Feeling Our Way Through The September Gateway and Super Moon!

the-light-at-the-end-of-theSeptember 7, 2014 oneforallgoldenage

Several people have written about the gateway that we are passing through at this time. It culminates around the time of our latest Super Moon, on September 8/9. Energies from these types of events start coming in a few days earlier and stop coming in a few days after the event, so you may be feeling them until September 12th or even longer.

Following is some information, sources included, about what is happening right now. After that you will find my feelings about what is going on for us as well as some additional info on the super moon.

Revelation gateways are deeply personal. (Review the articles from May to present if you are catching up on their Ascension significance.) These photonic waves have a unique affect on the individual lifestream: they leave no stone unturned, revealing higher aspects as well as grounded fears, doubts, choices which stand between us and our Higher Self. If we are to embody and merge with the higher light, we must be capable of integrating everything which goes with it. That includes a significant increase in our multidimensional awareness and the ability to comprehend and communicate with many dimensions at once.

Preparing for the next wave: Gateway September 3 – 9, Sandra Walter

A powerful energetic wave arrived early last evening. This new light produces the heart of Source sensation, In this vast stillness, support for multidimensional alignment – beyond multidimensional awareness – is provided for this revelation gateway. Pure light frequencies attune our perception once again, and attempt to upgrade the physical vessel to accommodate alignment up to 12D.

This wave of revelation will further amplify distortion and disharmony, on our behalf as Divine Will and Divine Love. It also amplifies Christ consciousness and the realization that the New Paradigm, the New Earth, the new reality is already created and anchored here. Patience and highest intentions, beloveds. This is not a space for wavering or contracting. Every time the external presents something challenging to the body or the old consciousness of your old self, hold your heart, breathe and consciously command forth the True Self, the Christed Self and Pure Source Light Intelligence.

September Gateway: Awareness into Alignment, Sandra Walter

And so, the portal at hand shall radically increase the energies which are being sent directly into your hearts, or rather the AMYGDALA of your heart. As the dormant layers within your amyglada are being reset, reconfigured and restructured, much of the dormant emotions, feelings and dispositions shall come to the surface. Much of that which you have not recognized on a conscious level, for the Amygdala is inaccessible to most of you through your consciousness and can only be accessed through the sub-conscious manipulation which in your known world is known as Hypnotherapy.

For as you understand much of the old energies must be cleansed and released, many emotions of the past must come to the forefront of your being in order to be purified, and so and thus, we ask that you simply allow your emotions to be released, and allow them to pass through and out of your body.

~Amygdala – Fertility- Abundance Portal Sept 3 – 9 – Pleiades High Council~, Anna Merkaba

On this day, September 3, we begin yet another powerful phase. Some call this a gateway and yet, that is an old term as we are to move beyond labels. So suffice it to say that it is an influx of high dimensional energy that is weaving through us, awakening any dormant Soul Codes, which are actually Source Codes. What this means is that this energy awakens and empowers our Divinity. This further awakening will flush out any area in which we do not believe that we are powerful sovereign beings of Love. Then this is immediately followed by another even more powerful download on the 9th (9/9), empowered by the Full Moon on September 8. The current upgrade takes us up to September 9th, then on the 9th another one begins. It is essential you stay awake, aware and grounded and set your intention to receive.

During this time, each who wishes to receive, will have their Christ Consciousness, which is Source Consciousness, more empowered. For those just waking up, it is the beginning of activating their Christ/Source Consciousness, which brings great Awareness into what is not aligned with Soul. This Light, beginning today, accentuates anything that is not balanced or is in disarray. As each purposefully receives this Light, it flows through the body and then moves into Gaia for an upgrade of Her New Earth Grid. So stay open, remove any resistance and doubt and know that you are exactly where you need to be for the higher purpose of raising the vibration of Earth and those who live in your area. And know too that there are leylines throughout Gaia and by flowing this Divine Light into your local leylines, they travel throughout the globe in an interconnecting web. Intend only the highest evolution for all.

A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light, Kara

WE’LL BE STARTING to work with the energies of another SuperMoon by the end of this week. Chiron is exactly opposite the Sun on Sunday, and then becomes a major player in the Full Moon on Monday (September 8).

Chiron, known in astrology as the Wounded Healer, provides both the awareness of a wound or fear, and the opportunity to heal the issues related to that wound or fear. Chiron is currently in Pisces, presenting faith and surrender as antidote to the fear of the unknown.

Barbara Hand Clow writes that Chiron in Pisces requires “the deliberate bringing down into body of the higher will and higher self.” It is this process of merging the human personality self with expanded higher self / inner being / soul that Chiron offers as healing for the symptoms of disillusionment and separation.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal, Pam Younghans

“FULL MOON ~ SUPERMOON ~ HARVEST MOON bringing the deep and feminine waters of Pisces to cleanse our emotional realms. There is potential for deep healing…”

FULL MOON / SuperMoon in Pisces September 8th 2014, Mystic Mamma

Well, as you can see from reading the above, this is an interesting and important time. And I know that many of you are feeling it very intensely. With so much going on, as always, I would ask… what does this mean for me? For you?

