Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018 ~ How You Play the Game of WHAT Is

By L’Aura Pleiadian

How do YOU play the game that is your Life?

Your Moment to moment conscious awareness?

Through your Heart?

Or through strategies based in time ~ what is yet to come…or the past?

This FULL Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th, 2018 at 11:19am ADT, will bring to LIGHT the subconscious motives and memories…that are playing out THROUGH You.

When we play the game of LIFE through our Heart, we live in harmony in the NOW moment.

As you are kind and loving to yourself ~ you draw LOVE to you! through resonance.

NO winning or losing, simply PLAYING.

As we TRULY enter each moment AS the Love that eternally flows through us. We NOT ONLY dissolve those memories that are filled with reactive pain. We also, become the Initiate of LOVE through our own self-love.

When we live based on strategy of time, we come from a sense of Lack.

When we live in the moment through love, even as painful memories surface, we AWAKEN and LIVE AS THE Divine God Self that we ARE.

When the Sun is Opposite the MOON ~ as in a Full Moon, we experience the Subconscious brought to the Surface of our experience. Sudden actions or words, that may or may not feel in alignment with our Heart.

Either way whatever does arise, is FOR that same awareness of PURE TRUE Love to be embraced, as the ONE Being of Divine Light and Love that you ARE.

This Full Moon Is Sextile Mars and with this we have the vital energy of PASSION, fiery energy awakened, to be conscious of the Passion of our Soul. Of Our Heart. to take action based through our Divinity.

When we feel submerged in a whirlwind of turmoil,. this TOO is the Souls doing, so as to FREE you from the subconscious frequencies you are resonating to as MEMORY in your DNA and Blueprint.

The Feeling welling up are not to be pushed down. They are present to embrace through the NEW Way of Being.

That WAY is of Love.

With this Full Moon sextile Saturn, we have the more serious energy, balancing out the vital passion ~ immediate action of Mars.

In the WINNING or the Loosing, we always win.

Whatever form shows up as resonating with YOU, it is there for a purpose.

Love yourself like never before.

You Understand the game. No winners or losers, JUST players….all EVOLVING towards Divine Awareness through the Heart.

This is a MAJOR Transition of consciousness.

Living from the HEAD and its desire to control, and moving into the NOW present moment thought the Heart.

We ALL do this and Have made it, have completed and returned consciously to our Original Light. As in NO TIME ~ it all exists NOW.

Being compassionate through the process, is the BLESSING you live through. As You will always go through as ALL passes through you.

Not to YOU ~ through YOU.

Identifying with BEING Light…. Divine Energy, we LIVE Knowing that our true self, OUR LOVE Heart awareness, is ALL that we Are and Forever will be. And that this is now. NOT something to seek through time or external circumstances.

LOVE and be gentle with yourself.

This THEN Reflection, resonating AS Eternal Unconditional LOVE~ draws itself to itself.

PLAYING as Divine Light Beings, AS All That is IN LOVE. Forever and always, NOW. Moment to moment.

Divine Ascended Beings We ARE.

Breathing DEEPLY, and so IT IS, in Glory and Eternal Love.

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Integrating Truth ~ Full Moon Forming in Sagittarius!

The dust settles in places this week as we pull away from a significant spike of energy, with planets changing signs and an intense square between Mars and Uranus. The faster moving planets find refuge in supportive friends and it allows you to process all that has recently occurred and to prepare you better for what you know is coming on the horizon.

As we enter the weekend, Mercury in Taurus is forming a grounding angle of strength to Pluto, the planet of the Soul. It’s a bit like the mind being able to make sense of what the Soul has been calling in so you can walk in this world with an awareness of next steps to support your evolution.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius is also forming to keep your emotions in step with your mental reel and will culminate early on Tuesday, May 29. This lunar ball of light will be illuminating as the Sun and the Moon weave their energies into the Nodes motion to help you objectify the past in order to make room for more conscious movement into your future.

