You are divine Beings of immense power and energy, Divine Energy.

by John Smallman

john-smallmanHumanity’s awakening is so close that your awareness that it is occurring is intensifying enormously – you feel it enveloping you – and yet you still experience the illusion as very real. And this feels very confusing for you. It is as though you were locked into that moment you experience as humans as you wake up after sleeping but in which you are still not fully awake, your dreams are gently dissipating and consciousness is returning, but you have not yet fully engaged with it.
There is no one now incarnate on Earth who is completely unaware of the enormous changes that are in progress. Even those who are caught up in the gloom and doom that the mainstream media consistently regurgitate, or those living in conflict zones, areas of intense poverty, or refugee camps are, at a deep level, aware that something of enormous importance is occurring.

You who are reading or listening to this message are, of course, well aware, but are also, at times, experiencing severe doubts because, and as you interact with others who are caught up in the media’s catastrophic information onslaught, you encounter the negative and even despairing energies to which they are so firmly attached, and then, instead of observing them and letting them pass, you engage with them and get drawn in, thus intensifying your own doubts .

It is therefore essential that you continue your daily practice of going within in order to boost your reception of the divine Love flowing continuously within and through you that supports you magnificently in every moment, so long as you open your hearts to receive It. Love is your true nature, but the distractions of the illusion have intensified, as those who wish to continue engaging with it and playing the games it offers desperately attempt to repair and stabilize its rapidly crumbling foundations. Thus it is easy for you to allow those noisy and very disturbing distractions to cloud your awareness of your purpose on Earth in this time of change, as humanity’s long-sought awakening into the realization of its true nature, which will allow the return to full consciousness, finally blossoms.

As you well know, your purpose is to hold your Light on high and intend to extend it to all of humanity without exception, and in doing so to remember in every moment that It is the eternal and inextinguishable Light of God’s Love for all of His creation. As soon as you notice that the distractions of the illusion have drawn your focus away from your divine purpose immediately reset your intention to be loving in every moment and in every situation.

Your loving intention is extremely powerful, just as God wills, and affects not only those with whom you come into physical contact but every incarnate being presently on Earth. You tend to forget that you are not your physical forms, your human bodies, but are actually VAST energy fields of Love at One with God and all of creation. This realization is hidden from you temporarily by the flimsy and ephemeral veil that envelops the illusion.

Your task, as the awakening process accelerates and intensifies, is to remain focused on being Yourself! You are eternally One with Source, You have never separated from Him, but as you follow your individual human paths through the illusion, bringing with you and extending to all an abundance of Love for humanity, the draining energies of negativity do affect you. Remember that within the illusion all is illusory. Therefore your fears, worries, anxieties, and the depressing emotions that accompany them, are also utterly illusory. Only Love is Real, and It is eternal and always present.

You have all experienced moods, either euphoric or distressing, that have realized themselves within you and then passed away, but which felt very intense while they were occurring, so much so that they seemed, while you were experiencing them, to be your normal state. Then they dissolved and you returned to what your presence in the illusion does recognize as normality, proving that nothing within the illusion lasts, all is ephemeral. Consequently it is also quite clear that nothing in the illusion is normal!

It frequently fools and confuses you into believing that it is the only reality, because that is what is was established to do, and you become engrossed in the games with which it presents you. The main confusion is the strong and intense belief in the reality of your personal identities as human bodies. What follows from that is your constantly sensed need to provide for them and protect them from the attacks of others, and from injury and disease. They are without doubt separate and fragile homes from which you experience life, and their continued survival frequently seems severely threatened.

However, You are not your bodies! You are divine Beings of immense power and energy, Divine Energy, constantly in the presence of our Source and One with It, because separation from Source is impossible as Source is All That Exists. Allow yourselves to accept the Truth of who You are, trust It implicitly, and delight in the joy that knowing that brings you. And that joy can only be found within, what you see outside is illusory.

With so very much love, Saul.

The voice that speaks to you, and the you that hears the voice, are not separate. ~ The Council

by Ron Head – September 21, 2014

the-councilThe Council

We have said that as the position of your planet, relative to your star, approaches what will produce for you the phenomenon you call equinox, we will address the rising frequencies and intensity of energy that you are experiencing. And we will do so, although this is a topic that is frequently spoken and written of. We will approach it from a slightly different perspective, one of our favorite words, to give you a larger picture.

