The Eclipse Exposes Your Underbelly ~ The Fallout and the Freedom that Follows!

The recent Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse late Sunday, Sept 27, undoubtedly brought an emotional undercurrent to a head. There is no energetic room for repressing emotion under these peaking, potent tides, and for some, the energy stormed in unexpectedly, with many of you acting out of pure instinct, so spontaneously, that you could not even begin to catch yourself before the boom and the bang. Eclipses can bring about tremendous Soul turns, and in some cases life altering events that leave us forever changed. We are now in the fallout period where you will be putting certain pieces back together again, your life will be put in motion in a way that is a reflection of events of the past two weeks. Whatever themes were up for you, will now be in place for the next six months. Use this time as an opportunity to raise your own personal bar, making choices that serve to deepen your walk, versus choices that delay your destiny.There will always be changes throughout life, but the one thing that will never change, is the truth. Feel the freedom of the honest flow. There is no hiding now! ~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer
SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 – Dec 21]
The gates are open but you are still checking under your own hood to make sure everything is in working order for the journey ahead. This recent eclipse stopped you in your tracks, and may very well have created this fuzzy feeling, as if you almost didn’t recognize your life, or at least a few players who appear to be masquerading as someone else. People have gone crazy and they may continue to show their true colors in the coming week, as Mars and Neptune oppose one another in signs that square your own. In one area, you may need to wait this thing out, to see how the actions of another shakes loose. Do what you can to avoid overreacting or reacting period. In a way, the first one who speaks loses, so force the pause and play it silent and safe, for now. You may have zero clue what someone will do, and soon enough, you may not even care. What you do have going for you, and it is something to write home about, is that Saturn, in your sign, is forming exquisite angles of support to the nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. You have a bright new beginning that is waiting to be claimed. Get ready to tackle the tangential tough stuff that may trickle in, but keep your eye on the ultimate target at all times.
You win this battle and this ball game by staying true to you!

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Full Moon Phase: realization, experience
Moon in Aries/Taurus (2:57 pm ET/6:57 pm UT)
Goddess of Wisdom: All – Led today by Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best and Matangi, Goddess of the Soft Breeze
God of Will/Desire: Kathe, God of the South, God of Senses/Experiences
Skill: shift focus; see and feel the comfort of the inner home fire
Catalysts for Change: scattered, difficulty coping with life stressors. sabotage and self-sabotage, feeling lost/ lonely by forgetting spiritual connection, over-protective, trying to be all things for all people, neglecting physical body and needs, attached to only one way or one’s own way, withering from lack of nurturance, fears about security/financial security, divide and conquer through racism
True Alignments: welcoming others, comforts of home, assistance with stress or indecision, seeing truth in the projections, form and function, shifting focus from one thing to another, versatile, diverse, seeing the importance of everyone involved/valuing the roles of everyone, taking care of loved ones, taking care of the physical body, expressing self in two ways/two worlds/two levels, the building of inner strength, information channeling through
Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a girls basketball team” (unifying)
Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (complete re-tuning or re-calibrating consciousness)
Please rely on the True Alignments and Catalys for Change above for specific themes with today’s energetics.  We are guided by “two angels bringing protection” today, the position of Mars, and higher forces are putting things on a new course or back on a proper course.
For a bigger analysis, read on.
COMMENTARY OF RECENT ENERGY: Just after midnight Eastern Time/4:00 am Universal Time overnight, the Moon moved to the Eris Point, and the response (of the Mahavidyas, for long-time readers) to the energetics of the past week began.  A “Sonic Boom” (Shodashi’s Wave, for long-time readers) was released.
A shift of focused is proffered by the Sacred Feminine (the aeon Sophia – Gaia Sophia).  Today, things begin to unfold that put things into proper alignment — out of the fear of the mind and into comfort and safety of the heart.
Since the energetics of the Gibbous Moon phase last week and the first day of the Full Moon yesterday were almost unprecedented in their potential to affect the future (through the electro-magnetic dynamics of the planets), the counter-effort of spiritual forces is just as precisely timed.  When the Moon moved to 21 Aries – the degree of action by the sacred feminine – all of the fear and negativity that was induced within and harvested from the fellowship of humanity is now reflected back from whence it came.
You could say it was sent backward in time, and thus, has no effect on the future.  The past week’s energetics were both experienced and then pre-empted, hard as that is to understand.  It was intense and built to great heights, and now a proportional level of light bounces it back.
All nefarious efforts and intentions/seeds/spells to capture and control the hearts and minds of humanity with the start of the Libra New Moon (October 12, 2015) are being disempowered. October 12 is the true day of power – the day all of the cabal’s ceremonies and rituals were funneling toward.  October 12 is the New Moon in Libra at the Sabian symbol (electromagnetic signature) of 20 degrees of Libra and “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties.”
The exact location of the New Moon in Libra is 19 Libra 20.  This is only 1 degree and 13 minutes from exact opposition with the Eris Point – again, the degree of action of the sacred feminine.  The spiritual array of the fellowship of humanity around the world, now stronger than ever, directs its focus and attention toward the growth and construction of its ideals — toward experiencing heaven on earth, assured of the wisdom that truth and love prevail.
Outstanding job, wise owls!  While this player on the “girls basketball team” was “benched,” the Parliament of the Attendants of Wisdom – of Sophia – engaged and knew exactly what to do: enact the skill of the wise owl inside the tree peering out and observing, out of the fray, holding the line.  This was a great act of power and showed that there is no dependency here – only the like-minded effort to navigate changing energies and respond accordingly, independently, but linked.
It was not pleasant, but it is over, and it is disempowered.
I do not have words to fully describe how grateful and touched I was for the well-wishes and donations to get me back online during this time.  The Sabian symbols always say it best.  It was like a “blazing fireplace in a deserted home,” the symbol of the Sun-Mercury conjunction tomorrow.  This symbol is always about the constant heart fires of home – our true home – and the constant link we have with that.  We are always together and at home through the inner heart fire.  I am deeply appreciative.  Much love to all.
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A silent revolution of epic proportions is occurring.

