The Creator Writings – Emerging Beauty

When the caterpillar rests snugly in his cocoon, there is no thought to how, when, what or why; it does what it is designed to do and what it instinctively knows is best without worry or concern. The Universe encourages you to be like the butterfly. If you allow yourself to go with the flow, something beautiful will always emerge. ~ Creator Source

Where Are You? – The Council

June 25, 2015

the-councilThe Council

Where are you now? Let us give you a bit of reassurance that some of the vague suspicions that have been hovering in the background of your minds are indeed correct.

Many of you have had repeated feelings that you were looking at things that were not exactly real, the wall, the floor, or those trees were somehow not as solid as you previously thought. Well, that is what the ancients and even your physicists have been telling you forever, is it not? So you might say that you are actually beginning to perceive reality for what it is.

Some of you are beginning to feel a presence, or presences, about you. We know there are those that have felt or even seen this for a long time, but we are speaking now to those who may even be wondering if they are ‘losing it’. You are not losing it. We have spoken to you often of just these sorts of things, but they did not seem so immediate since they did not seem to apply to you personally. You are beginning to acquire the gifts that you have seen in others and thought you would never have. Well, you had them, but now your rise in frequency is causing them to surface.

If none of these things seem to apply to you, ask yourself if truthfully you have not begun to know things and do not know how you know. Have you noticed yourself reacting to something in a way that you never would have in the past? Have you already been experiencing things that you know are symptoms of your changing consciousness and physical make-up but now are noticing an intensification of them?

We wish you to know several things about this. You may feel alone because you do not discuss these things with others. In fact you are now one of millions. There are people everywhere, speaking many languages, who are going through the same process. There are people who do not even know they are going through a process who are, nevertheless, experiencing the same things.

The world desperately needed change. You asked for change. Change has come. You also asked for, meditated on, and prayed for change that would not be cataclysmic. And so it is happening at a rate that will not destroy everything in its path, as has indeed happened before. And this change is a reflection of the change that is happening within yourselves, as we have been stressing to you over and over for quite some time. What you see when you look around is the sum of what you have all created. It is a mirror. If the image in the mirror begins to change, it can only be because all of you have begun to change.

Now you may have your change in ways that make you uncomfortable if you wish. You never seem to want to go through change. You only want things to be changed. Or you can dance and sing in joy and gratitude. It is indeed up to you. We’ll let you figure out which will be easier. It is not, as you say, rocket science.

Let us point out one more little thing before we stop for today. This ascension stuff is not being thrust upon you. It is being drawn to you by your own desire, decisions, and efforts. Many in this universe are in awe of what you are doing against all odds. That dancing and singing thing we mentioned may just be in order. May the unconditional love and blessings of the Creator forever be yours. Well, of course it already is. Good day.

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SaLuSa 26 June 2015

by; Mike Quinsey

For those of you who keep up to date with the new messages, recent times have shown that there are many activities taking place. You will no doubt also be aware that the dark Ones are being closely monitored so as to ensure that they cannot continue with their plan for world rule. In fact their activities are being restricted in ways that will ensure that they can no longer disrupt the plan for your freedom. We can for our part confirm that the changes are speeding up and great advances are being made. There is no doubt that very soon you shall become aware of major events that are going to take you into the New Age by fulfilling some of the promises that have already been made.

We would urge you to keep firmly on your path of Light and not allow outside activities to take your focus away from it. There are difficult times ahead but these will be short lived, and eventually it will become quite clear as to the direction that you are travelling in. Be assured that we have fully anticipated the problems that will arise, and are taking steps to overcome them or at the very least lessen their impact. We do not wish you to take your eye off events that are taking place, but we will tell you that all is moving along in accordance with our plan for your salvation. So many welcome changes are lined up ready to be introduced, but as we have informed you on many occasions, the time must be right so that matters can go ahead unimpeded.

Looking back to the end of 2012 we know that some of you still cannot throw off your disappointment that it did not make the impact that you expected. Yet, we hope you will agree that the foundations were laid down for changes to take place that have subsequently occurred. Without a doubt the vibrations are lifting up and more souls are awakening to their true selves, and able to see how they have been manipulated and falsely held back. The Light is pouring down upon Earth and it is raising the vibrations, and there is no returning back to the “old days”, that will be gone forever, having no place in the higher vibrations.

The future is Golden and holds many, many surprises that God has prepared for you. God is Love and humans lacking understanding blame God for their misfortunes. It is you alone that map out your destiny and determine through your actions what type of experiences you need to rise up again. Yet God is always with you and never withdraws the Love that is always present. His servants such as the Angelic Kingdom carry out the plan that will release you from the hold of the negative vibrations. They also guide you to ensure you follow your life contract which you have agreed to as one that enables your steady progress.

