2015 Ascension Acceleration

by Meg Benedicte

Meg BenedicteThe new Crystalline Light infusion is currently anchoring into the planetary gridwork, causing an acceleration of the dimensional shift. Many have been experiencing unusual occurrence of space-time stretching, warping, expanding and opening. We are now in the Ascension phase of the cosmic shift into higher dimensional realms.

Last week the Sun joined Mercury moving retrograde through Aquarius. During this retrograde period it feels like Mercury is diving into the hidden realm of the subconscious, sensitizing our right-brain qualities. The 5th dimension is experienced as a ‘feeling field’ that we enter with our sensory body. It is not a realm that our lower 3D thinking-mind can access. We can ‘feel’ the new 5D planetary field by increasing our energy frequency and neutralizing all negative polarity that exists in our mind, heart and body.

The cosmic acceleration is assisting with this process, so that massive groups of Souls can elevate up into the higher fields of Unity Consciousness. With the Sun and Mercury Retro emphasizing the Aquarian ideals of brotherly love, tribal mentality, progressive thinking and individuation – we are being inspired to follow the path of the Soul/soul group into higher realms of experience.

Uranus-Pluto continues to square the Lunar nodes, which is catalyzing the accelerated shift in consciousness from rigid polarized black/white thinking and posturing into more 5D/6D awareness. With the final Uranus-Pluto Square coming in March, we can expect some spectacular ‘game changers’ to occur in society.

There is a wave of Unity Consciousness sweeping the planet, igniting more heart-felt tolerance, acceptance, harmony, and constructive solutions. What were once taboo topics are now becoming common-place. The 3D hot-beds of violence, hate and intolerance are decomposing, losing power. They are burning and disintegrating in their own toxic spew. The old dark, polarized 3D reality is collapsing under the pressure of the new majority…the awakening hearts and minds of caring souls. We will see the new 5D/6D realities take hold and prosper, just as the prior 3D regime dissolves into past memory.

The 3rd density souls will be ushered into the 4D world ruled by heart-filled compassion. They will either adapt or leave the planet to work through another karmic cycle. The 4th dimension is still polarized, although this is where the Heart Center opens to Love and Light. The human race is clearly moving into the 4th density heart opening and grounding to the 4D Earth. This is where they will continue to grow and learn about compassion, unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. These are qualities of Unity Consciousness that permeate 5D and higher.

The Starseed souls are accelerating through the veils into a 5th dimensional Earth hologram. These souls have already mastered the lower dimensions and gravitate towards realms that follow the principles of the Law of ONE. These souls have been moving through the portals since the Solstice into 5th density and higher. We are being compelled to merge the 4D Heart with our psychic 6D mind. This merging creates the ‘wise mind’ that lifts us up and out of the planetary field of ego conflict and competition.

It also liberates us from any past programs of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and persecution. We are the liberators, but we are not the saviors. As we upgrade into 6D and 7D, we are merging back into the One. Our energy field becomes a beacon of loving Oneness.

Subsequent to the acceleration of our energy Light Body, we will be able to astral travel without physical ‘ships’ or vehicles. As our mind continues to elevate into the higher realms, we will begin to see the world through different filters…as if our mind opened up to the vast expanse of the universe. There will no longer be any barriers of space-time that block access to the higher realms of Oneness.

It is important during this massive acceleration in 2015 to maintain physical grounding to the 5D crystalline earth grids, so that you can continue to ‘fuel’ the Light Body with prana life force. I’ve been guided to get outside regularly, feet chakras on the land and link my energy body to the earth’s crystalline grids so I can ‘power up’. This will also assist with any disturbance of shifting warp fields or shaking vertigo.

Now more than ever human beings are becoming aware that they are living as ‘spirit in matter’. The lines between new physics and metaphysics continue to blur and merge. As more and more satellite images of our galaxy go viral, we recognize our origin – that we are crystallized, divine energy emanating from the Great Central Sun in the galactic core.

Uranus explodes and Pluto transforms; together they shatter the old world order and unleash a new paradigm. Just look back to the 1960’s when the last time Uranus and Pluto transformed a rigid system to bring us the musical ‘Hair’, human rights movement, psychedelic drugs, and free speech.

During the planetary acceleration towards the March Equinox, make sure to replenish your prana life force with deep breathing, superfoods, body movement and crystalline Light infusion on a daily basis. Not only will this replenish the kidneys/adrenals with Light nourishment, but it will also set up an intentioned field of Light protection. While the veils are thinning and portals are opening, there has been some lower astral interference in the 3D/4D realms.

The lower dark forces do not want us to ascend into the higher realms where they can no longer host on our life force. They use fear and manipulation to derail our efforts. Don’t give them any of your power and stay focused on your own protection and personal Ascension. Continue to accelerate your frequency, replenish your prana life force and build up your inner Light so that you can break through the dimensional threshold to the next level.

If you have experienced any astral interference, call on the League of Light to assist you. I’ve been using the Quantum Vortex to activate a spherical Metatron’s Cube inside and around my body so that the sacred geometry synchs up with the 12-sided dodecahedron Light Orb around my energy field. The Light acceleration is assisting with the maturing of our energy Light Body, so that we will have the means to travel through time-space. We are bringing alive the Law of ONE in the planetary field of Gaia. This will continue to transform society’s consciousness into higher realms of love and harmony.