12 Eb, 5 Tzotz, 12 Manik
Dratzo! This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable. Those ancient families in both Europe, the Americas, and of course, China is establishing the final repositories from which a great sea of monies is to flow. Those who have been assigned as both paymasters and security handlers know the right divine time to complete their special tasks. At present, the cabal is facing a number of crises, which are simply signs that this flow is very close to happening. The time for the end of these vile oligarchs has seemingly taken much too long to pass. We are approaching the Gregorian month of October. Traditionally, in the West, this is a time of scariness, hobgoblins and ghosts. In fact, it represents the time when mighty Atlantis, your ancient home, sank beneath the seas. This event occurred at the start of Zac (the white month). This time is called Halloween (hallowed eve), when the Lights (Atlantean Beings) left for their new home in Centaurus. It is only a wondrous coincidence that this period became a moment for you to obtain your blessings!
   On your world, what is happening is a massive shift in how this reality operates. In previous times, the oligarchy was able to determine what was to occur and make sure that it was carried out as planned. This power has now been denied them. A revolution in the order of the migration of people, power and monies has started a transition that is to culminate shortly in a whole new way to do things. This is likewise affecting how the vast sets of monies are to be redistributed around your globe. This redistribution is ultimately to cause the cabal’s power base to crumble and their governments to fail. The outcome of this swift global transition is a spreading prosperity, paired with the rise of a vast global reset of your present global currencies. The final steps include the gold backing of these currencies and a new way by which your banks function. These vast changes are to bring you governance dedicated to a return to true democracy and the rise of a much broader concept of “people power.” This is a return to true constitutional governance
Right now, you are being bombarded by a plethora of energies. These energies are further aiding Heaven in subtle adjustments to your physical, mental and emotional aspects. The purpose of these particular adjustments is to make it easier for you to absorb the new energies that are slowly raising your body’s base frequencies. These energies need to rise as various new components are to be added by our medical teams. This is to make it possible for you to better stabilize once you are hit by the occasional large quantum of energies that are coming from the galactic core. These coming changes are to further shift you into a series of newer core perceptions. Our mentors require that you be open to a number of realities with regard to your initial “fall” from full consciousness. Heaven desires that you learn why these vast shifts in consciousness occurred. At that time, the Atlanteans were desperate to gain the aid of their dark allies. They saw that a number of other “daughter” colonies were greatly opposed to what had been done to Mu (Lemuria) and a rebellion loomed.
   The changes happening to you are raising your base frequencies and making you more aware of how your many life-long perceptions are gradually changing. You are becoming more allowable as regards to the benevolent nature of this first contact fleet. It is as well looking at the role of America in a very different light. After the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, most of the world adopted a pro-America attitude. This has greatly shifted and most now have a more negative outlook. Despite many of the tragedies that America has faced, this has persisted. What is about to occur is to greatly alter this ever-growing belief. America’s true nature is about to be rescued from the oligarchy. The main cause of this change is to be NESARA and its spread across this globe. Another is that the UFO cover-up is officially to end. The empire of the American oligarchs is over. Mindless war is done! All that is to be left is Love and Union with all humanity. A time of peace and great prosperity lies ahead. Use these moments to aid Gaia and to ready yourself for full consciousness!
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! The positive energies of the Light continue to flow at greater and greater levels! The energies from Heaven are being pumped toward us by this galaxy’s central core. These energies are strengthening each of you. Use these wondrous and blessed powers to create a collective vision for freedom and prosperity. Be positive and joyous as these powerful energies are capable of bringing a glorious transformation to this reality. Hallelujah! Every day these energies are raising your consciousness. The dark cabal can feel how their previously powerful energies to prevent the Light’s victory are slipping away. Rejoice and come together in a great vision, which adds your power to that of the Light. Be grateful for the ways of the Almighty! You are being given a path of Light to your dreams. Our associates continue to give us only positive messages. You are on a journey to miracles that you have not seen before.
   Each part of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is being affected by this great influx of spiritual energy. This is why we ask you to remain positive. Join the collective of humanity and pray and/or meditate daily. Envision the realm that you desire. These spiritual exercises are to permit this new realm to accelerate it’s manifesting in this realm. Prosperity and freedom are beginning to come forward. Sense this wondrous yet subtle vision and use your abilities to aid Gaia and us in creating this new realm. Over the coming weeks, events are to slowly appear. These are to permit a new reality to hold its transformation and thrust you into this new divine place. As you approach this magical time, you are to see events happen which the dark long delayed. This is to be a time of excitement and wonder! Be patient and let go of any frustrations. A new world approaches!
   Blessings. Be one with what is now happening across this grand blue-green orb. A silent revolution of epic proportions is occurring. Its divine roots began in the small financial banking businesses that dot Africa, Europe and the Americas. These blessed actions occurred over the last few decades and created a self-organizing social and media network. We have watched this urge to be free grow and await a donor to greatly develop these small networks into a means to swiftly change the face of this much maligned aspect of humanity. We bless you and work our joint visions to see you prosper. We rejoice in what is happening to see this divine vision succeed. It is to be joined with a special prosperity and sacred magic is to occur. Out of these small but highly motivated institutions, a mighty oak is to grow. Believe in miracles, be strong and prosper in the Almighty’s name! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
   Today, we gave you more news of what is silently taking place around this globe. Gaia awaits you and knows that you are to do what is right with these sacred resources. It is time to reorder and redo this set of global societies. Be patient and know that a great wave of prosperity is to be yours! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

What Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Stay Empty, Stay Grateful and Stay PRESENT. All Now.
Stay in 5th Dimensional Consciousness!
Stay Present with what you KNOW Now.
Stay Accepting.
Stay with Practising ~STAYING PRESENT.
If you slip in and out of Staying Present, where you begin to experience  IMMENSE Joy and Bliss and then it seems to slip away and you seem to fall  back into experiences of worry and doubt (3D Consciousness) MOVE your Awareness into the Now Moment (5th Dimensional Consciousness) and APPLY “accepting” everything NOW.
If you are Still Experiencing MANY Energetic Symptoms, such as Dizziness, STAY Accepting and PRESENT, Now.
IF things are not as you anticipated them to be (3D Consciousness) STAY PRESENT and Accept, everything Now.
Stay Present. Accept EVERYTHING. And ALLOW the Miracle of your Presence to UNFOLD for you an Existence that is FAR GREATER than you could ever imagine.
Accept, ALLOW, Flow, Be Present and Accept again. And stay Present. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now.
I Accept ALL that is placed in front of me as my Experience, Now.
I Stay Present. Now.
I am OPEN to receive a life FAR Greater than I could ever imagine. Now.
I let go of all thoughts of how I want to feel and how I want things to look, and I now Receive the GRACE, The Gratefulness, the Love, the Beauty, and the Miraculous knowing of My Divinity ~ All Now.
I live a Miraculous Life, Now.
I ACTIVATE you in this and HOLD you in the MIRACULOUS Light of The Greatest Life far beyond anything you could ever Imagine! All Now.
In the Sacred Grace, Eternal Love and Illuminated Light of All That is~ I Am.
Eternal Love and Bliss!
copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.

