Ancient Initiations of The Heart

The Pleidian Deligate; The Queen of Light

The New Divine Humanity

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The Portal of Your Heart is a very real accessing Point for you to experience.
Inside this Portal is the everlasting awareness space that is beyond time and space, yet in it. For those of you who have accessed it, you know the everlasting Bliss of Union that accompanies the conscious awareness of you as the experiencer.

Your Immortal Body of Light is held as the Flame and Sacred Temple within your Heart Space, for you to experience. The Mysteries of the Ancients through a series of Initiations awakened One into these Sacred Mysteries and spaces.

The Union of the Masculine and Feminine, occurs within this accessing Space within your Heart. And Many Sacred Sexual Rituals of Old, as on Mu, initiated many into the conscious awareness of this Union, with the eternal Divine, within.

Many Tantric Practises through the awareness and acceptance of the Body turn the focus away…

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