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
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Soul In Sync ~ Mars Sextiles Pluto!

Nothing empowers the Soul more than to be in stride with itself. Life can have a way of pulling us off track, so many distractions and deviations to our intended plan can slow us down,  but something deep within you clicks this week as Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn deeply and magically connect.

Mercury is also still retrograde in Aquarius, which will serve to help raise your own individual frequency by clearing the static that has been interrupting the sound of your personal song. Allow yourself to tune in to your Soul center, and you will access the undeniable feeling of what it means to be you.

“When you understand the ROOT, the branches take care of themselves” (jwg)


Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

Your Weekly Starcast is Ready!

Astrology for the Soul January 27, 2015

If I’m feeling like a victim,
My fate in others’ hands,
I know that Life is wanting me,
To find and take my stand.

As we open to the subtle spirit world and sharpen our senses to perceive the unperceived ….. life can take on ever greater and greater dimensions. These can be exhilarating, AND they can be overwhelming. To stand with an open heart in the midst of challenging chaos is the path of the true initiate, the torch bearer for a new expression of the human potential. It is during times when we may feel powerless and inadequate in the face of the seemingly huge tasks at hand that we find and heal the spirit warrior within. So it is written in the book of Chiron…. so it is.

You are this close… this close. – The Council

January 26, by Ron Head

the-councilThe Council

More than one hundred years ago a handful of men, physicists, made discoveries and advanced theories which turned their view of reality on its ear. Now, after all this time, many of those ideas have percolated through your societies far enough to be accepted and at least partially understood by a majority of you.

What has happened in the intervening years is that far, far more has been discovered. There are things which have been discovered, theorized, and proven, even put into use, which are still known to very few of you. And the intent of those who are using these things is that it should stay that way. The effect of spreading and acceptance of many of these things would revolutionize your entire world. You are being ‘protected’ from these things.

A great deal of what is known and what is done upon your planet is kept secret. But your understanding of the possibility of that, of secrecy, will be undergoing a bit of change in the near future. As you understand the nature of the oneness of your consciousness, you will come to know that what is known, is known. There is nothing known that you are unable to know. Further, you have been lead to believe that there is much that you would not understand, and you are soon to reach a state of being in which you are able to understand whatever you need and wish to understand.

Now, we do not say that you who just read that last line will become all-knowing on the day after tomorrow. But surely, as a collective, you are now aware of the expansion that is occurring within you. If you accept these possibilities and wish to participate in this evolution, we ask you to simply open yourself to the possibility that you can and are growing now into a much grander version of yourselves than you have ever dreamed of. And then, in the depth of your being, you may wish to sing out a resounding “YES!”

Proceed upon your forward path now, not as seven billion individuals, but as one family. He is not your brother. She is not your sister. At the truest level, they are you. Learn this well and your world will never be the same again. You are this close… this close.

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Daily – Rajneesh

The very idea of God as a person creates doubts in you. How many hands has he? What kind of face? Is he black or white? Does he look like a Chinese or an American? What height?

Old or young? Man or woman? How many faces has he? A thousand and one questions and not a single question is answerable, because you have taken the very first thing wrongly. God is not a person at all.

God is this impersonal existence.

Keep this continuously in your heart – that in Sufism God is synonymous with existence, synonymous with isness, the suchness of existence is God – and then things will become easier for you to understand.


Mayan Messages – YOU ARE LOVED

Mayan-MessagesYOU ARE LOVED Each of you comes from Source. At one point, we all were a part of the energy that Source is. We cannot describe to you the beauty of this energy, for we ourselves have no full remembrance of how it was before we separated from Source. However, we know that the Dimension between where you currently reside and where we are is separated by a huge chasm of difference in the understanding of this Love.

We wish to impart to you the knowledge that you are fully loved by Source and us. There is never any judgment. Once you have detached from the Earth Realm, judgment does not exist except in other planes where this was created as part of their experience.

Speak to your Masters who reside on the Earth, they know this is true. They are the ones closest to understanding the true nature of the universe. You will know these Masters for they are meek and kind and spend much of their time in introspection and praying for the world. Their lives are devoted in service to mankind, never asking for payment, for they know all their needs will be met.

Read their writings, learn their ways and integrate those aspects that increase your capacity to love, unconditionally. Simplify your life so you will have increased time and energy to devote to those things that pull at your heart.

When you are feeling depressed or low, place your focus on the many blessings in your life. Fill your Being with the high-energy frequency of gratitude. This alone can easily bring you back into balance. Spend your days focusing on your blessings rather than the chaos surrounding you and you will regain your energy. Make this a habit.

When something occurs that pushes your buttons or creates fear, face it and overcome it as soon as possible. Sometimes this can best be accomplished when you “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Feel brave, act brave, speak bravely and soon you will overcome the dragon of fear you have created inside yourself.

