Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius ~ Unpredictable Extremes!

This coming Friday, July 27, heated Mars will conjunct a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius as well as the South Node, the symbol for the past, which can be Soul jolting with life potentially carrying a high degree of unpredictability. Being that this eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius creates even greater electricity, and thus uncertainty. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is also squaring Mars and the eclipse point. If that wasn’t enough, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo on Wednesday, July 25.

In the town where I live, a lightening storm occurred in the heat of summer and fifty fires erupted in the mountains that surround us in Southern Oregon, filling this entire county with a dense smoke, making it difficult to breathe. I heard on the radio yesterday that our little area had the worst air quality in the entire country as a result, just to give you one microcosmic example. These trends also speak to the triggering of volcanoes or the potential for earthquakes.

Emotionally jarring experiences may also occur. As in my example above, events can happen well before the actual day of the eclipse as we have entered a highly sensitive and combustive energetic window. Mars is opposing the Sun and is in its closest proximity to Earth since 2003, creating the feeling like you are sitting on a live wire or living on a fault line.

Prana doesn’t wait
as you scrape your jaw off the ground
or crawl back into your skin
and realign your bones

There’s no saying: stop nor:wait
for the right moment when essence is so immediate

Prana wants all of you.
Now. in the heat of the cold
and the murk of the awe

In light captured crystal
solid as a waterfall
in the moon that is full.

~From the We Moon Calendar
But you all know me well enough by now to know that my flashlight of insight will never leave you without a way through. No matter how intense things get here on Earth, there is energy to allow for a breakthrough, there is always a way up and through. Pluto, the planet of the Soul, is in Capricorn, and forming a strong and stabilizing angle to Venus, the planet governing what and who you love and cherish, in the sign of Virgo. This can keep your values in check and remind you where to dedicate your attention and your time.

It supports a theme of being stronger than you were before because of what you have endured. Tthink of those boys and their coach who were trapped in the caves in Thailand and the miraculous rescue. Prepare to be pushed through a portal. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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Light workers Unite!

by Meg Benedicte

We are now moving through the eclipse corridor for the next four weeks. Eclipses awaken karmic imbalances in an effort to flush out hidden unconscious patterning and programming that limit our human reality. Think of eclipses as cosmic ‘liberators’ of unwanted realities, be it outdated, corrupt or destructive. We need to shake it all loose!

We are currently witnessing unprecedented karmic resolution in progress, especially in the US and UK. Just in the last two days so much duplicity has been revealed in the Light. Clearly we cannot rely on political leaders to save the world. This is why the Lightworkers are here at this momentous time on the planet! It takes a village to run a successful endeavor…and we are the New Earth village.

These eclipses are igniting an impassioned, united call to end all war, violence, corruption and rampant greed. The Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is in Aquarius, amplifying ‘people power’ in action. This is our moment! We are being called to embrace personal authority, truth and leadership in the global ascension movement. Every Lightworker needs to ask themselves ‘how am I bringing Light to the planet’?

It is impossible to ascend into 5D consciousness or higher and still disparage other genders, races, cultures, or economic class as inferior or less than. Any sense of spiritual superiority or exclusivity is still ego-based. The 5D earth plane operates in unity consciousness. We cannot reject others and still ascend into unity consciousness. During the ascension process into higher dimensional frequencies, we learn how to embrace all energy, both light and shadow, in ONENESS.

The very nature of our Universe is holistic, and in every particle of your being, you are connected to the infinite intelligence of the Unified Field. Separation is an illusion. All energy is interrelated. This sets into motion an energetic exchange that influences the potential outcome within a Grand Field of interlocking energy waves and particles, that form the FIELD of unity consciousness. Instead of thinking you are separate ‘islands’ existing in time, as the ego mind insists, envision your field of energy pulsing, responding and transmitting consciousness all around you.

Everything is interrelated and affects everything else, so as you heal and evolve one part of your reality, this supports the evolution of everything else. According to quantum physics, the Universe we live in resembles a sea of motion − a quantum field of vibrant activity. All matter in the Universe is interconnected by waves of energy that spread out through time and space, so that every part of the Universe is touching every other part instantaneously in a unified field of ether.

We are transitioning from living in a polarized field of duality, that is dominated by ego control – and ascending into living in Soul Presence and purpose. In an electromagnetic field, opposite charges attract! We experience the polarized forces as “pushing” or “pulling” molecules in our bodies, in emotional conflict, and in the energy around us. For every positive action taken, we experience an equal negative reaction. When our magnetism is polarized, we attract the opposite of what we intend.

When you actively dissolve polarized forces into a neutral state, then your Soul Magnetism increases in zero point. By spinning zero-gravity in the Quantum Vortex, the negative and positive forces interact, blend, unite and amplify to eliminate negative polarity and create Light Presence in the mind/brain. When LIGHT is alive and activated in the holographic mind, your visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying the Light with them. Photon Light is the carrier of consciousness, the intelligent information that particulates into physical matter.

Matter is how Spirit appears in the physical Universe and how matter appears depends on your choices. In other words, you create your current reality by the continual choices that you make. Acting as a human hologram, your inner condition is interwoven with the materialization of your physical life. If you focus on exclusivity and ego superiority, then the universe will mirror it back to you. Where you focus your attention is where your energy flows.

By intentionally raising your vibration and living in unity consciousness, you transform the molecular patterning that creates your human experience. When you combine focused intention with brain-heart coherence, you can ‘power up’ to peak intensity in the quantum field with greater success of manifestation. You become a conduit of universal abundance, living in unity consciousness.

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte All Rights Reserved You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


New Moon Eclipse in Cancer ~ Springboard for the Soul!

Today, July 10, expansive Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio stations direct after being retrograde since March 8. This sets the stage for the coming New Moon Eclipse in Cancer on Thursday, July 12, which is sure to open you up emotionally as a result of some key life experiences.

Jupiter rules the truth and with it being in Scorpio, Jupiter wants to get to the bottom of whatever your Soul needs to confront. The New Moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto, the ruler for Scorpio, and the planet of metamorphoses, which is bound to bring you to the very edge of yourself and provide enough energy to catapult you forward into some brand new emotional territory.

While this is a partial eclipse, it is extremely powerful in nature due to Pluto being so intimately involved. As Souls we evolve via the emotional door, there is really no other way forward, so consider this a time that can guarantee some needed growth.

While the heat is on and emotions may be running high, there is a tremendous Grand Trine forming, which is the most auspicious of all the configurations possible. Uranus, Saturn, and Venus are forming a triangle in the sky in earth signs to help ground you through whatever process you may be undergoing. Uranus connects to change and breakthroughs (potentially sudden), Saturn connects to security and stability, and Venus connects to who you love and what you value.

In essence this triangle is helping you secure a change that your Soul needs moving forward. There could be financial gains or changes in your work that energize change yet offer you more meaning. This may also involve forming new relationships with people that have a way of launching your life forward in some way. If you are involved in work or in love where something has run its course, the commitment may end.

Consider this your open door into a potentially new world. A portal is opening for the next month as we experience the first of 3 eclipses on July, 12. The two that follow are July 27 and August 11. Much of what that world looks like will be a result of the choices you have made in that past that have led you to this very moment.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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