Each of us is on a unique journey and each of us in a different place on the path, so what one person experiences may be completely different from what another experiences. Understand that all is as it should be for you and that we should focus on ourselves and not view our experiences as better or worse than another’s.  We are feeling intense, high dimensional energies and this is a time to integrate and focus on ourselves, not other people or things that appear to be going on around us. As always, putting our focus on “the outer” will only delay our development and make things more difficult for us.

From what we’ve read above, we might expect to feel deeply emotional at times. Depending on where we are, we might find that things long hidden from ourselves are suddenly popping up and looking us right in the face, demanding our attention. It may be time for a deep, deep cleansing and release.

Remember that what this really brings you is the wonderful gift of healing and the ability to move on, beyond the past and beyond all the little things in and from the illusion that hinder you but aren’t even real. Let go. Let go. Let go.

You may find this video very helpful in liberating yourself. I highly recommend it.

We might also experience a sudden, greater awareness and alignment with Source as well as an amplification of our Christ Consciousness. It might be time to pause and really take stock of where you are and what you are feeling. Be open to all possibilities and remember who you are and you might find that things have changed more than you thought. Look beyond your daily life and accept awareness of your “higher” activities. Understand that you are so much more than what you appear to be in the illusion and you may just realize that you are one of the brightest points of Light on the Grid. Give yourself some credit and own your power!

Another thing I feel many of us are experiencing or will experience at this time is a greater awareness of who and what we are. Remember who you are! Yes, we are all connected. We are One. We are Source. We are Love. However, we are also Beings with past lives, soul families, soulmates, twin flames, and unique gifts and abilities. We all carry aspects of other Beings. Let’s face it, we’ve been around for a long, long time and that means we embody a rich history, great awareness, significant aspects of other Beings, and a lot of power. It’s beyond time to own that for those who are ready. It’s time to bring ALL of THAT to your role here and use it to be of service in this amazing mission. That is why you are here ~ because of your unique make-up. You are here because you embody unique qualities that are vital to our mission. Be YOURSELF and allow YOURSELF to shine and everything else will fall into place.

You may find this video helpful in understanding who you are. I know I did. I have watched it several times.

This brings me to my next point. Something many people who are ready will also be feeling now is a Return to Innocence. I experienced this recently and my next post will be about my experience. Put simply, this is a return to who you really are. Or, who you were when you incarnated here, before you fell into the illusion and started donning masks and armor to protect yourself. Part of your Return to Innocence is having the courage to be vulnerable and to not fear what others think or say about you. If you are still wearing masks or armor or if you are still hiding behind walls or in boxes, it’s time to let them all dissolve. It’s so much easier to be Yourself. It takes a lot of energy to hide who you really are. And you know what? It’s not working. You’re not fooling anybody. You can’t hide anymore. Nobody can. Step into the Light and shine your Light and enjoy the freedom of being yourself. Drop the heavy stuff you’ve been hiding behind and fly.

Time To Fly

Lastly, let’s talk about balance for a moment. You know we are all about Balance here. Balance is the key to Mastering Yourself, Beloved Master!

Moon is in Pisces (Water, Emotional Body) and moves into Aries (Fire, Spiritual Body) on September 9.  Sun is in Virgo. While the moon is in Pisces (as discussed above), we have a great opportunity to balance our Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. I feel the key here is to, once and for all, let go of the emotional attachments we might have developed to our spiritual journey. If this is a very intense or difficult time for you, it might be easiest to just focus on that. Feel your emotions and then let them go. This journey is about being Love and accepting Peace and Joy, ultimately culminating in a state of Serenity. This is your natural state of Being. It is not something to worry about or fear. Allow yourself to move into your natural state. You did not come here to get stuck in an emotional landscape. Maybe you came here to learn what it is like to live in an emotional landscape and then pull yourself out of it. Well, now is the time to pull yourself out of it. Let go of lower vibrational emotions and free yourself from the quagmire they create. Move from the quicksand into The Flow!

This moment and these fabulous energies that are coming in are bringing us wonderful gifts. Try to see this moment for what it really is ~ beautiful and miraculous. Accept what this is (a portal to Reality) and who you are and let go of everything that is not Love. Step into yourself and your future with an open and courageous Heart. It’s never too late to be The Lion. Be in Joy. Allow yourself to be happy. Only you can choose how you are going to experience this moment. Will you join The Flow and surf the waves with Joy, Grace, and Gratitude?

Remember that you are never alone and that you are surrounded by Beings (human and others) who want to help you. Just ask. Ask for assistance!

You are surrounded by Love

You are surrounded by Love. All you have to do is let it in. ~ Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

September 9 – Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 01:38 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Corn Moon because the corn is harvested around this time of year. This moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the September equinox each year.


Although the full phase of the moon officially occurs at 9:38 p.m. EDT on Monday, September 8, it will be at its closest point to Earth 22 hours earlier.

What causes the moon to look bigger at the horizon?  This is really still a mystery of sorts to scientists. It is clearly an optical illusion, because cameras show the moon as precisely the same size, regardless of where it is in the sky. However, it is a convincing illusion.


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