Focus on your blessings and change the things that keep you from experiencing love. Know that you are loved and worthy of all you desire. Although you may be temporarily removed from Source, it is your soul’s desire to be granted this opportunity. Although much of what occurs on Earth is unpleasant, focus on the good and more good will come to you. This is one of the laws of the universe, “like attracts like.”

Go forth today attracting those things you wish to experience. We support and encourage you and send much love to you! Selamet! Kan 1, Day 144

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 144 at: http://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-144-156/ Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

Oracle Report – Friday, January 23, 2015

– Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

– Moon in Pisces

– Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

– Skill: love and heal

– Negative Imprint: over-ambitious, over-analyzing, overly-critical, overly-competitive, causing distress, trying to control nature, testing, false power, feeling guilty and not taking action to remedy the matter

– Positive Imprint: attraction, sharp instincts, maintenance, relating, healing, spiritual centers, offering, inventive, balance, achievements

– Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: an old adobe mission (building the future – the Second Renaissance, outposts, spiritual retreat)

Today, the Sun moves to the degree of “a Hindu healer.” How about we all go forth today with a powerhouse wave of love?

The planets favor it, and there is extra help from Uranus. Readers who have been following the Oracle Report since last spring know that Uranus has been the main player in the energy and events of the last year. Today we bid farewell to the energy of Uranus at “a bomb which failed to explode has been safely concealed.” Uranus will not return to this degree in our lifetimes. The bomb has finally been safely concealed.

Until the hour of the next New Moon (February 18, 2015), Uranus will be disseminating the energy associated with “a serpent coiling near a man and a woman.” Kundalini rising is implied with this symbol, and it is reinforced by the fact that it is Uranus, which rules kundalini and all things electric. Uranus also rules changes – sudden, shocking, life-altering changes. This energy attracts, allures, and entices, but it also tends to attract people, places, and things that can obstruct or build a wedge in relationships. All of this serves to put things into proper order. Uranus aligns and sets things right. Serpents bring wisdom. We will be the better for it by the time the Moon is renewed. We will have found new ways to relate.

The Moon continues to move through Pisces, activating everyone’s shadow sides. This is in effect until tomorrow morning, Saturday, January 24, around 8:30 am ET/1:30 pm UT. It is best to keep a gauge on emotional reactions, especially if you are a Virgo or Pisces or have the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces (see the appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free download at http://www.oraclereport.com to determine the sign of your own Black Moon).

On “Black Moon days,” as I call them, if we are under stress or if our astrology chart is being activated, we default to projecting our own thoughts and feelings onto others. We project onto others that which we cannot face in ourselves. Be aware that energetic triggers are in place to help us integrate the parts of us that are fragmented. The Black Moon aims for wholeness and takes full advantage of her opportunities. The Black Moon is the Queen of the Underworld, and she often takes us down to the bare bones to enlighten us. Be gentle with yourself if she takes you into her realm. Remember that you are much more than your emotions.

There is the tendency today to over-do things, which is the quintessential issue with the Black Moon in Virgo (the current location of the Black Moon). In fact, we tend to “way” over-do things today. This comes about quickly when a competitive element kicks in. Competition with oneself is the preferred match for the Black Moon in Virgo. It staves off feelings of incompetence, incapability, and not measuring up because of some nebulous, inherent flaw. This flaw is unidentifiable because it does not exist. It is a shadow. So we will see through the screens that have us feeling like we cannot do, have, or build what we want. We are qualified for life by virtue of being here.

It may be helpful today to keep in mind that there is nothing to prove. Nothing has to be put on display to impress or draw attention. Bragging about successes, achievements and conquests really turns people off today. It backfires. Don’t engage that battle.

This is the wisdom needed to go forth today in a powerhouse wave of love. As the Parliament of Owls, we focus our intent and send it out to the world with a great big bow around it.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Elder’s Meditation of the Day January 23

“Our true enemies, as well as our true sources of strength, lie within.” –Willaru Huayta, QUECHUA NATION, PERU

A long time ago, the Creator put inside the human being the secrets to the laws of life. We usually know this is true even though we may not know what these laws are. If something goes wrong with our lives, we usually fix the blame on something outside of ourselves. We tend to give up accountability. One way or another we say, “It’s not my fault.” We need to realize that all permanent and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out. If it’s meant to be, it is up to me.

Oh Great Spirit, let me realize fully that my problems are of my own making. Therefore, so are the solutions.

Elder Doug’s Words

Out of the Silence, a Voice… a Singing…The Song of the Dawn…the Earth sighing, the Sky breathing,… Voice of the Earth, Voice of the Sky,… Harmony…All in between resonating in unison, of One Heart, of One Mind…that is the Dream to Dream into our shared reality. Whatever you do today, do with Love. It can be Seen, Felt, Heard and Tasted….The Voices of Earth and Sky, meet together in your Heart. Hear what they have to say. Follow where they will lead. Seeing is more than meets the eye. Listening hears with more than ears. Love Travels between the Worlds, like Sweetgrass and Music. Deepen Your Laugh and Smile lines, they are Beauty. Drink Deeply of the Magic of Life!! Keep Dancin!!!! Doug Luzar – Facebook