The goal is for the heart and the mind to be working as one, so be sure to tend to both sides of the coin at all times and you will experience a wind of inner ‘knowing’ that has you sailing on the sea of life with truth as your guide!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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ZORRA Call – SATURDAY, May 19, 2018

New times for this call
8:30 AM PST, 9:30 AM MST, 10:30 AM CST, 11:30 AM EST

“Awakening is about raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness through endless Love that will connect you with your Higher Self to remember and know that you are Gods and Goddesses.” ~ Saraiya

Dear beloved Godesses and Gods,

Keep yourself centered and grounded and do not allow anything to divert or distract you from your mission or Ascension. Every day remind yourself of your purpose as a Starseed/Lightworker. One step to take towards this path is to learn and be totally aware of everything you do from moment to moment. This means your every thought, word, attitude and action is of great importance. Through this exercise, you will then see that “time” as you have been taught to know is just an illusion. That is 5D knowing. This is a process of bridging 3-4D thinking to 5D knowing. This is part of the path to enlightenment.

Also, know, that you don’t have to wait for the Galactic Wave of Love Awakening to occur to reach enlightenment. You can have full consciousness and full awakening in the present if your desire is strong enough and focused to do the work(joy) to achieve this.

What is on many people’s minds? Yes, it is still the big question of where is your blessings. Each of you beloveds have been waiting for prosperity (your RV), GESARA, NESARA, world peace, joy and harmony besides perfect health and great abundance. We tell you again that all is transpiring as we speak. Know however, that absolutely, you have an enormous role in the manifestation of these great events.

Everything starts with you. Step back a moment and reflect to yourself the following. “What have I done to assist in bringing these many blessings to reality. Your part in staying on course is to keep raising your vibrational frequencies and consciousness levels. Remember that each of you and what you think, allow or do counts greatly in affecting your Collective Consciousness.

On a daily basis, schedule a portion of your existence to devote in silence and go within. The practice of meditation is the way to connect with your Higher Self (God-Goddess Self). The more you meditate, the more enlightened you are to being fully Awakened in the knowing that you are full 5th dimensional Galactic beings and fully realized Gods and Goddesses.

Know that you are the Masters, Creators, Inventors etc. who have come from many different parts of the Galaxies and Universe and now is your moment in this existence to complete your journey of assisting in the Ascension of Terra Christa and all upon her.

WE ARE ONE and it is the NOW, the Moment that you have been waiting for!

Saraiya and Zorra

Guest Call In:
516-418-5563 and press 1 if you would like to speak.

Website and for Replays:

Today’s call will be wonderful as it is full of information and lots of Love vibrations! We are starting early since we have much to cover. Zorra starts off the show with the updates.

He will be followed by 2 special guests who will share the importance of health and wellness by providing us information about New seed products by Rain Intl. They are Dr. Christina Cook and and Russ Cowley, VP.

Then we have asked Dr. Russell Johnson to speak briefly about the how to form non-profit organizations and or foundations to help you in preparation for the RV etc.

In addition:

Dr. Johnson has a call today, May 19th at 3PM EST

Special guest Lynda Jane Selina – Medium, Psychic, Intuitive
Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/publicbroadcastnetwork
Call in: 914-205-5880
Back up lines: 712-770-4160, Pin 296868#

LOVE to All

What a wondrous, glorious and loving NOW, it is!

Uranus Enters Taurus ~ Earth Moving Change!

After an eight year long tour in Aries, Uranus entered Taurus this morning,Tuesday, May 15. Uranus will dip back into Aries again in November until February of next year for one last sweep, but after that it is here to stay in earth sign Taurus until 2026.

Uranus in Taurus will stimulate Earth changes as well as a transformation of your values. Ultimately, the intent is to liberate areas within you that have become too fixed, which will allow for a vibrational shift in the inner relationship you have with yourself.