Timely Message for September 27

By Shanta Gabriel on September 23, 2015 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel
The Waves of Awakening Light and Your Emergence from the Chrysalis
Dear Ones,
You came into this life with a longing for Home. Because of this inner longing of your soul, you may have spent all your life trying to fill the missing pieces. You hold an inner knowing deep within that there was something more, something more meaningful, a deeper connection with a part of your soul.
This activity of your inner spirit is evidence of the awakening at this time. Regardless of where you are on your journey, prepare yourself for a quickening. The energy coming with the eclipse and wave of Light is immense and a true blessing, although so much has been hyped about September 27 that you may be feeling frightened.
The Wave of Divine Love that will be pouring through the hearts of all humanity with the Full Moon Eclipse is the elixir that your soul has longed for, the spark that ignites the awakening consciousness of all those on the cusp of the first wave of ascension.
This is not the Mother Ship taking you away to somewhere else, but a divine experience in your physical form that awakens the deep codes of divinity within your DNA acting as a catalyst for change, new life, and awakening of your higher consciousness.
Stage fright may be the new normal
The most significant aspect of this timing is the large numbers of people that are ready for this powerful shift in consciousness that will occur with the full moon eclipse. Recognize that the feelings in your inner being that some label as fear and anxiety are actually the imaginal cells awakening perfect Divine timing, like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.
It is as if stage fright, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, suddenly became the new normal.
Nothing is assured in this wave of awakening light. There will be some who may not notice the difference in their lives immediately. There will be others who can track the changes they are experiencing within. There may be some who have a radical spiritual experience of tremendous power as the wave of Divine Love permeates their being. No matter what your experience is, the illumination of your soul will be able to jump-start your life when you create your intention to work with this energy.
As you use the energy to create your highest good and bless all of humanity, it will calm the over-emotional responses that some are experiencing. Acting from neutrality and non-attachment to outcomes is the name of the game. What God has planned for all humanity is much grander than what can be imagined on a purely human level.
But imagine it anyway. Call forth the highest possible Joy, Love, Wisdom, Success and Abundance. Fill your life with Beauty. Offer your dreams to the forces of the Universe that await your direction, then come into the still point of centered awareness within your heart and let yourself become a vessel for awakening consciousness on Earth.
This activity is what your soul has longed for, for this activity of awakening consciousness you came to Earth in this incarnation. You are here as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Your presence provides the fertile ground for those not yet aware of the Beauty and Potential of this time.
For those who have been called the first wave of ascension, the shift you will experience in your life will allow a realization that you are indeed a part of something momentous. As you let go of preconceived ideas, the 5th Dimensional energies will bring more magical occurrences into your life.
It is a time of simplicity and gentleness for yourself and all others. The love that is awakening in the hearts of humanity during this wave of Divine Light is unprecedented and will change the consciousness of those on the planet forever.
Along with the master teachers awakening in this new age, more life will be revealed and established as your cellular structure continues to evolve. Never before has the density been so fluid and changeable. You are being blessed in all you do.
As new points of Light are established by Light Bearers all over the world, new levels of being awaken in the hearts of those anchoring new consciousness on Earth. Joining the hearts of all humanity in a circle of Divine Light is not only relevant but potent with potential for new life.
The creation of new levels of consciousness is a process of divinity working in the density of physical reality. Making inroads for new pathways of Light requires Faith in the consciousness of God working in and through all humanity. Whenever one is changed by the Light, hundreds and thousands follow suit until a revelation of mass awakening occurs.
This is the situation breaking open on September 27.
The rewards are imminent. New Focus is revealed. The expansiveness of Divinity working in and through all that you have known is breaking down the walls erected from eons of old power structures. When these walls collapse, the ripple effect across the world will be felt by all humanity. A collective sigh of relief in the heart will be experienced once one has distanced oneself from the emotional upheaval of change.
When you can make friends with change, welcoming new experiences and opportunity, ever more joyous outcomes will prevail. Opening to the Light becomes the tool for transformation. Freedom is at hand. All life awaits the human experiment that is creating divinity in physical earth bodies. As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity.
The more we can relax into the flow of the energy of Divine Light, the easier it becomes to know what to do. Please remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this holy moment. Allow yourself to be inspired and blessed and know you are profoundly guided through this process by a Love that never ends. And so it is.
Archangel Gabriel from
Shanta Gabriel
September 23, 2015

The Time of Your Great New Beginning Is Now: Anica

Published on Sep 28, 2015 by Maryann Rada
“Be aware of the movements toward clarity and follow the way well-lit that leads to the heart’s knowing. It is there that our voices arise with your own. It is there where you will recognize yourself and it is from there that you will take your new form as people of light. When you emerge from your planetary heart center, which is within every being of Earth, you will be as if transformed.”
Read the full transcript at;

