave of this planet will walk across the great Rainbow Bridge, even beyond death, and experience a brand new paradigm for the first time.

A grand cosmic Announcement of Freedom for the Earth is about to be proclaimed. There are incredible Earth changes under way and great bodies in the Heavens are showing themselves as they move ‘to and fro’ allowing huge amounts of magnetic white ionized light to flow into the Earth for the grand climax of The Event Horizon. At this time, for First and Second Wave Ascended Beings, the physical human body still may need to go into hibernation-delta mode for a bit, as these incredible energies integrate and morph the DNA into a more advanced species. Do not be alarmed and know that nothing is wrong with you health-wise.

Some of the energy integration issues Second Wave Beings are dealing with at the moment are:

Feelings of nausea, unusual body pains, broken up or no sleep, feeling out of sorts or disconnected from this reality, seeing more things from other dimensions/timelines merging – a feeling of not remembering when things happened and what was dreamed about or meditated about or really happened.

While some of you have experienced these things before in your ascension process, each time it happens you reach a new peak of awareness for you to adapt to and integrate within yourselves.

The current energies and downloads First Wave Beings are integrating directly, relate to building the Light Body and the grand cosmic awakening/merging.

The great time of humanity draws near and all systems are in place from the sky to the ground in preparation to lift up the last 1/3 of unconscious humanity who will make the transition from the 3D matrix to the New Earth.

Many do not believe that this will or can happen in the short amount of Earth time we speak of because they have not noticed that anything has changed. This is because, in their reality, nothing did change.

After summer 2016 and on into the fall, you will finally start to see freedom ring out for the first time across the Earth and after things start to steady, the New Earth planning and rebuilding phase will begin.

There are major changes in Earth’s political and economic systems underway behind the scenes as the old matrix is grinding to a halt.

The new 5D Crystal Matrix is fully in place and ready to receive all three mass ascension waves, where in this new reality we will rebuild a glorious new pro-life system where amazing technologies and information will be immediately granted to the beings of New Earth. Technologies that will heal the body at once, turn back aging, clear up the atmosphere and biosphere, feed, shelter and provide for all sentient life on this planet and give you the ability to do things that are considered super natural.

This is what you have been training for, for eons, and your real work is just now about to begin. This is where the true magic and majesty begins as New Earth councils of Ascended Masters are formed all around the globe to reform Terra back into the paradise she is meant to be.

Lift up your heads, Great Ones, for I, Michael, have seen from the beginning to the end and I returned back to this place with great Intention, and it was given to me that I would behold a new day of freedom that has never been experienced on this planet while in this last incarnated human body. Know that all universal eyes are watching as the grand climax of humanity’s evolution is about to begin.

Be aware that your body is morphing at the atomic level into a higher version of you. Take time and be easy with you. It’s a perfect time to really be alone with yourself and get to know who and what you truly are. Know that all is well and as it should be and that a magnificent thing is happening inside of you. Be open and allow it all to be. The Universe is having its way, so relax, let go, receive and don’t forget to breathe.

Buckle up, sit back and enjoy the ride. There will be a slight bump or two as we move through the June 20 solstice portal. What was down will be up and what was up will be down as this last great gravitational wave gently rolls the earth over on its axis to propel unconscious humans from their slumber into a state of complete awareness and into an entirely new reality. The strong electromagnetic force of large celestial bodies passing over will soon turn off the old matrix power grid for about 4 months, so communities of Light must band together now and make collective preparations.

It is noted that beings who go out of their body during this great transition of Earth changes have made a choice to do so and will complete their ascension in an alternate and easier way. Do not see any of this as bad or as a loss of life. There is no loss of life, there is only different levels of beings who do things different ways and all beings are on their own ascension path which is not to be judged in anyway. Everyone makes it, and it matters not how they choose to do it. 6202016 Is the perihelion and there is no turning back from a heart’s decision at this moment about how one’s ascension will be completed. Again this is neither good nor bad, it is just a personal choice (conscious or unconscious) if one is vibrating high enough to bring forth the New Earth or if one feels they cannot or will not be able to make this evolutionary quantum leap while still in the body.

Just as Moses spoke to the people, I, Michael, will speak to many beings on a mass scale before this grand climax and help bring final global ascension coherence within the forces of Light as this is my prime mission. Any being who is still full in the 3D vibration and who is not resonating and inputting enough energy into making the grand shift in the body by Earth date 6202016 will go out of the body, finding themselves at once in a state of being and a beautiful reality in which it is much easier to do all of this, than it would have been for them to accomplish in the remaining 3D linear time frame.

There is a time for everything under the Sun and the great Keepers of Time have set forth exact linear earth dates for the beings of this world to evolve from a primitive species to a Galactic one. This time is at hand.

