Astrology for the Soul February 17, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher
Published on Feb 17, 2016

When I admit,
I don’t know it all,
I can feel small.
But that is when,
The treasure pours in,
And learning can truly begin.

The Full Moon’s a’comin! Everybody howl! A good time to just let it out. We’ve been through some challenging, confining, pressurizing energy patterns with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn for so long. Our lovely Venus heads into space (Aquarius) this week to join Mercury and take us cosmic.

With the Sun heading into Pisces, the Infinite we can all take some time over this next month to let out that pressure, release the tension, allow, accept, flow and heal a bit. Part of that healing I speak about in today’s report, let’s stay in touch with ourselves, our feelings, and our bodies without getting too lost in all the objective explanations, reasons, and goals that our ego-minds can put out there for us. Chill out, feel in, and blast off!

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