Consider, firstly, that you are rising above the plane of the galactic equator for the first time in a very long time. This is putting you in a very different energy than you have been in for about twenty-six thousands of your spirals about your star. As you move further and further above this equator, your frequencies will change more and more.

Secondly, you have plunged into a belt of photonic light which is increasing moment by moment as you pass deeper into it.

And then there is the subjective to think about, your own change. Each of you is in the experience of change which is being facilitated by these cosmic changes. Are the cosmic changes causing your changes, or are your changes reflected in your environment? It is an organic thing, you see, a chicken and egg sort of thing. The question only can be asked if one assumes that you and the cosmos are two separate things, and that is not the case.

The voice that speaks to you, and the you that hears the voice, are not separate.

Now, back to energy. It is experienced by most of you as intensifying. And it is the case that as each of you progress, and as your Self reaches out for more light, it is now available. Some of you feel it physically, some do not. Some hear it, some do not. Some see changes in the light, some do not. And that is because each of you is unique. Each if you is building a structure, a life, which is in a unique state and serves a unique purpose. You each serve the ALL in your own special ways. Some are solidifying the basement. Some are laying stones several courses up from the ground, and a few are re-finishing the attic.

Please refrain from comparing one to the other. That is dualistic judgment. Just understand that all are working together for the benefit of all. You are not more than, nor less than, the other. And neither is anyone else. Simply take joy in, and give thanks for, the progress you are making. Help each other when asked. Love each other always.

And so we end our almost mandatory discourse on energy for this equinox. We end with this reminder that we are always with you and our purpose is always to both guide you on your path and aid you in all possible ways when we are asked. You are deeply and unconditionally loved. Good day.

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Unexpected events and dramatic transformations

by Dana Mrkich – September 22, 2016

September, seriously, are you still here?

dana-mrkichThis has been one of the most intense months I can remember, ever. Almost every day I have heard about something huge happening to someone we know, and same goes for a lot of family and friends who are either going through massive changes or having it happen in their circles this month. And it covers all bases: celebratory, challenging, emotional, traumatic.

Unexpected deaths, marriages, pregnancies, illnesses, operations, break-ups, quick, short overseas trips, huge family reunions, plans changing ten times, being invited to three things on the same day over again, monumental moments in people’s businesses and home lives. It is like a running news feed of dramatic events.

We’ve had two eclipses plus Pluto stationing and Mercury retrograde which explains some of it, but not all of it. Beyond astrology, there is the energetic fact that personally, and collectively we are continuing to go through a major evolutionary shift. Sometimes the waves are relatively gentle, other times they come crashing like a tsunami. Even if you personally are not experiencing anything life-changing, or feel you have had your fair share of tsunami-like waves for this life thank you very much, it is only human to feel the impact of those waves on those around you.

If you are personally “wave-free”, months like this offer an opportunity to be that calm, steady, stable rock for others. If the waves are lapping at your shore (or crashing you over), find something that is that rock for you: a routine of morning yoga, meditation, journalling or walking. Something that centres you, and reminds you of what is real, and what is important.

It is like there are realities super-imposed on realities right now. You might be watching something that is playing out politically and think, this just seems like a staged reality show. It’s because in a way it is. Vibrationally speaking, there are (at least) two worlds existing now. (Okay, technically there are billions of worlds, but this is about two of them). There is the awake, conscious, authentic, heart-based world, where everything may not be perfect, but people are at least striving to do good, to live healthily, to take care of their families, to look after their communities. Then we have the manufactured world. It is not run by the heart, rather it is a world of warped power, control and fear. It is an old, dying world with very little life-force left. It used to be a world that most people accepted as the ‘normal’ world, but it is far from normal.

With every thought, word, action and choice, we give our energy to one of these two worlds. More and more of us feel repelled every time we give energy to the old world, and are tuning out en masse. Conversely we feel happiest and most alive when we switch our antennae on to the new world and new ways of living.

This isn’t about a polarity war, it is about vibrational, collective evolution. As a collective we are ready for a new chapter, and so it makes sense that the old world is gradually becoming defunct.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Today Mercury goes direct, so where things have been going a bit haywire with scheduling and electronics, they should start to settle now.

On Monday Pluto goes direct. If this year has been one of heavy duty transfomation for you, this is a good time to ask yourself: what has Pluto been wanting to teach me? Have you got the lesson yet? Hopefully yes, so Pluto can go gentle on you as he treks forward going over already worn ground for the remainder of the year.

