Break The Chain – The Council

by Ron Head

the-councilBreak The Chain – The Council

Once again we return to an important topic in order to approach it from a perhaps unthought of perspective. Please understand that one of the reasons we do this is that as we address each of these topics over and over, you, having grown on your understanding, will bring more to the topic and therefor take more away.

For thousands of years you have been carefully taught to place or accept the control of your lives in things, in institutions, and in people that are outside of you. You did not realize what was happening. You did not think you had any choice. And that belief was actually encouraged, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes quite purposefully.

Think of what most of your lives are like today. There are those of you now for whom these things are no longer true. But the vastly greater number of you today have given control over to money, employers, doctors, clergy, peer groups, government, illnesses, etc. There is almost no part of your lives that you truly have your own power over.

Now what we are asking you to do is not necessarily to rebel. We are asking you to look, become conscious, and make your own decision. When you make your own determination, the decision can only be made from your own place of power. You may decide to do what someone else recommends. That is not the same as saying ‘I have to do this’ or I have to do that’. Rather, you should be able to say ‘I have decided to’ or ‘I have chosen to’. Can you feel the difference in those statements?

If you look around your world right now, you will see many cases of the old fighting for its life with those who are demanding the right to have their power back. You may not have to actually fight anyone other than your own mind. But your battle will be the same. And sometimes you will find that the opponent is small, quiet, and extremely well hidden.

We will say that some things are not even from this current life, but they have been a part of your family culture for a very long time. You have picked up attitudes and beliefs from your parents and grandparents. Everyone does and always has. They learned from their parents, and so on and so on. These can be about health, about money, about personal power, about self-worth, about futility – anything really. And these things condition your responses for a lifetime… unless they don’t.

You can break the chain. But it takes an awareness of the problem and then a decision. And you will most likely find a very layered onion to peel once you begin. But beginning will bring you immediate and happy results. Personal power, self-power, is true freedom. It is the only true freedom.

And we would add one more idea to this today. Instead of thinking “What can I do?”, think “What must I be? How do I wish to respond to this from now on?”

Your journey on this path will lead you to realize what your true nature is. And that is what you have come to do, for yourself and for all those around you.

Good day.

Pluto and Mars Begin Again ~ Evolutionary Steps for the Soul!

Pluto and Mars are referred to as cosmic brothers, Pluto being the older, wiser one, and known as the planet of the Soul and Mars, the younger one and known as the ego. When these two planets are working in tandem and in harmony, there are no two more powerful planets to help support your evolutionary momentum moving forward.

Everything in life is driven by desire, and from this root, choices are made and actions are taken. Mars is the planet governing action and desire and he takes the desires that are unconscious in the Soul and makes them manifest in the world.

Mars has been closing in on Pluto all year, he also took a time out to recover karmic content in need of resolution this past spring but much of this year may have felt to be about closure and culmination, as Mars has been forming what is called a balsamic or a closing phase to Pluto. Together, they are now forming a balsalmic conjunction and tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 19, Mars will move in front of Pluto initiating a brand new chapter in the journey of your Soul.

You are standing at an evolutionary gate. Your Soul is in the process of initiating anew, while there still may feel to be some final remnants of old that need some final clearing as life is a process and nothing happens over night. Use the energy that Mars is now offering to propel you forward into your desired future with courage and might.

~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer


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Mike Quinsey Higher Self – Presidential Election, Behind the Scenes Activity – 10-14-16

by Mike Quinsey

Mike-QuinseyThe Presidential Election is the main focal point for millions of Americans, but there is a strong possibility that they may not go ahead after all. The reason appears to be because one candidate looks like pulling out. It could be the most helpful happening in view of the imminent beginning of global currency revaluation, that can be focussed upon without distraction It may in fact have already commenced, and it is certainly very near to taking place at the first opportunity to do so. It is rumoured that it has already started and certainly a slow start is anticipated due to the size of the task. A certain degree of urgency naturally now exists to get the whole scheme underway, which will delight so many people who have eagerly awaited it.

The world continues to be in a turmoil and war is rife, but much is in response to the attempts of the dark Ones Forces to impose their controls upon it. However, they will not be allowed to succeed, as Higher Beings will determine the outcome in favour of the Light. There is a plan in place that will prevent it from being delayed, as matters have now reached the point when it is time to bring them to a conclusion. Have faith in those who have your future in their hands, as they are well in control and have a complete overview of what is happening.