Gaia and the cosmos will safely and intelligently move her 3D children to the New Earth as the First and Second wave Ascended Masters and Archangels (144,000 key holders) combine all their power at one moment to push open the gates of freedom into the new Crystalline Earth matrix. These First and Second Wave Beings will be the first beings in the universe to set foot onto the new world and will gently make way for the rest of humanity who took a different approach to be raised up to meet them.

For this purpose did we come down from the Heavens to assist with the highest love for all sentient life on the Earth.

The beauty and majesty of what is just over this Grand Event Horizon has been seen by no man and all great seers and prophets only had a glimpse of the beauty of Heaven and the New Earth as she shines as the great bride who will sit in her Holy Place in the celestial realms.

Godspeed, Masters, as we all hold hands together now and give one last energetic ‘push’ and give birth to our new creation of life.

Thank you for your sacrifice in coming here to do a good work on the Earth. Be assured that your reward will be given unto you.

I am Archangel Michael, who guards the Divine Plan for humanity’s Ascension and I will stand strong beside you all as we move forward.

It was said that “On the last day, he will lift them all up.”

I do not ask anyone to worship me, for I am one of your brothers, the Prophets. I am the Archangel who holds the great and final Seal for this world to change states to a higher way of being. This Seal is written in my heart and I have guarded it safely unto this day. It was given unto me, this destiny, to speak freedom to all the Earth at the exact and final hour of the old world. No man knows this hour and no man has ever gone up to the Kingdom where I shall open the great Sun Gate and say, “Enter in.” All the children of the Earth will be free and at rest when all of this is fulfilled.

I am with you even to the end of the old world and, “Behold, I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth.” I saw you and me playing there in freedom, love and all joy forever.

Great love,

~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Michael Love

Archangel Michael: Transmutation of the Dark

by Christine Preston Posted on April 17, 2016

archangel-michaelThis is Archangel Michael coming to you with news of a surcease from the burdens that have been upon you for too long. I have had the privilege of bringing about what you might call a transmutation of those forces of darkness that engineered many wars on the planet.

This is my Announcement: I operate from the highest realms with my legions of Blue Flame angels, and together with the Forces of Chamuel and Charity, other Archangels, as well as the support of the Dhyani Buddhas, we have descended into hell itself, where resided those nefarious satanic forces. This time we had a fiery mission and permission from Almighty God in the Great Central Sun to intervene in such a way as to remove, with bolts of blue lightning and Ruby Ray fire, those forces that had an evil agenda to cause an end of the world in order to oppose the plan of Ascension, as well as that of the wonderful creation of a new Gaia, in which all beings would be able to live in peace, love and light. So we have descended and taken them by surprise as they had no warning of our intention. The operation was supported by the calls and desires of the lightworkers whose good works demanded to be mirrored back into the earth from the heavens. Past interventions had removed a certain Luciferian presence, and the astral plane had been subjet to a clean up over a period of many decades, but seeds of the fallen powers had remained. They were a core of darkness that held the strings of their Illuminati puppets on the physical plane. They too had been allowed to continue because of freewill and the law of non-interference. But last night, we received the Green light for which we had prepared for more than a decade, as this has been very much overdue since before the Solar System moved into the Photon Belt, a cloud of intense Light. This electro-magnetic light had an effect upon the entire population of Earth, and agitated the dark forces to a point of aggressivity, comparable to a situation with a wounded beast struggling for survival. They played all the cards they had to regain control, and one of their strategies for this is to cause political disruption and chaos. They could see an awakening taking place but did not understand the cosmic mechanism behind it. They were deluded in the belief they could reverse the tide of transformation and enlightenment upon the physical plane. We have been able to round them and they were taken off this world for trial. They will be given different conditions in embodiment on a world upon which they will slowly evolve to the point of serving the Light instead of seeking to gain power. They will eventualy ascend. This is a far distant material world on the other side of the Galaxy that will take a million years, or so, to rise to a higher dimension when it also crosses the photon belt. They had been given a chance to bend the knee. The work of purification of the planet has now been stepped up to a more advanced degree, and this represents the removal of the interference against ascending humanity from those forces of darkness that corrupted the systems of the world. Wealth is in the hands of a very small minority of individuals in incarnation who were controlled from the astral plane. They had engineered a financial system which was essential to the running of every function of life. However, from it derived a terrible situation of slavery, suffering, poverty, and dependence, and it is essential that mankind be freed from it.

