The Oracle Report – Monday, March 7, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

– Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 2:09 pm ET/7:09 pm UT

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

-Skill: release any feelings/thoughts/beliefs you do not want to carry into the next lunar month; be alert to signs and synchronicities to help you put pieces together

– True Alignments: applying one’s will and desire, transmuting feelings, clues, listening skills, fellowship and cooperation, joining with others, exchanging information, leadership, charisma. venturing into unknown territory, gatherings, finding a deeper meaning

– Catalysts for Change: distortions, greed, dominance over another, not listening, beliefs that limit or obstruct us, uncooperative, loneliness, old battles of the past, feeling out of control, over-emphasis on the rational or logical, overblown ego

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (important information offered)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of human consciousness)

On this last day of the Aquarius solar-lunar month, messages seek their way to us, prompting us to ask ourselves the following questions:

What needs to be revived?

What needs balance?

What need to be remembered?

What is the answer?

What do we have to share?

What is the deeper meaning?

The Sun, very active right now, is discharging the energetic of “in a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance.” Things come to life, take on a life of their own, and take center stage.

Adding to the frenzy, Venus is discharging “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” Things can easily become distorted or taken to the extreme. This happens in order for us to stretch a part of ourselves into new areas, and then bring the rest of us along. The intention with this is for us to come to a higher level (of consciousness, of functioning, of producing) and then rebalancing of ourselves at that level.

Mars has moved into lofty Sagittarius, beginning a time when the fires of THE TRUTH will roar. Mars empowers; Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, seeks the ultimate knowledge and meaning. It wants to know and it will not stop until it finds out. Mars will station retrograde (appear to move backwards in the sky) on April 17, and will eventually move back into Scorpio. It will station direct (or appear to move forward in the sky once again) on June 29, and remain in Sagittarius until September 27. Overall, this means that from now until September 27, the power of Mars empowers the truth, true meaning, true values — true everything. We are ready.

On this last day of the lunar month when a large white dove brought us many messages, I close this month, with gratitude and thanks to the Wisdom Goddess, Matangi, and the God of Will, Seth, with a final message:

Pluto, the Transformer, has moved to the 18th degree of Capricorn and the Sabian symbol of “the Union Jack flies from a new British warship.”

It takes Pluto 248 years to travel around the Sun. This means that this energetic was last discharged between 1770 and 1773.

What happened to the Union Jack/the Roman Empire/the Third and Fourth Reich/the cabal – take your pick of names for the same thing) between 1770 and 1773?

Tyranny and fascism suffered a devastatingly Plutonic blow.

Pluto prepares to do so once again. It’s allies this time are Mars, Uranus, and the awakened collective of humanity. Pluto will retrograde at this degree, so it will be discharging it for an inordinately long period of time — until June 3.

So it is. So it begins. Now, the flags of Truth, Love, and Freedom fly.

(The overview of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces lunar month is posted above.)

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