Lightworkers – Starseeds

Lightworkers - StarseedsOur Galactic families are readying us for an imminent shift in consciousness. Learn how to cope with the rise in vibrations as we move to our Ascension.

For some time, many of us have wondered when something will actually happen. As we approach announcements and disclosure, Lightworkers – Starseeds are experiencing unprecedented bouts of health changes. This is a sure sign that the galactics are readying us for an imminent shift. It is happening now, and we as wayshowers are in the midst of changing our vibrations.

After reading the informative message from the Pleiades High Council (via Anna Merkaba), I had to giggle a little. I love confirmation that we are “in sync” with the unfolding of the divine plan.

The Portal from September 3-9th is a time for increased cosmic awareness. This energy is affecting everything. We are experiencing even more upgrades to our DNA as the energy magnifies and releases ancient ancestral patterns embedded within our cellular structures.

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