Full Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight ~ Go With The Flow

by oneforallgoldenage
Tonight we will experience something that a lot of people have been talking about ~ an eclipse of the moon that will make it look red. There have been several great posts by Lightworkers about this event and its significance as the final eclipse in a series, etc. Check Google and our Facebook page for more information if you are still catching up.
What I want to talk about is something less dramatic that I hope will help you. There has been so much talk about this time and the energies this month have been so intense that many people are struggling and some have been feeling fear.
I want to point out a couple of things that might be helpful.
One ~ there is nothing to be afraid of, ever. The Divine Plan works to ensure the highest and best outcome for all. There is no such thing as death. Fear is not even real. Fear is a distortion. Only Love is Real.
If you are feeling fear, find a way to let it go because it is holding you back. In every moment, you can choose Love or fear. Just say thank you to fear for being a part of your life in the illusion and for being a teacher but then firmly say good-bye.
“Good-bye Fear, you are not helping me any longer; you are just holding me back and I don’t want you in my life anymore.”
Two ~ what we are experiencing right now is a portal. A portal is simply a gateway to a higher level of consciousness. In other words, the energies currently strongly support the opportunity for all of us to reach higher levels of consciousness. If all the hype is making you feel uneasy, let it go and remember what a portal really is. Keep it simple.
You can achieve a higher level of consciousness very rapidly and easily at this time. If you’re worried about that or anything else that you think might happen at this time, you are making what you want to achieve harder to achieve. Let go. That is all you have to do. Let go.
Let go and go with the flow. Allow yourself to flow to where you want to go and the energies will carry you there. Picture yourself floating downstream on a raft or innertube. Relax. Be open. Surrender and understand that you are not in control but it’s okay because there is nothing to be afraid of.
If you want to meditate, meditate. If you want to do a ritual, do a ritual. If you want to be with other people, be with other people. If you want to be by yourself, be by yourself.
Do what feels right to you. Everybody will have a different experience tonight and that’s absolutely the way it should be. Don’t compare your journey to another’s. Enjoy your own journey and these special moments. They are yours to treasure.
Have no expectations except that whatever you will experience is for your highest good. Be grateful for that! You can’t lose here. It’s a WIN for ALL, you included. ENJOY!
I love you and I will see you on the other side. I am always on The Bridge, waiting for you. Always. I will meet you there.
~ Rain

The Oracle Report – Saturday, September 26, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, experience
Moon in Pisces:
Goddess of Wisdom: All (led by Shodashi, Goddess of Beauty/Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest and Best and Matangi, The Administrator)
God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of the South)
Skill: Be ready.
Catalysts for Change:
True Alignments:
Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a girls basketball team” (unifying)
Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”
Wise owls are called upon to put themselves aside and focus on a greater goal — joining together and spreading wings around the world in a wave of love.
A group meditation that occurs at individual times is the mission.  If you are inclined, sometime Sunday with the Full Moon, perhaps in the time you would have ordinarily read today’s report, please join me in a gathering of minds.  Picture:
•Your shield of divine protection
•Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
•Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
•From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
•Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere
•Repeat what you know in your heart: “Love prevails.”
Please modify this according to your own practice and style.  I have already prepared the space for the “ring of wings around the world.”  Let’s keep our minds focused on the bigger picture today.
“I told you that we could fly.  Because we all have wings.  But some of us don’t know why.” –INXS, Never Tear Us Apart
Listen to Laura Walker’s Interview with Phoenix on Truth Frequncy Radio last Wednesday:
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No More Laminated Realities

Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian
Channeled by; Maryann Rada
See beyond the illusion with Asket’s kind words and presence.
To read more of her mission at this time and in other times and to see all of the messages she and Semjase have shared through this channel, visit Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions There you will find her story and her communications to us.