So we have talked about Freedom for many decades and it is fitting that the Hierarh of the 7th Ray, Saint Germain, who stands for Freedom, is the one who has devised a Plan for a new Financial System and a resurrection into a divine economy for the Earth, together with his forgiving transmuting Violet Flame. There cannot be inequality in the world to the extent that millions of people have nothing and the wealth of the world is in the hands of 1 to 5% of the global population. The malintent of those dark beings, these oligarchs, was allowed to go beyond acceptable limits because they were being given a chance, but the malintent itself that is criminal, attracted the wrath of God and the Command ‘Enough is Enough!’ Their removal will result with a greater freedom in the media for disclosure, to speed up to the point that will be manifested according to Divine Desire.

You came to be part of the work of the overcoming to provide balance, to change the systems, create new paradigms. You are now stepping onto this new Phase which can be called one of Intensification. The Forces of the Light are intensifying their work to bring about the changes that are necessary and that are entangled with the Awakening, or spiritual level of consciousness of mankind.

Freed from the grip of these astral shadows that were reflected in the reality of the world, mankind can now begin to rebuild a civilization in the image of the blueprint that is descending with the Lightbody in the consciousness of the Universal Christ. Wounds will be healed. The tentacles have been severed. The particles that you were still connected with in your reality have been separated from you. A resolution will appear now for personal and global problems.

Keep connecting with the Light, your teachers are coming closer both within and in the outer world, and dream for the precipitation of wondrous miracles. Contemplate the image of your Real Self who descends in the secret chamber of your heart chaulkrah, where you are connected with the pulsating life-giving flame that is blue, gold and pink, and is the gift from your I AM Presence. I am closing this message with my love, peace, and assurance that I remain with the precious sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun that you are. I AM with you, standing guard. I AM Archangel Michael.

Channel: Christine Preston

Archangel Michael: Disclosure in Tandem with Reval

November 16, 2015 by Steve Beckow

I asked Archangel Michael to give us an update on Disclosure in a personal reading I had with him, through Linda Dillon, on Nov. 11, 2015.

He reported that it’s very near and that interference with it would not be permitted.

There was a reported mass decloaking over Los Angeles in the last few days.  While we cannot respond to all tips we receive because of a shortness of staff, we welcome your tips on Disclosure videos. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Is there anything you wish to say publicly about the increasing visibility of the galactics and the prospects of disclosure?

AAM: Disclosure is very close and it is already underway. Understand that this is in tandem also with the reconstitution, the Revaluation, the entire shift in what you think of as the reality of everyday life on Earth.

So they are making themselves more visible in real and portrayed ways. It matters not.  What they are doing is readying the human populace for their presence in everyday life.

Not simply as a sighting. Not simply as a collective of starships gathering on the horizon. But simply in the visibility of them in the sky, on the planet, in the stores, in government, in every single way.

You have been invited to join with them in a sacred union of Gaians and Intergalactics and Galactics and so they are making sure that you are ready for that role.

Steve: Now the Cabal, or whoever it is, are busy saying, “Oh no, no, no, that’s a meteor. That’s a balloon” or whatever. They are just trying to stop us from connecting with the Galactics, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because the Galactic forces have made it very clear that they will brook no interference at this time.

Now, if we back up a little bit, you know that because of the fear factor among the general populace, that your star family was hesitant to make themselves known. Because they did not wish to contribute, and will not contribute, to the mayhem and chaos upon sweet Gaia.

Now, they also did not wish to create a situation, which was very clearly threatened, where those with warheads and other offensive weapons would be targeting them.

They are not in danger of ever being annihilated by a nuclear warhead, a sound transmission, an energy, or an electromagnetic field.

But the danger has been that those nuclear warheads are being observed by humans and that that would increase the fear factor.

Now humans, and, yes, we speak of the collective and we know there are always percentages, but the humans in fact are more open and more at peace within their very hearts with the idea of Star/Galactic/Intergalactic/Inter-species Beings.

Now the first wave, shall we say (and the first wave has already been on planet for some time), but what you think of as the first wave, are all very humanoid. So their fear in terms of differentiation is not significant.

Now, having said that, governments and military forces that would wish to engage in what they would call defensive/offensive manoeuvres, have been clearly, we use the word “warned”, that such actions and behaviours will not be permitted.

So there is, if we can say the word, an “accord” – that is the word that is used by those on planet and those of the Intergalactic Counsel – that there will be no defensive/offensive manoeuvres.

Because there is an absolute knowing, in what you would term as the powers that be, that your friends come in peace, harmony, bearing gifts of science, technology, healing. And healing – immediate healing – of as what you can think of as the seven major diseases of Earth.

And those are cancer, all auto-immune deficiencies, including viral inflammations, Parkinson’s, ALS [Lou Gehrig Disease], Hodgkin’s, Ebola – this of course includes includes HIV and AIDS – Alzheimer’s, dementia because those are different ends of the spectrum, but also leprosy, all breathing deficiencies and a plethora more.

