Walking The Red Road..

WiseOwL-250Spiritual Warrior walking the Red Road of the Shamanic Journey, Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor and a Kundalini Reiki Master – Celtic heritage and non-status Anishinabe – Oji-Cree Nishnawbe-Aski Nation. Sihpikow Piyesiw Napew ~ Oskapewis Totem Spirit Guides the Wise OwL and the Black Jaguar. Sharing the love and light as a Lightworker – Orion Starseed into Harmonic Healing sounds of the drum medicine and crystal chakra activations.

This Lifetime Born Ophiuchus, 13th constellation of Zodiac. Updated by NASA (new window) Ophiuchus.

I am here now with you.. Welcome to my blog and I am honored to have you join in this circle! I am filled with gratitude for your presence and your interest. My Journey has been long and over many lifetimes, I am an ‘Old Soul Starseed‘ not as much to do with one’s age!

This moment is what we have, it is who we are and it is where we are! In the ‘Now’… Namaste’ Aho!

My purpose as an Orion Starseed (new window, close when done) is to help others awaken to their own Divine potential , to raise awareness about enormous metaphysical and geological earth changes unfolding at this time and to assist people in remembering why we have all chosen to experience this truly amazing time to be alive. Albeit stressful as it can be sometimes, we’re here to learn compassion, empathy and that we are all interconnected to each other through the collective group mind and Spirit intertwined within our Consciousness. In my Cree culture we are known as Star People Orion STARSEED Collective Message by IndigoAngel Published on 3 Oct 2018 – New Window

Our true purpose here is to live in service to the Creation, living our life in service to each other. It means living by the Golden Rule which is simply treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Living without hate, judgment, negativity or fear and to maintain an energetic state of love. We must also work at remembering who we are, it’s healing past wounds and learning how our life now relates to past lifetimes and the lessons we’re here to learn in this life. Those are goals of a spiritually grounded and pure life.

We are all Co-Creators in this reality, thought creates therefore nothing is fixed. Whats been taken from humanity is the knowledge that we are powerful Creator beings that can create whatever we need at any moment, in any situation. All we need is to energize the outcome we’re seeking with the power of belief, visualization and intent.

Even better is to know that we are never alone, that we always have the assistance we need waiting on the other side of the veil. Personal guides that are overseeing all that happens, so whenever we need help even in hopeless situations, the assistance is there. In addition our Higher Self is always there for us ready to step in to help, unfortunately most of us never take advantage this guidance or ever realize it’s there.

In addition, humanity has a tremendous amount of help from other intergalactic and inter-dimensional races who are working hard at defeating the dark forces that hijacked our spirituality thousands of years ago. They replaced the Holy Sciences being taught in the mystery schools with religion, which had a dis-empowering affect by taking away our powers of Co-Creation. Making us believe that our “God within” was some angry overlord in the sky, looking down on us and our imperfections in judgement. That the only way of communicating with God was through one of his liaisons from the church, mosque or temple. Please…

If people knew that we didn’t need a priest or rabbi as an intermediary to God, that all we ever need can be created from within through the Infinite powers of Co-Creation; the darker inter dimensional forces wouldn’t have succeeded in taking control of the masses. There’s been a spiritual war taking place over this planet for tens of thousands of years, but in the end even our ancient ancestors predicted humanity will prevail over the coming societal changes and planetary upheaval through the massive leap in consciousness that’s currently underway.

The key for us is in learning to maintain a positive energetic state of love in all situations and not fall back into states of fear or anger. That our thoughts create and currently our powers of manifestation are magnifying so it’s possible to create whatever we need almost instantaneously now, whereas in 2010 it was taking about 12-16 hours for thoughts to manifest into reality.  So, it’s more important than ever to monitor your thoughts and emotions at all times to make sure your creating positive results in your reality. Nothing happens by chance. When your trying to create a desired outcome visualization, belief and intention are key ingredients to the Co-Creation formula, as well as keeping your energetic state free from feelings of anger, hate or fear.

Work on generating feelings of love and maintaining that state as much as possible.

Probably the most important thing we do is in remembering who we are and why we came here, what we’re supposed to learn and what gifts we have that we’re here to give back to humanity. Most of us have an enormous amount of healing from lifetimes of pain, persecution, fear and hate that we also need to address so that we can clear out the negative energy from our bio-energetics, our energy field. But we must also be very careful who we chose to work with to make sure that they are heart centered, have done the healing work to heal themselves and that have are centered in Christ consciousness. We all need an ascended master to help us on our journey, here’s Meg Benedicte who talks about the spiritual history and how the humanity was hijacked by rogue races intent on inhabiting Earth. She also discuss’s what to look for in people who are offering spiritual guidance because there are many who can’t be trusted and are not working on behalf of the Divine Creator.

The meat of the discussion takes place after the announcements from about 10-50 minutes into the show, she lays it all out…


Even though we may all be anxious to heal, ascend and move into a New Eartyh paradigm, it’s very important that we’re careful who we open ourselves up to. ESPECIALLY in matters of spirituality when you’re opening your crown chakra, their are very nasty entities always trying to get in to feed off of us ~ so be careful who you trust and open up to.

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