Dear Ones, you have many things to learn about life beyond Earth. Your Universe of many dimensions is teeming with life, and in many instances very much like your own. However, you have been kept in the dark as to your true selves and purpose for experiencing the third dimension. It is not your natural one which is why you are now moving out of it into the higher vibrations that the dark Ones cannot enter. You will no doubt realise that in so doing you will live as intended, in happiness, freedom and absolute peace. Once you have become a Galactic Being, free and able to travel at will your lives will take on a new meaning. Only you alone can change your future so follow your desires with care and know that every opportunity is open to you.

As you might say “the end of the road is in sight” yet even as you prepare for it, the new path is opening up to reveal the promises of a New Age. In this respect you will be guided and set upon a path that will fulfil all of those promises that have been made to you. We will be able to openly visit Earth and even take you on journeys within your Solar System. Exactly where will depend upon your plan for further enlightenment, and in this respect your Guides will be on hand to give their advice. You will soon forget the traumas and disappointments of some earthly experiences, knowing that they have given you a broad outlook that enables you to cope with all experiences.

We are closer to you than ever and after many years of contact with you know that you will accept and greet us as your Brothers and Sisters. Your background coming from various star systems means that you will have met us eons of time ago. Bear in mind that in the higher vibrations your life span is much greater than it is now. Also, that when you have completed your experience in one body, you can literally simply step into a new one. To say the least, “death” such as you know it does not take place, and it only involves simple changes that do not entail any form of aging such as you are used to experiencing. Birth as it is called is also different, and you do not have to go through the stages that you know as a “baby”.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will confirm that all is in the “Now” and you will be able to move backwards and even forwards to satisfy your quest for experience. You will in fact take quite easily to the changes, because in reality they are not new to you. However, it will be exciting to become aware of familiar things, and not least of all to again meet souls who are well known to you, and may have figured in a number of your earthly lives. Even if you only consider the number of strong relationships you may have made through your many lives, you will realise that quite a number of souls eagerly await the opportunity to meet you again.

However, you still have work to do on Earth and your concentration must be kept focussed upon your tasks. Every soul you can help now to “wake up” will appreciate your help, but many are unable to release their attachment to the lower vibrations. Yet where they come in touch with information that will help lift them up, it can result in an awakening.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey ~ Source

The Oracle Report – Friday, June 26, 2015

– First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

– Moon in Libra/Scorpio (2:00 pm ET/6:00 pm UT)

– Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess Who Solves)

– God of Wisdom: Ian (God of The East)

– Skill: look for “guideposts” or “signs” for direction

– True Alignments: preparing and sharing, validation, loosening of rigid structures and limitations, hope for the future, “going through the eye of the needle,” transported from one frame of mind to another, heighted awareness and ability to see a bigger picture, loyalty, fidelity

– Catalysts for Change: disconnected from the reality of something, unfocused, afraid to venture alone, afraid to act, complacent, always seeking something or someone else, out of touch with the feelings of others, arrogance, power or attention going to one’s head, fear of the unknown, changing loyalties, infidelity

– Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “winter frost in the woods”

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “the music of the spheres”

Today’s energy is arranged to offer us an opening or opportunity while also providing what is needed for the adventure.

This manifests through situations, circumstances, and things that are changing. When things change, many feelings emerge. Feelings of grief or loss about the past, fears about security and survival, and deep disappointment can arise. We wonder what will become of us.

The Sun is located at the degree of the Sabian symbol “gamebirds feathering their nests.” Under this energetic, we make preparations and make things stronger and more comfortable.. We make and take sanctuary. We prepare for new life.

The Earth is located at “ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.” Nests, woods, and gamebirds, oh my! But we are well-supplied. Ten logs can make a lot of torches to light through dark woods. The key element of the symbol is the archway. Archways are gateways. They lead to other places — other states of mind, other experiences, other adventures. Usually they lead to “higher” places. We focus on the archway, not the darkness.

These themes happen to be the bulk of the discussion last night when I joined Phoenix on his radio show. Many thanks to the PRR audience and to Phoenix for inviting me. You can listen to the archive here: Soundcloud

Happy Friday, everyone! See you tomorrow.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day June 26

“…when faithful human beings or other creatures called upon them for help, they [the Powers of the Four Directions] must send their powers…” –Fools Crow, LAKOTA

Each of the four directions has special powers. These powers or Grandfathers are there to help us. The powers are from the East, the South, the West, and the North. To call upon the power we need to stand in the center and face each of the directions and honor all forms of life in each direction. Facing the East we honor all the two legged, four legged, winged ones, plants’ nation and the animals. We repeat this prayer in each of the four directions. This allows us to become centered. When we are centered, then we are ready to call the helpers. It is said, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. If we are to be ready, we need to remember to always get quiet first. We do this by honoring and praying to the four directions.

Grandfathers from the four directions, come to me today with Your powers. Give me Your gifts so I can serve the people.