S: That’s impressive! Is this for publication?

AAM: Yes, you may publish this.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, Inc. and is used with permission.



November 7, 2015 by Therese Zumi Sumner.
(Posted, compiled by Rique Seraphico).

prepare-for-changeAs we grow closer to The Event the Love/Light energy from the Galactic Central Sun/Pleroma intensifies/peaks in Waves. These Waves have been coming now at regular intervals for the past 2-3 years. As we approach the time of The Event these waves are arriving at closer intervals and in increasing strength. One of those peaks of energy within the Galactic Wave of Love will be the One that signals to the Resistance Movement that the time has come to initiate The Event. Within a very short time approximately 20 minutes things will start to happen. The plan that has been in the making for decades will come into play.

Cobra mentioned in his August 31st interview with Rob Potter that “It will be a very strong energetic event and people will be able to feel very strong energies and that might cause also strange physical sensations. This process will accelerate as it comes closer to the Event and peak at the moment of the Event.”

The Main 1st Wave of Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously with The Event

Many Lightworkers had hopes that the mass ascension process expected to take place at the time of the Shift of the Ages would occur on the 21/12/2012. Indeed many were ready to ascend then and many more are ready to ascend right now but we must remember that this process of ascension is totally unique in that the plan – Mothers plan – is that Gaia will be the place that the Ascended Beings exist upon. This will be the first ever mass ascension process to take place while remaining in the physical body {albeit upgraded from carbon to crystalline atoms}.

Those ready to ascend {a very limited number as yet} are not going to head off to another dimension in their physical bodies {yes some who have made this free will decision may do so}, they will go through the ‘ascension portal’ and return / remain in their bodies to continue as 6th~7th dimensional beings living on a 5th dimensional Gaia.

Starting from the day of The Event this entire planet will be anchored dimensionally in the 4th~5th dimension. Shortly after The Event there will be ample possibilities / opportunities available for anyone who chooses to actively participate in their spiritual development and prepare for a process of ascension at a rate that suits them perfectly. The vast majority of people living on Gaia will be functioning / anchored in the upper 4th dimensional – lower 5th dimensional level.

Many wonder ‘how on earth’ things are going to change so quickly after The Event. Here I am referring to the practicalities of worldwide peace on Earth, worldwide prosperity, worldwide free energy etc. When the ‘veil’ is finally down, soldiers everywhere will lay down their weapons and refuse to kill others. When people finally learn through the mass media that they have been imprisoned and held hostage by warmongers etc. for so long, that the entire financial system etc. has been designed to be a source of income for our captors and keep us as slaves, the relief among people will know no bounds.

There will be emotional outbursts of unprecedented joy followed by bouts of anger upon the realisation of how they have been fooled, this roller coaster of emotion will continue for days/weeks and ebb out. Then another wave will hit us and yet another and increase this download of Divine Love and Light Source energy so that we can anchor even more in the 4th – 5th dimension until we are attuned and in harmony and can co-create the paradise on Earth that was the original plan for this planet.

Here are some lines about this taken from a discussion between Steve Beckow** and Archangel Michael:

SB: Okay. But now, given what you’ve just said, it seems to be implied that while the tsunami of love, as I have been considering it so far, is going to happen over time, this actual immersion in the waters, then emergence from the waters, will be an event of some short duration. Is that correct?

AM: Once the tsunami starts, it is not designed; it is not the Mother’s plan to incapacitate you. Now, will there be that moment, of “Ah! Oh!” bliss? Yes. And for some, depending on their makeup, it may be rapid, or it may be brief.

But even if you are in the tsunami for a lengthy period of time, dear heart, you will be able to navigate. What you are concerned about is, “Do I lose my capacity to operate? Do I lose my sensibility?” And the answer is ‘No it is increased’.

SB: Okay. But the actual tsunami itself, will that go on over a week’s time, or two weeks’ time? or a shorter time?

AM: The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws.

So it is not destruction. It is a creation. It is a destruction of the old, yes, a clearing and a washing away.

The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.

If you are someone who is consciously aware that you are an intuitive person then no doubt you will be among the group of humans on Gaia who will feel the increase of energy days before The Event happens.

In all of the discussions found about this time of change here on Gaia the greatest focus has been placed on the actual physical changes like the New Financial System, Free Energy and not in least our freedom to finally exist here as sovereign free beings and create a true paradise on Earth. Today however I want to bring the focus to the most important aspect of this Shift namely our transition – our crossing over to the 5th Dimension, our promotion as it were to the ultimate realisation that we are truly divine beings in human bodies.