Where the Light is concerned there are no mistakes and the plan for your freedom progresses as planned and required to ensure that Ascension takes place. The onus is now on each individual to decide where their future lays, and if they desire to ascend to live out their life accordingly. Of course help and guidance is given but in the final reckoning it is up to you to lift your vibrations sufficiently to achieve it. You must know by now that an opportunity such as now comes at the end of a cycle. So put the effort in and be certain to be successful, as deep down you will know this to be the truth. When you agreed to your life plan you were confident of being able to Ascend.

Your patience has been well tested, and if you have been able to stand your ground you can consider yourself well on the path to the higher dimensions. The challenges of overcoming the lower vibrations are tough and you are assailed from all sides, but by keeping centred and in total control of yourself are well on the way to Ascension. Travelling the path of Light can sometimes be a lonely life as few people fully understand why they are on Earth, and it is difficult to find others of a like kind. You often become a lonely figure but your mere presence on Earth is helping to spread the Light. As you rise up it becomes easier to be detached from many of the lower energies as they hold little or no attraction for you.

The time draws near when it will be possible to tell people of the true reasons for experiencing the lower vibrations, and also why it has been necessary to reincarnate many times upon the Earth. At whatever level you are currently at when the end of the cycle takes place, you will accordingly be at exactly the correct level. Families may find that worrying in case they are split up, but bear in mind that each soul has their own path to follow. However, there are times when partnerships remain firm and souls still go forward together. In fact some families come together to share a life plan and that often happens when they are working for the Light.

Dear Ones, you are admired and loved for your dedication to your responsibilities, and at all times helped to complete your life plan. Your Guides who accompany you are powerful Beings who can influence you in ways that ensure your safety and often avert what could otherwise be an undesirable life altering change. If you acknowledge them and “talk to them” they can converse with you more easily, and they will impress their thoughts upon you. They are probably more aware of your life plan than you are, and able to ensure that you keep on the correct path. It in no way takes away your freedom of choice, as they will know of it already.

For some time the Galactic craft have been drawing closer to Earth, but until they decloak you will be unable to see them. However, the Avians stay at a distance as their presence is to keep an eye on how the Earth and her population handle Ascension. There are in fact a number of groups that are waiting to make themselves known as soon as it is safe to do so. Your future is full of pleasant surprises not least of all to meet your Agarthan friends from the Inner Earth. Things will change so much that in relatively short time, you will benefit from being helped to take your rightful place in the New Age. The old one is disappearing quite quickly as changes are already taking place that will eventually lift up the quality of your lives.

With everything that is going on with your world it is difficult not to become involved. Your best approach is to try and stay centred at all times, and become the observer rather than becoming involved. Of course there will be issues that you cannot help but become involved in, and when you are a beacon of Light you can bring peace to a situation that may cause eruptions and confrontation. You have powers beyond your imagination but you need to have belief in yourself for them to become active. Your greatest work can sometimes occur when you are at your quietest and using your power of thought. You cannot however force your ideas onto anyone as they can be rejected if they are not accepted, and this often happens for reasons of karmic responsibilities that have to be played out. This also applies to the sending out of healing energies, as sometimes a soul needs to see out the full course of their “illness” for the benefit of all concerned.

After you have ascended you will become quite a different person to what you were previously. Your Light will become so strong that you will not play with or entertain the negative energies. The Light will figure in everything you do, and since you will be with souls of a like kind you will lead a blissful life of joy and love. Negative thoughts will not form any part of your life as the vibrations will be too high for them to be present. So the message is to start as soon as possible feeling what it is like to live with a raised vibration. The more you can resist the lower vibrations the more they will be unable to affect you, so remember that like attracts like and avoid attracting them to yourself.

As the Light continues to grow upon Earth the “darkness” will gradually disappear. It is already happening and it is causing confusion amongst those who are the dark Ones, as they can no longer hold the energies in place. They are the victims of their own doing, yet it is never too late for them to turn to the Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

You can only Love God by loving yourselves!

by John Smallman

john-smallmanAll are loved. There are no exceptions. All are children of the Divine One. Nothing can change that because God, Source, Love – choose whatever word works best for you, resonates most powerfully with you to signify the Supreme Intelligence of infinite Love – eternally and without conditions loves all that It creates.