The Oracle Report – Thursday, June 25, 2015

– First Quarter: step out, take action

– Moon in Libra

– Goddess of Wisdom: Bagalamukhi (Goddess Who Paralyzes Enemies)

– God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

– Skill: open to receiving more light in heart and mind/lighten up

– True Alignments: telepathy, taking changes and producing something magnificent, relaxation, like-mindedness, sharing, winning respect and self-respect, rejuvenation, collaboration, creativity, attraction to the beauty of nature, unusual opportunities, maintaining structural cohesion in a changing environment

– Catalysts for Change: announcements of new standards or ways, aggression, detaching, self-indulgence, not looking at consequences of one’s actions, sacrificing someone else for oneself, overworking, display of military strength with the intention of intimidation, narcissism, subtle manipulation of the truth and symbols, changing loyalties

– Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “winter frost in the woods”

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Sunspot 2371 has erupted again. Early this morning (4:16 am ET/8:16 am UT), an M7.9-class solar flare with Earth-directed coronal mass ejection was released. The Moon was located at 14 Libra, disseminating the energy of “in the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta.” This symbol signifies a gaining or gathering of strength to complete something.

But the story of what the Sun (Sabaoth in the Gnostic), the Earth (Sophia in the Gnostic), and the magnetic fields and polarities of the Earth (Thelete in recovered wisdom) are doing is a much bigger story. It is the story of how humanity, in collaboration with divine forces, frees itself from the bondage over its mind. More to come on this larger story.

For now, the influx of solar energies is fuel for our brains, expanding our understandings and perceptions. Intense light brings intense clarity. Clarity brings wisdom. Wisdom brings freedom.

The symbol of the man taking a noon siesta tells us to “chill out,” adding to the lunar month’s theme of “winter frost in the woods.” It is a time for inner stillness and cold determination to persevere. So as all sorts of intense things happen as the CME fully loads in, we prepare to receive an “upgrade” in brain and processing power. The best way to handle this is to go with the flow and temper reactions.

With the Moon making opposition with Uranus at 6:20 pm ET/10:20 pm UT this evening, the skills of a wise old owl may be needed. One of those skills is knowing that anything that happens under a Uranus transit is meant to put us on our proper course in life — the highest and best expressions and experiences of our souls. Things happen abruptly (accidents, surprises, events) under the dynamic of the Moon and Uranus, naturally triggering reactions. Take special care when driving today. Keep a slower or steadier pace in all things. Take breaks – it will help if you need to be hyper-productive right now. Meditate. Turn your face to the Sun if it is shining where you are today. And if it’s not, just look up; it’s there beyond the clouds, radiating love.

And since I now seem to be (bizarrely) prone to quote lyrics from ’80s music, here’s a fitting one from Van Halen:

Hey, it’s your tomorrow
Right now.
C’mon, it’s everything
Right now.
Catch a magic moment
Do it right here and now.
It means everything.

(Note: I will be Phoenix’s guest on Phoenix Rising Radio tonight, Thursday, June 25 from 10pm to midnight Eastern Time on Truth Frequency Radio. Hope you can join us!)

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day June 25

“We are called hollow bones for our people and for anyone else we can help, and we are not supposed to seek power for our personal use and honor.” –Fools Crow, LAKOTA

In order for us to use our power well, we must become a hollow bone. We must prepare ourselves to become a channel. Our channel must be clean before we can use our power well. We must be free of resentments, guilt, shame, anger, self pity, and fear. If these things are in us, we cannot be hollow bones. These things block us from our power. The cleaner we are, the more power we move. We must become a hollow bone so the Creator can use us to do what he wants us to do.

My Creator, remove from me today all resentment, anger, fear, guilt and selfishness. Do not let my weaknesses stand in the way of my usefulness to You. Make me a hollow bone so Your power can flow through me.


Astrology for the Soul June 24, 2015

Published on Jun 24, 2015

When I get angry, mad, or sad,
I have to look beneath it,
To find the need, the hurt, the wound,
And be honest with myself about it.

Yup! Time to feel those feelings and it may not be a picnic! But at least they are REAL. There is no doubt that this week (and this weekend especially) anyone who is truly human (not taking anything for granted these days!) will be getting one button pushed or another. Better to acknowledge our vulnerability and sensitivity than escape, avoid, or deny and put up false pretenses.

This is for sure a good week to clean out the house and the body as well as the emotions. Time to put some time into yourself, feel good about your self, your body, your needs, your space. Injoy!

Mars♂ in Cancer; Jun. 24th – Aug. 8th, 2015 ♋

The collision of Fire and Water happens on June 24th as the God of War enters Cancer. The expression of the Red Planet, normally upfront, straightforward, and direct, turns within to explore the inner realms of emotion and intimacy. Mars’ impetuous energy is watered down in Cancer. Emotions and intuition become fuel to his fire, […]