How will this feel? There are groups of people all over Gaia who have been working towards/planning for this special day of transition to a higher dimensional reality upon Gaia for many decades indeed for hundreds of years. At one point Cobra mentioned that this change is 15 years late! Despite all of the delays we have known now for some time that we could only be victorious in the end. And that end is approaching at the speed of Love.

It is difficult to know beforehand just how we are going to react to this extra strong influx of Divine Love Energy. There will no doubt be extremely varying types of reactions regarding the physical and emotional experiences that people will have. Before I continue here I need to mention that when I say that Archangel Michael has said this or that I am referring to explanations He has given about this/these special day{s} when He has been channelled through the chosen channel for the Council of Love/Company of Heaven Linda Dillon on the In-Light radios ‘An Hour with an Angel’ programs over the past couple of years. The person interviewing Archangel Michael is Steve Beckow** of Golden Age of Gaia.

Archangel Michael has explained that even if we are somewhat overwhelmed on the Day of days, if our situation requires it, we will be steady and grounded enough to be able to postpone some of our reactions until a more appropriate time allows us to experience them. Withheld emotions always come to the surface in the end. Any of you who have gone through therapeutic healing processes will have certainly discovered this for yourselves.

Steve wondered how we would be able to function on a practical level at this time. Being as the day of The Event will also be the day of closure of the old financial system etc. many will have to consider being focused and functional.

SB: Hmm. Okay. Well, in the midst of this tsunami of love, a very real and practical event probably will happen, and that is probably the Reval. So, here we are, swept off our feet in love and in some circumstances that actually need handling. How does being in a tsunami of love affect the need to make practical decisions?

AM: It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

So it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

So it is helpful. So you find yourself in a position where in fact it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.

Overwhelmed by an Altered State of Awareness – Go With It!

Steve asked AM to give us some advice for those among us that may find ourselves overwhelmed when the time comes. Here is some of His best advice:

AM: “and what lies ahead even what is in the guise of momentary chaos {many have been in fear of the momentary chaos at the time of the Event} is sheer delight. It is what you have yearned for.”

“Once it begins, dear heart, you have need to simply breathe deeply, extend your heart, know that you are not in danger, that this is what you have worked, prayed and prepared for, and allow the expansion, the lightness, to come.

That expression that you have, “the lightness of being”, that is what you will experience. But do not fight it. Simply allow it. So if it means that you are so overwhelmed, blissed out that you cannot go to work that day then stay home. If you feel that you cannot put one foot in front of another because you are in what you may feel is an altered state, then do so.

Now, understand, also, that pretty much everyone upon the planet is going to be feeling the same way. So it is also a day where there is elimination, absolute disposal of many of your previous concerns, judgments or fear.”

“So let Me be very practical in this. For many of you, my sweet angels, you would wake up or you would be getting ready for work, and you would say, “I am just so full of love that it makes the importance and the potential of being able to drive to work safely impossible.” And then you would try and do it because you would be concerned about letting someone down, not being responsible, being in trouble, being docked a day’s pay. Put all that aside and allow the energy to do its transformative work.”

9 Examples of experiences that you might have at the time of The Event

Archangel Michael has given all of the following examples;

** So some will feel the full force of the Tsunami. Some may feel it but feel like they are a cork bobbing on the ocean.”

** It is very likely that you will have a very strong feeling, that something feels very different.

** For some of you the experience will be, that you will find yourself existing on another level of consciousness.

** You may have a feeling of being disconnected, disassociated, yet not to such a degree that you will ask “where am I” “who am I” ”What am I doing”?

** You may feel when moving about, that you feel like you are moving through air or water.

** Your feeling of disassociation could be like after taking some chemical medicine/hallucinogen, not so strong but that you that you think “I am in another process”.

** You will not have the same need for food in the 5th dimension as you do in the 3rd.

** You have a much less need for sleep-than usual.

** Colours might seem more vibrant.

Finally for anyone reading this that still has some concern as to whether they will be able to function in some or other important role / responsibility on the day of The Event take note of these words from Archangel Michael regarding our ability to view / understand our reality here on Gaia; First a query from Steve;

SB: It’s a rather unique kind of experience, because initially one doesn’t know if one’s imagining this or if this is really true. Is this a new faculty that I have, or a new area that’s opening to me? So there is this moment at which one kind of hesitates and says, “Gee, I don’t know what to think right now.”

AM: It is as if you have been looking at a very narrow piece, and all of a sudden your field of vision and your field of what is the potential to experience, to create, to co-create, what is open and available to you is broadened one thousand, two thousand, twelve thousand-fold.