Choosing not to love even one other person, however unlovable they may appear to be, is in fact a choice to remain separated from God, from yourself, and from all of creation. It intensifies your own sense of abandonment, of worthlessness, and of terror – terror because separation, were it possible, would be eternally terminal. That terror is deeply buried way below your conscious level of awareness. If it were not, and if it were believed, it would cause insanity.

You do need to remind yourselves at least daily that you are Divine Beings created in infinite and eternal Love, and realize that your lack of knowing that, of feeling that, is a choice that you made and that you can reverse. How? Go within, to that holy inner space where the flame of divine Love burns eternally on your own personal altar, and open yourselves to the Love that awaits you there, wishing only to enfold you within Itself in every moment.

Many of you do, but you have great difficulty in releasing your strongly ingrained belief in your unworthiness in the eyes of God! You turn away in fear of rejection. The thought of rejection by God is endemic within humanity! That thought is part of the illusion and part of practically every human culture. However, it is utterly invalid.

That Insane Thought Must Be Released!

Only you can do that. If you refuse to love yourselves, as is the case with so many of you, then the love offered by others is ineffectual because ego-driven thoughts arise when love is offered telling you that you are unworthy. You perhaps think: “Why on Earth would anyone love me, they surely see how unlovable I am.” And, of course, to not Love yourselves is also a refusal to Love God! Each and everyone of you is eternally and inseparably One with God. You can only Love God by loving yourselves! It really is that simple.

Trust God! He trusts you implicitly because He knows that you are His perfect children, incapable of anything but Love. Release your fear of Him, your sense of worthlessness, of inadequacy, of sinfulness, and open your hearts to allow His infinite Love to enfold you, embrace you, comfort you, and fill you with joy!

There is only Love. You are being repeatedly told this by channels, by mediums, by psychics, by mystics, by sages, by any number of wise and loving beings, and yet you dismiss this unalterable Truth, considering it “woo woo,” unreal, and impractical in the everyday world you appear to inhabit. But have your “more practical” approaches to the problems and issues with which life in the illusion presents you proved effective? As your history clearly shows you, they have not. Nor will they, because those “more practical” approaches rely on conflict, and that always invites more conflict leading to an endless feed back loop of further, endless conflict.

The reason it seems to you that Love could not work, and is inappropriate and impracticable in attempting to resolve your human issues, is because you do not engage with It fully and trust It, but instead, even when you feel like trying, you keep a very firm hold on the right to engage in conflict if you think that might be necessary. And that mind-set always results in conflict because that is what you want. You believe that you are right and that the other is wrong and you use conflict to punish the other and prove your point. Is that not completely insane?

You always have a choice – to choose Love or fear – and your egos excel in choosing fear, and then, when possible, enjoy making preemptive strikes to keep you “safe,” but the only safety lies in God.

To be right is to be wrong, because when you make judgments you are choosing fear and conflict. The righteous claim that if the wrongdoers would desist then they, the righteous ones, would not have to start a conflict to put matters to right. But as both sides to a conflict consider themselves to be right there can be no meaningful resolution.

Let go of righteousness, forgive yourselves for making judgments and stop doing so, then allow Love to show the way to harmonious and totally practical resolution. When you honestly engage with one another lovingly and transparently practical and uplifting solutions always arise. It is your personal egotistical agendas, intentionally disguised and hidden, that destroy agreements supposedly made in good faith when what was hidden is revealed and trust is once again demolished.

The only message you receive from the spiritual realms, and which has been repeated again and again over the eons, is that Love is the only answer that will provide meaningful resolutions to the issues that beset humanity. Finally that message is being heard, acknowledged, and acted upon.

Humanity is experiencing a massive and world-wide spiritual awakening, a growing awareness that there is a spiritual meaning to life and that it is the only meaning. All else is distraction, and the distractions that have enticed and enslaved you for so long no longer appeal. As you focus more and more intently on your true nature, Love, and find that It is completely effective, the distractions no longer distract you because Love, when recognized and engaged with, provides in abundance a sense of peace, contentment, and joy that you absolutely know is Real, dissolving all the other ephemeral and distracting desires that you have been seeking and sometimes finding, and yet which have in the end always disappointed you.

You are, as I have already mentioned, infinitely powerful divine beings, and your heartfelt desires can only be satisfied by being in the Presence of God, by being One with God. And truly you have never left that state, you just drew a veil over it in order to play dream games, sometimes of a quite horrific nature, in the illusion. Now you have chosen to awaken and return to joy, and as that is God’s Will for you, then you will awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.