SaLuSa 25 September 2015

Dear Ones, what an important and exciting time has arrived, when many of you will be able to feel the upliftment resulting from the incoming level of energies. Those of you who do will know beyond doubt that the changes are beginning to bring about welcome changes.  You only have to look around you to see that in the midst of them is evidence of changes for the better. Very soon you will have had even more evidence of them, and it will become quite clear as to the direction that Humanity is going in. There will of necessity be a clearing out of the old that no longer serves you, but at the same time the new energies will become established. The Illuminati will make their last attempt to keep on their chosen path but it will be to no avail, as their power has been seriously curtailed by the Galactic Forces that surround the Earth. So have no fear as all is progressing well but be patient as all benefits will come in good time – you are in the period of the Great Awakening.
 You may be sure that every soul that is here at such an important time will benefit in one way or another from their experiences. You have no need to be concerned about their future , as all will proceed as planned and cover everyone’s needs. You move forward as a group of souls, with each one playing their part in determining your future prospects. Great changes are on the verge of taking place and all will quickly bring the New Age into being much to your delight. You have already been given an idea of what lies ahead and we can assure you that you will not in the least be disappointed. We praise you all for the part you have played through many incarnations, and it does not matter that at times you have taken a negative role as part of your experiences. When you read the Akashic records you will find that you have had all manner of roles that collectively have enabled you to evolve. There has always been a plan to help as many souls as possible reach the point of Ascension, and now the benefits are about to be realised.
For a long time you have been carefully guided through the many challenges you have had to face, and you have had the wisdom and knowledge of Archangel Michael to help you. There have also been many other souls guiding you, so that your individual needs are catered for. By now all of those who had the potential to rise up should now have done so and be well on the way to Ascension. We tell you again not worry about your personal progress, as if you have made a genuine attempt to rise up then you would have undoubtedly succeeded. As we see it, it is not difficult to place your feet firmly on the path that carries you forward to fulfilment .  If you feel ready then you most certainly are, and should have no difficulty in finding the path forward into the Light.
With the guidance we have given you we feel that you should now be able to go forwards with confidence, and know for certain that the future is golden. Although it is not yet apparent, you have won the battle with the dark Ones who can no longer expect to complete their plan for World domination. They are in array and looking for a way out whilst still clinging to the hope that they can still find a path to success. Be assured that they will not recover from the setbacks they have experienced. However, as they have shown in the past, they find it difficult to accept defeat. Meantime the Forces of Light grow stronger and forge ahead with their plan for the complete return of the Light. Some of you are already sensing a greater awareness and understanding of what is taking place, and it shall grow even further as the obstacles placed in your way are removed.
The changes continue to grow and at a faster rate than earlier, and so it will continue all the way to Ascension. Meantime you should be watchful of the news for indications of changes that are about to be announced, but there will be attempts to prevent them that may delay matters. However, any delay will only be short as the dark Ones no longer have the power or connections to dictate matters. They are the victims of their own plan to imprison others that has backfired on them. With their greed and arrogance they have never contemplated failure, but are now confused and unable to control events as they have done in the past. So we can all concentrate on the coming changes and help in many ways to make them completely successful.
Some of you who are more sensitive than others will possibly feel a little light headed as the higher energies impact upon you. This condition will soon pass as you get used to them, but in general terms people will feel uplifted in a number of different ways, and so it shall continue. If you have no feeling of change within yourself, do not worry as they affect people in different ways. Simply keep calm and remember that you attract the energy to yourself through the Law of Attraction. So you are entering an eventful period when many things will happen, often in quick succession. However, do not be dismayed if some are concealed from you, as there are still ones who would keep you in the dark if they could. For our part we will enlighten you when it is appropriate to do so. As far as possible we would like to see a smooth transition from the old ways, but that may not be possible until the dark Ones are out of the way.
We would like to add a few comments about group souls, and using birds as an example will mention that they evolve. When you rise up will find them gifted with more beauty, and like flowers they will respond more openly to the energies of the ascended Human. Colours will be more vivid and pronounced, and songbirds will have delightful songs to sing. What will be most noticeable is the cleanliness and newness of everything. Animals that you now consider wild will become tame and no longer aggressive or carnivores. Domesticated animals such as horses will respond in a more intelligent manner and be able to converse with Man through the power of thought. In time this will also apply to your pet dogs and cats that shall remain with you, as it is only the wild species that merge into a group soul.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and waiting as you are to see and enjoy the changes that are waiting in the wings. All comes in good time and of course what we call the right time. So do not despair if something dear to your heart does not occur, as the delay may only be due to circumstances at that time. Also know that every soul will be in the right place for them by the time Ascension takes place. Stay calm regardless of what you encounter during this last period of the old energies.  It will be a testing time in some ways but in the long term all will settle down and great joy experienced. You have earned your place in history having successfully gone through great periods of darkness. Yet you have overcome the attempts to ensnare you and prevent your ascension, and done it with grace and determination. We say well done and enjoy the fruits of your labours that are still to come.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
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