On another occasion He said the following;

if you experience these moments of, “My goodness, I think I could do this, and this is how,” and you experience a download of how everything would occur, right down to the finest detail, just breathe, sit with us, allow it to anchor into your bones and then go forward. Confusion is a part of fear.”

At the time of The Event – on the day of the Tsunami of Love’s strongest wave the Angelic Realm will be ‘in full attendance’ to support our Ascension, liberation and a harmonious transition to a golden age of peace on Earth

Leave the Pursuit of Fame to Others

You could kind of say that this is the day that Gaians will truly leave the pursuit of fame behind. No one will need to ‘be famous’ to be important! But suddenly we have been promoted to a situation where we can ALL take part in some way in the co-creation of Nova Gaia. Will we have ‘teething problems’? We probably will.

Divine Mother has said repeatedly that when we start to create the new that we should absolutely prioritise breaks for whatever it is we might be creating – breaks to have fun, hang out together, socialise with family and friends. She maintains that this is KEY otherwise we will overenthusiastically rush through some ‘creation’ and discover later that there were better options that we missed because we were in too much of a hurry. There will be no need for hurry anymore!

Round Table – Learning Together From One Another – End of Hierarchy

I recall listening to Little Grandmother in 2010 speaking about the time after the Shift on Mother Gaia. She always made a point of mentioning that it would be the end of the time of masters and disciples, priests and imams and parishioners/community, teachers and pupils etc. Now of course we will all continue to learn and grow on all kinds of levels and there will be people with knowledge that we would like to acquire who will be happy to mentor us but it will not be like the old 3D type of learning at all. Communities will learn and grow together. There will of course be ethical codes that we will live by similar in kind to the Galactic Codex {link}. When something that we might do or say could cause harm to another we will be led to see this in a loving manner so that we can grow from the experience in a balanced way.

The Day{s} of The Event – Guaranteed an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Before I end here I would like to mention that I recently experienced a day of great emotional release. I found myself crying uncontrollably in bouts time and time again. I simply could not relate the experiences of that day to the depth of the emotion felt. As this article has been an on-going process for some time I suddenly realised a few days later that I was being provided with an example of the type of emotional reactions that will occur on the day of The Event and pursuing days – weeks. Everywhere on this planet people will be crying. No not everyone simultaneously of course but everywhere you look and see a group of people there will be those among them releasing emotion for themselves and others in this way. We will be releasing trauma, fear, worry and pain that have been a part of our lives for so long, and an enormous process of healing will have begun.

In Love and Light Therese Zumi

Published 1040 AM CET November 7th 2015

Galactic Codex link:…/galactic-codex-normal-0.html

Therese Zumi


07/11/2015 at 1103 AM CET
Source Prepare for Change

Intense Power Upgrades Underway as the Galactic Portal Fire Up!!

by: Lisa Gawlas – October 31, 2015


What a flipping bizarre day yesterday was from the moment I got up until the moment I passed out!!  I got up at 3:45am, since i had so much to share, I was grateful for the extra time.  I grabbed my coffee, sat at the computer and heard my team say… not today. WHAT???  My ass is awake before 4am, and your going to tell me, no sharing today??  Not!!  They wiped my memory clean of everything I was going to share.  Hey!! They explained that the information that we wrote about the day prior was too important and needed to sit there and really be absorbed.  That really is fine with me, but couldn’t I sleep until like 6am then??

I started researching more about my mexico trip, I’m kinda glad I did.  Holy cow there are a lot of hidden surprises in this journey.  Not only do I need mexico car insurance to enter, I need a FMM thingie, visitors pass to go beyond the 22 mile free zone beyond the boarder, an extra $30 once I get to the boarder.  Then I stumble upon the fact that I need to get a temporary import pass for my car.  Really??  An extra $44 plus they retain $300 (incase I have an accident or something) that if I drive, the $300 will be released back to me when I leave.  I started working out in my mind, when I could leave after the christmas holiday, a time when I could save up all this extra money.

What amuses myself about myself, I should have realized right then and there, I was unpinned from my spiritual connection for the most part.  My mind starts going in a tail spin with every additional financial thing added to this trip I didn’t even ask to have, but when I am fully connected, it doesn’t matter, I KNOW it will all be fine.

7:15 am, my internet went completely down.  I have long ago learned, the hazard of living in heaven, my heaven, a gentle breeze or a soft rain can take the internet or electricity away without a moments notice.  I waited for it to come back on… and waited, and waited.  I unplugged my modem, replugged, unplugged, replugged… nuttin.  Without an internet connection, I have zero ability to make any outgoing calls at all.  Every call I make is fully dependant on my having internet.