Bloom – The Council

by Ron Head – October 5 2016

the-councilBloom – The Council

For years now you have been told over and over about the light, the ever increasing and intensifying light, that had been surrounding and affecting you. Today we would like to look at this in another way. Let us to immerse ourselves in a few age-old metaphors that may allow you to feel a bit more blessed and a bit less stressed about this subject. We say stressed because we know that there are more than a few of you who are walking a very vertical path now and are not always as comfortable with it as you might wish.

As we proceed with these metaphors, we are going to ask our channel to find and include some appropriate photographs. These will not be illustrations of metaphors as much as they will be concrete examples. Here we go.

Now light, as we speak of it, is a field of energy, frequency, and information that is the ground of your being. It is what you are made of. It is the energy that allows you to be and to become that which you most desire. It is life. And when you immerse yourselves in the nearest unspoiled examples of that, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your energy subsides into, or rises into, a deep inner peace.

This is the effect upon your personal field of the field you have chosen to surround yourself with. You probably did not reason this out. It is quite likely that you merely wished to enter the forest or go to the beach because of the restful experiences you remember from before. But what have you surrounded yourself with, exactly? May we suggest light and sound, frequencies, that are in an unadulterated state of joyful life?

Doing this brings you back to a greater or lesser degree to the true state of your own being. And whatever the true state of your own being is, is perfect. May we offer a few examples?

This is what life looks like when it is majestic, long-lived, and at peace with its world. It has accepted all of the life-giving light it has been offered and has used it to become this.
This is what life can look like when it protects itself and its future selves by using some of its light to become a bit thorny.

This is what light can look like when it has been used to grow out of slimy mud and has reached the surface before it displayed the perfection that it always contained.

Now the point of the last photograph and its caption was to prompt you to think about how you value or devalue what is around you. If there were only a few of those beautiful plants you would likely walk or ride past them without even noticing them. But you cannot miss seeing the beauty that they are in that scene, is that not so?

The same is true for packages of light that are called human beings. You value or devalue them, also. But from the viewpoint of their Creator, there are no weeds in that garden. There are no flaws in your being. You are a work in progress. Perhaps you have not reached the surface of the pond yet. Perhaps you have not bloomed. Perhaps you are a tomato blossom and not a rose. Perhaps you are a mother or a father, but not a billionaire, or scientist, or a movie star.

And here is today’s point. Whatever you are, wherever you are, you are exactly what is needed in this perfect field of what perfectly is. Do you see? If you were not you, and if you were not there, what is would be different than it is. And it is exactly as the Creator intends it to be. So as another has taught you – you cannot get it wrong and you cannot get it done – so bloom.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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The Lost Sacredness of Tobacco

By Jonathan Davis – Tuesday October 11th, 2016

The Hidden Power of Tobacco

For many indigenous people alive today in the Americas and Australia, tobacco and other nicotine containing plants are considered just as sacred as they had been for their ancestors. For most people, however, the idea that tobacco and nicotine might be sacred sounds about as ludicrous as a magazine article from the fifties with medical doctors recommending cigarettes. How can a plant with so much potential for harm be considered sacred? Over the past decade, I’ve somehow gone from being someone who had no respect for tobacco whatsoever, actually having quite a lot of harsh judgment for anyone who smoked it, to a person who now has a very deep level of reverence and respect for what has been an ancient friend to humanity.


The Distinction Between Use and Abuse

For the past five hundred years, tobacco has been used by the western world. During most of that time, there were no chemicals added and still there was addiction, sickness, and death caused by tobacco abuse. Before Columbus encountered it for the first time in Cuba and brought it to the west, tobacco abuse and addiction was not a cultural problem for those who worked with it, and the reason according to Indigenous North Americans is the concept of the right relationship.

Tobacco abuse and addiction was not a cultural problem for those who worked with it.Tobacco abuse and addiction was not a cultural problem for those who worked with it.


‘Right Relationship’ with Tobacco

I’ve heard it said that for the Indigenous North Americans, tobacco is the hotline to the Great Spirit. If your culture had taught you that every time you smoked tobacco, the entire universe was listening intently to every thought that was moving through your mind and every feeling that was moving through your heart, you might not be so quick to light one up. It’s hard to imagine some of the kids at school sneaking away behind the bike sheds to eat the Eucharist bread they took from church on Sunday. It puts tobacco into a completely different context. In this way, there was cultural regulation of behavior, casual use didn’t exist, and there was no-one trying to convince anyone that it was cool.