Today also marks the Equinox, when the day and night is of equal length. Traditionally it is a day of balance, a good day to reflect on where we might need more balance or are out of balance. Today Sep 23 is also 14 years since our mum passed. I cannot believe we’ve been here for 14 years without her😦 It’s also Christian’s birthday, happy birthday to the best partner and daddy ever!❤

How are you all trucking at this point in September? xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

The Oracle Report – Friday, September 23, 2016

by Laura Walker

oracle-report– Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, complete

– Moon in Cancer

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best, Goddess of Beauty

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

– Skill: lighten up

– True Alignments: HUMOR, guidance for direction, actualizing potential, traversing, legacies, “souvenirs” (memories) of the journey of life, observation, a little wild, pioneering into “new territory,” shielded and protected, constructive, cohesion, bridging a gap

– Catalysts for Change: feeling “in the weeds” or bogged down with tasks and responsibilities, losing perspective, craving support, foolish/playing or played the fool, desire to discontinue, unrealistic, gullible, not able to look away from something mesmerizing, having trouble getting to the other side of something (like a bridge is closed – try to go around)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows” (seeing beyond duality/divide and conquer, integration, transcending difficulties)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (the renaissance of humanity, transcending difficulties)

It has been a long week on this year’s “magic carpet ride,” but today the adventure continues not by magic carpet, but by bus. VENUS is discharging the Sabian symbol energetic of “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists,” advising us to “sit back” and let a Higher Power drive.

In other words, we step back and observe the sights — the things that are happening around us and in front of us.

Most of the time, the tourists (us) are seeing things for the first time, hence the need for a tour guide in order to fully learn more about the sights. Tour guides on jaunts such as these are a fountain of wisdom. Spirit is our guide every day, but today it takes the form of a TOUR guide, which means we are going somewhere and seeing sights — learning something.

The “ticket” to getting on board is practicing the skill of “lightening up:”

1- THE SUN is discharging “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh” (carrying forward, moving from one state of being to another).

2- THE EARTH is discharging “a comedian entertaining the group” (humor, fun, less serious).

3- JUPITER is discharging “a group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire” (pioneering, sharing, light and warmth, inspiration).
A we are “lightening up” and seeing a lighter side of things, it may seem as if we are going over something again and again or finally crossing away from it. MARS continues to travel over the energetic of “an old bridge over a beautiful stream in constant use.” We are guided to the other side of something, perhaps never cross it (experience it) ever again.

Keep in mind that the Sun is transiting in conjunction with Jupiter, making exact conjunction Monday, and remaining in effect for a couple of days after. One of the things Sun-Jupiter aspects can do is cause weight gain. Usually it falls off naturally after the transit completes. If you are experiencing this, do not beat yourself up about it. I have heard many doing this. The fact that the conjunction is in Libra hyper-focuses the issue because Libra appreciates beauty like no other sign. Libra also leans toward perfectionism, as I mentioned yesterday. Let’s not make this more than it is — energetic.

The adventure of today calls us to lighten up and let a more knowledgeable force guide us. Ready to take in the sights?

Happy Friday, wise owls! Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

Elder’s Meditation of the Day September 23


“When that spirit comes, we don’t ever ask questions. If I don’t understand, I just hold onto it. Then later down the road, maybe in a couple of years, I understand what that spirit meant.” –Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA

At certain spiritual events or happenings, it is possible for the spirits to come. Sometimes these spirits look like sparklers of light, sometimes you can feel them, sometimes they will look like live human beings. The spirits always come for a reason. When we deal with the spirit world, we need to be patient. The Great Spirit will tell us the meaning of these happenings when He is ready.

Great Spirit, let me be aware of Your presence.

Astrology for the Soul September 22, 2016

by Kaypacha Lescher

My challenge is to stay open,
Innocent and pure,
While living a life,
That has struggle and strife,
Where I need to be tough, sharp, and sure.

No doubt we have all been challenged with this Sun square Mars aspect. Challenged to be ON IT, stay on it, get our act together not let our guard down or attention waver, or ……Whack! It’s been exhausting. And thank goodness it is giving way to the Sun catching up to Jupiter! It’s time to party!

I know that in the video I still go into Saturn square Neptune and nodes, which is still a bit of a grinch at Christmas (or and Eris at the party of the gods). It is true that the big life changes revealed, sought, or initiated through these eclipses can almost be like mountains we have to move and they will not happen with with quick, swift blows, but let’s grab a little gusto in between those shovel fulls of mountain, eh? Injoy!