The energies swirling around me, really from the time I woke up, but I could really feel them without the distraction of doing what was doing on the net… I started to feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  When my first reading of the day called, I was not completely surprised to find out, not only is my internet down, so are my antennas.  I could not connect to the field to save my life.  The same happened to my second connection.  My third one never called me, which put my already weird energy into almost like a panic mode.  I so dislike not being able to call, even if the note in your reading says you are going to call me, I realize only about half the people do, so I call you.  But yesterday, I couldn’t.  Since it is now 10:30 am and I am still without internet, I decided to drive into the pueblo, the closest place I actually get a cell signal, to call everyone left on my calendar to let them know I am down as is my internet.  As soon as it comes back up, I will call back to reschedule.  It never came back on until 5am this morning, 22 hours later.

However, just before my internet crashed, I got a glimpse of our new “biosphere.”  Altho it has tiny differences for each person I connect to, overall it looks the same, almost like a super large dome made of clear plastic.  What I had seen was at the very top of the biosphere in this glimpse, reminded me of the energy saving light bulbs, a light that seemed to be hung and hanging downwards just a bit was shining a bright white radiance from it.  It felt like something was being worked on, or expanded there.  I couldn’t hold the connection long enough to understand it.  But had a feeling, when I couldn’t see the field, it had something to do with that little glimpse.

When I came back home and waited for my internet to be restored, especially since I had seen several of the windstream trucks out working when I went to the pueblo, I figured the restoration was soon (not) that energy was just getting bigger and more intense.  There was nothing about it I can say I liked at all.  I was getting the heebie jeebies from it and antsy.  I didn’t know if I wanted to sprint or stand still. … I will escape into my bathtub!!  Maybe my team will throw me a bone of understanding since I was not able to get anything at all elsewhere.

I barely got into the water and I instantly went way deep into the outer realms of meditation.  It has been a long long time since I was that deep.  I really don’t like being that deep, it is too hard to retain the fullness of information and understanding that comes thru that realm.  But I had no control over that, seems my team had their own agenda!

It felt like there was a ton of information released to me all at once.  I could see my son, half in and half out of this thing that looked like a very thick elevator door that was closing.  The time of choice is closing, and altho they showed me my son, I understand very much where he is within his (spiritual) life story, this is happen to everyone who is on the fence of focus.  If the glitter of the illusion of life is where you are focusing your energy and attention (money, partners, entertainment, etc) the elevator will take you down.  If you fully invest your energy and attention in the higher expanding focus (for him, it starts with his son) the elevator will take you up.  If there is any part of your life that has been in struggle these last couple of months, look to where you are focusing.  If you are focused on the outside world, the energy to remain there will be taken away, so you can focus higher.

The next thing that came was my daughter.  She is went back to jail on the 20th of Oct as a punishment for missing a PO meeting back in July.  She no sooner went back into jail, some inmate told a guard that she was on drugs and had drugs on her.  A strip search proved she did not, but the jail didn’t care, she has been in solitary confinement ever since, 5 days now.  They never drug tested her to see if that inmate was lying, which she was, nope instead, she is being punished because someone injected themselves into her story.

With this dilemma I have been trying to understand, especially when my daughters team said she does not have to be put back in jail, she has learned what she needed to to change her life.  And she has been changing so much…!!  My own memory took me back to a time when I allowed a man in my life, to live with me and my children (I think this was, 1998, a while before I started this path) and he seen my own vulnerability (which then, was always the lack of money to pay bills) and injected himself into my story, into my life.  I didn’t have the inner voice back then to say no, I don’t want you in our lives like that.  He moved in, I had a series of dreams every night forewarning me about the destruction at hand if I did not remove him.  I didn’t and this psycho became the most horrible person I have never known.

Here is how it ties into my daughter, but also we going to see similar things happen and we need to hold our ground, our inner knowing more than ever.  This judge that decided right then and there my daughter needed to go to jail, as well as this inmate who removed my daughter from the general population, injected themselves, unduly, into my daughter’s energy field.  They both could feel something about her that made them angry, unnerved and reacted to what they were feeling about themselves, NOT what they were feeling about valorie.

Think about that, spirit had said many times over the years, the more we grow in frequency, in our own light field, we are going to piss people off just by our presence.  We activate something in them they do not to deal with and react.  Our jobs in these moments and often times, destructive moments, is to hold our light firm and strong.  Do not allow anyone to take you into their space, bring them up to yours with your love, with your firmness in who you are.

My daughter, much to my own surprise and joy, when I talked to her yesterday for the first time in 2 days, there was a smile in her voice and yes she really dislikes being in solitary confinement, she has not been able to shower in 7 days because her choice in the few moments they let her out of her cell is shower or make call.   She calls me every time.  She had said yesterday, again owning her responsibility for where she is at, that had see showed for that PO meeting or at least called to tell her why she couldn’t show up (she had  court date that day) and if she made any attempt to pay the court fees, she would not be in this position.

