The Show Must Go On ~ New Moon in Virgo!

“You can’t bribe the door on the way to the sky”, (Harry Styles)
Evolution can take an insane amount of effort. Nothing comes free down here and if you really want to climb to greater heights, there is also a degree of surrender required.
What we do on Earth counts, no matter who is watching or what circumstances you may find yourself in ~ “The show must go on.”

A New Moon in Virgo reminds us of this truth tonight as action Mars along with Mercury, the ruler for Virgo, oppose Neptune in Pisces which can create this elusive feeling of having something just out of reach, or in some cases the feeling that you can’t get a piece of it at all. Master tester Saturn in Sagittarius is also squaring the New Moon.

Mercury swiftly moves on to help you get busy on working out some of the details but Mars continues to oppose Neptune until early next week. It may be a challenge to find your feet in places, the streets of life are slippery when wet, and when the turf is slick, it can be a challenge to feel as if you have any control over the pace of your stride.

A New Moon does signify a new start and a blank slate and fortunately Venus in amorous Leo will form a supportive trine today to Uranus in Aries before she joins the others and enters Virgo, so there is sweet favor in the sky for also unexpectedly getting what you need and for feeling support from friends and loved ones.

Task-master Saturn and change-maker Uranus in Aries will be forming a strong connection for two more months, so lean on this energy when needed. The energies will teach if you put your best foot forward with sustained determination, the breakthroughs you experience will be praise worthy.

Keep your eye on the sky, and do what you know is required to reach new heights, and that door will open all on its own!

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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Remember, fear is just an absence of Love, but there is only Love.

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