The intent is to work to remove the layers of conditioning that have been influencing and thus limiting your earthly experience.

Free Yourself, because you can, or else Uranus will do it for you!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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Orion Council March 30 2018

by Krista Raisa

Channeled answers to the following questions in Sedona, AZ

1. How long have humans been on Earth?
2. How many major civilizations have there been before Atlantis?
3. What does Orion Council think, regarding the building of landing platforms on Earth?
4. How does Orion Council define the lesson learned now for the human race in the Ascension process?
5. How can lightworkers take better care of themselves if they are feeling surrounded by needy, controlling, messy or otherwise distrustful or rude people? Why is mindfulness, missing?
6. Do you see any progress on the planet Earth when it comes to the receptivity of the Divine Feminine or Mother Earth energy?
7. Is “light quotient” real or is that a way for people to compete with eachother?

Official Website [blog & more]

Reality | The Council via Ron Head

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Rainbow Wave of Light


Have you been told that you need to face reality? Or that you need to see reality? Or that you have lost your grip on reality? Of course, the person who told you this assumed that they had a grip on reality and you did not. Let’s explore this reality that some think they have.

As one example, imagine that you are in a store shopping with a friend. When you walk out into the sunshine, you see a mother and son walking away from a pond in the park. The boy is wearing a beaming smile. When you were in the store, your reality included none of this. It is possible that your reality did not include the mother or the son at all. Even now, you have no idea what the boy has seen that has made him so excited. You do not know what is in the…

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Self-Care Is Self-Love ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have established a connection with all of your guides, and we can report to all of you that your spirit guides are very excited about what they see humanity moving towards. They are optimistic, and they also have a message that hasn’t been getting through to most individuals. And that message is that you need to take care of yourselves first.

So many of you are looking for a purpose and wanting to be of service, and you are forgetting that in order for you to have something to give to another, you first must find a certain amount of balance, a certain amount of vitality, and a certain amount of joy in your own life.

You have everything that you need to achieve all three. As awakened beings you know how to balance…

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Uranus Enters Taurus ~ Earth Moving Change On the Horizon!

One week from today, Tuesday, May 15, change-maker Uranus will exit Aries after an eight year tour and enter Taurus. Uranus wants to liberate you from any and all conditioning so this entrance into Taurus will have a way of transforming your inner relationship to yourself as well as to all those things that hold value and meaning to you. While Gaia is gearing up for impact herself, there are planetary influences that will influence you personally depending on where Uranus is transiting within your birth chart.

On the same day, action Mars will square Uranus as he enters Aquarius, the sign that Uranus naturally rules, infusing you with the bug of rebellion towards anything that feels limiting or binding. Mars will become master liberator under this trend as he will spend an usually long time in Aquarius due to its retrograde shift during the summer and will not leave the sign of Aquarius until November 15. This gives you ample time to re-wire your life in the next six months with the intention of raising your own personal frequency.

If that wasn’t enough, a New Moon in Taurus also occurs on Tuesday, May 15, energizing an emotional lift for your new beginning while also allowing you to feel relatively grounded as you leap with a rare speed into the new.

We are all experiencing this palpable shift together, so do your part to help raise the vibration of this planet by allowing this trend to encourage the kind of change that brings out your natural and individual best!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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Discipline & Follow-Through Wins Favor ~ More on Mars in Capricorn!

Action Mars is known to be ‘exalted’ in the sign of Capricorn, which means Mars helps you become more productive in your pursuits. Mars is also still traveling in a new phases to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, suggesting new Soul chapters that reflect strong strides of growth are now in operation. Much can be accomplished in the coming week and it can provide more stable footing for the road ahead.

Desire is never enough for the Soul to get what it wants. Desire combined with action is what will lead you to an outcome you seek. Be sure to give something a little more of your time and effort this week. Commit more of your heart to an endeavor as well as and you will not only witness measurable results, you will win favorable notice by someone who has the power to transform your world!.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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