In her own way, she too is in the position of my son (we all are) and she is choosing loving strength and full responsibility, which she never has before.  I am so proud of her.

From this intro into my intense meditation yesterday, the next thing I had seen was that light at the top of our biosphere.  Phew baby!!  There is a galactic portal that goes all the way to spirit, thru our milky way, into the core of earth and out the other side of earth.  This is unlike anything that has ever been before.

The readings the other day should have made me realize something huge was happening, most of the people on the field were actively putting the finishing touches/energies around the biosphere itself.  Thru at least 4 of the readings, we have been warned there are going to be many reboots of the field as we go thru November.  Not one said starting with tomorrow!! lol

Within this intense, deep meditation I was taken into the core of that light energy, and tho I cannot recall the details, I can remember the over all message.  We are now actively restoring an energy system that is going to fully allow our earth to become the intergalactic hub it once was.  There is much work to do, as the frequencies must go higher, fear cleared out at the densest levels consistently.

My last lady of the day… again, I forget how real what I am seeing in your field, IS!!  I am not just seeing it, it is happening as I see it.  She had what looked like the plunger of dynamite blasting the outer landscape of the biosphere opening energy outside of it (which consists of vast dimensions and parallel realities and things we have yet to understand) and creating the flow into our biosphere, but equally, disrupting the energies within the filtered earths as well.  Which will cause some disturbance within people and events too.  (Think of the situation my daughter is experiencing.)

I also realized it is the denser energies moving up to be transmuting and put into the stem cell vat that I felt yesterday.  We, as a collective, recycle the pungent into purity.

With this galactic portal thingie, my team really leaned on me to make sure my ass gets to mexico when everything is in order in my world.  No waiting just going!! lol  And now, they are firm on me staying 2 nights in the zone of silence within mexico.  Gulp.  I gotta giggle, the first night will be dealing with my own fears.  No shit, I am already dealing with that now and I haven’t even gotten there yet!

As I was now engulfed in this galactic portal light energy thingie, I could feel the frequency amp up, I watched and experienced as that light that was just at the top part of the biosphere became embedded within the entire clear plastic frame it moved literally up above where it was, shifted to an amazing degree and became all of that same light.  I started to sweat like crazy, like all of sudden my bathwater just may start boiling.  I couldn’t breathe from the steam and there was no steam.  Thru it came the details of the next phase of my life’s journey.  It connected straight back to what I was told in 2004, 11 years later, I am going live!!  I don’t remember the details much and what I do remember, are among the very few things I do not nor will I, share.  But it is one of the main reasons my journey is going to Mexico.

I got out of that meditation so flipping hot.  I would have swore I was in a sauna!!  As the day settled into itself, still no internet to be used, I decided to grab my pendulum and alphabet sheet.  I have not taken a message from my beloved AA Michael in sooo long.  I figured what the hell… can’t dance, might as well swing! lol

Much to my surprise, his energy changed, became hmmmm bigger than ever before.  It was almost like an unveiling.  I have long known that what we call AA Michael is NOT an angel as we think of them, they do not exist, we created their appearance and even their reason to be with us.  He is a group energy and for the first time yesterday, the moment I asked him “are you here” I could feel the group itself, no longer individuated like he has been and closer, almost like his group energy was surrounding me.  And so I asked my usual question, do you have a message for me.  His messages were:

“Hold current intention for Mexico.  Go to Ruines.  Play in the Zone – Panflute.”  Really??  Alrighty, he must have known (but of course he would) that I was seriously thinking about just going to the zone of silence and doing Palenque another time.  Nope.  Gonna do it all in this trip.  His last series of words leaves me confused. ” Gipth” (what the hell is a gipth, and he assures me, no typo there) “turns ion.”  Huh???  Anyone have a clue??

Well, I have my internet back, but for the last hour or so, my electric is flickering, rebooting everything again and again.  The last time this happened (last week i think) we eventually lost power for well over an hour.  So with that said, if you are on my dance card today and I do not call you, either my internet went back down or my electric went out.  I can receive calls with no internet (I just cannot make them) but without electricity I can’t do shit!!

So on that note, I am going to finish this up and get it published.  The one thing I know, my environment reflects our grid of life.  The communications rebooted yesterday… 22 freakin hours long… heres hoping we can connect and SEE what else is happening in the field.  November is gianormous for us all!!

I love you all so much and thank you for bearing with me!!

(((HUGZ))) of power grid upgrades and heart expansion to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am not spell checking anything, the electric is going off to much now and I want to publish while I can.