Pre-colonization Native Americans, in comparison to most modern western people, lead incredibly healthy, active lives, with very few toxins and a high level of nutrition. Many also engage in regular rituals, such as sweat lodge – which causes intense detoxification. Combine these factors with the fact that tobacco was used sparingly and smoke was almost never taken into the lungs due to wild harvested tobacco being lot stronger than cultivated tobacco, and you can start to get a picture as to why there is no evidence of tobacco being any kind of problem in their society.


Tobacco was sacred –  Artist: Jonathan Thunder

Tobacco as an Intention Amplifier

The oldest evidence for tobacco cultivation was found near the Peru/Ecuador border in the Amazon jungle. Nicotina Rustica is up to 26 times stronger than commercially available tobacco and is considered one of the three most powerful plants in Amazonian shamanism. To many, it is even more revered than the sacred visionary medicine, Ayahuasca. Over almost a decade of exploring South American plant medicine practice, I have again and again seen people I respect show deep reverence towards tobacco, and slowly over time, I have come to gain a perspective on why.

From what I have learned from engaging in non-western spiritual practices, perhaps the best model for explaining people’s beliefs about tobacco is that its primary gift is that of an intention amplifier. This helps explains why tobacco is considered by many indigenous cultures to be food for the spirits. When it is offered, it is a way of us giving the gift of amplified intention to whatever the being is that the offering is being made to – something like ‘may your prayers and intentions be made stronger’. For the curandera (shaman) that wishes for the discordance in her ayahuasca ceremony to pass, or for the ayahuasca to come through with more strength, it amplifies her intention also. If she wishes for a person’s energy field to become clear and sealed, it amplifies this intention too. All across the amazon, tobacco is employed for spiritual protection, as when this is the intention, it is amplified.

For the modern smoker, when we feel uncomfortable and wish for this current moment to be in the past and a new moment to be opened up in the present, it will amplify and enable our avoidance of discomfort. If we want to feel more confident in social situations, it will amplify that. If we want to suppress anxiety or the pain of past trauma, tobacco will amplify these intentions too, though more evidence every day is linking supression of emotions with suppression of immunity. Psychiatry even recognizes its ability to help bring a degree of stability to people going through extreme mental health challenges, much like the way it is used in the same way during turbulent ayahuasca experiences.

When it is offered, it is a way of us giving the gift of amplified intention.When it is offered, it is a way of us giving the gift of amplified intention.


Tobacco is a Hallucinogen

At high doses, tobacco is indeed a hallucinogen. At every dose, it brings about an adjustment in our perception: varying degrees of non-ordinary awareness, from slight to moderate. Commercially available tobacco causes just enough of a state change that we want it, but not enough that we really notice it has happened. The problem here is that hallucinogens, and indeed all forms of voluntary or involuntary non-ordinary states, may be inducing varying levels of enhanced neuroplasticity. We have seen numerous studies in recent years showing how psychedelics can cause neurogenesis and help brains rewire after trauma. If tobacco also causes an enhanced state of neuroplasticity, it would provide a tangible basis for some of the claim that it amplifies intention.

Imagine a person going outside to have a cigarette break at work. They smoke their tobacco from end to end feeling angry, frustrated, bitter: “I hate my job, I hate my life”. If the ancient wisdom is true, then this kind of thinking and feeling is being amplified inadvertently through the use of tobacco. If nicotine were to accelerate neuroplasticity, there would be a more significant strengthening of the pathways associated with these negative thought patterns, perhaps requiring something like cognitive behavioral therapy to undo. As we increase our scientific understanding of the effect hallucinogens have on the brain, as well as the feedback loop between our emotional state and our immune system, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if there was a significant link between negative thinking during the use of tobacco and cancer. Personally, if I smoked commercial tobacco, the last thing I would want potentially being amplified by enhanced neuroplasticity is all the words and pictures that are on the warning labels. SMOKING CAUSES CANCER, written on the packaging may possibly be woven deeper into the consciousness of the smoker, by the very tobacco the smoker is being warned about.

At every dose, it brings about an adjustment in our perception. At every dose, it brings about an adjustment in our perception.

The Power of Culture

Perhaps one of the key reasons why cancer wasn’t a significant problem for indigenous people working with tobacco was because their culture knew better than to smoke tobacco while not being in right relationship with it. Indigenous culture may have described things in language that sounded too poetic or didn’t sound rational enough to be considered important – but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t the accumulation of thousands of years of wisdom encoded in those traditions.

There’s a reason why indigenous people didn’t get sick from tobacco and it could be this simple: they had traditions that told them how to engage with it in a safe way. This is the advantage of having the experience of your ancestors passed down, fully in tact, through culture. Somewhere along the way, over the course of tens of thousands of years, people probably found out the hard way that tobacco is dangerous and needed to be shown a deep level of respect. That information was woven into tradition and people could trust that the tradition was there to keep them safe, even if they didn’t fully understand the reason for it. Even if the original reason for the tradition was lost, there was still trust in the intention of their ancestors to preserve and care for the lives of future generations.

Tobacco could be dangerous if it isn’t a deep level of respect.Tobacco is undeniably dangerous and requires a deep level of respect.
So You’re Saying It’s OK To Smoke Tobacco?

No. There are many other factors at play. Native Americans may have co-evolved with this plant and have a certain level of immunity, just as westerners are more immune to certain diseases for which indigenous people have little or no immunity at all. Growing the plant in non-organic conditions may also be a factor that increases the risk for modern people.

The undeniable fact, however, is that the plant simply is poisonous, even without the 200+ carcinogenic and addictive chemicals added to commercial tobacco. Even organic tobacco is actually one of the best natural pesticides known. Reconciling the fact that tobacco is in fact toxic, is perhaps the trickiest challenge for having a sacred relationship with it. It seems ancient cultures partly resolved this with the knowledge that poisons and medicines can be the same, depending on the dose. I have also spoken with modern day tobaqueros (tobacco healers) who hold the belief, and remain very aware, that they are giving some of their own life in exchange for the amplification of their prayers and intention. Hence the care in using it sparingly and in an extremely conscious way.

For people who have been trained by their culture to believe that tobacco is inherently toxic and nothing else, there may be even more risk. Smoking a substance that may be amplifying your thoughts (either spiritually or through neuroplasticity), and at the same time thinking you are smoking something that will kill you, isn’t a good combination. For people who are already addicted, however, transitioning to a more sacred relationship can mean smoking less, because in a sacred relationship with tobacco, a person not only uses it sparingly, but also maintains a clear purpose, remaining in a state of full presence and reverence for the entire duration. There is nothing casual about it. It is done in either silence or the only words spoken are prayers. Most people just don’t have time for that much deep prayer in their day, and so use reduces. It should also be mentioned that anyone considering taking a sacred approach to their relationship with tobacco will immediately stop purchasing tobacco that contains more than 200 carcinogenic and addictive chemicals that are intentionally placed there by the tobacco industry.

Transitioning to a more sacred relationship can mean smoking less.Transitioning to a more sacred relationship can mean smoking less.

A Deeper Relationship with Tobacco

I strongly believe that all substances that bring non-ordinary awareness should be treated as teachers. As addiction expert, Gabor Maté suggests, ask yourself what you are getting from the substance? How is it helpful to you? Then learn how to achieve the same result without needing the substance. Transitioning from an abusive relationship to a scared relationship may be a helpful stepping stone to an even deeper relationship. There are those I have met who are capable of gaining the same effects that they once gained from smoking tobacco, by simply singing a song to call its spirit. In terms of neuroscience, perhaps the song causes the same neural pathways to fire that were developed while smoking the tobacco… without needing the tobacco to do it.

If taking a sacred approach to your relationship with tobacco is taking you closer to this level of mastery then keep going with it. You’ll know because you’ll need to smoke it less and less frequently, in smaller and smaller amounts. If your sacred approach is not continuously taking you closer to not needing it at all, then the tobacco is still the rider and you’re still the horse, so to speak. This approach is not for everyone, by any means, but for some, it will resonate like a bell. To those people, I wish you luck in coming into the very highest level of relationship with this plant.

If you, or someone you love, is still dependent on tobacco, remember the power of intention. Treat this substance with respect and perhaps bring in a clear and pure intention by considering what you are grateful for. Keep in your mind and heart the thoughts and feelings you wish to amplify and soon enough, you may find the need to reach for tobacco reducing.


Feature Image: Artists beloved to be Asuman and Atanur Dogan.